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Death Poems About Ballad

Ballad death poems and poems about death for Ballad. Read and share these heartfelt Ballad death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Ballad Poems.

Poem Details | by Lindsey Pritchett |
Categories: animals, childhood, death, lost love, love, pets, sad,

My Long Lost Friend

He was my best friend
His name was Snoopy
He was a beagle
My favorite pet.

I got him on Christmas day
He was just a little pup
I loved him so much
Then God took him away.

He was out hunting 
He never came back
He was gone 
Just like that.

I wonder every day
Where is he
Alive or…

I still miss him so
I cry at night
Missing him
Missing him.  

Poem Details | by Jewels DeNyle |
Categories: anxiety, death, depression, freedom,


A blackened soul stays so cold. Is there warmth? 
She needs closure.
A life she once knew was so cold. 
She looked within herself to find saving grace, a safe place. 
She found  something as warm as the Son.  
Her soul is set free. Now she is warm.
She stays put in silence, now confused in the light she has longed for.
A new dimension approaches. She has finally broken  the silence.
She wants to be heard! She wants to be heard! 
Through everlasting eternity where she can be so free.
Her soul is now as a bird. 

Poem Details | by Dimpra Kaleem |
Categories: angel, beautiful, death, dream, eulogy, farewell, poetry,

A soldiers wish

Give me reason to live, give me reason to love. Fill my soul full of hope light the stars up above. Let my eyes see the beauty that women desire, let my heart beat with wings to soar high and higher. If none of these things are yours to give then paint me a picture where we both can live. A place full of harmony peaceful and still. Where deaths touch is lost with no fresh graves to fill. This above all will give me reason to love, this will light the stars up above.

Poem Details | by MICHAEL MALONE |
Categories: confusion, death, faith, father, forgiveness, life, loss, love, body,

life in america

in            her heart i n her body she froze  mevmerize by the  time that she had to 
into her body man that dude

Poem Details | by George Christos |
Categories: anger, death, evil, history, pain, political, scary,

The world is turning upside down 2020

The world is turning upside down
Covid 19 is all around
Numbers are growing without bound
Protests, killing, riots
and lots of bloody fights

The world is turning upside down
Most of the world leaders are just clowns
The best in the world pound for pound
For telling lots of lies
While the world just cries

The world is turning upside down
Who the hell is the fkn crown?
And why is she wearing such a fancy gown?
Statues are tumbling
As the crowd is are a'rumbling

The world is turning upside down 
2020 will go down with a frown
Never in history to be found
Lots of people will die
No matter how much they cry

Poem Details | by Paul Warren |
Categories: death, future, riddle,

The Dark Woman's Warning

When I close my eyes it’s there again
A nightmare that could only offend
The dark woman stands with her hooded eyes
Draped across her face in her disguise

And she points at the word written on the stone
In blood with large letters so it be well known
I gaze across in the torchlight to make it out
As I wonder if the writing was a warning tout

But as the words became to me quite clear
I cringed back at what it said in my fear
For it said something that stabbed me in my head
“Your fight is over for you are now dead.”

© Paul Warren Poetry

Poem Details | by Milan Georges Burovac |
Categories: cancer, cry, dark, death, health, slam,

Om Ega

this emptiness
this nothing
finally - we are

time against time

I am only a human
simpler than one instant

of the fragile flesh
of the roaming mind

a walking dead

Poem Details | by Ninette Carey |
Categories: child, grief, tribute,

Now with God

Tears for your Smile
Tears for your Heart
From this day on We are Apart
Now in Heaven 
Eyes Bright as Stars
Warm as the Sun
Genuinely Kind
Big as Bear
Loved by All
Now with God 
Sleep Well My Dear......xo

Poem Details | by Ninette Carey |
Categories: blessing, daughter, grief, heartbroken, horror, how i feel, mother,


In the Quiet of the Breeze    My Spirit Must Look Back too.....  a Darkness that took place....    Unfathomable to Face....    What I didn't See....  Is such a Disgrace...  How could I not know....   How could I not see....  How could I not feel   How could it be.....   I have no one to Blame but Me!!   I am so Sorry!!    My Darling Daughter xo that ' THIS' has come to be!!   May God in his Mercy bring Peace to Your Soul an Set You Free..xo

Poem Details | by Poet Shi |
Categories: birth, child, cry, death, feelings, god, loss,

I Forgive You Mommy

I forgive you mommy,
thank you for those 
few weeks.

I admit it was strange,
the feeling was new to 

Thank you for letting 
me be a part of you.

You had your reasons 
why I had to go.

It hurt a lot when I was 
aborted, but maybe earth 
was never for me.

I'm in heaven now,
I'm God's little angel.

Don't you cry, 
I'll never hate you.

Thank you for 
bonding with me, 
sorry it couldn't be.

Even though I'm far 
away, I'll wait until 
another day.

When at heavens door 
you should appear, I'll 
be right there to hold 
you dear.

Written by: Poet Shi

Poem Details | by shadab shaikh |
Categories: absence, addiction, anger, change, conflict, confusion, courage, death, depression, desire, eulogy, fear, feelings, fire, first love, children, for her, for him, kids, forgiveness, friendship, grief, heartbroken, how i feel, i love you, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, lost love, love, miss you, missing, missing you, moving on, pain, relationship, sad, sad love, sick, storm, strength, stress, suicide,


How can I tell you?
I can't stay with you.

Neither I can give up on you.
Fear of losing you is losing me.
It feels like slow death every night.

But we are just stuck in our spaces!
Unable to connect from two feet distance.

Poem Details | by welvin templo |
Categories: freedom, grief, poets, rainforest, sad, silence,

Dark-Edged Forest

Tall,shady,green trees,
Sweet,fresh cold breeze,
Here I am,standing in the middle of the forest,
Feeling alone and abandoned by the rest.

I walk,walk and walk,until I feel tired,
I seek,seek and seek but seems I'm a blind,
Nothing,nothing is all I can see,
Except that tall,tall tree.

So I sit under its shady leaves,
There,I opened up my grieves
Maybe,a single tree could understand,
Why I am pouring my tears on land.

Poem Details | by Steve Lavelle |
Categories: absence, betrayal, grief, heartbroken, loss, lost love, sad,

The Turn of The Screw

There was a time I swear it’s true
When all the roads that led to you
Were leafy lanes and sunlit avenues

And every bird in every tree
Announced this joy triumphantly
The world had a perfect symmetry

It ends just like it begins
I feel the ground under me spin
Until I’m on the outside looking in

As the penny drops into a slot
It turns a key that fits a lock
And opens up a door right under me

And suddenly

I’m falling

And as all colours lose their hue
As all lines fall out of true
The only sound I can hear
Is the slow, slow turn of the screw
Is the slow, slow turn of the screw

Poem Details | by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: adventure, conflict, culture, death, power,

Last Of The Mohicans

Once existed an indian
Tribe from Algonquian 
Linguistic stock.
Warlike in nature:power
Of the colonists were 
The hammer of God, 
Fearless,death looms 
Wherever they tread.
Fierce-looking on horse-
Backs-the foreign 
Shackles of slavery,they 
Slaves from other tribes
They made.
An ally of the English,
They triumphed over the
The only shinning star in 
The region,this dreaded 
Tribe its identity it lost:the
Death of their fallen 
Leader-the last of the 
Mohicans,was the demise 
Of a new birth.

Poem Details | by RAYMOSE JOSI |
Categories: bereavement, bible, creation, death of a friend, destiny, farewell, identity, meaningful, memory, metaphor, nature, pain, philosophy, poetry, rainforest, symbolism,


When you look at the hills faraway at sunset,think of me:
I am the black flock of birds that disappears into the horizon;
 I am the beautful golden sunset that touches your heart; 
I am the wind that blows towards the hills; 
And I am the dark house upon the dark hills; 
I am the old grave that lie silently in the dark moist forest,

Poem Details | by Mary Susan Vaughn |
Categories: animal, best friend, death of a friend, dog, love, poems,

Sit By My Side

Sit by my side and lick my toes, 
Or stick your nose in my lap. 
There never could be time for woe 
Not even time to nap. 
Your tail wags fast and furious, 
And you hop about with joy. 
Looking up at me and smiling, 
Like a kid with a new toy. 
I love you like you’re family, 
and look forward to each day. 
A love so unconditional, 
There’s always time to play. 
Our time together may be cut short, 
For life sometimes is not fair. 
But you will always have my heart, 
Devotion, Time, and Care. 
-       Mary Susan Vaughn

Poem Details | by Wyatt Loethen |
Categories: adventure, allegory, animals, dedication, devotion, fear, holiday, hope, natural disasters, passion, philosophy, religion, seasons, sympathy, teen, thank you, war,


Another harsh Winter we must face It Matters not, no one can escape Fate Not Even The Gods With Bravery we shall Stand Strong In Care we shall advance onto Vigrid Fenrir Will Lay dead By Dawn's Perch Trim Your Nails, to Prevent Naglfar It's time to suit up; We Are The Einherjar Protector's of Ragnorak The Army of The Gods The Lovers of Valhalla All of Midgard will sing Of our triumph and their Defeat Sadly all will come, In a twinkling To An Utter End Madi, Magni, Sons of Thor Balder, Hod, Residence of Hel Lif, Lifthasir, of Yggdrasil Do us well Remembrance of our noble deeds Is all well enough Sing the Song We Are The Einherjar

Poem Details | by Michelle Born |
Categories: birth, blessing, conflict, dad, day, death, feelings,

Mixed Emotions

Today is my Birthday
I should be okay

But, 3 years ago you went away
Being my Dad I wanted you to stay,

It is Happy and Sad on this day
Now you are gone what can I say,

I smile and tell myself I'm okay
But, deep inside I am in dismay,

I feel torn on how I may
Should be feeling and in what way,

So I try to be happy and not stray
That yes it is my Birthday and it is the day God took you away.

Written By: Unique Poetry 12-17-15

Poem Details | by Anthony Stern |
Categories: death, death of a friend, grief, love,

Sing Me A Song

Sing me a song of time gone by,
to remember friends long gone.

Sing me a song of love,
to remember the love we share together.

Sing me a song of youth and beauty,
to remember your face.

Sing me a song of joy,
so I can die with a smile on my face.

Sing me a song of life,
so I can die with a melody in my heart. 

Poem Details | by Linda Hays-Gibbs |
Categories: death, depression, eulogy, farewell, feelings, giggle, suicide,

Funny Man

Funny Man!
By Linda Hays-Gibbs
Oh funny man you touch the hardest heart
With messages to crumble and start
A snickering or flickering to spark 
A laugh a full belly rumbler
A genius of illogical and logical matter
Without him the whole world is astronomically sadder
Oh let our grief someday subside 
That we in heaven will find 
A bench upfront to see his latest comedic job ( I pray)
The jester (Robin Williams) at heaven's court for God 

Poem Details | by Steven Riley |
Categories: death, my children, wife,

The absence of touch

The absence of touch attaches itself 
To the narrow whisper of his heart beat. 
Footprints echo in loving embrace 
Of his fathers mummified conscience
There are memories that rise like the sun 
On days when the leaves aren't kept
There are days when the rain won't come
All he wants to do is look outside And see him starring back.

Poem Details | by Donald Waugh Sr. |
Categories: death, lost, lost, yellow,

A Single Yellow Rose

There's a single yellow rose,
that I put on your headstone.
Every day I come to visit,
stare at your picture on my phone.

We were sent to war together,
always went on patrol at night.
I can remember a few times,
when we almost lost that fight.

That night that you lost your life,
it tore my world apart,
You were always like a brother,
that remains deep in my heart.

So I place a single yellow rose,
on top of your headstone.
And I will never forget you,
I keep your picture on my phone.

Poem Details | by Alex Calatayud |
Categories: abuse, anger, anti bullying, depression, grief, self, youth,

The Healer

She wanted to lock herself away
and question her world view,
she wanted to cry out the pain
and scream at the world too.

Like her tears the rain had come
coming from all around,
here she was, suffering,
and no one hears a sound.

She began to line herself with marks,
like her pain that would stay awhile.
All her joy had slipped away
with nothing left to make her smile.

She stashed away her healer
to save for another rainy day,
the clouds began to move again
and slowly faded away.

Poem Details | by Christopher Remele |
Categories: cool, deep, desire, devotion, emotions, grave,

Factor of Life

My only litmus test  is my brain
My heart stopped when I saw the real nature of the factoid
Can I be seeing you for the first time ?
You are the breath I take
My feeling of expression is not only my wealth but my nature
I am a robot to your love 
Your kisses are what my lips crave 
Please be real and not a figment of my imagination 
The existence of air and water refresh my soul
I can only see your vision if you let me 
Please take my hand
The car seems to be falling over the cliff 
Life is so fast 
This is dying 
I love it 

Categories: death, depression, journey, sea, sympathy, water,

The sinking ship

Thus, came to an end,
both the depth of my breath,
and our happy sail,
on the waves of the pacific.

The iceberg pierced the giant,
sucked us,
of our joy and dreams,
families deserted and orphans born.

To those chilling waves,
we froze,
with jaws wide apart,
and our teeth went crystal.

Our tears went unnoticed,
superior were those,
icy beams of the pacific,
that froze our tears half way down.

we floated for hours,
on those old dusty structures of wood,
they could bear not more than one,
relations along with dreams, we had to sacrifice.

thus froze my body in the icy arms,
my pulse stampeded,
and hopes shattered
so speaks my soul from the distant skies. #PSM