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Death Poems About Abortion

Abortion death poems and poems about death for Abortion. Read and share these heartfelt Abortion death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Abortion Poems.

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, abuse, death, dedication, evil, humanity, sad,

Act Of Violence

Soul captivating bitter sweet
Hatred on a Manchester venue tweet
Sadness shades shape
Rucksack carrying 
hidden by a religious cape destroyer of souls
Shifting clouds
Of smoke in a bang 
so loudly deafening sick 
When someone cherished disappears
As terrorism's hand appears nasty
Abandoning all reason falling into a trap
Believing in their vile inhumane crap
Where the unspoken word  
Has now become strangled silence 
Life's are gone it's so absurd
Just another ridiculous act of violence

A Collaborated Poem 
by Liam McDaid and Owen Yeates

Poem Details | by Del Higgs |
Categories: abortion, dark, death, youth,


An unholy pink plus sign on the stick,
Oh think of what her admirers will say!
Contemplating ideas till she's sick.
When he finds out, will they still be okay?
Does she pay the price? Can she even dare?
Will she allow it to see the first day?
Terminate it now, or should she be fair?
Is she ready for the price she must pay?
What happened to that holy Christian girl?
Who once believed 'abstinence till marriage?'
Her present actions make her want to hurl.
Does her fate involve a baby carriage?
A decision is made, shaky fingers.
Violent trembling hands pull the trigger.

Poem Details | by Iger Rolyat |
Categories: abortion, black african american, creation, death, grief, humanity, pain,


What mind enlightened of God
Could reconcile a forsaken entrustment...
To guardian the yet unborn?

What eye that sees by Light
Could blind itself this darkest deed?

What hand that prays and gropes in want
Could withhold the need of life to live?

What heart that beats the pulse of life
Could be so cold to life's own seed?

What ear that yearns to hear the truth
Could deafen life's resounding call?

What mouth could speak, of love, of life 
Yet mute these words than witness truth?

What life of love where no love for life?...
No love.

Copyright 2016   Iger Rolyat   All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, abuse, body, boy, child, girl, humanity,

Death of common sense

Who claims to be the casualty distorting a mother's right 
firstly to be addressed for what it means 
begin with the truth it never fails justice 

To address mass murder for what choice it claims to be 
abortion's the only way to lose one soul mortally dangerous 
without mercy takes away every living value 
and cardinal right from a child's life

Poem Details | by Arlene Smith |
Categories: abortion, birth, death, earth, peace, prayer,

Turned Away

They were sent for every cure.
They were sent to help endure.
They were sent with most eloquent quill.
They were sent by faith to heal.
They were sent with the most romantic songs.
They were sent to right the wrongs.
They were sent as perfect mates.
They were sent to banish hate.
They were sent to bring world peace.
They were sent for pain to cease.
They were sent to take a stand.
They were sent to heal the land.
They were sent with milk and honey.
They were sent to feed the hungry.

We pray their arrival every day,
yet before their birth, they're turned away.

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, abuse, conflict, future, grave, truth, voice,

Sinn Fein traitors

No longer do they represent or even come close to Catholic values 
they turn their back on those of us held loyal 
with spiritual morals unable to address it as is
Murder to stand and promote supporting such an act cardinal sin 
They no longer are a republican party lets straighten that point up
beginning and end as they have removed freedom from their banner 

Death it comes with a price where history will speak of this treachery 
turning against the law of God passed on to us by Patrick 
they are the new age occult rising pagans against the cross

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, abuse, betrayal, child abuse, corruption, death, god,

Battle for middle earth

A voodoo doctor promotes death 
in an open arena to the living 
his crime is heresy killing of souls
This from his unholy ancient domain pride 
you are making a mockery of the words written 
on stone Thou shalt not kill 

He whom plays the fool in my eyes the beggar 
no good tools work in Irish politics
because if their was they would stand up and be counted

Poem Details | by ananya acharya |
Categories: abortion, baby, birth, care, change, child, death,

First Step,Last Step

I was thinking, I was enjoying near the sea
but the sea was staring at me
I was surprise and he was pushing me back and back
What I had done?
suddenly I got a badlash from him
O my brother,my mother
Was it my dream?
I am still confused 
how they can do this?
I am not there foe 
but the truth was they didn't gave me place even in there toe
Is it so difficult to step in this world ?
Explain me! Explain me mother!
Brother you really don't want me?
What is my mistake ?
Was it my dream?

Poem Details | by DAVID WAWERU |
Categories: abortion, break up, career, death, heartbreak, hurt, prison,


Why this day you break
The only productive twig 
The giver of life to many 
A shelter to the birds 
Of different kinds and color 
Not even a tear you wipe 
Your eyes dry like charcoal 
In love you were with it 
All gone never to be 
Not even a seed you protected 
To continue the twig life 
Why think its cursed? 
Yet the best it produces 
Even in dry or wet seasons 
The twig will grow stronger 
In another world. 
A new person will till 
Till fully grown to produce

Poem Details | by william barker |
Categories: caregiving, childhood, daughter, death, life, loss,


Mommy I love you
 This is my goodbye
 You said you wanted me
 But it was all a lie
 Your boyfriend left you 
So now I'm a joke
 I didn't drown
 I didn't choke
 I should get to live
 Like you did
 Laugh and play 
Like any other kid
 Well you've made up your mind
 So now I'm not here
 I didn't want to die
 Its a babies biggest fear
 Babies shouldn't die
 Over a persons choosing
 Let me be adopted
 Then its only you I'm losing
 Abortion is selfish
 It means you have no heart
 If God wanted it to happen
 He would have added that part

Poem Details | by Daniel Schultz |
Categories: abortion, baby, death, depression, pain, sad, silence,


Unborn baby cries
the ghost of my sadness lies
in an empty cradle

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, corruption, creation, dark, death, faith,

Hanging within the shadows death

When they divide us as a nation 
we at large will fall flat on our faces 
being worth little as a country in value 
selling the rights of our future down the Liffey
I pray for one that the battle is won 
as children are the treasures of the heart 
nothing can come close in value and love. 
Imagine we have a vote to bring in serial killers 
make it lawful justice there it crowns every moral thread 
where it will be turned upside down in favour of bloodshed 
sad reality based fact inhumane practices dwell corrupt

Poem Details | by john doherty |
Categories: abortion, birth, death,


A choice everyone doesn't want to make
Birthrights are given before conceptions
Others may have to surrender their lives
Rapists conceive a life without concents
There maybe reasons to make sad choice
It already difficult just thinking about it
Offer support at this time not judgement
No one has the right to force that choice

Poem Details | by Dayna Raven |
Categories: abortion, absence, baby, death, depression, grief, pain,

The Most Bitter Storm

Everything I've lost shows up in my dreams
Like some sort of resurrection 
Lingering, hanging over me 

Or it ever exist at all?
Did you exist at all.

I try to wash your blood from my hands,
But somehow, still, I remain stained
I try to erase your tiny, broken body from my head
But you've etched yourself into my memory.

Lucidly, I pick at thoughts of who you.....
Could have been,
Or who you tried to be,
Human. A human being. 
Dead and gone.....
         A secret it seems. 

Poem Details | by Anthony Cruz |
Categories: death, dedication, faith, fear, funeral, me,

HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND :A short abortion story

They slapped me around, they each 
took a turn, ripping me up choking 
me until my throat burned. My eyes 
blood shot red, my lips turning blue, 
My jaw broken bleeding cant 
mumble nor scream dont know 
what to do. My clothes ripped up on 
the floor along with my torn pride. 
This hurt i cant share , cant tell you 
to be safe. These feelings I did not 
want to hide but you were the 
conception of my pain. I couldnt 
look you in your eyes. So abortion 
was my answer hope you could 
understand  , knowing your father 
was my brother was the worst pain I 
could stand.

Poem Details | by Joe Hinojosa |
Categories: death, lost love, me,

Teenage Abortion

What am i?...

awake by hate
an angels mistake
no fate, no color, no race
just a face that's misplaced
with no dream to be chased....

why must i be unfree to disease
someone help me to believe
to breath in belief i exist to achieve
the thought i hoped is no longer in me....

scared and dispaired, disapointed unfair
a hole in my soul, through darkness and air
you to compare, the damage is rare
rigamortise of death is finally there....

what are we forcing facing distortion
what we believed is no longer important
paint me a portrait in life in assortment
and what has begun is only a portion

cause what iam.... is a teenage abortion.

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, allah, bible, conflict, death, father, god,

Suicide bomber

Salman Abedi 
every member of your family support unit 
They should be deported and expelled 
The mosque in where he learned his satanic verses 
rightly it should be bulldozed to the ground only fair 
as our Heavenly Father punished Cain who still burns with anger 
A temple of Satan condemning others to death 
as it breaks His Holy words and law 
suicide is an ungodly ritual 
Laid down on stone cold thou shalt not kill 
God wills it so non believers of His word 
Justice supreme unholy is the act carried out 
pure evil demonic is the taking of innocent life
hell holds the fury of those hounds scorned 
to hate peace forever more snakes of the dark side 
consumed with fire 

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: abortion, death,

Rest In Peace Innocent Child

She was such a tiny miracle of innocence, taken from the womb by selfish greed- Mommy just wouldn’t save her essence, before the decision, it was already agreed. A sweet baby from the Lord was gone, why couldn’t she just choose adoption? In her heart she knew it was wrong, but her mother said it wasn’t an option. Alas, pure child may you rest in peace, an angel you are now with baby wings- And to think I could’ve had a lovely niece… Oh, what sorrow selfish desire brings. October 5, 2016

Poem Details | by Farman Nazim |
Categories: abortion, blessing, for her, parents, symbolism, sympathy,

A woman in life

The one that bought you to life,
The one who was blessing in disguise!
The one who sacrificed her life,
Was your mother, first woman in your life

The one who will give up her choice,
Will Leave her family to join your life!
One who will be your guide,
Will be your wife, second woman in your life

When whatever you get in life,
Had a woman behind every delight!
Why you get soo sad,
When a baby girl arrives!

She is beauty, she is a life!
She is worth a billion skies
She will love you more in a life,
Then a son could do in million tries!

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, betrayal, christian, fire, forgiveness, grave, irony,

Strike one

Through my injustices 
it has given me an insight 
one I never had before 

These are the words written down 
as the pen is mightier and exposes a soul 
by Gutle Schnapper Rothschild 
if my sons did not want wars 
there would be none 

These elitists are parts of a spine forming
on the snakes back they are slimy toads 
without emotions or feelings 

They are wizards 
part of a circle who claim rights 
to the skull and crossbones of Adam
dark magic your seed is from hell 

From the ashes of fire you will smother 
tortured empty spirits forgotten void 
your soul is empty of loving peace 

Poem Details | by Bob shank |
Categories: death, education, life,

Abortion (Senryu)


must be a bad seed 
plucking it from her garden 
where was the planter

Poem Details | by victor nwakanma |
Categories: abortion, abuse, baby, bereavement, birth,

a rose on thorns

The mistake of one careless night
Became a plague for a thousand years
She couldn't guard her farm
And will let any man come and plough
when she was lost in the spell of ecstasy
It didn't take extra time to sow
Formed by the biology of nature
She never knew
That it baked a piece of Gold
So when for shame,
she didn't think twice
The Golden foetus was wiped out
Another king
Didn't get to wear his crown

Poem Details | by Lynward McKee |
Categories: abortion, america, bible, character, conflict, confusion, death of a friend,

Unlawful claim

We make a claim when we are born and cannot even speak or walk,
just learned to breath,
just learned to reach,
Long before we've learned to talk.

I don't know how we've come to claim what was borrowed from our mothers
and why we've claimed we have a right to take it from our brothers.

Perhaps it was confusion or a child's mentality, concluding that we'd breathed it in, our first discovery.

But life's not ours to give and take.
This is a concept of our flesh.

How we view each borrowed day is how we fail or pass this test.

One breath was breathed to share with all now billions have awakened.

So infants must be taught at last


Poem Details | by edward johnson |
Categories: abortion, baby, body, christian, funeral, i am, murder,

Abortion 11

Can you have a butterfly without a caterpilla
Can you have a frog without a tadpol
Can you have a human being without a fetus
Lord forgive their ignorance

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, betrayal, bullying, conflict, death, fire, war,

Unlucky for some heart's possessed with war and hate blind

Separating the wheat from chaff magic prisoner
From the dust of darkness you are born from ash remains 
having walked a crooked pathway inside regrets 
buried under sparkling silver lining clouds lights up 
Lightening strikes hitting earthy notes trembling voices 
falling thunder echoes from dying embers of pain 
a star spangled vision igniting flames, peaces torch 
I can feel it in your eyes as oceans mist over 
Salted inside a triangle of lie holds apex 
from the hidden truth centre eye exposed one corner
Three you are where hidden facts remain tortured hotly
our souls know where the fifty shades of grey shape shadows
nothing comes under smoke is ever white underneath