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Death Poems About Quintella

Quintella death poems and poems about death for Quintella. Read and share these heartfelt Quintella death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Quintella Poems.

Poem Details | by Greg Gaul |
Categories: adventure, allegory, analogy, death, destiny, dream, philosophy,


Little droplet
your time is near,
never fear,
be part of it.

Fall into the great ocean
your conscious way,
unconscious stay,
Nature's final notion.

Lean back
let it go,
it happens so,
embrace the black.

Droplet make a tiny splash.
Whisper in your Bardo ear,
till you're no longer here,
and flesh turns to simple ash.

So sleep little droplet,
how sweet the dew.
To love it and live it
and to start anew.

Poem Details | by Seline Elaina |
Categories: confusion, death, devotion


Such is the road of mystery
Hard to accept these things I see
Unexpected these sights I find 
See spirits near though I am blind
A world I’ve never known to be

Leaving behind truths I’ve been shown
Watching them go broken and blown
My haunted heart scared to believe
Worlds within worlds I can’t conceive
This is knowing, in the unknown

Poem Details | by Isaiah Zerbst |
Categories: dream, fantasy, grief,

On the Edge of a Dream

I laid me down in peace and slept
And found with pure unfeigned surprise
A land of bliss before my eyes;
Then from my eyes this vision swept
So there I lay and softly wept

Poem Details | by Yoni Dvorkis |
Categories: death

Journey's End

Who could look beyond horizons
To where the warmth of glowing Heat
Will ask the Angel in retreat
Smile upon a body wizened
Ageless soul still longs to find Him

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: death, music, music,

The Day That Music Died

Lament The day that music died, singing wept. Into the sea of melancholy voice crept. Each word spoken reeked with pain. When could we ever be whole again Under the rug good lyrics were swept. Praise Singing is really a magical thing. Everyone agrees music has a ring It sates all involved, fills to the top. Once you begin, you hesitate to stop. Your imagine yourself to be the king. Consolation There are none too old to learn, they say. Never again we give our song away. We’ll sing, we’ll sing never quiet. We will sing, until we start a riot. Music for ever and ever and a day. © Aug 11 For Dr. Ram's elegy contest

Poem Details | by Melissa Ross |
Categories: death, life, peace, visionary,

Conclusion of Life

One must produce the trail to one’s own fate
Trudge into the future with open eyes ahead
Never allow oneself to cease that constant tread
For the prize at the finish may be infinitely great
One could even discover the polished golden gate