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Search for and find the perfect poem for a funeral, memorial service, or eulogy. International poets write these beautiful and thought-filled poems about death. Hundreds of new poems are added weekly to help comfort your family, friends, and loved ones. See also new poems about death (below) or Famous Poems About Death

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Choosing Poems for Eulogies, Funerals, etc.

When selecting poems about death, you may choose one that was the deceased’s favorite. Your decision may be determined by your interaction with the person who has died. He/she might have had one poem that he/she liked and choosing it for the funeral or epitaph could be the best celebration of life for the dead.

You may select a poem that evokes the spirit of the dead person; one that focuses on their qualities or outlook on life. You can also choose a poem that focuses on your love for the person who has died.

Your choice of poems about death may be determined by the mood you want to create. After the death of a person, many people feel the loss. You may use a poem to acknowledge this death. Alternatively, you may use it to set a mood of optimism. Therefore, you may choose a poem based on how you want people to take the loss or remember the person.

New Poems About Death

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: death, god,


                         Our Wise Elders

          Near it's end, the elderly hear it's soft call.
          As when listening to a seashell.
          Mysterious, it invites them to life's
          welcome end.
          They seem to know God is waiting just for them.
          Just there beyond there, the floral gardened bend.
          Fearless, quietly they go,
          With joy, we bid them adieu.
          For we know, how we loved them so deep and true!

                         November 20, 2019

Poem Details | by Peter Iversen |
Categories: death, life,


salmon leap to life
death is inevitable
cycle completed

Poem Details | by Bobby May |
Categories: cancer,

Cancer The Call of death

I once received that call and I hung up
Giving up is for sissies 
Death is the beginning not the end
Tears shed and looks lost

Understand this
Little ones face this everyday
Are you weaker then them?
Stand strong so that

They see Death as the beginning

Not The End

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: abortion, adventure, angel, anxiety, appreciation, blessing, death of a friend,

A Big World, A Small Place

A Big World, A Small Place

Frogs in a small pound, 
battle over flies.
The competition is intense.
Sometimes there are not 
enough flies to go around. 

Leaving the pond is hard. 
The unknown, the outside, 
the dry place between here,
frog heaven… 
can be very dangerous. 
but staying means dying, 
in the end. 

Some leave the pond, 
While others, hang on to hope. 
It is a decision that changes
the dynamic of the tiny pool itself. 
While those that stayed are thrilled, 
as their lives were saved and better. 
Until the farmer drained it completely, 
To catch the fish, and all things editable, 
to feed his family. 

While those that ranged out, 
we will never know. 
But their fate, 
seems altogether…
more hopeful, 
In a world where change
takes place too close to 

Poem Details | by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: death, life, nature,


humid trail of life
over dry words and numbers -
snail on a tombstone

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: abuse, caregiving, cinderella, death of a friend, forgiveness, judgement, little sister,

When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up

It will be okay. 
I will be six foot 
and five inches.
I will be bigger than him. 
I will be as big as grandpa.

I will take him to the shed.
Instead of you. 
I will make him shake. 
Instead of you. 
I will make sure you, 
never shake again. 

When I grow up, 
I will be your hero. 
I am too little yet. 
I am small…
for a brother.
Hardly noticed.
I will remember. 
I will. 

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: death, grief, loss, moving on,

In A Word











Poem Details | by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: death, faith,

Amazing Grace

He grieved.
For his child.
Outside storms raged,
water levels rose.
That's where he died.
That's where the child died.

Drowned by the swirling waters
that carried his child away.
The child he loved so much.
Tears ran down his unshaven face,
As utter despair crushed his soul.
His cherished babe had passed away.
Only pain remained ....
........and anger.
A fearsome anger erupted
into an obsession with death.
Thus he lost his faith in everything.

Yet out of habit he prayed.
Until one day he found
an abandoned child.
And once again, involuntarily
Tears ran down his unshaven face.
He nurtured her as if she were his own.
Days passed, then weeks,
And slowly love and faith returned.
Prayers are requested for a twelve year old girl who has been diagnosed with a bone cancer in her right upper arm.  Both child and her parents are in need of prayers and healing.  May God's will be done.

Poem Details | by Sandra Adams |
Categories: death, memory,

Building walls

i sit at the edge
of the shore
counting grains
of sifted sand
in my hands
trying to imagine
how long 
you've been gone

i build walls
around me
to protect me
knowing the waves
will come along
crash against them
and leave me
in the ruins again

i look for shadows
to lift me back up
listen for your voice
to be carried
through the wind

i try to remember
that southern drawl
in the whispers
of memories
as they fall

i flip through
old photos
trying to recall
your laughter
or remember
your scent

i close my eyes
to imagine you
aged with time
but all i see
is you lying

Poem Details | by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: death, dream, environment,

inanimate thing

At night, a huge creature floats to the surface of the tart ocean to dream into the moonlight, which barely penetrates the sulfur clouds. She sighs, her skin made of stainless steel is luminescent in the dark, her nuclear heart continues to work, but she is empty: the last restless souls have long gone from her body. She floats out of habit: inanimate things can’t dream. What did she dream before?

blue sky verdant strip
of land on the horizon…
she doesn't recall

All About The Environment. Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Richard Lamoureux

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: chocolate, christian, death, forgiveness, funeral, grief, heaven,



How can I express, 
something that can not be written down, 
unless you can grasp lightening, 
harness thunder, shush a whisper…
or ask your self if you should?

Loved ones go to heaven. 
A few of us, will go to hell. 
The eye of the needle is small, 
and things of worth are in question.
The value of life, 
The value of forever,
The price of blood, 

On behalf of the unworthy, 
whose only chance…
is Grace. 

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: abuse, allah, america, anti bullying, cancer, death, prison,

SCAM Alert to Friends

Scam Alert

This letter below came in my in box (my Gmail as I answered the soup mail) at poetry soup, so I responded and said hi. I was sent a scam letter about Allah and tears and dying and sharing money with me. I blocked this on my email. This is a scam.
I thought I would share her name and such so if you see her or this message again, you will know what it is about...
Thank you. Ann Foster

Subject: hello
From: mariyah nada
my name is mariyah am very happy to see your profile today here on i will like to talk with you on my email address

(The letter I was sent is several pages long.)

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: anger, chocolate, death, death of a friend, endurance, heartbreak, wife,

My Wife

My Wife

She is gone, 
and I thought my life over. 
She would be so mad at me. 
It is not, fair. 

There are things yet to be done. 
I need to go fishing, 
and teach someone…(small)
I need to volunteer to sing, 
at church, without fear.
I need to take the trash out, 
cut the trees, and help…
all my neighbors!
God likes that.
It pleases her and Him.
A win. 
That makes the angels, 

She had a list…
I found it on the dresser.
How did she know, 
she had to go?

My heart was broken, I was lost. 
I have been found,
and told what to do. 
I missed that,
more than I thought…

I am to light a candle,
and place it in the window. 
It is to remind me to come home, 
even when the house is empty. 
It is to remind me, 
your love is still in my heart, 
and I have to start…
remembering all the things that you did, 
that made me smile, 
so I can keep that…

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, age, anxiety, death, faith, feelings,

Life's Temporary

Nearing the end of life's rope time starts unraveling the years. And suspending even hope dreams drown in yesterday's tears. Memories locked in the past are free to enter your dreams. And like shadows time has cast they project multiple themes. The love you sowed will survive but your life is almost through. And when your time does arrive let love accompany you. Death should not be so scary for everything has an end. And all life’s temporary for souls are meant to ascend. 11/18/2019

Poem Details | by janelle barker |
Categories: death of a friend,


Sad to see you go my friend,
You are now in a better place
The friendship we had 
Was not fake.
I didn’t know you for very long
But blessed to have met you
When I did,
That cheeky smile of yours
Was off the grid.
I can’t explain why I connected 
So deeply to you.
You loved your jelly
Because you didn’t
Have to chew.
I helped you all I could
From a cleaner’s point of view,
But the last time I saw you,
That was when I just knew.
I sat with you and ran my 
fingers through your hair,
You fell asleep and 
Gave me a scare.
Knowing it was the last time
To see you alive
Your eyes giving me
Recognition of, I’m off 
To see my son and wife.
Silently you went
With your daughter by your side
Her emotions roar
She could not hide.
Rest in peace my dear friend
I’m sad your time
Came to an end.

Poem Details | by Dave Whitmore |
Categories: bereavement, death, dedication, emotions, family, feelings, missing you,

In The Blink Of An Eye

It really doesn't pay
To take life for granted every day
Because it can all be taken away
In the blink of an eye.

Life seems to just drift along
Like a never ending song
Until someone dear to you is gone
In the blink of an eye.

Time heals all wounds, they say
The pain will lessen every day
When someone you love is taken away
In the blink of an eye.

As time passes, less often you will cry
The pain dulls to a heavy sigh
As the years fly by
In the blink of an eye.

Life goes on day by day
Until one day you wake up and say
"The years have flown away"
In the blink of an eye.

Mum, I don't know how to say
I think about you every day
I can't believe how the years have flown away
In the blink of an eye!

Poem Details | by Sandra Adams |
Categories: death, life,

perceptive to the fortuity

the fragility of a flower
quavering in autumn's draft
infallibly will succumb
to the rime of night

the capability to shield it
prevails in your hands
if only to prolong its life
from the foreordained path

imagine your own life
retained in your hands
your trembling fingers
grasping the tips of needles
wary of each droplet
perceptive to the fortuity
that each could mean
extended life or inevitable death

Poem Details | by Sarah Casey |
Categories: death, depression, writing,

Fresh start

Every day is a fresh start-
To relive the pain all over again
A spoon scooping out your heart
All you feel is hollow 

Days are blurred
Life’s veil just became darker
And you smile a little less
What’s the point to fake one

When you lose the sunshine in your life
You only see rain
You can only remind yourself to breathe
Eat and survive

Nature doesn’t care
Nor does time
And both of those are there
To remind you that you’re still stuck

In a limbo of before and after
A reminder that you’ll never be completely happy again

As you grip the rose
You hardly notice it puncturing through your hand
But it makes you cry
And not because of the pain
But because it made you feel something deeply again
It made you feel alive

Everyday is a constant reminder,
But its also the chance to feel alive

Poem Details | by A Yorkshire Poet |
Categories: conflict, confusion, crazy, death, fate, fear, soldier,

Another time another place

Another  time, another place; 
it wouldn’t need to be like this.
Another word, another phrase; 
we wouldn’t feel and live like this.

Another lie, another truth; 
we wouldn’t need to see like this.
Another voice, another place; 
the guns would never bang like this

Another me, another you; we 
wouldn’t stand in silent fear like this.

Another world, another life; 
we wouldn’t feel the tears like this.

Another time, another place; 
perhaps we could have been friends.

Another time, another place; 
we wouldn’t need to kill our lives like this.

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, anxiety, art, atheist, death, mental illness,

Words that Hurt

Words that Hurt

Fill in the blank.
Keep writing.
Stop crying.

It worked.


Poem Details | by Marckincia Jean |
Categories: beautiful, corruption, death, destiny, evil, fantasy, fate,

Floral Lace

Floral Lace

Black Floral lace 
Graced upon the face 
Of the widowed witch 
A disguise of lost love
A relic of time lost
She’ll find another in a glance 
With the utmost chance of circumstance
Subdue him with lust
And let him wear with rust 
And claim all of his riches 
And don’t give a cluck 
At life’s end 
She’ll grow old with tags 
On clearance, at most
And her potion  will repel every man known to man

Marckincia Jean
Free verse 

Poem Details | by Johnson Vdev |
Categories: death, murder,


Dark alley, deadly calm
Flashes of steel
'Thud'..death whispered
Silhouette melted in the night
Blood zigzagging
Dragging life to the drainage

Poem Details | by Johnson Vdev |
Categories: anger, angst,

Death wish

How I wish to be a flame
To enlighten those in the dark
To grow to a fire to char -
The evil designers on earth

But I am just a man among the wolves
I succumb to their rules
And they spit fire on my face
To blind and slave my self to their side.

How I wish to be a stream
Quenching the thirsty
To grow to a flood and-
To drown those covetous planners.

But I am just a man among the wolves
Those who bottles even the rivers
And serve venom in lovely wraps
And we succumb to their deals.

How I wish to be a morning breeze
To cool the broken hearts
And to grow to a storm
To wipe away those rape mother earth.

But I am just a man among the wolves
Jailed with burdens of an existence
Almost bent with heavy shoulders
With weight of budget they brought.

I know my wishes are futile
I would go to the earth where I belong
To nestle in her womb again
As the gentle peace ascends.

Poem Details | by Beth Evans |
Categories: america, death, golf, war,


The right to bear arms
should not include
that to possess more weapons
than are needed
for purposes of defence.

Poem Details | by Faith Idomeh |
Categories: birth, death, growth, journey, life, nature, time,


Gloved hands deep in soil,
       Searching to uproot new seed
              Birth to life to death.