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Search for and find the perfect poem for a funeral, memorial service, or eulogy. International poets write these beautiful and thought-filled poems about death. Hundreds of new poems are added weekly to help comfort your family, friends, and loved ones. See also new poems about death (below) or Famous Poems About Death

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Choosing Poems for Eulogies, Funerals, etc.

When selecting poems about death, you may choose one that was the deceased’s favorite. Your decision may be determined by your interaction with the person who has died. He/she might have had one poem that he/she liked and choosing it for the funeral or epitaph could be the best celebration of life for the dead.

You may select a poem that evokes the spirit of the dead person; one that focuses on their qualities or outlook on life. You can also choose a poem that focuses on your love for the person who has died.

Your choice of poems about death may be determined by the mood you want to create. After the death of a person, many people feel the loss. You may use a poem to acknowledge this death. Alternatively, you may use it to set a mood of optimism. Therefore, you may choose a poem based on how you want people to take the loss or remember the person.

New Poems About Death

Poem Details | by Post Skriqt |
Categories: death, life, loss, love,

Sorry for your Loss

This is a day when families come together and grow but also lose one of their own

And I wish one of you could have been here to make it on your own

I will see you one day and I miss you will no longer be such a sad song

More angels are surrounding me as I get older

I won’t get to see you grow any older on earth but at least you’re in a better place than earth

Seeds are planted for the flowers to grow into something beautiful 

But sometimes the petals will separate and fall 

Learning to have an appreciation for the process of it all

Life is beautiful and death is soulful, because the soul stays after the body leaves

We still feel you sometimes, hope you’re proud of us

Learning how to move forward without you is so hard, but comforting knowing how much you meant to others

p.s. rest in heavenly peace…

Poem Details | by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: analogy, imagination, journey, song, sorrow,

Murmur Of Stream Of Grief

When sad eyes sink at depth of dark to see
in the niche of soul, still like the deep sea,
find out where the drops you shed roll to lie
beyond the edge of scorched mind till they’re dry.

Mind then comes out of smoke to dance with glee
at soft pace like fleet of clouds that moves free
in the blue expanse of the seamless sky,
beguiled life spreads wings of joy and soars high.

Sunburst horizon glints the face of gloom,
in waned plants of wasteland buds again bloom,
their hued touch wafts to the heart shining bright
as it blends with glow of soul’s blissful light.

Billion drops of grief flow in stream from heart,
with its tuneful murmur new song will start.

April 20, 2021
Syllable count : 10 per line (
Contest : Your Best Sonnet This Year So Far
Sponsor : John Hamilton

Poem Details | by Bradley Smith |
Categories: america, death, death of a friend, heartbroken, poems, poetry, poets,

Tears for earl Simmons

No more dmx 
A vigil held. A body put to rest

Tears were spilled 
A dog killed

Loved in life
But more in death

I cried for you
I know, not what dogs do

So rest in power earl 
For a moment you effected the world

If only you knew how many people you touched 
This poem just isn't enough 

But it's all I can do 
Tears for earl Simmons 

We will miss you...

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: death, perspective,

Double Vision

He's innocent because he was trained to shoot in cases precisely like this

He's guilty because he was trained to shoot in cases precisely like this

   Same tragedy
   Same victim
   Same killer

Different eyes trained on the target

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: death, mother, sad,


The week of my mom’s funeral. My 41st Anniversary today. 


cold day in April
still —
mom’s ashes in urn



big busy green’ry
solicites my solitude —
mourning in the dark


Poem Details | by Warren Curle |
Categories: death, dream, endurance, fantasy, love, murder, romantic love,

Ode to the Governor

Ode to the Governor


Warren Curle

I long for a woman I can't have,
She is a woman who dances in my dreams,
She is a woman I always think of,
She is a woman I want to
She is a woman I dream of making love to,
She is a woman I'd long to grow old with,
She is a woman I want to share my life,
She is a woman I'm forbidden to have,
She is the woman;I wish the State would free
She is the woman I cannot hide away with,
She is a woman that I must meet Between wire and steel
She is the woman I cannot sneak a kiss,
She is the woman listed by a coded number,
She is a woman;I pray the State will forgive,
She is a queen in the tower of our despair,
that knows how to love me,
Please oh please, Governor do let her go!

Poem Details | by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: death,

Dark Chocolate

Eloquence of desperation,
 majesty in the end

Elegance of sweet sorrow
—dying to contend

(Dreamsleep: April, 2021) 

Poem Details | by Frankii Fame |
Categories: death, winter,

Winter like Death

Winter walks with death - alone
Life succumbs to letting go
Taking with us what we know
Leaving behind canvas and bone

Tears wept no longer flow
The afterlife is but a ghost
Gifts of memory left to bestow
Darkness rises as host

Desolation comes in the night
Quiet moans howl at the light
Whispering names left in the wind
Somber snow drifts with might
A hazy sun seems almost dimmed
Need no more to feel chagrined

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: allusion, death, imagery, violence,

Blood Language

When the barrel speaks,
crimson thoughts 
are expressed non-verbally

Scarlet tones
perforate the air
with ballistic shrieks

Coroner syntax
are arranged in morgue sentences 
of alphabetical autopsies

When the barrel speaks,
violent desires
are sated in silencer reverie

Blue steel fiery emotion
be coldly exclaimed
by stained tongues trigger happy

Solemn whispers
is the universal language
spoken with rigor mortis affinity

Poem Details | by Kelvin Gathiru |
Categories: betrayal, death, death of a friend, feelings, girlfriend, loneliness, love hurts,

Death of the Bride

The room was calm 'n dark inside,
Out in the woods was the fratricide,
But lying on the floor was the bride,
Covered by blood from side to side.

They were to get married in private,
But were attacked by a hired pirate,
Who sailed from Rome to Hakodate,
To "finish off" an enemy of the state.

A Major who had betrayed her nation,
By trading very important information,
To terrorist planning an assassination,
Which was to cause fear 'n aggression.

The bridegroom gazed at her in disbelief,
Wiped off his tears using a handkerchief,
Walked out of the dark room full of grief,
And headed to his home without his lief.

Poem Details | by Manya Saxena |
Categories: angst, anxiety, death, life, write, writing,

Questions unanswered

In the quest of knowing and not 
knowing, the remembering is
what baffles me profusely.
For I shall never know
what it holds for me
and what it holds 
my solemn 

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: death,


walk! run! don’t look back!
the week is chasing me ~
i walk back refreshed


Poem Details | by Silent One |
Categories: death, life,

Dancing with Death

A raven sits alone, perched upon a tombstone, humming an eerie tone, which is sombrely known. This deadly treachery is disturbing my reverie. A shadowy energy, ready for tragedy! My soul tries to ignore this Grim Reaper at my door. I've seen him before, now he's back like an eager whore. Upon my last breath, I prepare to dance with death, sadly I must confess, I'm beginning to lose my strength. Should I weep with woe, if this is my 'swan song' tango. I just need to know how to perform my ending show. Like a fish drawn to bait, it's time to accept my fate, heaven or hell's gate is not for me to debate. From mourning please abstain as memories will remain, but those who mocked with disdain, from fake cries please refrain. Silence was my nepenthe, but now it's my enemy, as death is an adversary without a remedy.
Silent One 18 April 2021

Poem Details | by Christopher Flaherty |
Categories: death,

So you think you can tell

So you think

Think you can tell

A refrain

From a blocked drain

A dream from a night terror sweat

A flight from reality

One day from another

A truth from a lie

Blunted passion from lust

Love from the grave

A tear from an onion or a blade

Blood from a friend

A bend from a straight

The dark from the light

Before and when the time 
has come

So do you still think you can tell

And have gotten your affairs
in order

Before you are told you can tell

Poem Details | by Jan Terry |
Categories: death, life, nature, school, time, trust,


leave nature alone
trust her to turn every stone
her time is her own

colors in season
life, death and new beginnings 
nature has her way

flowers smell so sweet
thorns and thistles prick your feet
nature has a laugh

April 17, 2021

Poem Details | by Lonna Blodgett |
Categories: angel, baptism, death, religion, visionary,

The Divined

from the brewing storm's steeping chalice
the breath of death's journey awakens in quiet tides
beckoned by the stirring whisper of mortal winds
furrowed by stoic angels in pallid temporal skies

April 17, 2021

Excerpted from "My Silent House"

Liberum Divisa 5 Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: grief,

She Could Face Anything Now

aquamarine thoughts painted her thinking
her steps were slow today,  but sure
seagulls gave her an appreciation for all that had been
all the goodness she could become permeated her senses
she walked toward her forever after destiny
understanding she could face anything now

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: beauty, celebration, death, life,

Return - a pleiades

                                Richer than noblest wealth
                                rainy quiet morning
                                Ripe thoughts buzz in the brain
                                Roses fearfully thorns
                                Remember when I'm gone
                                rainbow will shine one day
                                ~ reunification

                                       Pleiades R Poetry Contest
                                   Sponsored by: Kim Merryman

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: death of a friend,

at the graveside

pine coffin’s lowered into the freshly dug grave raven caws in tree in memory of our treasured friend Don whose funeral we attended yesterday 04/17/21

Poem Details | by Eman Afridhi |
Categories: 12th grade, allusion, anxiety, career, god, grief, hate,

A piece of work

A piece of work,
Ready to suck,
Power of my mind,
By making it bind,
To questions too tuff,
While making me scoff.

By: EK~ Eman Afridhi

Poem Details | by ALKAS POETRY |
Categories: allegory, allusion, conflict, death, extended metaphor, poetry, satire,


     when death comes I simply say no
      search for another victim and so
    don't intend to throw  your essays  at me
    I'll leave when the time comes, i'm free              

Poem Details | by Beth Evans |
Categories: death, fire, fun, political,

Guns Do Kill

                                                    A gun
                                               Is regarded
                                                   As fun

                                                 By minds
                                        Where few brain cells 
                                                 One finds.

                                                 Guns kill.
                                       When aimed and fired,
                                                 They will.

Poem Details | by sristi verma |
Categories: 11th grade, anxiety, betrayal, death, heartbreak, hope, how i feel,

The Past

The journey that was incomplete, 
The world that is no longer serene. 
The path that was unclear, 
The destination which was not achieved. 
Those lost battles, the unheard cries,
 the lost hues and the blue skies. 

The love that pained, 
The lies that were sweet, 
The beauty that was unashamedly destroyed, 
The violence; unrestrained. 
Those lost petals, the fallen leaves, the lost spring and the shrouded moon. 

The betrayal that hurt, 
The death that parted. 
The sorrow; unbridled
The cold melancholy. 

These memories, these feelings, the regrets, the agonies; 
no longer shackled. 
The cracked heart, the parched soul, the teary smiles, the broken glee, 
no longer stitchable, 
unhealed, unmendable.


Poem Details | by Nicole Like |
Categories: grief, hurt, loss, pain, symbolism,


carved out emptiness
replacing shake-able joy,
until it's just a gnawing ache.

Grieving streaks
drip in streams,
Covering my trembling face in
broken, bleeding etchings.

A crushing burden,
to breathe in the morning,
and carry as the sinking sun
dips below the fading horizon.

Another day, another loss.
A bitter pill to take.

Poem Details | by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: absence, grief, loss, lost love, love hurts, missing you, sad,


The sun descended and his heart grew cold.
There were no sympathy cards to unfold.

Vacancy held a former lover's face.
A funeral's closure never took place.

Rapidly released from my hopeless clutch
were his voice of promise and tender touch.

No longer would his mighty hand hold mine.
Never would we create a new bloodline.

His body was cast into the unknown,
perishing daily, while inside I'd groan.

Shunned by his family, I would lament,
losing his friends also without intent.

Contemptuous slurs and degradations
replaced needs for hugs and consolations.

Every edge we trekked, did grief not matter
without cremated remains to scatter?

Rhyming Couplets Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Janice Canerdy