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Death Poems About Absence

Absence death poems and poems about death for Absence. Read and share these heartfelt Absence death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Absence Poems.

Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: absence, death, emo, emotions, sorrow,


On a special Suicidal Night,
I sit alone inside this nightmare 
In a nightmare with no windows 
Nobody can see me
I can see nobody

Flowers, above
My eyes have darkened to a color never seen before
Forever closed!
It Rains!  It Rains!

Beyond this ocean, I've drowned too many times
I remember cascades of water below my eyes
My satin sheets wrinkle and cold
I fail and die every night
No one understands the pain that kills me every day
Wounds that reach 6 feet deep

Lucid demons
Bleeding wrist
Scary dreams
My mind is still screaming
Is how I live

I'm alone-
No one's around.
My body's like a coffin
Stiff in my own home.

Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: absence, death, devotion, grave, loss, miss you, spiritual,

Eternal Breath

I think about you, every single day,
Since from me, you were taken away,
Your absence has left my world cold,
Now I am alone, with no hand to hold.

I wish that I could bring you home,
So that your soul, shall need not roam,
I hope that you were given white wings,
To fly amongst, where the angel sings.

Within my heart, your eternal breath,
Shall now linger on, even after death,
My love for you shall never cease,
So, may you always rest in peace.

Written by: Kelly Deschler  

Gautami Phookan's contest - The Poet III

For Gail Angel Doyle's contest - "Eternal Breath"

Poem Details | by Chris Hagy |
Categories: absence, animal, christian, death, encouraging, sympathy, uplifting,

A Greener Pasture

Though my stall here is empty now
If you listen close...
You can hear me running through a greener pasture
Your sorrow opens the gate and releases me free
Thank you for rescuing me from worldly darkness
And giving me love unsurpassed
So that I may now run with others so loved...
But never forgotten
I am a child again young and lean my spirit afire
And oh how our spirits thrive here
Never again to feel the pain of the earth
Hear me running!
For your tears have watered the grasses for me
In God's Greener Pasture

-originally written for Kae Surrah
 an Arab rescue mare

Poem Details | by Laura Leiser |
Categories: absence, grief,


Your hat hangs limp and still with your loss
faded and stained, every thread, precious 
my tears blur with silhouettes of you, dad
your distinctive scent, I touch your well worn brim
the hallway darkens with an approaching storm
pounding raindrops pummel my grieving heart. 

Written on 2/20/2019

Poem Details | by Charles Hamouth |
Categories: absence, abuse, childhood, grief, growing up, solitude,


That childhood faith, vehemently spirited,
Difficult to bend, impossible to tame.
That still-cradled heart, curiously open,
Eschewing fear, shunning struggle,
Accepting of each coming day.
The journey so hazardous.
Now a cold-forged and unyielding heart 
Beats out each agonizing minute.
Jared by indolence and disappointment,
Vision unrecognizably scarred.
The journey so quickly done.
Needing to chance upon that child again
To lightly touch the angel's brow.

Poem Details | by Juli- Michelle |
Categories: absence, addiction, allusion, angst, beauty, grief,

The Rose Ghost

Shadows dance behind her silver eyes
The ghost of her beauty struggling to show
A crimson rose amid the rage of thorns
Seemingly pure like the white of snow

Such a stupor of silence hangs above her
But it loses the battle in her mind
The silver key trembling in her ghostly finger
Attempting to lock up the heart inside

Never meant to be open, delicately curled
Her petals shouldn't seem foreign anymore
So she dances, silencing the screaming thorns
Leaving the key, now crimson, on the floor

Poem Details | by Dr Richard A Martin Jr |
Categories: absence, adventure, boat, boyfriend, death of a friend, emotions, heartbroken,

We Went On The Boat - A Sonnet for David by ROSTI

It was our pride and joy, that boat...our prize.
We'd sail to Key West every year in fall,
After summer downpours left the noon.
We made our pact there as we both had suffered
from the plague ungluing all our lives.
Now, I'm here next to his pallid body - 
pale blue masque on, jaw aslack, grotesque.
He made the leap; he had escaped, was gone
Upon a journey I could not attend.
He left me all alone to to sail solo.
Yet, he was captain and I his lowly mate.
Who would pull the spinnaker to catch the breeze?
Or talk with me as a person, unaffected?
Now, I was all alone just cast upon the water...

I sold that boat...

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: absence, death, grief, heartbreak, longing, lost love, silence,


out like a candle
in a gust of wind

there then not
taken from me

replaced by a gaping silence
a faded memory
a heartache
refusing to heal

i try to remember
the tone of your voice
of your laughter

barely audible
it’s there in the distance
out of reach
a million light years away

and i trapped on my side
alone in this realm
i now rush to accomplish
all that i must
so i may join you
some day
in eternity

Posted on December 2, 2020

Poem Details | by Emmy Weatherill |
Categories: absence, farewell, grandfather, grief, memory, thank you,

Dear Grandpa

The leaves have turned brown and crisp
And I've remembered 
How much you've been missed
On a day like today 

It's the days when I feel down
And I'm sad
That you're not around 
Desperately in need of a grandpa's embrace

You were like my best friend 
And I'm yearning 
For the hours we'd laugh on end.
Now I'm doing quite the opposite 

The memories harvest in my mind
As I bow to your grave 
With flowers of all kinds
Commemorating the part you played
In shaping the person I am today. 

Yours sincerely, 
A granddaughter that misses you dearly. 

Poem Details | by Joan Warburton |
Categories: absence, bereavement,


Do not cry, for I am with you still,
in everything you see and do,
in every gentle whisper of name.

The breeze upon the windowpane,
a sigh, in the darkest of time,
it’s not yours, but mine.

I hear you weep, please no more,
for I am just beyond the door.
Just call my name and have no fear,
Each word you say. I can hear.

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: absence, abuse, death, mother, sad,

The Broken Urn

Eyes flared in agitation
Damasked in utmost lament
The tyrants laughed in vanity
Remains of his mother lie still
As if the winds were holding their breath
The urn cracked and cold as night
Alone, the eyes softened
His heart a hermit of radiance 
Temples tingled as silence stayed
The unprofaned laughter now ash-shamed
Hot tears of fervor reduced their pig-headed ways
He kneeled to his mother as they gazed
In the urn she no longer cried
Even in the urn did she not abide

April 28, 2014

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: absence, beauty, death of a friend, emotions, grief, i miss you, sorry,

Glowing Cloud On Mountain Top

Glowing Cloud On Mountain Top

I met you there, so very full of grace
single rose in your shining raven hair
Radiance beaming from your sweet face
couldn't stop myself, I had to stare!

Every moment since, forever treasured
nights glowed on, your smile a star
Everything since that night measured,
love raced in deep, like a speeding car!

Now time has given me such great sorrow
Heaven welcomed your spirit on in
Misery my food, heartache my tomorrow
forever gone my lover, my great friend!

Glowing cloud on mountain top now dances
I gamble that climb and took my chances!

R.J. Lindley
Oct. 16th, 1973

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman |
Categories: absence, death, memory, rain,

Thinking of You

A curtain of rain obscures my view,
    as I gaze out my window and think of you.

You've been gone for many a year,
     leaving only memories for me to hold dear.

And hold them dear, I do indeed,
     embracing them when I'm in need.

You see, the rain poured down on that day too,
     as I gazed out the window, thinking of you.

A knock on the door and two uniformed men,
     regretfully informed me of your life's end.

For Broken Wings Five rhyming stanzas - 5 only contest
5 couplets.
( This is fictional)

Poem Details | by Cole Banner |
Categories: absence, change, death, death of a friend, first love, goodbye, grief, loneliness, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, sad love,

The Road it Forks

In the breaking light of dawn,
in a photograph - we kiss.
It's to your inner light I'm drawn,
while cursing fate, and chances missed...
Wrapped in thought, and solitude, 
sweet lies trumped by bitter truth.
The road it forks,and one way taken,
now questions over dreams foresaken...
A puzzling gauntlet of how, when and why?
You were my favorite hello,
and my hardest goodbye...

Copyright © 2011

Poem Details | by Gabriel Sundman |
Categories: absence, death, forgiveness,

Forgive me darling

My darling forgive me
I was not by your side
Was to blind to see
the emotions that you hide

Sorry for all the times I hurt you bad
All the times I was never near
I never wanted you to be sad
Did not want to cause any fear

Will you forgive me for not understanding
For not wiping away your tearful cries
For not knowing what was happening
It was too late when you said goodbye

You left and I cry alone
my heart has become a stone

6 October 2015

Poem Details | by Roxane Aristy |
Categories: absence, angel, appreciation, bereavement, bird, paradise, tribute,

Tiempo Profundo

 to my son, Tito 

A handful of sand in the angel's palm,
how often you strummed and sifted the metaphor 
of Long Beach (since you were four and rolled 
and unrolled and jotted down the specks of time 
as if you knew what was behind the flimsy skies
that threw your quantum song asunder).

Poem Details | by Katelyn Parks |
Categories: absence, abuse, betrayal, death, depression, fear, feelings,

Loved at Points

I feel loved at points in my life
Sometimes I don't at all
I can be pushed around and yelled at daily
In the end, I always fall
I have never understood love
Or what it really meant
All I know is that love hurts
And that, I can't repent
I listen to my orders
I stand up straight and tall
Wishing someone would hear me
Knowing that I'm crying in the hall
Some days I just brush it off
Letting it all go
Being who I would like to be
But hiding in it all
I'm alone in my mind
But I know inside
I'm dying before your eyes

Poem Details | by cortney bartholomew |
Categories: absence, bereavement, life, love,

Your Eyes

Your eyes spoke a million words without speaking,
Your heart stretched into my soul as easy as breathing,
Understanding and love needed no explanation,
The silence was enough with each compassionate expression,
My heart yearns for the peace I saw in your eyes,
The love you gave me to help me survive,
Each day that passes by without you here,
The memories I have of you bring me to tears,
Your sight gave me hope, your love was secure,
A simple life of love you lived, the small things mattered more,
Now you are my angel, living in the sky,
The gift you left me on this earth was the beauty of your sight,

Poem Details | by Trevor McLeod |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, analogy, angst, bereavement, fear,

The Man Who Went Offline

It wasn't hard to turn it off.
I felt like I was free.
Until I started missing life
connected virtually.

The world was now inside of me
and I was now it's slave.
Where fear of stepping out to be
was more than I could brave.

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: absence, death, lost, memory, seasons,

to weep in misery of bitter truth

climbing stairways within my mind 
I sit alone this silent night
and play a song upon the keys
in quiet melody to find relief
for many days have come and gone
and no ones here to share my song
for you have passed like seasons change
from sunlit beauty to wind and rain
where flowers no longer sway in tune
to weep in misery of bitter truth

Poem Details | by Aimee Rodriguez |
Categories: absence, grief, loss,

Love Passed Away

You were once here, or so it would seem.
Gone now forever, like a half woken dream.
Flown beyond the farthest star.
Yet eternal within my memories you are.
Your echo of love will forever remain,
Guiding me through the sorrow & pain,
To the day my heart begins to heal.
Though not quite whole will it ever feel.
For pieces are missing, now shaded gray,
Given with love to love passed away.

Poem Details | by Bette Bavington |
Categories: absence, addiction, bereavement, betrayal, death, education, loss,


Are in disguise
Working on our children's demise.
In our houses and on our streets
They give our children horrible treats.
The wolves lie of course
We're only parents what do we know? We talk until 
We're hoarse.
Don't listen, look, or even try
Or you could be the next one to die.
The wolves are smart they know what to chit chat
And to tat
Webs that are children are walking in to at a fast pace.
My tears I can't erase
I will never see your face 
Or feel your embrace
The only thing I could do was give you a resting place.

Poem Details | by Charise Walraven |
Categories: absence, blue, death, emotions, nostalgia, sad,

My Darling in Blue

For Jay Dee, or Teheine.

I remember the first time I saw you:
Dressed all in brown,
Your hair hanging down,
With a bright splatter of blue.

Suffice to say that my days are all grey.
Without you, it seems,
I’ve lost all my dreams
Here at the end of the day.

My angel, my sweet,
You’ve stolen my heart complete:
Taken it with you to Neverland

Away you did go,
To a place I cannot follow,
To frolic in Neverland

I am happy for you,
My darling in blue
And wish you peace in Neverland.

But know that inside,
Where my heart did reside,
There now hangs a picture of you.

Poem Details | by Gideon Idudje |
Categories: absence, care, death, mother,

Ode to momma

She sells items of meager income,
such as;
Soap-flakes, peanuts, 
soft drinks, bakeries.

Not to make profit 
but at least rich enough
To feed the family of gold.

my mummy’s little outlet,
 is the bachelor’s pride.
The young men,
stride in and out 
at will to the little corner,
to make themselves
 fit for the kitchen,
 borrow for the belly,
save for the day, 
and pay for the morrow.

Its chokes to notice 
You re gone
Red is still the 
Colours of the blood
In our heart eyes
Though skin varies
Love you Momma.
The blackness 
Of your skin 
Is it strength

I Can't Breathe
Richard Lamoureux


Poem Details | by Shaniki Smith |
Categories: absence, death,

Pray on it

I can't love you
If you still in love with her
It's time for you to make your mind up
You either in love with me
or you in love with  a ghost love from the past
She parted the earth a long time ago
You say you ready
But I can see it in your eyes
and the conversation that you spitting 
you not 
Ready to move on
Your heart stuck on a
 ghost love from the past
I'am not here to help you make up your mind
You either with reality
or with the past
If you stuck
Pray on it
Only God can lead you to the right direction
Pray on it
You know where I'am at
when you ready 
Just pray on it...
August 1, 2020
By Shaniki Smith