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Death Poems About Hopeless

Hopeless death poems and poems about death for Hopeless. Read and share these heartfelt Hopeless death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Hopeless Poems.

Poem Details | by Srujana Satyavada |
Categories: cry, death, depression, life, poetry, sad, smile,

Promising hopes, hopeless promises

Smiling faces, tearful traces, 
Twinkling stars, lonely hours. 
The hurt is yet to heal, 
while we have another in line to deal.
Promising hopes, hopeless promises, 
there's a lot of scope but unwanted blemishes. 
Giving everyone smiling tears, 
still there's no value for your efforts all these years. 
Smiling grievances, grieving smiles, 
smilar differences, never ending miles. 
You seem to know everything but know nothing, 
living a life is easier than jumping off a building.

Poem Details | by Desie Avila |
Categories: angst, confusion, death, depression, devotion, loss, love, sorry, day, world, day, love, i love you,

Hopeless Dreams

         Day after day i try to pray,
i pray you can forgive me and take my pain away.
 I love you so much i cant help but feel regret.
         I miss you so much, that my world is caving in.
I wonder if you'd still say you love me?
Your my unborn baby, i always wonder how you
would look... Beautiful of course, a melody of love,
a sinful remedey.
         I hope one day we can be together and then i can show,
that im a good mother.
         I will see you in heaven, were the skies are blue
 and the world is nice. 
Your my Harmony, and for you i would trade my life.

Poem Details | by corey scholz |
Categories: death, life, sad,

for the hopeless

avail yourself to noone
lift up the anchor 
that holds you here
and drift away in welcome death

Poem Details | by Tiffany Von Tungeln |
Categories: death, depression, fear, feelings,


Fallen into a deep black hole,
There is no way out, abandoned, not forgiven.
A fear stirs across, no hope for a beginning.
No contact or understanding, I am lost.
No breath could cut me short of anger.
No words could leave behind my sorrow.
No game could convey me happiness.
I am dead, not only inside, but close to spirit.
The loss of spirit was never remembered, never existing.
The loss of spirit contains a non- existing reality, which is your reality.
I am dead, and so is the world around me.
Nobody can deny the truth that I commanded.

Poem Details | by Dani Petersen |
Categories: death, faith, hope, visionary,

Hopeless Mortality

While laying on the ground,
You feel the dirt and filth rise,
Settling dust as it surround
The encompassed mortal guise.
As gliding against gravities pull,
Beset halo of unclean,
Scuffling your wings lull,
Drag to broken humanity no longer keen.
Opening your fresh baby eyes,
No more vibe or brilliance,
Only somber sounds, shapes and surmise.
Given up, wondering of hopeless resilience,
And thus you still wake,
Forever changed, clipped and disgraced.
Never again seek or to partake,
In pristine angelic flight of haste.