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Death Poems About Neighbor

Neighbor death poems and poems about death for Neighbor. Read and share these heartfelt Neighbor death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Neighbor Poems.

Poem Details | by Tesem Agee |
Categories: best friend, brother, caregiving, christian, friendship, sympathy, true love,

True Neighbor

Many days have we lived together,
O John, the chief cook!
I am weary of hunger,
And you have food and water.
Are you truly my neighbor?
Then give me a morsel.

Many months have we known each other,
O Peter, the great tailor!
I am walking around naked,
And you have clothes and thread.
Are you truly my neighbor?
Then sew me a dress.

Here at your door post 
Have I sat for years,
O James, the Physician!
I am sick and dying,
And you have the drugs.
Are you truly my neighbor?
Then wash and bind my wounds,
That I may be made whole.

(Read 1John 3:16-18)

Poem Details | by Cathy Holmes |
Categories: death, friendship, love, me, me,

My Special Friend and Neighbor

When we frist met she greeted me with so much Love and concern 
I was excepted from the very beginning 
She had a story to tell and I had a listening ear
We talked for hours and laughed for days 
Some of the things she shared were amazing
We expressed our sorrors and our good times
Her hospitally was always full of grace and centered around me
When I walked in she had a smile on her face
As I think back at the things we shared and the short time 
We had together it  brings tears to my eyes and sadens me 
She is gone now but I thank God for sending her to me 
and the joyful memories that we shared will last for a life time

Poem Details | by Robin Ray |
Categories: anxiety, depression, loneliness, mental illness, old, suicide, sympathy,

Neighbor Upstairs

neighbor upstairs / elderly / maybe schizophrenic /
lead footed / restless / every day / rearranges furniture /
vacuums carpets / nails picture frames / drops pots and
pans / rolls concrete marbles across the floor / slams
cabinets / blasts 60’s music / interrupts my solace / grit
my teeth till flat / I complain / others complain / promises
lamb quietness / fails / owns monkeys? / petting zoo? / she
speaks / voice aroma of suicide / leave her be / won me over /
explains why the ugliest spiders spin the prettiest webs.