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Death Poems About Roundel

Roundel death poems and poems about death for Roundel. Read and share these heartfelt Roundel death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Roundel Poems.

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: death, son,

My Eternal Grief

The call came in the early morn,
To tell me that my son had died,
My son the only one I've borne.
My tears will fall forever more.

It cannot heal, this heart that's torn.
No one can count the tears I've cried.
I'm weary and I am forlorn.

A pathway to his grave, I've worn.
 Such  loneliness I can't abide.
His grave with flowers I adorn.
My tears will fall forever more.

Written: 2/24/19

Fo  Writing Challenger Roundel contest
Sponsor: Dear Heart

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, angst, anxiety, bereavement, death, emotions, imagery,

I Died A Little Inside

I died a little inside as your mind faded away feeling completely useless I often broke down and cried my tongue numb struggling to find encouraging words to say. I died a little inside. I recall when you proposed asking me to be your bride and I said yes on that phantasmagorical day but Alzheimer's forgets the past, and memories collide. You could not even remember my name yesterday and ashamedly I wanted to run away and hide when you asked why I would want to visit you anyway. I died a little inside. (Roundel) Feb. 8, 2019 I died a little inside Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Silent One

Poem Details | by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: anxiety, death, feelings, grief, remember, sad, silence,

My Eternal Grief

Move on,... time will heal it all
Scab makes my wound look so hard.
Anguish gnaws my heart,  tears crawl
My grief does not go away.

Stabs of pain, my soul scarred
Your love, I miss and recall.
Sleepless nights, go miles and yard.

Mourning death, I wake and fall.
Loneliness, ... crippled and marred,
Amputed life... moves in thrall.
My grief does not go away.

20 th February 2019
Writing  Challenge Feb 3019 Roundel Contest 
Sponsor Dear Heart 
PS syllable  counter 7 in all 11 lines

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: emotions, grief,

My Eternal Grief

In sullen silence
darkness looms my thoughts
writhe with your absence.

My eternal grief.

A maze existence
till heartens soul rots,
ill vex incumbrance.

Longing your essence,
lumbering time jots
muffle remembrance.

My eternal grief.


Poetry Contest: Writing Challenge, Feb 2019, Roundel Form
Sponsored by: Dear Heart

any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome

Poem Details | by Jo Daniel |
Categories: grief, loss, love,

My Eternal Grief

In a life that's not fair 
When love bids adieu 
Right when you care 
Grief leaves you undone

When your love is true 
And you're fully aware 
Of what love can do 

There's no time to prepare 
No time to think through 
In a time of deep despair 
Grief leaves you undone 

Your love is not chief 
You're left to moan
Against all belief
Grief leaves you undone 

You can sit and groan
And find no relief 
In the light that's not shone 

When faced with grief 
You feel so alone 
Love is like a thief 
Grief leaves you undone

Writing challenge, Feb 2019, Roundel form 
Sponsor: Dear Heart 

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: death, pain,

My Eternal Grief

I’ve been forsaken by perpetual pain, sweltering in sorrow and deep misery- Now only memories of despair remain. FOR GRIEF-STRICKEN AM I... My heart encompassed by an ebony stain, enraptured by dejection and injury- In my mind she dies a thousand times in vain. Rescue me from dolor, unshackle this chain, please find me relief, bestow true liberty- This poignant disappointment is so arcane. FOR GRIEF-STRICKEN AM I... -------------------------- 11 syllables in each line Date: February 25, 2019 Contest: Writing Challenge, Feb 2019, Roundel Form- Poetry Contest Sponsor: Dear Heart

Poem Details | by Bette Bavington |
Categories: adventure, conflict, crazy, death, emotions, imagination, mystery,

Heard Tell

Sightings are hard to ignore
Especially since they cause such 
An uproar
Along the sea coast.
Where old sailors start to boast
About how their beings with unfinished
Business as they're bringing up stories 
Of forgotten captains, mates, and sea lore.
Sightings are hard to ignore
Normal circumstances throw in love,
Treasure, and gore
Naturally people will want to hear more.
They'll even go online and read every post.
Sightings are hard to ignore.

Poem Details | by purbasha roy |
Categories: lonely, lost love, love hurts, pain,

My Eternal Grief

You have left but some part of you here stays
I drape my mind in your memories sheet
To silent wind your name I often say
Quilt of pain incorporates my heart beats

My soul freezes in dreadful feelings sleet
There's nothing new to think of you each day
Eternal grief found me passing by streets

As strewn papers  broken heart goes astray
How can I drift with my unwinding feet
My new me has kept older self at bay
Quilt of pain incorporates my heart beats

Sponsor-Dear Heart
Contest-Writing challenge ,feb2019,roundel form