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Death Poems About Above

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Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: absence, bereavement, birth,

Haiku 68 Above The Sakura Tree ,Another Spring

cherry blossoms drift upon the wooden casket life after life
In memory of our dear souper friend Lucilla Carillo,and my husband's cousin David Chircop who finished this journey ,to start a better one. May your fragrance of love bloom in the highest of skies as it did on earth. 'Pls remember them,and their loved ones in prayer'.

Poem Details | by Lally Nunez |
Categories: angel, bereavement, death, death of a friend, emotions, encouraging, funeral,

A Loan From Above

A loan from above
by Lawrence M. Nunez

Dear Lord I loved her so
and it hurt to see her go
it pains my heart
to be ripped apart
words cannot express
this deep distress
somehow I know
I have got to let go
for she was just a loan
from the angels you own

the pain is so deep
it is difficult to sleep
they say it will be okay
healing is on its way
but only you can heal
the topsy  turvy I feel
I know deep inside
with you she now reside
for she was just a loan
from the angels you own

Poem Details | by Christy Hardy |
Categories: brother, childhood, death, dedication, loveheart, heart,

Dance Above The Stars

The laughter I see,
is hidden so deep,
a memory of yesterday,
mine to keep.

Those that know you,
or think they do,
can never hold dear,
the days of me, and you.

Saying goodbye,
hurts me so bad,
my eyes now misty,
my heart is so sad.

No one knows,
when time is no more,
eternity takes over,
when we enter Heaven's door.

Sing so joyous,
dance above the stars,
my heart will know peace,
for I know where you are.

Poem Details | by Danny Stinson |
Categories: death,

Nothing Above, Nothing Below

The lonely never escape without wounds, But even the loved will go alone to their tombs. Stay there, they will, and rot, until to dust they turn, They will have no peace, and rest they'll never learn. Sing no song, no adulation, or no praise, Know they are gone, and that the dead cannot be raised. No resurrection of the flesh, no revival of the mind. Take this message to the heart: that no man gets more time. If one fills his head with lies of pearly gates, Then nothing can prepare him for the darkness that awaits.

Poem Details | by Andy Craig |
Categories: angel, anger, cry, faith, fear, judgement, red,

Death from above

Amber warning a red light dawning,
the clouds on this day-break are 
seemingly turning into a angry mist.
I dare not look into the abyss. For I 
hear the cries from above, too late!  
I'm captured by a  now crimson sky.

Poem Details | by Jennifer Donnay |
Categories: baby, beautiful, bereavement, celebration, faith,

hugs from above

Hugs from above, 
  Do you feel them Mom?
Hugs from above, 
  I see your tears, Mom,
Hugs from above, 
   Please smile, please don't be sad,
Hugs from above,
  I can see you walking, enjoying nature,
Hugs from above,
   Please close your eyes, I am sending you hugs,  and a kiss,
Hugs from above, 
    I am always with you, in the wind, rain, sunshine,
Hugs from above, With love from your son Zach,
   Hugs from above, don't weep for me, remember me with smiles,
And laughter, for that's how I want to see you from above you, 
Hugs from above, I love you MoM, you one of a kind....

Poem Details | by Travis Klein |
Categories: angel, cinderella, death, emotions, heaven, mother, mother son,

From Above

From Above

        You are the missing part of me,
In my heart to be fulfilled this now indeed,
	I will always love you with my soul,
Which makes me feel completely whole,
	You are the only one,
Who brought me into the Bright Sun,
	You know the way I will be,
The one and the only, nobody but me,
	Watching over me through the bad,
Also through the good times I ‘ve had,
	You’ve seen me as I’ve grown,
My true feelings have been now shown,
	I now never have any fear,
I know You are watching from Above, near.    

Travis “Ceijaeh” Klein

Poem Details | by Erin Riley |
Categories: deep, fear, grief, life, love, water,

Above the Waves

You are my life jacket
In a sea of grief,
Swallowed by the feelings and thoughts
Of my past

When the seas are calm
You hold me near
With readiness for the unknown

When the waves are high
You cling to me
Keeping me above the depths

I am safe with you
Without you I would face my end; 
Fooled by the calm seas
Soon to be swallowed by the waves

Poem Details | by Julie Hillier |
Categories: death, life, war, life,


This is where Hell begins...
The sun darkening
The smell of rot.

The wall of life flaming up
The burning Center,
Of all things ignored.

This is where Hell opens:

Air and water poisoned
Human freedom is buried under shattered skulls
Keep death away from ourselves?
Men, women and children, bleeding from the core
Lying still like crumpled shadows.
Will we live to see the light of day?
When a gun is hung over our heads,
Tears, like drops of wax, flow from our eyes
The night was gone.
Who will save us?

This is where the excuses stop.
The wall of life will not
To weep for us.

Poem Details | by Taylor Graham |
Categories: death,

Above the Fog

On the morning she died,
the sun rose, 
climbed, then fell back 
into our fog.

There was just time 
for her to write
one more word –
a sun-ray she left behind.

Poem Details | by andrea ashton |
Categories: adventure, death, hope, loss, sad,

42 above

42 above.

Poem Details | by Hahahjill whytehead |
Categories: bible, death, heaven, jesus,

The Creator Above

The creator above, 
you should love, 
The bad, the sad, 
the pain, the rainy days he gave
will be better, braver, 
most of all stronger

The creator above, 
you should love, 
The happy, the good, 
and the bright days he gave
will be weaker, 
when bad comes, 
but in time
will get stronger

The creator above, 
you should love, 
The people he took, 
it was the end of they're book, 
it was they're time
to fly above, with the angels. 
Its no goodbye, its a see you later.

The creator above, 
you should love, 
He is up there, 
he listens when your world turns gray, 
you just have to pray, 
it will come to brighter days.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Died and In Heaven Above

Died and In Heaven Above

So sad you no longer are my love,
And did fly off like a diligent dove;
No longer here,
My precious dear;
Have died and are in heaven above.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Kimberly Williams |
Categories: death, family, life, loss, lost love, love, peace, me, me,

Someone above me

I know you said you will be there for me
You said everything happen for a reason
Everything that we do together is meant to be
The day you went a way
For me it was a bad season 
When you left I wasn't sad 
It made me STRONG
Because I know you in a better place
It was just a matter of time that I seen you then you where gone
Even though I miss seeing your face
When it's pretty outside 
and it's one beautiful day
I know you looking down on me with a smile on your face 
Saying everything OKAY

Poem Details | by Chelci Biggs |
Categories: angel, beautiful, christian, death,

A mothers prayer from above

Dear lord please watch over my baby while I rest.
You know what she needs, you know her the best
I'm constantly worrying about my baby.
Is she ok? is there something she needs?
Please protect her from all evil, pain , and harm
Hold her tight, lord put love back into her heart.
Encourage her to succeed
Reach her goals, keep faith, believe.
Answer her calls when she rings
Give her the most beautiful angel wings.
Let her know I'm not far away,
I'm always with my precious baby.

Poem Details | by Anuj Ghimire |
Categories: death,

For those lie above

No mercy shall be shown to those lie above
Kill them, burn them, into the hell the must be shove
To those who are happy must be in pain
In cruel world above, the corpses must reign

From the land of love to lad of hate
They shall rust in here, be our puppet
Their blood shall be spilled, burned or killed
The war has begun the bell must be pealed

Poem Details | by Beata Agustin |
Categories: blessing, character, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,


Above this grave* is a soul jubilantly at rest Dad Robert is now in heaven, triumphantly blest.
*1Corinthians 15:55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? April 13, 2019

Poem Details | by L MILTON HANKINS |
Categories: death, suicide,

Above the Quay

Some will say I have paid my just, spiritual Penance 
Though no crime have I confessed before the bar. 
With bitter Perfume in my nostrils, with Poise, I stand 
And ponder quickly the maddening accusations hurled ...  
Then pull the Platinum chain tightly around my neck, 
[Coarse rope too primitive and gauche a way to die] 
I deign to feel my body Quiver as the neck constricts 
Above the Quay; my feet dangling below the waterline. 
There shall remain neither Quandary about my motive, 
Nor, Quaint the considered choice of this my last hurrah.

Written February 6, 2021
For "Mind Your P's & Q's Contest" 
Sponsored by Michelle Faulkner

Poem Details | by Howard Kerr |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, bereavement, dedication, deep, devotion, heartbroken,

Above This World

A tsunami of emotion engulfs my fragile soul
as I stare transfixed at fly-by silver moons
we once found solace in when swopping kisses
at midnight curfew’s flimsy threadbare sanction

As I stare transfixed at fly-by silver moons
our golden flashbacks flood with spectral verve
at midnight curfew’s flimsy threadbare sanction
corralling peep day hearth lights in first flush

Our golden flashbacks flood with spectral verve
despite your early death from all those stresses
corralling peep day heart lights in first flush
whose magic lantern oneness floats above this world.