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Death Poems About Bible

Bible death poems and poems about death for Bible. Read and share these heartfelt Bible death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Bible Poems.

Poem Details | by Yoni Abai |
Categories: appreciation, bible, blessing, faith, feelings, god, grief,

Wish I was in a better place

Wish i was in a better place. To survive myself from this case. I know it is just a phase, till I get God's grace. I think I'm sounding ungrateful. It's just that sometimes it gets painful. I should thank God and stay faithful, 'cause graceful days are coming peaceful.

Poem Details | by Julie Pippy |
Categories: bereavement, bible, blessing, christian, devotion, faith,

Will you walk beside me

You can walk a thousand miles barefoot and seal your soul for all eternity, you can walk a thousand miles barefoot even when the blistering sands of time comes upon you, even with the blistering winds of time tries to stop you. Your strength is your Shining Star. You can walk a mile barefoot and struggle to not cry, with sweat, and tears dripping down your cheeks, and your face, while you're trying not to step on the broken glass in the sand or even the sharp rocks that cut your feet, and still you walk barefoot as the lord endured it all with faith, you can walk for all eternity.

Poem Details | by Lillian Twolsky |
Categories: angst, anxiety, bible, encouraging, endurance, grief, life,

Matthew 6:34

Mathew 6:34
It opened my locked doors,
My angry heart filled with worry,
Was gone by morn in a series of flurries,
My aching heart was put to rest,
That's why it's my fav and I consider it the best.
Do not worry about tomorrow,
I let go of all my sorrow,
For tomorrow will worry about its self,
And placed it on the shelf.
For God to keep,
So that I, his kingdom seek.

Poem Details | by brittney lopez |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, age, allegory, america, angel, angst, animal, anniversary, april, art, august, autumn, baby, baptism, baseball, basketball, beach, beautiful, beauty, bereavement, best friend, betrayal, bible, bird, birth, birthday, black african american, body, books, boyfriend, car, celebration, childhood, children, city, class, computer, conflict, dad, emotions,

This is me

My knees were the things that 
kept me up and my skin is my 
cutting board my eyes are the 
rain clouds to the fire running 
down my arms and my heart is 
the fire place that keeps me 
burning so calm

Poem Details | by LEON WILSON |
Categories: bible, christian, death, evil, faith, sin, slavery,


Destructive evil
Preditor living within
Controlling bondage.

Poem Details | by Kevin Moran |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, bible, change, christian, courage, cry, dark, emotions, faith, forgiveness, freedom, friend, friendship, god, grief, happiness, happy, heaven, hope, how i feel, i love you, inspiration, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, joy, miracle, pain, peace, prayer, relationship, religion, religious, spiritual, teacher, teen, teenage, thank you, thanks, uplifting, visionary, youth,

The Light

They praise me like a saint,
But I am a sinner;
They don't know the man they see.
I am an addict.
Broken eyes to ***********,
Only Jesus can set me free.
Only by His death on the cross
And the grace of His Father's love
Am I able to be set free.
With God as The Light,
The One and Only Light,
The Only Hope in sight,
Will I be set free.
I am free.

Poem Details | by Suyash Saxena |
Categories: absence, adventure, best friend, bible, boyfriend, brother, child, childhood, community, conflict, dedication, depression, dream, eulogy, faith, farewell, fear, feelings, first love, grandchild, granddaughter, grandfather, grief, heartbroken, image, inspiration, inspirational, leaving, life, light, loneliness, lost, missing, missing you, mother, sad, sad love,

Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephen’s college

Poem Details | by Rev. Dr. Samuel Mack OMS DD |
Categories: adventure, age, angel, beautiful, bible, earth, emotions, faith, family, farewell, fruit, funeral, travel, trust, truth, uplifting, visionary, voice, voyage, wisdom, world, writing,

My Time Has Come

My Time Has Come

My time is over here in this body
I am being called home as my work is done here
I hear my Lords voice calling me home
Although I know I will miss this old world 
With all that I have seen and done
All the People I have met and talked to
My body can go on no more for it has reached it’s time

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Copyright 2013

Poem Details | by D.A Hopkins |
Categories: abuse, age, anger, betrayal, bible, blessing, child, child abuse, childhood, dark, emotions, evil, faith, fear, feelings, for her, freedom, future, girl, growing up, hope, how i feel, innocence, inspiration, me, meaningful, memory, pain, power, religious, sad, scary, society, sorrow, strength, sympathy,

A child's plea

Dirty rotten scum to take the life of an innocent one torn away from my childhood but not yet thrown into adulthood you've given me a life of pain certain to only knowing, that never again, will the days be the same but I have found my new freedom here, within these mighty walls known as Gods kingdom

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: betrayal, bible, change, conflict, confusion, death, education,


      He who see's everything
          And does' nothing...
     Set's Him-self to the path
                 - Of -
Indignant, arrogant superiority
       Where as it is to He
     Who seek to embrace
Condemnation and indignation
        It is a Worldly thing'

Gary Fields

Featured:  "The Cross"    book #106627
                   Xlibris Publications
                    Rev. (NOV2013)

Poem Details | by RAYMOSE JOSI |
Categories: bereavement, bible, creation, death of a friend, destiny, farewell, identity, meaningful, memory, metaphor, nature, pain, philosophy, poetry, rainforest, symbolism,


When you look at the hills faraway at sunset,think of me:
I am the black flock of birds that disappears into the horizon;
 I am the beautful golden sunset that touches your heart; 
I am the wind that blows towards the hills; 
And I am the dark house upon the dark hills; 
I am the old grave that lie silently in the dark moist forest,

Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: angst, bible, death, fear, hope, peace, religion,

Peace of Mind

Is peace of mind knowing when?
Better yet, when and how?
Best of all, when, how and why?
And what can be done about it now?

You say The Word is your inspiration?
Are loopholes what you really hope to find?
Just love, do right, give each task your all.
You will experience peace of mind.

That peace of mind will ready you
For a simpler life of profound elation,
Fearless of reprisal and the Reaper’s day.
Yes, peace of mind is your salvation.

Poem Details | by Eternal Victor |
Categories: adventure, angel, anger, bible, business, change, creation, culture, death, dedication, dream, education, fear, freedom, future, god, grave, life, magic, memorial day, miracle, mystery, nature, patriotic, peace, people, places, poems, pride, relationship, soldier, spiritual, success, suicide, symbolism, truth, war,

4 - Messenger from the Dead

Alas there is no more confusion,
finally found my last conclusion.
Expect me as if Jesus will return,
from a ghost to a realm of concern.

Your dreams are portals like doors,
welcoming spirits into hasten wars.
Leaving the thoughts without trust,
keeping your fears in much disgust.

And though you sought no consequence,
deeds that confirm a wicked malevolence.
Awaiting in your nightmare of screams,
enjoy what is left amongst your dreams.

Poem Details | by ness tillson |
Categories: bible, christian, christmas, courage, creation, death, god, metaphor, mystery, mythology, philosophy, poems, psychological, spiritual, wisdom,

The Promise

When meanings have been broken,
When your cross has been uncrossed,
When the reasons that you gave me,
In the labyrinth have been lost.
When your house has been emptied,
When your bedroom is swept clean,
I will come and wake you,
From your long and endless dream.

more at

Poem Details | by edward johnson |
Categories: abuse, bible, black african american, care, christian, death, sin,


What is Pain
Pain is

Poem Details | by Bj Fard |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, age, allah, america, analogy, angel, anger, angst, animal, anniversary, art, baptism, beach, beautiful, beauty, betrayal, bible, birth, blue, boat, body, bullying, cancer, care, celebration, celebrity, change, character, christian, conflict, confusion, corruption, crazy, dad, day, death, depression, desire, devotion, dream, earth, emotions, eulogy, evil, farewell, fear, funeral, god, grave,

Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: addiction, bible, christian, confusion, corruption, death, evil,


Such food made the people go crazy.
Their hearts Fill'd with lust all got hazy
In bad stuff they were in
Many died cuz of sin
And were lost for'ver and that's crazy!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000

September 8,2014

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: abuse, anger, bereavement, betrayal, bible, conflict, horror,

Speaking Of The Devil

So let us not think
About the Devil in
Legion and in passing
           --- Fore ---
He appears' to be a friend
In allegiance and passion
The rhetoric may never end
The wages' of death is sin'
Thank the Lord the all mighty
That the Devil never win
So take my advice before 
It is too late, fore
The more we suffer
And the more we participate
The more the trials'
And Tribulations' re-mediate
       --- Fore ---
They are scrupled
And they are masked
They surely doth' begin
To emulate the past
This is of his own doing

Gary Fields

Poem Details | by edward johnson |
Categories: bible, death, i am, jesus, life, love, voyage,


Life is worth 
Living if you are

Poem Details | by Ninette Carey |
Categories: bible, character, eulogy, introspection,

Maybe You Will Be Saved

So quiet is your voice

Hopefully no one will see you

Maybe they will pass by your door an pay you no mind

Life will be the same
The status quo

 Maybe You Will Be Saved


What about the others

Your family

Your friends 

Those others

That weren't as fortunate 

Just turn your back



Somehow rationalize their demise

Do you believe  

 Maybe You Will Be Saved

                  Define Saved.........

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: bible, conflict, death, dedication, devotion, hope, inspirational,

Fuzzy Acts Of Tribulation

      The Lord draws'
A long line of divinity
     By proclamation
    And by design
      The Lord is
  Entrenched in divinity
     And for the ministry
There is time, thus multitude
          Of trinity
Becomes His long suffering
   His cantor for restoration
       Is hereby restored
           Of time of being

Gary Fields

Poem Details | by Madison Marie |
Categories: baptism, beautiful, bible, conflict, dark, death, heaven,

Redemption of Death

The list of names
Waiting list
The sinners insist

Blood lines and silent cries
The death that saved lives

Self inflicted scrapes
Self directed hate
Beauty of no debate
Hell is your miserable fate.

Poem Details | by Gavin Childress |
Categories: bible, christian, death, jesus, mystery,

Forbidden Fruit

I warn thee, chylde, of hemlock's wayes,
Such Berys ende thy tender Dayes.
If thou would'st eat Forbidden fruit,
Trie the Pulp and drawe the Root-
Its Wormwood and its Poyson'd sap
Woulde take thee to thy Maker's lap.
Thus Forbidden fruit woulde draw
Thee to Eden's Joye once more.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, beautiful, bible, funeral, heart, heaven, light,

Saints and Angels

As you are a Saint
They two are angels
In my little heaven
Where gardens are grand
Flowers always in bloom
Sentiments flowing under the moon
I dream of a kiss
sharing these words with flowing curves
Of delight
Bringing heaven down to earth
How absurd?

Poem Details | by Jerrell Jones |
Categories: death,

My Mother's Bible

The year before her death
My mother underlined
Those verses in the book
She thought explained  her pain.

She dated final months
In promises that told
Of One who knows and cares.
Of One who sees past woe.

Her last typewritten words,
A single line of thought,
Spoke final loneliness
The book could not assuage.

Her agony blamed me,
Which was not her intent,
Of fearful distances
Made palpable by death.