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Death Poems About Hopes

Hopes death poems and poems about death for Hopes. Read and share these heartfelt Hopes death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Hopes Poems.

Poem Details | by TIEMA MUINDI |
Categories: betrayal, emotions, mystery, philosophy, soulmate, sympathy,

Shattered Hopes and Dreams

Can you pick up the pieces
When the glasses 
Are broken
And pieces
Are scattered

Can you pick up the pieces
When the ashes
Of your dreams
Are blown away
And spread 
Across the land

Can you pick up the pieces
When the horizon
Of your dream is blurred
The sky of your life
Is cloudy
With no rainbow in sight

Can you pick up the pieces
When you stumble
In the race of life
Not once or twice
But always

Can you pick up the pieces
When the spring of your life
Has dried up
When the petals
Of your being
Has withered
Can you pick up the pierces
And start from the ground

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: dream, grief, hero, hope, image, sun,

Broken Hopes of Sun

Broken hopes of gold
Pale orange sun sets in tears
Loaded Obama

Poem Details | by Ejaz Faared |
Categories: emotions, farewell, first love, goodbye, grief, how i feel, woman,


I Just wanted to say you
good bye
But the moment says
hopes are high
May be you turn back
for my sigh
May be it wouldn't be easy
as I see
May be its hard for you
as for me
But the moment says
hopes are high
Don't let these hopes die

Poem Details | by Srujana Satyavada |
Categories: cry, death, depression, life, poetry, sad, smile,

Promising hopes, hopeless promises

Smiling faces, tearful traces, 
Twinkling stars, lonely hours. 
The hurt is yet to heal, 
while we have another in line to deal.
Promising hopes, hopeless promises, 
there's a lot of scope but unwanted blemishes. 
Giving everyone smiling tears, 
still there's no value for your efforts all these years. 
Smiling grievances, grieving smiles, 
smilar differences, never ending miles. 
You seem to know everything but know nothing, 
living a life is easier than jumping off a building.

Poem Details | by douglas pederson |
Categories: bird, death of a friend,

Hopes of tree chirpers

my hands are cold and the night drifts on
maybe I’ll  awake  before pre  dawn
birds will be chirping ,  perhaps a song or two
I will see them settle in the morning dew.
should they sing  before  I wake
tell them I’m  resting and there is food  to take
stretching their ears for the words I spoke
they’ll soon be aware that I never woke   
 chirpers will stop,  choir will end
 all have hopes,  searching for their friend