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Death Poems About Basketball

Basketball death poems and poems about death for Basketball. Read and share these heartfelt Basketball death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Basketball Poems.

Poem Details | by Tiffany Denger |
Categories: basketball, blessing, children, education, grief, happiness, loss,

Losing a game

When you lose a big, important game,
you feel like the world has turned on you,
like it is your fault,
you feel down,
and wonder why this had to happen,
were you ready?

Instead of thinking about what you did wrong,
and focusing on that it was your fault,
think about what YOU could do better,
how things could have turned around
And maybe, just maybe those things will come true.

Poem Details | by brittney lopez |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, age, allegory, america, angel, angst, animal, anniversary, april, art, august, autumn, baby, baptism, baseball, basketball, beach, beautiful, beauty, bereavement, best friend, betrayal, bible, bird, birth, birthday, black african american, body, books, boyfriend, car, celebration, childhood, children, city, class, computer, conflict, dad, emotions,

This is me

My knees were the things that 
kept me up and my skin is my 
cutting board my eyes are the 
rain clouds to the fire running 
down my arms and my heart is 
the fire place that keeps me 
burning so calm

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: abuse, allah, anger, angst, anniversary, august, basketball, beautiful, bereavement, betrayal,


A devil
Evil spirit
Regarded as cruel
The jealousy

Poem Details | by brittney lopez |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, allah, allegory, angel, anger, angst, april, art, august, baseball, basketball, best friend, birthday, books, cousin, culture, dad, death, depression, desire, dream, drink, education, emo, eulogy, faith,


They say the sun shines on the skin of a goddess her hair dark filled with flowers and her skin of silk,
When you see her don't let her go she will treat u like a god and run her silk hands against the ruffness of your skin she will show u the right way to enlightenment her eyes golden brown so deep you can get lost she can see right through you and know the depth of your soul she will speak words so smooth softer then the wind 
Skin so smooth the sun follows her every move.

Poem Details | by David McSorley |
Categories: baby, basketball, death, heartbreak, memorial day, mother, my child,

A Slient Tear

A silent tear runs down her face
As she lays within this darkened place
Her mind alone cannot forget
Her memories so clear and yet
So long ago her baby's cry
When from her womb the child did fly
Into her heart forever hers
If only for a moment, "Oh why not year's"
And now the moment she has prayed to be
Her last silent tear and her broken heart free

Poem Details | by Matthew Anish |
Categories: basketball, death, poetry,

Basketball Poem

Invented in the 1890's 
A sport I played as a youth 
    Now I've got 
Brooklyn Nets on T.V. 
   Can one be a poet and a sports fan?
The answer of course is yes!
   There have been many terrific poems 
written about athletes
City dreams are hoop dreams 
   Maybe at 63 
I can still dribble and make a basket
   Die on the basketball court!
   Not a bad way to go!

Poem Details | by Dean Marais |
Categories: basketball, death, faith, for her, god, truth, world,

Pleasure Before Truth

If they had to choose,
People would die for pleasure
Before they would die for truth.
But I,
I would die for you.

Poem Details | by Leo Mbalamana |
Categories: basketball, beach, beautiful, bereavement, black love, blessing, blue,

The Journey

The journey to success has no shortcut
Although things may seem difficult 
There’s always a path 
Within the depths of the aftermath 
Life gives everyone a chance 
Its up to you to take it and advance 
Everyone is born with some sort of intelligence 
Sometimes you just need confidence 
And a little persistence 
To bring your goals into existence 
And when you discover your talent 
Learn to stop being absent 
And live your life fully in the present

Poem Details | by echoing greens |
Categories: autumn, baby, baseball, basketball, beauty, bereavement,

childhood days

waking up in the morning with a cheerful glee
happiness is all we see
delicious smell of mom's cook
given to you while reading a book 
living a life so beautiful
getting good marks was dutiful
running ,skipping,leaping
memories without weeping
dancing in rain
ecstatic times to gain
moments so close
still giving images of a buoyed rose

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: basketball, class, cousin, divorce, endurance, eve, friendship, grief, longing, love hurts, storm, sweet, wisdom,


I'm offended,


subtle yet encouraged-

there's a place to be,

to go see-
I can and will breathe.

I am here for the crave,
and instantly a brave!

Let's let them speak because we have been drained,

the energy is proof that we stayed.

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: basketball, death, father daughter,


       Nippy break of day
       Total unexpected loss
       Father daughter gone

       January 26, 2020
           1:30pm PST

       English Haiku 5/7/5

Poem Details | by Pen Piper |
Categories: allegory, analogy, anxiety, basketball, bereavement, birth,


Your feet are cold,
And you lay stilled 
Like a stone in the snow, 
Carved at winter’s bloom.

I see you 
Stilled like that wood we use to sit, 
Between the gates of heaven and hell,
When voices are heard and the scent
 Of the harmattan fresh in the air.

I see you
Speechless in that look,
Not gaunt but gone.
In patches of pancakes on your face
Was the kindness of 
The mortician Paraphrased.

I see you now, 
When your worries are no more,
Your cares married to the earth.
Insipid, yet not aggrieved,
Only a darkening cadaver
Baggage of an ageing undertaker…
I see you

Poem Details | by Kishan sharma |
Categories: baby, baptism, baseball, basketball, beautiful, beauty, bereavement,

Word of the destination,

The path is to be created,
luck only give chance.
To make something,
we have to show hard work.
Life does not change with ease,
It is important to have a sense of
heart in order to achieve something.
Otherwise, this life will remain,
This thing is to be done before
you do something in the heart.

Poem Details | by Mark Koplin |
Categories: basketball, death, hero,

Today Tomorrow Gone

How will you spend tomorrow?
How did you spend today?
Why do hero's come and go?
How are legends made?

Ask yourself these questions
Ponder the answers through
Take a good hard look at your life
Now imagine what you can do

Each day is such a gift
For granted please don't take
Always face each day anew
Light each candle and taste the cake

Surround yourself with love and joy
More memories be sure to make
Today could be tomorrow gone
Another heart could break


Poem Details | by Mario Vitale |
Categories: absence, addiction, adventure, america, animal, basketball, bereavement,

The Shell

The Shell

As I walked along the beach
 Thinking how much it hurts to let go of you
 I spotted a seashell lying on the sand
 The only one for miles around

 I stopped and picked it up thinking
 How much it reminds me of me-
 An empty shell void of life
 I put it to my ear and listened-

 All the memories and sounds of you
 Came crashing through
 I heard the roar of the ocean
 Like the roar of my heart

 Calling to someone but no one was there
 Just me and the ocean
 I put the shell back down and
 Continued on down the beach

 Looking back in time to watch the waves
 Wash over the shell, taking it out to sea
 Along with all my memories of you & me.

Poem Details | by KEWAL PRASANT |
Categories: basketball, bereavement, farewell,

Kobe forever

Mamba, you were, are, and will be a legend,

You have introduced many to the game,
we learn your extent of perseverance and, determination,
without disruption, 
not easy to replicate,
yet, we try to emulate.

Remember, the story doesn't end here,
your motivation and legacy will not go in vain,
to make life  good, 
we must look,
into your experiences and broaden our outlook.

Mamba, you were, are, and will be a legend!!


Poem Details | by stina lu |
Categories: baby, basketball, beauty, bereavement, best friend, bible, birth,

Life Themes

Two bulbs in the living room are broken
The light is lying down on the sofa
Fatigue and weak
The tag in the toilet leaks
day and night it drops
There is no sound from the TV speaker
Just let it be silent

If someone ask you out for a date 
You dare not to say yes
Eat, Drink, and walk alone
Waiting for someone on WeChat to respond
Desperate love in throat it congested
and cannot be taken out

A woman without a lover
Clasp a few poetic lines to sleep
to warm heart
by the moonlight outside the window 

Poem Details | by Mark Koplin |
Categories: basketball, death, goodbye, memorial,

Goodbye:Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Another day of mystery
Has now come to its end
How will we field the loss
Of our hero and our friend

Life is very fragile
It comes with its ups and downs
Enjoy each moment you are given
Even when it makes you frown

So many he has mentored
So much that he did gain
So many that he did help
With his fortune and his fame

Now we say good bye
We now shall bid adieu
The world will miss you Kobe Bryant
And your beautiful daughter to

Poem Details | by Ibohal Kshetrimayum |
Categories: anger, april, atheist, baby, basketball, bereavement, bird,


My scars look like stripes
I am almost a tiger
Her fingers caress my furs
Like brushes on unfinished paintings
And she laughs like a whip

Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: april, baby, basketball, bereavement,


The exile
    No matter how far
    To the other side of the moon
     if you like
    Sadness follows an exile.
    Never at ease
    Thinking of what is forsaken
    Finding it impossible
    To find the way back home.