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Death Poems About Burlesque

Burlesque death poems and poems about death for Burlesque. Read and share these heartfelt Burlesque death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Burlesque Poems.

Poem Details | by Poet Shi |
Categories: beautiful, death, heaven,

Until We Reunite

I'm counting the stars 
until we reunite, nothing
like having you in my life.

I thought I saw a glimpse 
of you here in heaven, but 
it was just my mind playing
tricks on me.

I spoke to God 
I asked him will
you be joining me 
real soon...

Cause I can't live
without you.

He replied with a smile
as he open his arms, and 
to my surprise there you 
were as beautiful as I first 
you on Earth.

We embraced as we cried
of our love so divine.

Now we get to spend an eternity 
together, where this time death 
can't separate us...

In love forever, and ever,
and ever.

Written by: Poet Shi

Poem Details | by Albert Shakespeare |
Categories: allegory, bereavement, bird, birthday, prayer, preschool,


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Poem Details | by Malcolm Dyer |
Categories: art, death, fantasy, imagination, parody

Winter's Coat

Once it began to snow
my desperation started to show
for the coals started to glow
for outside it was 20 below
it was my will that I bestow
to kill a man with my bow
to skin him alive till his muscles show

A coat is what I want
a mink so I can flaunt
with the heat it brings I shall not want
with this good cheer I will not taunt
but this murder my nerves will haunt

Now doing twenty to life
I am warm but full of strife

This is Burlesque to make fun of something serious

Poem Details | by Baguma Daniel Kajura |
Categories: death,


   Harsh! The  asphalt  sac circumscribes my spirit
   drowning  the  spectacle of sapphire ambiance
   That whirls a blue crush over my suntanned face,
    whose temples are rippling with shimmering grin
    And ,merry bustling the spontaneous chills smothering
    my qua-spirits yet  spray a  fiery  furnace of detesting 
    Scandinavian epidermal  whimpering over my incongruous
    antics with  the  talismanic  chemist  ritualistically rebirthing
   my  vexed  spirit  chaffed  away  with  enduring  rejection  of
    a  taciturn corps that writhed aggravatingly for  it  dresses 
   a  being  that is obvious of a race,say human identity....

Poem Details | by Christie Morris |
Categories: death, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, introspection, life, love, nature,

Relax Honey The Worms Will Play

Relax Honey... The Worms Will Play!

Oh honey one day,
We will both part;
To rot in graves,
And waste away:
Playing with worms,
And dancing with maggots,
As they climb all around.
Relax love all is well!
Soon we'll be down bellow,
Cavorting with the others, under the ground.

Poem Details | by chipepo lwele |
Categories: funeral,

Thatcher's Demise

It was a love or hate her ,state of affairs!
Other's praised her works,but some groaned 
 over her controversial policies!
As it was,the funeral inspired many scoffers,
if few sympathetic mourners!
But,where I come from we do not despise the dead!
Whether they led a good or bad life story!

chipepo lwele

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: death, funny, humor, life, murder, repetition, violence,

Dead Yet

Am I dead yet? 
Am I dead yet?
Am I dead yet?
Yes gawdam it.

Poem Details | by malcolm dyer |
Categories: analogy, art, death, desire, encouraging, fantasy, strength,

Finding Myself

On a hunt to kill my alter ego
His name is Up
And what goes up must go down
With a slug from a 45
Can't be He's still alive
An axe to the back
But he only counter attack
A pill to slow his thought
But he is tough as iron wrought
Peace from within
To a higher plane
But he fears heights
And stayed behind
And now i live in peace

Poem Details | by gary thomas |
Categories: death,

Crossing Lamar

Sun in my eyes and bubbling tar
And one clear lane for me.
May there be no honking of the cars
When I put out to see
If such a creek as Shoal lies asleep
Too dry for suds or loam
And that witches brew comes out a toothless creep
While I throw up a bone.

Twilight and all's right swell
And after that I'll lark
May there be no gladness in Hell when 
When, at the moon, I bark
And though from out my barn of shame and grace
The trees my bareness bar
I'll stoop to tie my shoes - lace to lace
When I have crossed Lamar.

Poem Details | by Michelle Pryor |
Categories: funnyfuneral, funeral,

So wrong

a phone call that ruined my day
taylor has passed away
not a close friend but she sure could dress
not jealous but i envied just alittle
at the funeral she didnt look her best
she should not have messed aroung with mr riddle
he was fine but his pants were on fire
ladies you know what i mean
as the funeral continued he walked in late
all i did was giggle
the whole time i just thought about her fit
32,35,40 just my size
i want that dress she said she hate
it was so tight a shake turned to a wiggle
so wrong
shes gone and im thinkin of how i can get my hands on that dress
so wrong oh well

Poem Details | by Juniper Spring |
Categories: death, heartbreak, humor,

Sally Sue

Her name was Sally Sue.
She always seemed so blue.  
One day she watched a comedy.
She laughed until she died.
She died in the living room.

Poem Details | by Charles Sides |
Categories: funny, love,


So in love am I Know I’m her guy Phone to propose I love you Rose Answer: yes sir I love you Chester MY NAME IS FRANK!

Poem Details | by chipepo lwele |
Categories: confusion, sympathy, children, wife, children,

children justice

Potiphar's Wife
Casting Her Lustful Eyes Upon Joseph
Then One Day Potiphar's Wife Got Joseph Into Trouble
And He Was Sent To Prison For No Reason!

Some Elderly Men 
Are Behaving Like Potiphar's Wife To Little Children
Their Lustful Actions Have Left Little Children In Turmoil
Can The Judge Become Angry And Send Little Children To Prison?

As a matter of fact,I am not a judge to determine the outcome of the case!
But children needs to be cared for, and be protected to grow well.

chipepo lwele
Dedicated to children in the all world.

Poem Details | by Jordan Adorno |
Categories: death, health, life, sad, social,

Methheads of Mo-Town

Oh, just live for once in your life.
Oh, just die for once in your life.
Overwrought by confusion and strife.
Overtaken by a magical, mysterious phenomena.
Memory of mad months, memories of unexplainable phenomena.
Skin and bones are colliding, phenomena's not playing fair!
And you wonder if in the beginning you thought to care.
Plea to the gods of giving, recovery is rare.
Another statistic ... Another Methhead of Mo-Town.

Poem Details | by malcolm dyer |
Categories: death, grief, imagination, loss, symbolism,

Twin Flames 20sixteen

From white to clear
It's clear flames have twins
The reddish orange
That starts from the ground up
Burning up
All it touches
From paper thin
To paper thin walls
To the elitus
Oh G-d please save us
In despair and at night
The twin flames take flight
Consuming even itself

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: adventure, death, funny, nature,

The Squirm Of The Worm

Wiggling, underground,
Invisible....likely bored....
Not too much to see,
down there...
Has lots'a friends and family,
Or so I hear
Hopefully won't find out TOO soon
However, there is no fear....
Hey, waiter!!!  Bring me another beer!!!
Hurry, the Worm is getting near!!

Poem Details | by Alex Brown |
Categories: angst, death, satire,

Fear Me

When her scorched and broken body
comes tumbling down the rocks, 
I will grin maniacally and say,
'Cause I know she lies,
and I know she spies,
and I will be happy when she 
brutally dies.

Poem Details | by Jay Dev |
Categories: age, creation, death, deep, earth, me,


Think am i the one for you?
And i know the answer you are gonna get..
The answer you are gonna get is i am not the one for you..
I am not the one for anyone..
I can never be the one for anyone..
The creation called 'ME' is meant to be alone..
And travel alone...
Die alone..
Please don't ask me to be yours..
Let me be for the sand..
Let me be for the wind..
Let me be for the sky..
Let me be for the water..
And at last let them share me..
Let me live through them...

Poem Details | by NWANDO OBIANYOR |
Categories: death, imagination, life, nature, people, may,

Kings Are Mortal

Anointed,enthroned,sworn in,coronated and crowned;
Long live the throne,and not the king,
Long live the people,
Long live the good works.

The king is empowered,
The king is powerful,
Waning and waxing successors.

The king may be guided,
The king may be misguided.
Purging and punishing saint hooded.

Stay on forever,live on forever;
Progenitor,son to son.
Never dies of god,
Dies of nature,dies of pursuits.

A worse folly,a worse failing,
No man is permitted to lead forever.

Emperor,the tomb lies here in,
General,the tomb lies there in,
Pope,here in is the remains.

Let the masses reign,let the king bow,
Let freedom flow in tributaries.

Poem Details | by Jerome Megna |
Categories: abuse, cat, death, murder,

I Killed My Cat

I killed my cat
Because he sat.
And now that I've got another cat,
I'll kill him too if he does that.

Poem Details | by Aleshia Barnett |
Categories: death, history, loss, heart, heart,


Thunder rolls as trouble tolls and anger floods on in.
Rain pours down, i see you frown, your soul shakes from within.
Trouble deep as a widows sleep, who cant control her lost passion.
The harp will play, Hark! Hail to the new day!
her heart is without compassion.
I hear her cry, heavy let her sigh, with a grief stricken heart her kids will die.
as will i,
 but she no less will never.
Depart, depart,
 i knew you not!
Tis my head that you would sever.

Poem Details | by Mary Jane Randall |
Categories: beautiful, care, cute love, dark, death, deep, god,

Emma F Randall

if I knew it would be the last time 
that I'd see you fall asleep
I would've tuck you in tightly & pray the Lord your soul to keep 

if I knew it would be the last time that I walk out the door
I would give you a hug, kiss & call you back one more time 

if I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice 
lifted up in praise 
I would've video tape each action & word 
so I could play them back day after day.

if I knew it would be the last time 
I could spare extra minute to stop and say 

Poem Details | by VIJAI PANT |
Categories: eulogy, romance, romantic, romantic love,

Romance me

Though there is no hand in hand walk
Though there is no sweet and spicy talk
Though there is no living together
Though there is no common nest to feather
Though there is no public display of affection
Though there is none of that usual couple fun
Still I love the way you ‘desire’ me
Still I love the way you ‘fire’ me
Still I love the way you sin me
Still I love the way you win me
Still I love the way you express your feelings for me
Still I love the way you do all those things for me
And I surely love the way you take chances with me
And above all I love the way you romance me

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: allegory, death, health, parody, me, money,

Where's The Money?

I may be running out of time,
I need the money now,
I want that one last treat,
Oh, wouldn't that be sweet?
So give me the money now,
I don't care from where, or how,
Stacks of tens, and twenties too,
Fifties and hundreds will surely do,
Put them in my wheelbarrow there,
Cause you know I'd always share,
If you were in my shoes, it's true,
For I always give the Devil his due,
Don't try tricking me with Monopoly money,
Cause you know I'd catch on, my honey...
You can keep the coins, the change,
For my generosity is most strange,
To reward you for your shifty ways,
And spend with you my last days...

Poem Details | by Angelo Pierre louis |
Categories: art, betrayal, black love, break up, character, creation, grief,

Sand Castles

All this time building something that’ll be washed away by the slightest wave. 

No matter how cherished

No matter how beautiful

It will be washed away. 

Time spent rebuilding what was lost...

Knowing that it too, will get washed away.

This is madness in a way.

But here am. All day.

Building sand castles of love.

Castles in the form loyalty,

Integrity and peace...

But all day I build them up just to see them get washed away.