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Death Poems About Hoped

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Poem Details | by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: age, grief, life, loneliness, loss, love, time,

A Life in Retrospect and a Life Hoped For

The years increased and agéd now—between
first birth and the burnt embers of my dotage—
I yearned and pined for a God-like machine
with which to vitalize my wrinkling image;
my youth extinguished long before Life’s hour
ran its course, I succumbed to melancholy
as I loved not nor lived with Love’s great power
within my lifetime—damned be this my folly!
Only faith in a righteous, holy Son
remains who shall rise to give me rebirth
though youth and hale are gone and I’m undone 
by man’s hypocrisy upon this Earth.
      So, beloved, extend to me not your pity,—
      for my hope lies in God's Indemnity.