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Death Poems About Heroic Couplets

Heroic Couplets death poems and poems about death for Heroic Couplets. Read and share these heartfelt Heroic Couplets death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Heroic Couplets Poems.

Poem Details | by Allan Granstrom |
Categories: confusion, death, depression, loss, sad

Broken Bones

My dreams appear as nightmares. 
Delusions I am told.
A taste of bittersweet memories
from a past that's getting old.

A past that's rushing past me
and will not deliver the mail.
An ex-mailman with a future
that's now crawling like a snail.

Digesting my lifes horrors 
is how I once made my bed.
Chewing on the substance
of a future left for dead .

Memories like invaders
attack me in a dream.
So real I can't awaken 
before I slip inside a scream.

Why should I care 
just how my bed was made?
Gather all my broken bones
at the open mouth of the grave.

Poem Details | by Dominique Jon Apple Webb |
Categories: community, friendship, political, power, social, sympathy, world,

Unity and Oneness

Oneness is silent,
Sweet and with sent,
And unity never ultimately shouts,
But in coalition mounts.

Unity can be found in a group or just the two of you,
In a community's graffiti artists with a rue,
In a school’s parents circle demanding more childcare,
Or in a company’s union who about pay care.

Oneness can be defined by stating,
That you are another person dating,
Romantically, politically or just socially,
By fashion, voice or class, or economically.

All people are one,
And one matters to everyone,
And we have unity with others,
When we come along side our brothers.

Poem Details | by Illyanna De La Keur |
Categories: death, education

Serial Killers

John Wayne Gacy dresses as a clown,
killing boys and putting them into the ground.
Ed Kemper had a bad temper
beheading his victims seemed simpler.

Ed Gein danced in the moonlight,
wearing pieces of women who didn't put up a fight.
Ted Bundy seeked sympathy,
then he killed and showed no mercy.

Jeffery Dahmer who was late,
finds boys for sex then ate.
Dennis Rader was a sick one,
torturing and killing til his work was done.

What makes them tick?
Is it genetics are they born sick?
Was it the parents and abuse?
No one knows how many are on the lose.

Poem Details | by Illyanna De La Keur |
Categories: angst, death, fantasy

Pieces Of Me

I turn and look,
everywhere flesh on hooks,
skulls on mounted on the walls,
headless little dolls.

Oh, someone please help me,
I pull on my bonds but cant get free,
I hear footsteps coming closer,
Soon I will be face to face with this monster.

The door slowly swings wide,
and the shadow the darkness cant hide,
with the knife in his hand,
I know my time is at his demand.

With the first cut the agony is too much,
the knife was covered in salt and makes a sound like a crunch,
I scream which excites him then i pass out,
nothing more to to say or talk about.

I slip away into a dream,
with my final scream,
I am finally free,
Now all that is left is pieces of me.

Poem Details | by Dominique Jon Apple Webb |
Categories: celebration, death, health, history, political, religion, war,

No More

84 people dead,
No regret said,
More critical, holding on,
Somebody’s partner, someone’s son.

France stands for liberty, 
Which was wrought on Bastille Day, 
When the people overturned, 
The government who learned. 

Don’t let religion in, 
Pure democracy’s win, 
Grit your teeth and hold on 
To derogate ISIS and religion. 

Poem Details | by Dominique Jon Apple Webb |
Categories: america, courage, death, health, hero, history, world war ii,

J D Osborne

This poem has been removed for publishing on Amazon in WW II in Poetry: Veterans Stories in Poetry, including my late father's who was a Spitfire pilot in the Nigeria Squadron. As it says at the end, "For free speech". 

Poem Details | by Caleigh MacQueen |
Categories: death


All the people I have left behind
All the faces I have left red

I am not as I used to be
Something has changed

I fear what will happen in the near future
What else will re-birth

As the songs of sorrow pass by
as I leave behind

The faces I have grown so fond of 
The faces I have loved for so long

They all seem to fade
to pass away

Pass away
I will miss you, Scott

You will forever be in my heart 
-Chanda, Alyssa, Caleigh, Morgan, and Val

Poem Details | by Kyle Anthony Harris |
Categories: death, faith, life, people


Prospects lie on a weightless list,
Birds mocking fire makes a tasteless twist,
To lie, to mock and to play with fire,
Leads sin to a fate buried under a tire, 
With a switch of a thought and a lift of a hand,
You could of moved without weightless stand,
Fore your faithless touch and a breath so cold,
Is a breath to late for the dead stone cold.

Poem Details | by Dominique Jon Apple Webb |
Categories: anger, community, conflict, death, political, religion, war,

Long Live Brussels

Long Live Brussels! 

We need to fight back, 
And in arduousness react, 
Without restraint or hesitation, 
And blame in aggression. 

Islam and faith must go down, 
They must subside in renown, 
Islamophobia is more credible, 
Because of terrorism indelible. 

There’s something wrong, 
With religion’s repeated song, 
Which assimilates radicals, 
Who are potential criminals. 

It protects reactionaries, 
And funds Jahidi armies,  
Asking us to tolerate, 
The more liberal delegate.  

We must state the lines, 
Of faith’s heartfelt pines, 
By commending some, 
And by banning the one. 

Poem Details | by Allan Granstrom |
Categories: death, imagination, life

The Cold Inside The Chill

Winter without warning.
The cold inside the chill.
The reaper says good morning.	
As death climbs over the hill.

Run if you've a mind to
but you'll never get away.
The Grim Reapers laughing at you.
I think he wants to play.

Feel his bony fingers tighten
wrapped around your neck.
Watch the raven swoop in, 
take your eyes out with a peck.

You exude a feeling of gloom
as you hang your head to cry.
I would tell you it's not your doom
but I don't want to tell a lie.

Poem Details | by Robert Hall |
Categories: childhood, confusion, death, sad, time,


I’m down to my last few grains of sand.
Nothing that I’ve ever tried seemed to go as
This futile attempt at reason has befallen
	me to rhyme.
A dark and troubled childhood has given
	Me nothing to cling to but time.

Only time will tell, what kind of legacy
	that I’ve left.
How many souls I’ve touched and my
	memory they’ve cleft.
A lifetime spent in Hell perhaps to eternally
	Sleep and dream of heaven.

Poem Details | by Allan Granstrom |
Categories: brother, introspection, loss, people, philosophy, sad, social, sympathy

Street Smarts

There's a thing called street smarts I'm learning about.
Everyone seems to have them but I am without.

Do unto others before they do it to you.
This is their motto, it's all that they do.

I cringe when I see it, they laugh when they find
someone they call a sucker who is only being kind.

They bleed them to death then move on to another.
I guess they don't know, you should always love your brother.

They live life backwards, I guess they always will.
Look at live spelled backwards and you get evil.

Poem Details | by Jonathan Hurst |
Categories: death

The Acclamation of Young Adrian

Here lies the grave of the priest Adrian
The wisest and wittiest of all men
Stole away from our world at a green age
His heavenly heart ripped from the rib cage
By the malicious son of his mother
Something of a fiend, nothing of a brother
Caught dead in a spider's web of forged fate
Poisoned by the bread placed upon his plate
All for a Beatrice of bewildering sight
A wife by day, a black widow by night
Seduced the brother, his soul she did eat
Spun silver silk of devilish deceit
He was a man of God, of Godly words
But faith could not save him from the worms
Adrian was doomed when he said 'I do'
May he rest in peace, his soul rise anew

Poem Details | by akadiri lekan |
Categories: adventure, death, devotion, fear,


Hail,hail the  fallen heroes
All remembered by their brave exploit
I wonder what it is like
Having the opportunity to look death in the face
Is it fear or fun-
I trembled within but give kudos

"We live together,we die together"
They chant  as they march to the attack
Fear defied,but aim is one-victory!
As bullets sings past their head 
and their blazing bayonett shone their way throgh

Hunting lives as though game 
I wonder is it fear or fun
Knowing someone hunts yours too

Salute to the fallen heroes
Though thou died 
Every time makes our soul 
Thy suffering to remember

Poem Details | by Jack Reed |
Categories: confusion, daughter, death, fantasy, hope, imagination, lost love, visionary, warbetrayal,

Every Living Kind

Every Living Kind. 

Alone she is thinking things through. 
Her guardian horse keeps her safe through the woods. 
Feeling lost, her castle has been crushed. 
Flown to safety where she cannot be touched. 
Her King is dead by betrayal of liquid death. 
Her mother the Queen is in the dungeons to rests 
She must travel far - without getting caught. 
Her people are being slaves being beaten like oxen’s. 
If she can just fly to where the unicorns hide. 
War will be delivered. against good then evil for every living kind. 

Poem Details | by Michelle Smith |
Categories: adventure, bird, death, friendship, home, horse, violence,


A little prayer to Up Above,
to the Lord? or Mama's Love?

Mama was his Measurement,
of being good, where he went.

Little black bird -- white stone.
trading hands, finding "Home."

(Inspired by reading "Some Kind of Courage" by Dan Gemeinhart)

Poem Details | by Michelle Smith |
Categories: bible, christian, death of a friend, devotion, feelings, true love, trust,

True Feeling

To meditate with true feeling...
In compassioning Redemptive triste
Can bring grace-filled healing --
Immersed in the Passion of Christ

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, bereavement, character, confidence, spiritual,

Immortal HULK

Immortal HULK... Bruce Banner now, will not die... What new powers he processes when he gets madder why now like Jason, He just can't die how is it now he's no longer incredible but immortal
10/21/19 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©