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Death Poems About Aunt

Aunt death poems and poems about death for Aunt. Read and share these heartfelt Aunt death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Aunt Poems.

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: age, appreciation, death, hope,

Aunt Sally

Sometimes you like people better as you grow older. . .

Growing up, I considered my aunt, Sally,  a gossip and a person consumed with envy.  She liked to make fun of people, as she did with me over my crying and screaming after taking my beloved hobby-horse for my cousin, Mary.

Years later  she befriended my mother after the death of my father..  They became inseparable. . .

a dragonfly
still circling my aunt's farm pond
alighting on mother's hand

Published September, 2015 Cattails

Poem Details | by Carmen Erickson |
Categories: death

Losing my aunt

I fall into the darkness.
The flames of hell wrap around 
It's hard to breath.
The smoke suffocates me.
Then I see a hand from above. 
I reach for the hand. 
I see the light again.  
My wings have spread out. 
I'm flying and soaring through 
the skies. 
I'm in heaven and I'm happy. 
I see her.  
It's not your time she says. 
I frown, but he hugs me and 
It'll be alright. 
So I go back. 
I go back to a life wondering. 
Will it ever be alright.

Poem Details | by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: angel, eulogy,

Aunt Lucy and the Bee B

end times are drawing near,
like a bee hovering a blossom, 
i know because aunt Lucy passed away 
one of the last of the pristine beings...
Though her spine was ice bough bent
she waltzed the pearled path of fair and straight
drifting through the cloud-glazed gates
ahead of the furnace of fear and fire
whirlwind of plagues,
her spirit nesting in messiah time. 

End times are cascading down
the four horseman scattering clouds
blood rushing over mushroom plains
Yes, end times are certainly near,
i know because aunt Lucy passed away.

Poem Details | by Patricia Garcia- Howard-Bramble |
Categories: death

Memories of my dead aunt

One of the nicest things in our lives will be our memories of you.
You have always been one of those relatives we could count on.
With you we could of shared our worries and tears.
You were one of those who was always willing to listen.
You were someone special.

There are many relatives in our lives
But only a very few leave a lasting impression.
It's these relatives we think of often
So much of what we have become is because of you.
You taught us the importance of family
Thank you for being the world's greatest aunt.


Poem Details | by Paula Larson |
Categories: devotion, family, sympathy, thank you


Her knowledge of faith's right
in essence, not contrite
she spoke with rigors heralding
not jarring to incite!

On her my trust could lean,
a family in-between,
I loved her for her fairness sight
without a trace of learned respite!

I missed her, now and then
I'd call her, when I can,
when learning of her now demise
a sadness helped me realize ~

She'll never come again,
Oh, Thelma, praise, amen ~
We love you for our families plight
you settled with your brave insight!

Until we meet again ~
your blessings linger then,
God keep you now, for all times spent,
Our time on Earth ~ we only rent!

Poem Details | by laura campbell |
Categories: death

Aunt Wanda

I miss your laugh.

I wish I could bring you back.

It's not the same without you here.

I miss you so very much.

My words could never be eough.

Poem Details | by Raul Silva |
Categories: age,

In Memory of my Beloved Aunt

In Memory of my Beloved Aunt.

Someone I loved
Recently,  left  me
She is now in Heaven
Where the human evil,
She cannot see.

In God’s Kingdom
Now, she can rest
We pray for her soul
We do our best.

I am very sad, 
I was her niece
I know that my Aunt
Is now, resting in peace.

Raul Máximo da Silva