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Death Poems About Hoover

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Poem Details | by Gwendolen Song |
Categories: absence, eulogy, poverty,

The Old House on Hoover Street


There it sat empty and sad
Windows shattered and the bottom one boarded up
There it sat helpless and alone
No one there to protect its contents
A shabby two story on one of the most sinful streets in these parts
A dilapidated shack with its heart ripped out
Who dare go there now but demons and bats?
Why would anyone want to step foot into this hell hole of a trap?
Bring the bulldozers in I say!
Bull doze this bad memory of someone’s life! 
Rats are scampering about on its main floor
Bulldoze the pain of this once old house
Allow someone to rebuild another with a fresh new dream

Gwendolen Rix