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Search for and find the perfect poem for a funeral, memorial service, or eulogy. International poets write these beautiful and thought-filled poems about death. Hundreds of new poems are added weekly to help comfort your family, friends, and loved ones. See also new poems about death (below) or Famous Poems About Death

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Choosing Poems for Eulogies, Funerals, etc.

When selecting poems about death, you may choose one that was the deceased’s favorite. Your decision may be determined by your interaction with the person who has died. He/she might have had one poem that he/she liked and choosing it for the funeral or epitaph could be the best celebration of life for the dead.

You may select a poem that evokes the spirit of the dead person; one that focuses on their qualities or outlook on life. You can also choose a poem that focuses on your love for the person who has died.

Your choice of poems about death may be determined by the mood you want to create. After the death of a person, many people feel the loss. You may use a poem to acknowledge this death. Alternatively, you may use it to set a mood of optimism. Therefore, you may choose a poem based on how you want people to take the loss or remember the person.

New Poems About Death

Poem Details | by Constance La France |
Categories: death,


I found her in the morning. Was she dead? In her secret place, darn it was hard to see; My tears were falling and I was full of dread, I sent a prayer upwards with a wishful plea. Through a haze of tears I decried a still head, And I carefully brought her to my knee; We stayed this way for a very long time, I kissed her. Oh, she had been a cat sublime ! ________________________________ October 20, 2020 Rhyming abababcc Submitted to the contest, COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE(30) sponsor, Brian Strand

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: death, murder, prison,


I apologise for the very dark theme I was reading how prisoners on death row have a choice of how they will be killed... it is a very emotive subject Condemned to death, now you must die… lethal injection or electric chair? You confessed your guilt and didn’t lie condemned to death, now you must die as you strangled her, but wouldn’t say why - of the death penalty you were aware Condemned to death, now you must die … lethal injection or electric chair? Pick-A-Title, Vol 24 - Triolet - Poetry Contest 3 Hobson’s Choice Sponsored by Edward Ibeh 10/20/20

Poem Details | by Manon Boudreau aka Dark Mistress |
Categories: angst, bereavement, death, eulogy,


Eternal near
For I am here
Come to say goodbye
I must no longer shy
Tearing glare
Afraid to care
Selfishly holding you there
Not willing to share
Decomposing all that has been left
Holding on to that silly cloth like mesh
Breathless and hard to speak
Not understanding why you and not me
Shutting down, left without a sound
Leaving me but this foolish crown
Endless nights of tear jerking fright
I am not sure anything will make this right
Healing wounds
Not willing to move
Looking for what seems true
I am feeling lost and hopeless without you. 

Poem Details | by Sristrikarta Vaibahv vilas |
Categories: addiction, anger, death,

MRI Jagdish Bajantri ETD


Lord Shiva is a tapsvi by which a soul comes which is called amar if some buddy maan (soul) echa full fill he or she got mokasha a water which maha rishi used to give shaap bole naath 
I am playing true time that is why I am taking treat ment in Dharwad mental hospital...... Love all see you after death maybe 

With love all 
MRI Jagdish Bajantri ETD

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: absence, analogy, bereavement, emotions, engagement,


Beige Copper Tan What kind of mess I am? Disintegrated misappropriated bludgeoned; Love and peace is coming; Deep inside the heart, it is dark; There is a light, that flickers on bright; As the dawn purple blue and red royalty fit as it bleeds slight; Sadden been hit, struck over, over, over again
10/20/20 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr ©

Poem Details | by Kelly Davis |
Categories: emotions, grief, pain,


Where had my smile gone?
I all this alot.
It was stolen from me;
I wish it were not.
My frown always saddens me;
But I can't seem to stop.
I tend to hurt my own feelings;
It's me at fault.
I feel so much despair, depression, & pain;
I sometimes believe that life's just a game.
...... & Here I shall remain......

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: dark, imagery, murder,

Impressions Are Grave

Unstrung lover broke her beads. Pearls - black and blue, pure white, cream. A river of wicked deeds would release her unhinged scream. Vertiginous whirlpool’s drunk on All Hallow’s Eve. Unbent string and fine ornaments sunk. Unwound hate and pearls ferment. 10/19/2020 Contest: Impressions Sponsor: Nette OnClaud Visual #1 *to work up (as into a state of agitation)

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: death, inspirational, life, light, philosophy, religious, spiritual,


The end of a life
Is a far horizon.
The beginning of a life
Is where we begin.
The path of life
Is a ray of light.
The path of death
Is the reached horizon.
The horizon,
Is where all begins again.

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: courage, friendship, heartbreak, psychological, strength, sympathy, women,

Hopefully Someday In Return

So, just what would you do for her 
If you knew she'd do the same for you?

Poem Details | by Soleil Mitchell |
Categories: 11th grade, death, dream, flower, garden, night, winter,

Forget-Me-Not Dreams

Like a cold winter night
I hear thy call my name
Little whispers
“Come play a little game”

The path arises and the pace quickens
The faster I run, the harder it is to see
The tiny white light at the end of the path
I need that forget-me-not

I grew closer and reach out
I stop running
Paralyzed in place
I can no longer quicken my pace

That forget-me-not is within arms reach
Fingers flutter and roam
They aren’t mine
Death is approaching

I gasp as I realized it was all a dream
I hop out of bed
And take a walk in the garden
Holding onto that forget-me-not

Poem Details | by Soleil Mitchell |
Categories: 11th grade, death, deep, depression, emotions, pain, sad,

My Emotions

Like subtle washes in the waves
Like flowing through the wind
I ask if I am good enough to do so
Despair and misfortune everywhere I go

One touch is like rock
I can’t feel anything
The sight of it sends you running
Not in the way that I’d say is stunning

The graceful moves I display are hidden from the world
One I could never release
For if it were ever seen
Despair and misfortune would follow

I ask myself one last time before I stop
“Was I ever more than just a prop?”
I quickly stop moving my feet
But never my heart

I’m far away now
Till death due us part
The red flows
And the smell grows

I am now like the washes in the waves
I am now flowing in the wind
I am now a symbol of those
Whose emotions have chosen to arose

Poem Details | by Soleil Mitchell |
Categories: 11th grade, death, deep, depression, desire, goodbye, sweet,

The Door

Creepily walking
The feeling of the soft carpet
Moving swiftly and silently
The door continues to knock

The sweet smell of nectar infiltrates my nose
 I wonder what's behind the door
I grab and turn the knob to the right
I cautiously open the door

A gust of wind blows 
Pushing my hair out of my face
I stare as my face grows blank
Death is at my door

Poem Details | by Bobby May |
Categories: wisdom, words,

Tongue of Death

Sounds coming from thy mouth
Bring death and destruction
It is not man that kills but the tongue
Who orders man to a war of death

Sharpe as a two edge sword once said 
How powerful a few words can be
We follow like sheep to be Slaughtered
Through words and the stroke of a pen

The tongue is a weapon we all have
Some use it with kindness others kill
Spit out your words wisely with love
Use them with kindness not death

Poem Details | by Judy Ann Varghese |
Categories: depression, grief, loneliness, lost, nostalgia, pain, solitude,


Sometimes, i wonder what i'm doing here Far away from my friends old and dear Hesitant and reluctant to let go of my past Which i can feel behind me fading fast. As i sit here, fully lost in thoughts I can feel my heart turn into knots When i think of the girl who i once was, Bubbling with joy and in a jolly waltz. Swallowed by the usual crowd, I struggle to make myself loud But even amidst this buzzing lot I find myself feel distant and distraught. But even in this grave situation, I see a glimmer of hope and satisfaction Assuring me somewhere deep within That i wont just yet give in.

Poem Details | by Carol Mitra |
Categories: death,

A Gliding Soul

Her two children hover over
And watch the ticking screen
Circling cords, like snakes in a pit.

Opening windows, her daughter
Wondering about her soul
Hoping her soul travels gently.

A gentle breeze saunters in through
Carries her to the other side
A soul now, gliding like a bird.

Writing Challenge-Tercets
Theme- Death.

Poem Details | by Tim Riding |
Categories: death of a friend, lost love, memory, relationship,

Until we meet again

Until We Meet Again

	      And so, at last, she leaves this earthly life,
	     To start afresh in pastures calm and green,
	     And though she never wore the cloak of wife,
	     As mother to so many she was seen.
	     A lasting presence felt by those who knew
	     And shared her love of life and knowing smile.
	     Forever calm and still when ill winds blew,
	     With inner thoughts held secret all the while.
	     A life, lived full, that spanned so great a time,
	     Through war and peace and places far and near,
	     Yet of her history now there is no sign,
	     Of people met or vision bright and clear.
		     So sleep Elizabeth, I won't forget,
		     Until the time when I can say “Well met!"

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal,

Death Comes in Threes

Shivers went up my back
At the sound of the long drawn out WHOOOOOOOO
Death? Despair? Or Wisdom?
Does it depend on the kind?

I search for it in the barn,
Hoping I do not find it.
For it resembles a white faced calf
if it lives there.

Do not hear it for two or three days.
Begin to feel confident, things are okay here.
Two friends die. One of pneumonia, the other of a heart attack.
Dying comes in threes.

I sit listening, hoping not to hear,
and yet fully expecting to hear the 
Wise? Certainly not. 
Reality? Yes. 

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: death, life, metaphor, rose,


       A rosebud blooms- begins its earthly ride
through life; with sun and rain it must contend.
       And day by day, its petals open wide-
all stages lead to fullness in the end.

       When cold winds make it wither in the Fall-
as life and death, their endless duet sing,
       the petals drop. It then awaits the call
of life- awakened with the coming Spring.

       The tireless earth holds promise for new fruit,
though signs of death are surely there to see.
       The rose relies on wisdom of its root
to make it bloom when Winter sets it free.

       The seasons of all things hold much in store-
for life brings death which brings new life once more.

October 18, 2020

For The Contest: Have You Published?
     Sponsored by: Line Gauthier

A poem from my 2nd book, "Heartfelt Sonnets"
published 2017, 94 pages, 100 Sonnets.
Sold on and

Poem Details | by Bobby May |
Categories: metaphor,

Autumns Life and Death

The tickling of a gentle breeze
Has detached my leafless leaves
Floating down into only a memory
Remembering the light rains

While the sun warms my crisp body
Then coloring all my other friends
Browns and yellows then reds
Almost all the colors of a rainbow

landing upon another all cuddled together
A sharp wind came blowing them all away
Scattering them among the roots of trees
I feel footsteps approaching

Crushing my outer wings flattening them
No longer able to float down to the ground
Now left dying and lifeless waiting for
To be placed,

Back into the ground

Contest: Self-Life Autumn
Sponsored By: Eve Roper
Date Created: 10/18/2020

Poem Details | by Yoram Diamand |
Categories: death, loss, nature,


To those who argue: Life is drifting floating away
Something we can’t keep
Neither Love nor happiness deep
To them I’d say:

Even though I borrow all I have, thus I have not
Even though I have nothing at all
There is no more, it is not small
It is everything, while I haven’t got

Preemptive some conclude: Life is lost
All is worthless, nothing is mine
The vault is empty, we die at any cost

Stewardship would argue: Only to borrow
Should not make us value sorrow
As Nature shaped a life less fine

Poem Details | by MAHTAB BANGALEE |
Categories: death, life,

in venom

the covid-19 is perching
hither to thither
branch to branches
in the surviving breaths of human!

for the rescue
from the poor deaths
the human timid mind
worried to have vaccine

but yet to have it

hungry mind
passionately dies
poor death

no way
without waiting
into the venom of innovation

world will be alive long
this mind into the jaw of weevils
thru unknown assassin mills

18.10.2020 Chattogram

Poem Details | by David Walker |
Categories: allegory, death, faith, life,

Wouldnt it be Nice to Live Forever

Wouldn’t it be Nice to live forever
David J Walker 

Wouldn’t it be nice 
           she said 
To live forever
And never 
           wake up dead
To live and breathe
          and feel loved

We are living forever 
            he said
No she said 
Seriously I mean
        Never Ever to die

Every day, he said, is another forever
A forever that will 
	Never end
An eternity  painted with prayers 
Waiting to be answered

It’s a matter 
           He said
of which days you choose
Which days to keep and
	Which days to lose 

Poem Details | by Abad Ur Rehman ARK |
Categories: anxiety, bullying, death, dog, drug, evil, hurt,

Uphold The Truth

Freaky mafia dogs roaming the streets
The ravenous wolves that stalk me
My will is appeased and tongue is seized
They are many in number and I have lost control
I have lost the fight to save my soul
How many times I feel the pain and cried
How many times I am buried alive and died
I know I am being followed by scary cats
My smiles disappeared when I became a target of freaky rats
I write poems to help you discover another breath
I want to pen the truth before my death.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: death, life,

meant to be

all earthy lives still have to die and that’s how it was meant to be though man and science question why we celebrate the joys of life and that’s how it was meant to be - conversely, we don’t welcome strife we grieve to see loved ones pass on and that’s how it was meant to be yet always there appears new dawn we praise the dawn; it’s a new day and that’s how it was meant to be whether our days be bright or grey day in, day out, our world’s turning and that’s how it was meant to be; for dreams to be – hearts keep yearning we’re born; we age; this earth we’ll leave and that’s how it was meant to be but souls move on! THIS I believe. Oct. 17, 2020 - six tercets for the Writing Challenge - Tercets - Poetry Contest of Constance La France

Poem Details | by sand blown |
Categories: anti bullying, child, conflict, death,

tide-corona tied-t-rump -hip hop tune

viruses evolve
to spread 
like a fungus
in animals

t-rump fosters
his 'common sense'?
bullcrap and lies
conspiracy theories
and internal dissent
but not logic of science and fact

he knows he's unfit
and as a reality denier
is a white house super spreader
just making things worse
by using the ignorant logic of a child
(who inwardly hopes not to win again)

early in the 1900's
a super-spreader
named tyfoid mary
gave up her freedom
to be socially isolated
and saved untold thousands of lives
(viruses evolve and so too their effects)

stan sand