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Search for and find the perfect poem for a funeral, memorial service, or eulogy. International poets write these beautiful and thought-filled poems about death. Hundreds of new poems are added weekly to help comfort your family, friends, and loved ones. See also new poems about death (below) or Famous Poems About Death

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Choosing Poems for Eulogies, Funerals, etc.

When selecting poems about death, you may choose one that was the deceased’s favorite. Your decision may be determined by your interaction with the person who has died. He/she might have had one poem that he/she liked and choosing it for the funeral or epitaph could be the best celebration of life for the dead.

You may select a poem that evokes the spirit of the dead person; one that focuses on their qualities or outlook on life. You can also choose a poem that focuses on your love for the person who has died.

Your choice of poems about death may be determined by the mood you want to create. After the death of a person, many people feel the loss. You may use a poem to acknowledge this death. Alternatively, you may use it to set a mood of optimism. Therefore, you may choose a poem based on how you want people to take the loss or remember the person.

New Poems About Death

Poem Details | by Jennifer Cahill |
Categories: allusion, baptism, color, conflict, creation, death,

The Foxy Neutrino

The psychology of the sun is strange...

The violinist's taupe 
strapped sandals, color of beach 
sand, burning, slap tiles

with embedded grime, like
the charred plaster walls of a Syrerian
merchant. Anytime...a fear:

bombs dropped, scarring 
an isolated biped life.
Morning edges spill

light the tint of egg-
whites commixed with the yolk, brewing
the dream that souses

the intangable 
permeation of the air;
imbued rose colors

of birth; or a prom's
carnation, white tinted blue
like the cottony sky

draped over the fringes
of liminal lives cast onto
the arcane stage

of a paralyzed 
mortality. A need
of warmth for the flower,

the snug petals that breach 
an infernal cut into 
the animus in life.

A stygian gash
insufferable like a pompei 
brain cooked into glass,

a fossil the tinct
of diabolical eyes. An
appollyn rises 
to seize the sun's foxy
neutrino, more easily 
snared than bombs.

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, dark, death, suicide, teen,


by Dylan Williamson

I am done
I am finished
I haven’t won
As if I fished
And didn’t catch
Anything at all
But with this batch,
I am off call
I don’t want to,
Forever nevermore
Nothing to do
Nothing to live for
So I cut the cord
With this last word

Written on January 13, 2020

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, dark, death, teen,

A Sentence

A Sentence
by Dylan Williamson

A debt to society
You now have to pay
As was said with finality
Without your say
You are sent away
With no more remorse
You don’t want to stay
Or go through the course
You do not feel secure
In your new confines
You want to find a cure
For your old fees
But you’re stuck here now
And not for long, as you now bow

Written on January 10, 2020

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, dark, death, murder, silence, teen,


by Dylan Williamson

A silent peace
Wonderful and amazing
An incredible release
And it seems so dazing
It is needed every now and then
To keep from being insane
Though you never know when
It will come in rain
Silence is peace and sublime
Wanted by people when all is too much
And though these may be fancy rhymes,
This story isn’t as flamboyantly such
Because a mother wanted silence so badly,
She took away her small love, done so sadly

Written on January 10, 202

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, dark, death, sleep, teen,


by Dylan Williamson

An escape from the terrors of today
Is what all seek for during their time
Which is found during the end of the day
Reality is naught and imagination is sublime
It can be a beautiful place full of happiness
Leading you to wonders that have never been explored
Peaceful and blissful in its own slowness
Or quick and exciting and you’ll never be bored
But it can also be a long, never-ending terror
That swallows you up and takes you under
It will blame you, shame you, and tell you you’ve made an error
And take you on a ride, deeper and deeper
And why should someone leave such a wonder
At least that was thought by one who left in slumber

Written on January 8, 2020

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, dark, death, depression, suicide, teen,

A Certain Sadness

A Certain Sadness
by Dylan Williamson

Time eventually becomes sad
With you becoming down
Even though it may not look bad
You will almost certainly get a frown
Sadness grows and swells up
Into your throat, gripping it hard
Fills a whole cup
As sings the sad bard
Life is terrible and awful
As is shown again and again
Though, you may be grateful
You’ve already heard the slogan
But you don’t want it anymore
After your soul and mind was bruised and sore

Written on January 7, 2020

Poem Details | by Sandra Adams |
Categories: death, games, life, voyage,

ashen skies

beneath ashen skies i walk on
though the shadows of darkened days
where in life's game i am the pawn
moving about within its haze

i shift about as if strided
beneath ashen skies i walk on
in shallow steps my feet guided
towards the depths of unlit dawn

with clouded masks and tears now drawn
i steadily trudge through this mist
beneath ashen skies i walk on
towards death somewhere in its midst

yet as i start to fall off course
my strength within tells death be gone
then guides me with an unseen force
beneath ashen skies i walk on

january 25, 2020

distant refrains contest
sponsored by Joseph May

Poem Details | by that Twistedthought |
Categories: addiction, analogy, anger, appreciation, bereavement, betrayal, blessing,

Choosing to be Dead

Everything I do is conscious
Every action I take
the decisions I make.
I'm not a slave of my instincts.
I choose inhibitions.

Poem Details | by that Twistedthought |
Categories: analogy, beauty, birth, color, feelings, grave, growing up,

My Fatal Illness

Another years gone by. 
Slowly fading, into the remnants of time.

As death closes its curtains, I wonder
Is this all my life is meant to be. 

There seems to always be an urge reach out to me to say:
“It’s not over yet.”

Well Then. Make it over

Poem Details | by Jennifer Cahill |
Categories: allah, allusion, angst, color, death,

The Colors of the Half Man Half Beast

A sketch of cimarron 
shades: an appollyon emerges,
her spectre arms reach

like the charcoal bones
of the wild, the webbed trees.
Their silhouette absorbed

into the night clasp 
the edge of the curved
slice of moon, cocaine

colored and as potent.
For ancient stories are spun
within its orbit.

It is a black and
white rock that once had oceans,
the orb created

by a long ago 
planet colliding with Earth.
A diabolical

world pushes against
our mortal micracosm, in which
molded flesh is a cloak

shaped to kill, and shed.
Stripped of this armour, we meld
into death, a viscous 

void of the sublime
intense beating, of puissance,
zoetic. Tincture

of a collapsed white 
dwarf, the distant plum red throb
that emits heat, burns.

To die is like chalk 
rubbed into pores; the suck of Black Holes.
Human colors drowned.

Poem Details | by Terry Reeves |
Categories: death, heartbreak, life,

The Pathologist

There was no rancour in the brain, or canker,
no legions, in fact this brain could be re-used,
the heart had been torn apart but looked perfect,
what had caused this terrible damage - what do you expect?

Had it received a constant battering from others,
by having palpitations and too many lovers?
just a red pump indeed, without blood delivery
to the brain, none of the organs would survive.

He placed the heart to one side, the right -
it had spent it's life on the left, so bereft,
how could it be punctured with no mark,
and lived a life, a dead cert for being hurt.

Did you hear about the Greek necrophiliac?
George Fucacarcous, might have been infectious.

Poem Details | by Stephanie Cox |
Categories: bereavement, death, flower, grave, grief, sorrow, symbolism,


Sad graves comprehend
Red dirt freshly mounded up
Flowers crying out!

Poem Details | by Rohan Dhabade |
Categories: crazy, emotions, grief, humanity, life,

Unconditional Life

I am a dead body.

Living without feelings.

No more happiness.

No more sadness.

To be in the grave.

Let me thrive.

No more beliefs.

No more relief.

Leave me alone.

Don't push to groan.

No more to worry.

No more to hurry.

Now, this is my life.

Unconditional to live.

No more to revolve.

No more to evolve.

Rohan Dhabade

Poem Details | by vitamin cee |
Categories: animal, confusion, death, deep, psychological,

Animal Instinct

Through the glass, your body stills.
What life was there - isn't.


You can't see me, but I can see you.

The pain in my temples kills.
Dead eyes,

Wake up, wake up.

I think I'm going deaf.
Waves wash over skin,
Turning it grey and speckled.

Red and sharp.

I can't pin this feeling down.

Poem Details | by Brian Ngugi |
Categories: body, courage, death, desire, farewell, funeral, pain,


It should be fast and painless,
It shoud feel fulfilling.
If pain need be,
It should feel cathartic.

I shall go through it alone,
As I came to this world.
If it decides to take time,
I shall go through it with family.

Honestly, Am not afraid of When
Am afraid of How but whenever or however,
At my last breath and heartbeat I shall courageously smile
As I reflect on those I impacted positively.

Poem Details | by Wanhii Challam |
Categories: anxiety, birth, care, death,


The flooding face of the sky shed tears,
Regretting the stolen souls with unfilled days.
Dire death deducts peace aside from numbers,
Filching lives, loves and joy from this place.
One has taken today, tomorrow it takes us all.
Will it takes itself, come back when time calls?

"It's contributing fertilizers besides to sow."
Is how I defined life, after meditating deeply.
But living, from it's eyes, I came to know:
Kins with a poultry, lived to gets dine to one's potbelly.
Yet doubting cause every actions has two faces,
Maybe it's other face need to be chase!

Perhap, it's the gateway to the warm and peaceful place,
For taken one's never turn their necks once dash.
End up the grave to taste every seconds of today.
To leave no plans undone oft burned to ash.
And settled there if the promised land exist,
Or lost in the roomy dark if souls vanishes like a mist!.

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, anxiety, dark, death, teen,

One Note

One Note
by Dylan Williamson

A single, little note
Small, yet elegant
And is nothing to denote
As that would show you arrogant
A little cumbersome
But is very needed
And it may also become
The one that is seceded
Instead of losing others
 But is caught by them
And it shows that it bothers
Those with shining gems
And since it is now will received
You hear the sand in the hourglass sieved

Written on December 18, 2019

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, dark, death, poverty, teen,

An Apple

An Apple
by Dylan Williamson

An apple, a delicious fruit
A morsel of food to eat
Delicious with a taste to boot
Its shininess something to beat
So simple but beautiful
So cheap yet stunning
Can be very delightful
The thought of it gaining
In popularity to some
Who see it as their sanctity
It making them dumb
To make it become their prosperity
But others are left behind to themselves
And fade away with others’ selves

Written on December 17, 2019

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, dark, death, murder, teen,

Streetly Sights

Streetly Sights
by Dylan Williamson

Just a stroll down the street
Special and subtle in its own way
Now you feel a little beat
So now on the path, you now stay
Back to your home, peacefully
Walking with a certain suspicion
That someone is with you in the alley
Then you tighten with tension
You feel cold steel against your head
And hear a person say “Give up your money”
Then you hear them drop in the words stead
You feel yourself begin to become bloody
See a piece of metal in your side
Then a different person now tosses your body aside

Written on December 13, 2019

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, dark, death, murder, teen,

A Near Midnight Stroll

A Near Midnight Stroll
by Dylan Williamson

A nightly walk
In the shine of the moon
Time starts to stalk
When midnight is now soon
Hands of the clock stop
Vision becomes hazier
A shadow is seen on top
Of the lamplights that look fuzzier
The shadow leaves its spot
To get a better look at your shock
You then hear a bang with a shot
That gets your body on lock
Crumples downward in duress
And what is left is now a mess

Written on December 13, 2019

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, anxiety, dark, death, teen,

Ethereal Thoughts

Ethereal Thoughts
by Dylan Williamson

People crying, for all day long
Waiting for their perish song
Hope now forgotten
Faith overiden
Crying until the final gong

Written on December 11, 2019

Poem Details | by Dylan Williamson |
Categories: angst, anxiety, dark, death, teen,

A Noise Once Heard

A Noise Once Heard
by Dylan Williamson

Beep.  Beep.
The sound of it deep
You hear the sound bleep
And now it may seep,
Into your mind to keep
You take a peep
And worry starts to creep
You begin to weep
When the noise is now steep
And you hear the final-beep...beep...BEEEP

Written on December 12, 2019

Poem Details | by Kevin Duncil |
Categories: absence, beauty, bereavement, death, longing,

O But For The Memory of You

O but for the memory of you
O but for my heart
O but for the hours of the day
when we must be apart
O but for the quirk of your smile
your laughter full and round
O but for the love in your heart
which turned my world upside down
O but for the kindness of you
with no one around to see
O but for the wonder of you 
and what you meant to me
O but for beauty of you
and what you brought to each day
And O but for the absence of you
since you went away

Poem Details | by Glam Air |
Categories: anxiety, death,

Up and away

The room is silent,
My friends are asleep
Down the drain, I see the food go
Just in time for the guilt inside to grow
I just threw up and away the food
The food, that millions can’t get
I tread slowly to my bed
Weak in both mind and body 
A jubilant turmoil keeps me up, until six
Every part of me tired, with sorrow and regret
Except for that small twisted part that smirks
As I start for work, 
Not to pay for the food that I eat,
But vomit at three, every night.
How can something make you glad and sad at the same time?
Why do I do this thing that I do?
Well, I am messed up enough
To purge myself, just to write my dirge.

Poem Details | by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: death,

Death's Tribute

With memory escaping,
 you stare down the hall

From that place where you hang,
 last nail in the wall

You once were a sovereign,
you used to be real

What death left in tribute
—your portrait conceals

(Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2020)