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Death Poems About Ballade

Ballade death poems and poems about death for Ballade. Read and share these heartfelt Ballade death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Ballade Poems.

Poem Details | by DON JOHNSON |
Categories: adventure, death, death,


War Were you lost in the war, tween the Poms n the Boer Bush Veldt Carbineers, for sure, one time. Did death interfere, enlisted no fear, dumb time, Were you in the trench, with the dead oh the stench, When lice were chewing just fine, Kaiser Bill’s, machine gunner’s , did you kill, Just another one of the times. Time wasting for sure, when death shuts the door, The baby does grow yet again, Poor bugger me, has to learn it all see, Old enough for death to explain. Hitler came next and the Japanese threat, In the death march, you died of the bayonet, So come back again, like a veteran, This time, try to explain it. Don Johnson

Poem Details | by bekim tocani |
Categories: dedication,

To the grave of a friend

To the grave of a friend


(Behxhet Maqani was killed by Serb snipers on Christmas night of 24 December 1998. 18 hours my friend, had struggled with death under minus 18 degrees Celsius...He was dragged and his hands were full of soil…he was fighting with death, for his children and the Family... no one, no one had helped. Despite the closest houses were only the 500 m away)



Nobody gave a speech

It was cold

They knew me as alive again


You touched separation

Being still alive I couldn’t kiss the wound


Except your Angels

My great friend

I know you alive as my death



 From the book "The Lyrics of pain", 2003

Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: christian, death,


Mary,Miriam by her hebrew name,
Jesus' mum,her well known claim to fame;
A young maiden of reticence and tact,
Her tale ,she sang out ,in  Magnificat;
Fled to Egypt to save her son,
Arranged his bar mtizvah, & circumcision done;
Heard & saw many things from the start,
Keeping them secret in her heart;
Remembered by her son ,in her greatest loss,
By these words, uttered from the cross.


Poem Details | by Poet Shi |
Categories: i love you, love,

Till Death Do We Part

My love is limitless
when it comes to you, 
even if it was possible 
to count all the stars up 

It still wouldn't be 
enough to reach 
the magnitude of 
how I feel about 

You're the sun
when it rains, 
you chase all
the clouds away.

I can't picture 
my life without 
you, when all I 
know is to love 

I've never been
so sure in my life,
you're truly a gift
God sent for me...

To love and to hold,
through sickness,
and in health...

Till death do we part.

I'll always love you 
with all my heart.

Written by: Poet Shi

Poem Details | by cari vodicka |
Categories: angst, death, fantasy, forgiveness, funeral, friend, sad, cousin,


hey fairly girl
why you looking so sad 
i wish ,what you had, i had 
the friends. the art. the life 
why are you so sad 

i looked at you like you were on a pedistal
then i found out that you were troubled 
i tried to help 
when u were well and u were bruised and broked 
but i tried through it all
till u lost youre way
there was nothing left to say

except . im sorry 
from the bottom of my heart 
i wish i had saved you
my fairy cousin , my sister , my friend 
i will allways love you till i see you again
i know youre here 
i know you hear 
my special friend 
shell youre missed to no end 

Poem Details | by Cheyenne Nienhueser |
Categories: absence, bereavement, betrayal, brother, child, death, goodbye, mother, murder, sister,

Emotional Outbreak

A frustration that can cannot be abated,
Knives flashing in the blindingly brilliant Sunshine.
Blood drops spattered across the delicate petals 
of white roses clutched in a child's small fist.
horror lances through her body it reacts before her mind does,
all the years of self control suddenly break away,
a woman sits only in a peaceful garden,
not at peace, but thoughts whirling like a deep
malovolent tornado,
as she thinks about the lonely years,
of that little girl that lurks beneath the
surface wanting ,needing, and waiting for
a god to be able to reunite her with now,
 her mother, sister, and older loving overprotective brother.

Poem Details | by anbes rawal |
Categories: dark, death, desire, satire, sin, time, trust,


Desire is hunger 
Wants are temptations
Thoughts bring revolution
Actions change decisions 

The time is wild
Brothers kill brothers 
Humans become animals 
Blood thirsty of others

Selfishness maximum!
Needs maximum
Collaboration, lost

War between family
Common blood flown
Devils arising
Saints forever gone

Unjust acts arising
Evil times around
Nothing lost or found

Poem Details | by Robin Brown |
Categories: absence, birth, body, caregiving, eulogy, holocaust, home,




Poem Details | by cari vodicka |
Categories: adventure, allegory, angst, art, childhood, death, dedication, faith, fear, food,

im restricted

im restricted with youre choices
it makes me wanna cry
im surrounded by voices 
that say, girl , why
youre amaizing and u know it
i dont have to say 
i think youve forgotten but somehow it got away
he seems to control u 
no matter what u do
its coming up sooooooo often but some how it gets to u
and baby dont defend cause i swear ill leave u in the end

Poem Details | by cari vodicka |
Categories: angst, art, caregiving, confusion, death, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, family, fear, forgiveness, girlfriend-boyfriend, me, me,

yelling loud

you say you love me 
you say  you care but when it comes down to it
youre not therre
youre just in the corner 
yelling real loud 
youre not worth *****without me 
u have any doubt

i fill my mind with silence i calm the storms
i close my ears 
but youre there 
screaming more
making my mind split into 2 
youre not the man i wanted 
i wanted someone that could do
what youll never do
look after youre daughter and me 
thought that made us 3 but its not u and me
youve decieced 
after the woumb youve been in
we r devided

Poem Details | by cari vodicka |
Categories: adventure, allegory, angst, anniversary, art, caregiving, daughter, depression, devotion, family, father, fear, children, forgiveness, friendship, funeral, girlfriend-boyfriend, growing up, time,


im not lost
im found 
im not dirt 
im rising from the ground
you just wish to see me fall
to tell everyone you knew before 
but darling  time to tell you the truth
i want to go back in time and relive my youth and you
just arnt going to cut it 
youre like a cling on
that after a while i just said 
**** it
but now its been a while im not going to change 
its you i run away from 
its you that i just want to hurl 
into a ball to the middle of the ocean 
there babe thats youre devotion 
to youreself 
cause thats all that matters 
im done now 
i learnt the secret 
youre here to dim 
my light, pssst im not gonna keep it

Poem Details | by Alan Brown |
Categories: dark, death, death of a friend, lost love, love, love hurts, pain,

Goodnight, Goodnight

I just hope that you understand. 
Things did not go the way I planned. 
I waited all day and all night. 
Just to see you and make things right. 
But the light in your heart went out. 

With my guitar, I played for you. 
Through song, I proved my love was true. 
I wrote to you every day. 
Hoping that you were still okay. 
But the light in your heart went out. 

I’ll be strong, but I can’t be sure; 
Despite all, my love is still pure. 
I ache when I see you this way, 
Searching the heart for words to say. 
But the light in your heart went out.

Poem Details | by Jennifer Donnay |
Categories: anger, anxiety, beautiful, betrayal, grief, leaving, loneliness,

Look at me

Look at me, what do you see?
Look at me, are you hearing me?
Look at me, view me with your heart,
Look at me, are you doing your part?

Look at me, hold me tight please,
Look at me, am I worth your time?
Look at me, please don't judge,
Look at me, will you give me the gift of your touch?

Look at me, listen with your eyes,
Look at me, please say your goodbyes,
Look at me, do you see my tears?
Look at me, you have brought this on,
Look AWAY from me, for now I must 
Forever disappear....

Poem Details | by Ashwin Baijnath |
Categories: abuse, allusion, anger, beautiful, bereavement, betrayal, caregiving,


Before judging anyone, ensure you Learn to Know that person, then Gather, Assess and then ACT without throwing a negative judgment else jumping to conclusion will hurt you badly! and never ASSUME! Else, it will make the situation an *** of U and ME!

Poem Details | by Jennifer Donnay |
Categories: betrayal, death, depression,



These are the words I speak, feel,
Words I hear inside my head, 
Your not good enough,  don't get up, 
Don't say hi, they will laugh at you, 
They keep my heart from knowing how to heal.

My pain,
My tears, 
My fears,

Are just that, MINE....mine to feel, mine to say,
And nobody is going to take them away...
Look at me, look into my eyes,  feel the salty taste of my tears, 
falling down my cheek like a dam, 
I've only felt like this for over 20 years...

Poem Details | by Herb Alyètte |
Categories: deathlost, grave, lost,

Into the Sea

Although I can't find Death,
He's kept an eye on me.
At every corner another mourner,
Infects my memory.

'Tis with my grasp I cling to Life,
Her careless wander goes.
A game like chance she dares to dance,
About the grave yard's rose.

A breath may be a spirit,
Or so the scriptures claim.
But where's the holy comfort solely,
For all the breathless slain?

My cradle granted time,
Where Death first shook my hand.
Where Life's fickle bosom suckled,
Where the grave began its command.

Where no one thinks to see,
How pointless this must be.
Where the needle of time is a toss of a dime,
And your memory is lost in the sea...
And everyones lost in the sea.

Poem Details | by Jennifer Donnay |
Categories: absence, betrayal, eulogy,

My words are silent

 MY words are Silent, no words I dare speak,
 My words are silent,  for only regards appear onto my cheek,
 My words are Silent,  only I know they make you weak.

My Thoughts, my breath has slowed,  please don't try to guess,
My eyes have closed,  my body is finally gone to rest.

If you truly care, don't stand at my grave,  
For all I have left,  my soul has RISEN to the sky above,
I have been given wings,  to fly ever so softly, 
Onto a beautiful , and share my Silent words, for which others 
 only gave me shame....

Poem Details | by Jennifer Donnay |
Categories: baby, beautiful, bereavement, celebration, faith,

hugs from above

Hugs from above, 
  Do you feel them Mom?
Hugs from above, 
  I see your tears, Mom,
Hugs from above, 
   Please smile, please don't be sad,
Hugs from above,
  I can see you walking, enjoying nature,
Hugs from above,
   Please close your eyes, I am sending you hugs,  and a kiss,
Hugs from above, 
    I am always with you, in the wind, rain, sunshine,
Hugs from above, With love from your son Zach,
   Hugs from above, don't weep for me, remember me with smiles,
And laughter, for that's how I want to see you from above you, 
Hugs from above, I love you MoM, you one of a kind....

Poem Details | by Sonnet Mondal World Poet |
Categories: death, depression, education, life, loss, sympathy, visionary,

29th October ' 05

The puja festival was just over;
Happiness was still alive;
Days were going fair-
And bees murmur still charmed the hives.

Four days to go to Diwali-
Time was outruning curiosity;
The lights were about to lightened -
But there was a chill of terror with which everyone was frightened.

Delhi blew up in a bigger light!
That fell like a black curtain upon every sight-
The sky was blackened on 29th Oct of date,
Which caused many to meet their early fate.

Oh! God how this came upon?
That blackened the dews still in the lawn;
Great men say you forgive all !!
Then what was the curse that covered hundreds with death shawl? 

Poem Details | by Sophie Wilson |
Categories: 3rd grade, character, grave, humanity, ireland, myth, presidents day,


A lonesome figure stood upon the crashing waves
Extended arms to the darkest skies
Screaming out her fury at the heavens above
For the bitter storms she had survived

Tears streamed from weary eyes so tired of battle
Small shoulders shook in agony
Cursing the very things that made her stronger
As this, she could not see

Why me? She moaned and wailed in a mournful tone
Hot fear still gripping her heart
While forgetting that she was alive and well to cry
The most incredibly, important part

Those bitter storms will come and they will pass
They will never stay too long
Remember when you are screaming out in fury
It is The Storms that make you strong.

Poem Details | by joy bohland |
Categories: death, mother,

4 years

Four years and I have so much to tell you
Four years and you're in all my dreams 
Sometimes I paint my room all blue 
In memory of you but change it back to green

You left us a little too fast 
Flying downhill like that 

I can't remember a single word you said 
Won't you come back and say it all over again?
So that I can not listen
Like the ungrateful girl I am
O I never got the chance
Your words were too precious
For me to lose track of
never got to take you for granted 
Like all the other daughters can

Poem Details | by IAN SCHMIDTKA |
Categories: forgiveness, friendship, sympathy, time,


a word the pain soothing
wining the morning air I feel cool in dark
a lore, an ancurseing heart ,today
a rummskiled to the fact that noone likes me
all are perdundently foolish
while mook of the death upon it's end
or shall i live agian

Poem Details | by Lacey Petty |
Categories: angst, death, imagination, introspection, loss, nature, me, me, sun,

Bad Luck Birds

 A blood-red owl and a pale white raven
Sit on my shoulder all through the night
The sun rises and they won’t let me be
The day, what now, I thought they’d leave with the light

Plague my mind 

Ever and for still the night

Yet I dye easy as hearts always fall

Falling farther and I can’t make this right.

Little deaths are breaking me down
It’s killing me inside so I can’t hear the sound
Of her eyes calling me away 
There’s nothing left to say, I can’t keep you around,

Toes curl at the owl’s screech in the night

The sun setting and I turn away

I can’t stand the sight

I just lost another day.

Poem Details | by Kelsey Wright |
Categories: angst, confusion, death, depression, life, loss, sad, seasons,


Whats up with all the pain??
It never seems to change!
Babies on the street,
Friends that were once sweet.
People here and there,
Torn up everywhere.
Families torn to shreds,
But the cycle never ends.
And when the pain subsides,
Your on another ride.

Poem Details | by Theophilus Ekpa |
Categories: cry, depression, emotions, feelings, grief, heartbroken, hurt, pain,


Is all I see.

Is all I feel.

Bitter sadness,
Lonely sadness,
Is all there is for me.