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Death Poems About Green

Green death poems and poems about death for Green. Read and share these heartfelt Green death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Green Poems.

Poem Details | by Jacob Reinhardt |
Categories: abuse, age, art, business, career, change, class, color, computer, conflict, death, depression, devotion, flower, green, happiness, introspection, irony, jobs, language, loneliness, lonely, longing, metaphor, nature, pain, philosophy, political, poverty, self, simile, slavery, social, society, spiritual, stress, technology, time, today, together, truth, urban, visionary, wisdom, work, world,

The Color Missing

The Color Missing
Red, black, and blue are the colors of our work pens. Red is the color of the blood we spill on other people’s mistakes.  Blue is the color of the songs we sing on tax forms or pay stubs- every page has a secret melody. Black is the color of the streets we fear most. Black is the color of our signature of approval. Black is the color of our death.

‘But what about the Green pens?’ I ask. They say ‘the ink is too hard to see.’

Poem Details | by Jeswant Gembali |
Categories: depression, earth, emotions, green, grief, nature,


Nature and Nature fight,
To switch off the light.
And to grab the right, 
that loosens us at night. 

People say it's not good, 
since it grabs our food.
For so it should, 
Be called Hudhud.

A day for destructing, 
a decade for reconstructing. 
With such power of its Incoming,
And an obstacle for Outgoing. 

Bye bye Hudhud,
Never again say you could.

Poem Details | by Albert Ahearn |
Categories: death,

Green Bananas

A time is reached in life if one remains Alive to tell the tale: those certain things He once performed routinely, ascertains The notion, habits must desist which brings About awareness: His mortality. Employment ends; Retirement is here. The monthly saving wanes. Frugality submits to lavish tastes. The thirty year Installment loan is paid. But now he’s glum. He now forbears purchasing bananas That are unripe for fear his death may come before they ripen. Shakespeariana Unfolding: Final act that yields a frown: The man’s demise, they ring the curtain down.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: confusion, death, imagination, life, mystery

Fried Green Tomatoes The Movie

did not
Frank to hide death

Poem Details | by Alex Klugman |
Categories: death of a friend, funny, green, grief,

About the deceased say either good or nothing

About the deceased say either good or nothing,
Therefore at the funeral of the deceased chief,
The subordinates  danced in full  silence,
With happy faces, but slowly with grief!

Poem Details | by Shagesa Mattheeuw |
Categories: death, life, nature, sad, green,

The Last Leaf

Remember the days when life
Was all we thought about ?
It slipped by being alive
Could end when death turnout ?
One more among the crowd
To admire to whole tree
When the green leaves have sprout
There’s not much to see
On a tree that’s almost empty
It’s leaves spread on the ground
In one dead leaf there’s still beauty
That if looked for can be found
The last green leaf that has turned brown
Will still be beautiful after falling down

Poem Details | by Valerie Staton |
Categories: animal, death, food, water,

Green Ananconda

Tanka – Anaconda

Green Anaconda…
Wandering eyes spots dinner.
Oblivious buck
Standing by the water’s edge
Relishes his final sip.

Poem Details | by Tom Arnone |
Categories: death, environment, green, life, nature, science, truth,

Ying Yang Evolution

Where life does flourish,
In the heat of the jungle,
Death always follows --
Raising souls from the nether;
Reborn in starry ether.

Poem Details | by Glenn Tilton |
Categories: animal, bereavement, child, childhood, mystery, mythology, scary,

The Green Eye Monster

The green eyed monster is under the bed,
Hopefully it is just in my head!
Now it's in the closet,
Right now I wish it would be struck by a comet.
The green eyed monster is under the bed,
But I know it is just in my head.

Poem Details | by Chante Reeves |
Categories: blue, dream, funeral, green, morning, nature, rain, storm,

homesick for Michigan

She noticed a wild beauty of her own-rain.
She lived in Michigan
Blue rain kissed the green trees
But only one tree made her heart sing
A storm was coming in the distance
A hurricane of peace forced her to dream big dreams
As the night of regret fades
The bear, the berry, the rain, the wild
All beautifully crafted
these new sculptors of art
Proper artists without knives
So she sang of ol’ Michigan’s nature to gray skies.
but this rainstorm was a storm of all storms.                                                                                           she cried, she wept, and then she fainted
 Michigan’s nature lived in her

Poem Details | by Gorlum Gorlum |
Categories: body, community, death, funny, green,

Maintaining your Composure

Don’t let your neighbours decompose
Make sure they are well
Or else they go green and blot
And also start to smell
Once you detect an awful stench 
Don’t wait for garbage day 
It won’t get better, only worse
Take measures right away
Request welfare check at once
We’d rather cut them fresh
Putrefaction will advance
And bugs will feast on flesh..
Just keep this image in your mind
Believe me, it’s that gross
Be a responsible adult
Don’t let them decompose

Poem Details | by Ashutosh Gupta |
Categories: art, earth, green, grief, sorry,

Smothered leaf

Fingers with green tinge,
smell of earth,
reminds of a smothered leaf.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: death, imagination, nature

Lime Green In Pool Filter

Praying Mantis at basement door
I had not seen you here before
So lime green you stand out
Scarey enough to make me shout
Died next day in pool filter__gore

Poem Details | by Chris Boskovski |
Categories: abuse, age, dark, death, imagery, metaphor,

Red light, Green light, cigarette buds

Red light, Green light, cigarette buds

Red means stop,
green means go,
cigarette buds punched out in an dirty ash tray
means death is coming for you
and love has run out,
just as the man trying to blow through
the intersection we all know as 'life'
smoking his cigarette clouding his car
with ash and smoke
till the eighteen wheeler rams him off the road
and he turns into fire and ash
like his blackened lungs from all the cigarette buds
that were punched out in the ashtray we all call 'reality'
Red the symbol for blood, which flows from his open wounds
green for his greed for rushing through life
and the cigarette buds that littered his so-called 'great life'


Poem Details | by Shihabudheen Kumbidi |
Categories: earth day, flower, funeral, garden, green, life, nature,


The Silent white grave,
Muted chirrups of sparrows
Fallen petals of Green dreams
Just put your ear very close
Hear the last melodies 
Sung by a cuckoo.
Gaze at the White surface
See the last steps of grassy dances!
Just Smell it,
Feel the last blooming of a jasmine!
A forest is sleeping inside a paper.

You are strange Creature!
Same as a human,
Writing poems about forests,
trees, worms, rivers, and leaves.
Pretending not to see
That you are writing on a white grave!
Killing the word “Sincerity”
Burying the corpse of a forest!

Poem Details | by Karen Deeks |
Categories: devotion, funeral, loss, green,

Final Door

Brown house
Grey smiles
Green green grass
Black shoes
Crystal tears with heart felt whispers

Blue sky with cream teeth
Green green grass
(hold that thought)
Glassed water grasped
Taut innards
Flowers brought

White horses
Braided manes
White lilies
Window pane
White carriage
To carry forth
Green green grass
Hold that thought

Passing traffic
Collars grasped
Blurry images
Tend then pass
Crystal tears
Smart black tie
Shake and smile
Avoid the eye

Deep breath enter in
Listen watch
Let them begin
Then stare at the floor

'Bye bye darling'
Open door

(using colours and images as a distraction to absolutely the worst day of my life)

Poem Details | by Tony Bush |
Categories: death, loss, lost love, love,

Green-Eyed Angel

She left, my green-eyed angel, 
On heaven’s celestial train,
As the stars they all shone over rooftops
In the distance to where she would go;
And her face blurred behind condensation
In a flicker of absinthe and snow.

She held, in thrall with her laughter,
When darkness crept over walls,
And her kisses burned long in the memory
From the lips of a priestess or queen,
So eternal her spark of cracked emerald
In eyes so emphatically green.

She shines, as her train is receding
Down tracks that are speckled with frost,
And although her physique has now vanished
A bright soul such as hers never dies
Yet remains incandescent and vibrant
Like the warm ocean jade of her eyes. 

Poem Details | by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: beauty, flower, green, grief, insect, light, rainforest,

Beautiful Moss

Unassuming beauty of emerald evergreen.
Verdure cool patches of sombre sunscreen.

Flowerless soft carpets of impasto  strokes.
The gorgeous mossy sponge .. vibrance evokes.

The gregarious green hosts.. fungi, frog, insect 
The bedecked forest floors.. symbiosis perfect.

Soft velvet cuddles close....the roots and trees  hard.
Light and shade brighten up....the dank courtyard.

The rolling stones all frown..they grimace.. in grief.
Can't we gather the Moss?..the beauty ..leaf by leaf !!

Dated 11th November 2018

Submitted to the Overlooked Beauty Poetry Contest.
Sponsor Jesse Rowe.

Categories: death,

Green goddess has four faces

                                    Green goddess has four faces
                                                Death, Death, Death, Death

Poet: Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty

Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: appreciation, aubade, baptism, green, grief, hair,

love bug

Love Bug

This is my last letter
I have loved you   from the first time I saw you
Something about your eyes 
And the kindness of your heart
You know if you can explain love there is none
You are going on a long journey 
With your man and that is ok,
And when you return will not be here 
I just want to tell you how much I love you 
How much I enjoyed your breathe 
The aroma of your body when you’re teasing
Me with your youth and my old age 
I didn`t even hope but took the nearness of you 
As a dulcet dream unobtainable.
Love is a rainbow it does not tell you where it falls
Good bye my darling thinking of you 
Have eased the burden of my later years

Poem Details | by Emma Thompson |
Categories: absence, analogy, anger, death, dream,


Color of 
Always greener on the other 
Or Is it?

The color of
In the woods
Where you become

Lurking in the darkness
Ready to pounce
At any opportune moment

Taking me down 
Into an endless

Poem Details | by Daniel Spencer |
Categories: adventure, angst, art, death, depression, devotion, faith, fantasy, fear, friendship, imagination, life, loss, passion, peace, people, philosophy, sad, science, sorry, time, light, green, light,

The dull green light

Amongst the bark of trees 
there shines a light
a light not bright
yet still illuminates the night
dull, green and spherical it floats
within the forest
it appears to gloat
it's maniacal grin spreads
and causes unrest
but yet brings comfort
to souls lost

The green gradually fades
and a new shade is seen
the shade of red.

It's shape contorts and twists
becomes enraged and unreliable
the light is not definable
by human nor god
it rises and sits aloft the trees
as if it is defining itself
a greater being
a power unseen
the light pulses, jolts and flashes
suddenly implodes and turns to ashes

The dull green light never was and never will be.

Poem Details | by Tom Higgins |
Categories: death, funny, social,

Ultimately We're All Green

They say it's easier to die if you've got nowt,
so little that's good to leave behind!
But for the wealthy it must be much harder,
with all that comfort and luxury in mind.
The poor are taught to expect zero,
and that is just what they get,
the rich all have great expectations,
and they all know that these will be met.
So all through Life's divided journey,
the contrast is massive, and stark.
There are those who thrive in the sunshine,
and those who wither in the dark.
But in the end we all become equal,
and money means nothing at all,
when you're returned to the Earth and recycled,
the main course at the ugly bug ball!

Poem Details | by Barbara Cotter |
Categories: death, faith, inspirational, introspection, nature, philosophy, yellow,

Green Meadow

I’ll be slipping away like morning
into the bright blue tomorrow;
before you realize I’m gone,
I will be there, where
the yellow flowers bloom.

What matter of air, or earth, or space
can keep me from my hour
in that so green meadow
where the yellow flowers grow
wild up toward the sun.

Every moment is tending 
to a natural conclusion;
stream to river runs,
to field, to flower.

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: 5th grade, 6th grade, beach, bereavement, boat, boy, green,

Lolli dolli







Be a tie.

Add tries.