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Search for and find the perfect poem for a funeral, memorial service, or eulogy. International poets write these beautiful and thought-filled poems about death. Hundreds of new poems are added weekly to help comfort your family, friends, and loved ones. See also new poems about death (below) or Famous Poems About Death

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Choosing Poems for Eulogies, Funerals, etc.

When selecting poems about death, you may choose one that was the deceased’s favorite. Your decision may be determined by your interaction with the person who has died. He/she might have had one poem that he/she liked and choosing it for the funeral or epitaph could be the best celebration of life for the dead.

You may select a poem that evokes the spirit of the dead person; one that focuses on their qualities or outlook on life. You can also choose a poem that focuses on your love for the person who has died.

Your choice of poems about death may be determined by the mood you want to create. After the death of a person, many people feel the loss. You may use a poem to acknowledge this death. Alternatively, you may use it to set a mood of optimism. Therefore, you may choose a poem based on how you want people to take the loss or remember the person.

New Poems About Death

Poem Details | by MAHTAB BANGALEE |
Categories: death, feelings,

One Day I'll Die

To know everything to posses everything
It's impossible for me even ‘Possible' lives in the heart of impossible
All possibilities are powerful without conscience

One day sweet Helen made immortal Dr. Faustus
Though mortality touched him at last;
Cause sweet Helen's kiss sucked his soul,
This kiss was without lips by violated teeth

One day some poetic lips suck me and I'll die
My soul will be a moth, fly to the sky
My soul will take a seat as the star of the violet sky
Someone will see;
Someone will lose me in the uncountable constellation

-Saturday, June 15, 2019 Chattogram

Poem Details | by MAHTAB BANGALEE |
Categories: grief, life,

Now The Tears Flow By The Eye

some clouds have gathered
on the south-east sky,
a rainbow has risen
rightly opposite of it

infatuated I'm
by the kiss of pole-star,
on the bank of a river
I've found a hefty stream of population

some clouds have gathered in my mind,
covered me with dead sea

no bee was there,
no hive or honey
the tears to the shore-less sea
now flow by the eye
for litigant lie 

-Tuesday, July 30, 2019 Chattogram

Poem Details | by Sandra Adams |
Categories: autumn, death,

just like a leaf

i watch
the sky weep
in swells
my eyes

i watch
as the first leaf
of death

i sit
in thoughts
of your end
the cold kiss
of lips
to life

my mind 
as i sip
autumn like

i too
am unafraid
to die...

Poem Details | by Carol Connell |
Categories: autumn, change, death, spiritual, teacher,

Autumnal Admonition

Crisp changing colors, sign of the season
leaves perched to make their final descent
chill in the air, knowest thou the reason?
Autumnal alert by God is sent.

Leaves perched to make their final descent.
October oaks are silently beseeching,
‘ere man’s fall he would turn and repent.
Hearest thou their unspoken teaching?

October oaks are silently beseeching.
Aged blossoms will soon lose grip.
Choosest thou to heed their tender teaching
‘fore into eternity you do slip?

Aged blossoms will soon lose grip
going the way of all the earth.
Unseen hand gives the closing snip.
Cycle of death begins with birth.

Going the way of all the earth.
Chill in the air, knowest thou the reason?
Cycle of death begins with birth.
Crisp changing colors, sign of the season.


Poem Details | by Ava McFadden |
Categories: analogy, dark, death, mental illness, scary, surreal, symbolism,

Hail The Queen

Have you heard the tale?
Of a woman thin and pale
The one whom beasts hail

Poem Details | by Ava McFadden |
Categories: dark, death, destiny, dream, emo, evil, fantasy,


Have you seen the queen?
The queen of all other beasts
Because you she's seen

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: bereavement, blessing, confidence, devotion, meaningful, prayer,

i PRAY for YOU- -

i PRAY for YOU in the times of uncertainly and grief stand on your feet look toward the east place your head and hands upward high in the times of uncertainly and grief Look up! toward heaven i PRAY for YOU, this I do it's true I PRAY FOR YOU in the times of uncertainly and grief stand on your feet look toward the east
10/15/19 written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019

Poem Details | by Marckincia Jean |
Categories: body, character, cry, death, grave, integrity, war,



The bold blood that bleeds 
For glory, sacrifices 
Of esteem for pride

Marckincia Jean

Poem Details | by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: emotions, grief, people, places, sad,

Pseudobulbar Affect

At the funeral, some are
weeping, some wear sad faces.
But Jack bursts into laughter;
his nightmare come true.

Date written: 10/15/2019

Poem Details | by nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex |
Categories: flying, history, mountains,

Tranquil Death

It’s weird how some of the most beautiful natural areas 
I know were brought to my attention by warplane crashes. 
In this case the P-51 Mustang. 
The areas are Castleshaw Moor and Rooley Moor. 
At those locations I feel truly at peace. 
I’d stay forever...

from New Dawn 2971
Nick Armbrister and other authors/poets/writers

Poem Details | by Janet Bingham |
Categories: america, city, conflict, corruption, discrimination, grief, how i feel,

Fix the Streets


Fix the streets.
One day the people will rebel
and stop paying taxes.

Fix the streets.
No one will want to live 
here in San Diego.

Fix the streets.
One day the people
will revolt.

Fix the streets.
This is not the time
to put up with crooked politicians.

Fix the streets.
Wealthy people won't want to live here.
Fix the streets.

Janet Marie Bingham

Poem Details | by Beth Evans |
Categories: beautiful, car, death, farewell, innocence, rose,

Divine Diana

Diana, our beloved princess, has been killed,
The blood of "the people's princess" too cruelly spilled,
The car in which she travelled moving much too fast,
And now our precious English Rose has breathed her last;
She was too innocent, too beautiful to die,
And so we will weep for her as we say "Good-Bye".

Though long estranged from Charles, his eyes have been grief-filled,
Mother of his children, that role now unfulfilled:
Poor little boys, how could their loss have been forecast?
What mothering they have had now is in the past.
Flowers symbolise our grief as we wonder why
This harsh fate should befall our lovely Lady Di.

Poem Details | by Mark Toney |
Categories: conflict, death, drink, poetry, tribute, war, world,

Sins of the Fathers

Feeling deep regret for our misguided debt
Which gives us pause realizing the hurt we’ll cause
So let's raise our glasses to the lads and lasses
Who will bear the brunt on the battlefront

October 14, 2019
F F I series 28 leonine
Brian Strand, sponsor

Poem Details | by Warren Doll |
Categories: brother, death, remember,

Feeling Numb And Out Of Place

I never thought I would have to say that my youngest brother passed away
A freak accident took his life
Always thought that I would die first.
Feeling numb and out of place
Can’t see anything but his face
Constantly missing and mourning him 
Hoping to see him again someday

Rest in Peace- Michael

Poem Details | by Diana Thoresen |
Categories: 1st grade, allegory, allusion, beauty, bereavement, freedom,

The Rainforest

If God was a hideous orchid
The rainforest would be his shrine
A glittering mechanical green capsule
Of spirals, patterns, sets of organizing energies
A thousand focused sunlight lasers
That lock the souls into cause and effect
Nature is full of patterns
Nature is Satan's church
Once a victim, always a victim?
The music of the spheres
Condemns us thus
How many times does a tree branch?
There is a respite from the Terror
In the simple physics of water
River systems and Gondwanan trees
Fusion and fission
Isis and Nephthys
Our scarlet wounds are etched in spirals
In the Emerald Dreaming of spirals
We are airborne, Osirified
Crowned as co-creators
Of All That Is

Poem Details | by Xuefeng Pan |
Categories: caregiving, death, future, heaven, how i feel, sympathy,

Life is a tragedy

I am not a pessimist
However I must let you know:
Every life dies, and 
Once dead cannot be immortal

Body separates from soul
And soul flees to heaven or hell
Nowhere hides a fact
That you will be no longer you

As I knew as I don't know
What can help us to substitute 
For God's sake ,disease, pain and 
Unsolvable issues for Wealth and health 
For everybody including him/er and you 

I know by watch, and I know by feel
This embarrassing limit does act
And never stops by now 
From the very long time ago 

I realized that Everyone's life is a tragedy
And saviors are too old
Left each earthly life alone
Compromise or compete for a mutual good
It's no doubt the best route to go

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: adventure, appreciation, atheist, drug, grave, humanity, missing,

The Drop

The Drop

I put tissue in my purse.
Lens cleaners for glasses,
a half handful of suckers.
a kid’s book, colors and even…
a doll,  and small train set.

I am not new at my post. 
I am a mother and my children made it, 
To eighteen… without … well. 
Thank you God. 
Plain and simple, 
thank you.

So now, I am small, waiting to help others. 
I am less in the cloud of the day, 
and more in the mists of sweetness.
A time in life, when worry minds itself, 
as you will give it no more precious days. 
A time in life, when calls to friends mean more than food, 
a moment, you dare not pass with a loved one, 
you may never see again. 
Age is hard. 

Yet being young is no guarantee. 
Our pastor died last fall. 
Not even one year since. 
He is sorely missed and loved by many. 
A precious gift indeed, here, and then gone. 

Poem Details | by Peter Iversen |
Categories: death,

Bad decision

Salty morning air
reignites my memory
the sea calls me home

Poem Details | by Okonkwo Ifeanyichukwu |
Categories: absence, anger, anxiety, bereavement, body, dark, journey,


The songs of sorrow is toneless
The sorrows of the heart is song less
Gone and gone for good
The dept of death is Dept less
The cream of death is is colourfully
Sorrowful because no see death but we
All hear from him often 
Why this marriage between the body and earth
Why this wedding between the grave and the living
Non goes into this marriage of death and return
When death divorce's our breath we marry the earth
The bells of time can not stop death
The tolls by the cathedral mourns the scrolls
Because death can not be divorced
We are born to grow but we live only to die

Poem Details | by Marckincia Jean |
Categories: death, december, farewell, grave, rose, roses are red, seasons,

Lipstick Lips

Lipstick Lips

Lipstick red lips on
Tombstone remains. Bloody red
Roses kiss the cold  
Breath of death, crystallizing 
Hearts overcome by the flame

Marckincia Jean 

Poem Details | by Paul Vincent Brown |
Categories: death, death of a friend, dedication, grief, lost love,


As I gaze out from my window
I feel the need to cry
Don’t they know that I’ve just lost you
Those people passing by

How can they treat this day as normal
When I’m feeling such despair
If I told them all about you
Do you think they’d really care

If I begged for them to listen
Would they Really comprehend
That you were not just my loved one
But quite simply my best friend.

Poem Details | by Paul Vincent Brown |
Categories: death of a friend, grief,

This Feeling Called Grief

This heartache this sadness
this feeling of pain
to think I'll never hear your voice
or see your face again

The loneliness without you
is beyond belief
I can't come to terms with
this feeling called grief 

It's so hard to describe just how I feel
without you beside me
time has only stood still

I sit for hours in your favourite chair
talk to your photo
wishing you were there

I touch your clothes & start to weep
I hug your pillow
& try to sleep

Life must go on
I suppose it's true
but a day doesn't pass
without thinking of you

To treasure your memory 
I must carry on
but nothing else matters
now that you've gone.

Poem Details | by Kelli White |
Categories: death,

Last Tear

Black eyes shallow breath 
Pasty skin inviting death
Laughter ceased sun went down
The moon moving in shadows roving around
Wheelchair bound prayers’ are said
Struggle one legged into a lonely bed
Dogs climb up settle down
Deaf and old don’t hear a sound
Angel of Death is on the prowl
Seeking a soul the dogs’ do growl
Lifeless form within the bed
Last Tear rolls no life she’s dead
Sun rises mom comes around
Dogs go out she makes no sound
Hours later still the same 
911 this is no game
Mom feels bad and takes the blame
Angel of Death up to his same old game
Last Tear rolls no life she’s dead
Lifeless form within the bed.

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: death, sad,


              The policeman,is dead.
              Trying to give a ticket.
              Death=gift for service!

              October 12, 2018

              English Haiku

Poem Details | by KEITH DODRILL |
Categories: feelings, first love, grief, imagery, loss, nature,


Dawn always makes the grass weep
Draws upon deep yesterdays 
Times led away 

The sky has been washed and rinsed of night 
Insects ,  too tired to move ,  sleep on
There’s a soft feathery breeze touching everything 
And everything knows it
Feels how gentle gentle can be 

Far from here a distant harp brings more 
The pain of loss and losing