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Death Poems About Aborted

Aborted death poems and poems about death for Aborted. Read and share these heartfelt Aborted death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Aborted Poems.

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: africa, allegory, analogy, bereavement, betrayal, daughter, simile,

Of Daughters And Aborted Liberties

      Of Daughters and Aborted Liberties…
My ravished womb drips
precious blood of incestuous rape;
the ghosts of my daughters scream
from shared graves
marked with vaginal blood
shed by sons drunk
on the wine of intoxicating power.

Mislead adolescent warriors
fan holocaust embers
scorching time tested hopes
gone to ashes
as death winds strike chimes
of ebony genocide;
and the cradle and the grave
stand juxtaposed to each other.

My desperate screams
reverberate off once listening ears
and ricochet into the void silence
of a newsworthy footnote:
caught in the cobwebs of history
my aborted blood of liberty flows
like the meandering Nile.

Poem Details | by Robert Uy |
Categories: death, introspection, loss, sad,


Contained in what’s so fragile, could break, 
     And soaked to preserve its state.
But why prevent its being defaced? 
     It was wanted dead, in the first place.
Defenseless, it was so deprived 
     The right to choose, to live, to die; 
Borne, by fate, by whose heart was stone, 
     And dead before it was born.

Poem Details | by Yolanda Nicholsen |
Categories: death,

thee aborted

I waited beneath her rib cage
why I already knew everything about her 
she knew nothing of me I was being cradled 
with warmth guided from a serene light 
reflecting inward from the roundness 
of her womb the day was long my veins hurt 
as blood ran warm through vessels connecting 
herself to mine she felt empty I was filled with life
through a strong force I was rushed beneath her 
as my soul floated above the both of us oh how I 
longed for her as she was my song 
         I guess I was her wrong

Poem Details | by G.S. Vasu |
Categories: death, sad,


I wonder why
You didn’t
Want me.
It’s a pity that
You didn’t even
Give me a chance
To call you, ‘Mother’.
Should I thank you,
For not bringing
Me into this
Cruel world.
Or should I 
Hate you for
Getting me
Killed brutally
In your womb.
I wish even
I could’ve
Been someone,
Yes, someone
If you had
Given me
A chance,
A chance to
Live just
Like you in
This world.