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Death Poems About Aboard

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Poem Details | by Folajin Ademola |
Categories: death, mystery, sea,


Echoes in the cool of the sea
Riding on the winds of the Pacific,
With reverberations of faint whispers
Tearing through the reins of the soul;
Thus it came striding through the cruise:
A ghost aboard the Celeste!

Smiles on the faces of beauties
Met with no sense of premonition,
Popped open a bottle to a toast—
Only to fill their glasses with blood;
For then a guest raised a cup of death:
A ghost aboard the Celeste!

A lone ship on the sea it sailed,
With a mysterious accuracy—
Yet with no soul nor clue to reveal
What has become of the journey;
But alas, its mission accomplished,
A ghost aboard the Celeste!