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Death Poems About Blank Verse

Blank Verse death poems and poems about death for Blank Verse. Read and share these heartfelt Blank Verse death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Blank Verse Poems.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: autumn, death, summer,

And Sweet Is Her Demise

In primrose twilight, summer is still near. She whispers in my ear; I hear her in the one lone owl that hoots to only me. I wake to find her shining through the clouds - though breathing not so warmly on my cheek. I glimpse her waning smile as in a field I dance to soundless music in her sun. My mind goes wandering, and in the breeze I hear her sigh, for she is lingering within the scent of asters that I pluck. I’m hanging on to that one glint I see of her before me in gold glitter dusk. But in the cries of geese across the sky, she calls goodbye, and sweet is her demise. Dec. 2, 2016 for the Blank Verse Poetry Contest of Janice Canerdy

Poem Details | by Nykki Houtkooper |
Categories: inspirational, introspection, peace, sympathy,


Opened like a morning leaf
exposed beneath the moon,
Resting in the tentacles
of a clouded ink coccoon.
Wringing hands now rest at peace-
the solitude of night,
a lantern in the wilderness
the miracle of flight.
Dancing on the tabletops
or falling from a swing,
is noticing the networking
of every living thing.
Observation is the art
that shows a single frame,
experience will turn to stone
the given and the gained.

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: grief, life, mystery,

The Mighty Hand

When the blackest nightmares were realized
and bitter truth pierced cracked, brittle armor
When candles of last hope flickered and faded
and darkness closed on the edge of vision
When despair careened towards insanity
and aching fists and fingers began to slip
When the abyss called, a mighty hand reached
and lifted me silent to higher ground

Poem Details | by Mitch White |
Categories: death, introspection,

Buried Alive

Alone and detached
void of all feeling
I ponder the past
that caught me at last
crumbling bones 
darkened cold stones
crushed by gravity
falling apart
divided ten fold
memoirs of horrors
delinquently paid
dying this death
lying to fate
haunting seeps over
my ghostly gasps
this coffin of roots
choking my cries
clawing at rocks
ghostly visions
creeping close
screaming inside
I curse the dirt
my mouth
fills with

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angel, angst, bereavement, emotions, faith, feelings,

An Angel

Sitting on a park bench
feeling devastated 
I’m drowning in my tears.
My mother has just died
and overwhelmed by grief 
I’m near total collapse.

Because I was crying
I didn’t notice her.
Yet she sat beside me
and gently kissed my cheek
saying “go on and cry
“God will not think you’re weak.”

She hugged me tenderly
and my tears slowly ceased.
For this sweet child of six
in all her innocence
took time off from her friends
to bless me with a kiss.

A blessing in itself
her smile brought me comfort.
I don't know who she was
or why she sought me out
but she showed me angels
really do exist.

Poem Details | by david glines |
Categories: death, imagination, life,

prolong the inevitable pt. III

"give this,
one blood stained
word scrawled
on a stretch of
swine flesh.
call it "soul"
& sacrifice the known
to see it become
whole for one
fainting second
& shown
the surface undone,
completed in its
ever revolving
cycle towards
the center."
& he'll stand
& stretch & close
his briefcase
& he'll turn around
to go & you'll swear
that you saw the
light for just
one second.

Poem Details | by Wayne Riley |
Categories: death, faith, god, heaven, inspirational,


I gazed upon your face, oh Lord
And the fires of hell extinguished their sting and wept for mercy.

I heard your voice call me, oh Lord
And the army of heaven carried me away.

I felt your love touch me, oh Lord
And i knew i was home.

I am this Earth and Heaven above.
I have not forsaken you as you have not forsaken me.

Poem Details | by Jayne Eggins |
Categories: death, loss

Moments to Remember

I refuse to spend
our last minute in grief
(to remove this other visage 
threatening a takeover)
I transpose over it

your face
with that gentle smile
holding in contemplation,
a curious child, me
your face 
once ridged in sadness
with an agony 
we carried together,
and now

as my face burns 
with a heart arched 
in sorrow, 
in the knowing yours 
now rests on heaven,

I, am ever thankful 
but still need 
a moment to remember

Poem Details | by Stacey Behal |
Categories: dark, death, mystery, pain,

The Bones In The Hole

As a star to a child,
Far from earth,
Born in the wild,
Nurtured from birth,

By an addict within,
Leaves behind a mistake,
Forgiveness for her sin,
Sympathy she'll fake.

Disbelief arose the town,
Betrayed by their own kind,
Picture torn down,
No more body to find,

The departure was planned,
By an indecisive soul,
A printed story to stand,
The bones in the hole.

Poem Details | by P.M. Richter |
Categories: death, fate,


I am the water
nursed toward the loving light
born to rise and fall

not the large wave crest
willing its way to the top
grasping at the sky

nor the sad whisper 
landing deep within the fog
grieving please not now

born to rise and fall
calmly reflect in the sun
I am the water

"The moment the wave understands that she is water, she loses all fear and enjoys much more being a wave, without a beginning and end".

Poem Details | by Roxanna johnson |
Categories: death


From defeated lips
you bleed raw emotions
they tumble from lips of palled pink
Words that flow but eventually sink. 

Eyes of solace and somber some cold
You wish for mercy upon your soul
Slowly and gradually you bury your knees into the dirt
Holding your empty heart out in your hand
blood covering your shirt...

Bury your soul deep
heap on the dirt
Scream in joy and dance in crazy array
Plunge your hands upward out of the cold dirt
            Palms to the sky!
           Oh, hold me at bay.
In a failed attempt to delay.

Poem Details | by Huberta van Akkeren |
Categories: grief, leaving,

Grief and Loss

Loss, the parting
 Leaving grief’s dark depth
Acceptance is knowing 
Nothing will change
Love then drizzles light on
Memories that allow us to move forward

Poem Details | by john anusie |
Categories: friendship, inspirational, sympathy

To the flowers in my garden( For RIZZY of SAMI)

Oh beautiful flowers 
in my garden patch
downcast by 
a debilating cross of snow,
the laments from your 
petals fallen
rings in the ear of
one who still see
an appealing song
in you in an appaling season
and enjoins you:
We  plough the grapes that be.
Summer is NEVER far away.

Poem Details | by Fritz Crytzer |
Categories: death, happiness, philosophy, universe,

Sonnet: Elegy in Blank Verse


I wish I could find death before I grow
so I could miss life's pain and agony. 
A child can only feel and hear and see 
the universe with love and happiness.

A child does not fathom those cancered ills
that fog a twisted mass of foundered souls
nor understand the horrid self one needs
to govern and succeed in society.

Nor does it care; it only wants and needs
an unencumbered path to happiness,   
a guiltless trail to heavenly frolic;
a road that's lost when grown ones rule the world.

I wish I could find death before I grow
so I could miss life's pain and agony. 

Poem Details | by Christine Lucas |
Categories: death, lost love, sad,

Grief Is A Poison

Grief is a poison
Invading my soul
Trying to consume me
Like a buzzard
Pecking away at my flesh
Like a fire
Burning out of control

Grief is a poison
Encompassing my life
Gripping my heart
Slowly tearing it apart

Grief is a poison
That I must endure
It is the price I must pay
For having loved you
Death has taken you
I submit to this poison

Poem Details | by Matthew Anish |
Categories: allegory, imagination, inspirational, life, nature, sun, sympathy,

Sympathy for the Sun

     Just call it sympathy 
for the sun
      As the moon rises
the sun is displaced
      by a cold orb
The day is over and 
our star has done it's job
Call it sympathy 
for the sun
We're moving under 
a full moon
  Bravely it sends down 
it's bright beams to this 
But for life to prosper 
   we need more light
Night will pass
    We wait for 
the return 
         of the golden orb
   call it sympathy for the sun
     Find that the battle's won
Just call it sympathy for the sun 

Poem Details | by misty flowers |
Categories: death, depression, sad,


The light shines down
Chilling my soul with its flame
The pain of loss
Rips my spirit apart
I lose myself in the depths of sorrow
Which overwhelms me with the loneliness
Journeying into the pit of never-ending sleep
I find myself swimming about
In the shallow abyss
Looking for a glimmer of life
That I have yet to live
I find there is none

Poem Details | by sonya Stewart |
Categories: death, heartbroken,

My Death

Death is a shining glory,
It takes away the pain of life.
Celebrating the afterlife is the glory. 

The angels will greet me with dancing feet and melodious chant, they are welcoming me to the feet of the king.

It's a festival of glowing light rejoicing over my arrival. 

Death is a symbol of happiness not sadness for the dead. 

I will dance on the rising sun and fade on the dawn of the morning.  

Death will be my crowning moment the sadness of life is over. 

Poem Details | by MS. CATHERINE |
Categories: care, cry, death, encouraging, funeral, goodbye, hurt,

Sympathy After all is over

A sad day of remembrance
awaken in the hours of the nights
praying and searching for answers
nobody is reachable
during the time of the sympathy
the people gather to pay their respects
later on in the journey of life
you find yourself neglected
where are they? You are alone
everyone's has gone
you find yourself continue in praying
God give me grace
after all, is over
loved one is gone
cover me oh Lord, in your arms
life is hard to move on
time passes by, the tears and cries
God can see you through
for all that you do
trust in God with all of your heart
you are never alone
although everyone has moved on
God sits high on the throne.

Poem Details | by Xander Nathon Joale Chapclik |
Categories: allegory, angst, break up, death, suicide,

Tied for shortest story ever

Broken promises
Makes noose
feels regret

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: death, fish, funny, grave, life,

the goldfish

the goldfish 
looks out 
at the distorted world 
through a glass bowl
and tries to make sense of it 

he watches the room about him 
and those that feed him
with self satisfaction  
unknowingly waiting for death
and a burial at sea

Poem Details | by Nola Perez |
Categories: angst, sympathy, granddaughter,

At the Beach with Elizabeth

I wish my granddaughter paper dolls:
"Princess Elizabeth and Margaret Rose,"
circa 1940s.  I wish her pick-up sticks
of rainbow colors, or a rubber ball,
Say, and its metallic jacks.  I

wish her a Monopoly board, lots
of property---rows of dominoes
as black as the hearts 
of those bad boys who ran away.  "I wish, 
I wish, with all my heart," says E.

with wave of good witch 
Glinda's starry wand, while I ask 
Bring Elizabeth back 
that heartless pack who 
would not let her play.

Poem Details | by Leo Collins |
Categories: abuse, anger, bereavement, betrayal, break up, hurt, moving on,

The Heartbreaker vs The Heartbroken

How dare you just show up out of the blue
How dare you use my past against me
How dare you break me down again after all those years I've been rebuilding
How dare you force yourself back into my life

How dare you use my feelings against me
How dare you touch me in that manner knowing i can't stop you
How dare you resurrect dead feelings
How dare you kill me in this way

How dare you smile at me that beautiful smile after what you did to me
How dare you cause me to break so many hearts and take it so easily
How dare you take advantage of me in this way
How dare you say you love me now that i had come so far

How dare I let you do me in this way.

-Leo Collins

Poem Details | by Joel Thornton |
Categories: eulogy, senses,



It will come to pass
We will live to see
The revolution
Of human
By gunpoint
Or by mobocracy
Genetic modification

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: bird, death, feelings, giving, poems, satire,

kill two birds with one stone

kill two birds with one stone 
why kill two birds with one stone
when one can kill them 
more efficiently with a drone
or more appropriately 
LOVE them through A poem