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Death Poems About Butterfly

Butterfly death poems and poems about death for Butterfly. Read and share these heartfelt Butterfly death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Butterfly Poems.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: beauty, funeral, gothic, grave, heartbroken, introspection, longing,

The Butterfly Dance

Between the granite stones
Of the dead
Long ago last breaths do part
Memories seeping in dirt
Black birds and magpies
Lace and knots
Lingering thoughts
Swaying too and fro

On top of the dead
Lover is all but gone
Butterflies shown
That life flies on
As shadows rest
Upon ones breast

Poem Details | by Joanna Feltham |
Categories: beautiful, best friend, butterfly, death, grief, nature,

Mournful harp

As I lie, amongst wildflowers beneath the butterfly weeds you pondered through my mind as you often do, delicately fragile, essence bursting free eccentric, dazzling colours deteriorating, slight physique weakening petals withered mournful harps, serenade sensing your soul has departed in sorrow, I feel your peace as I lie, amongst wildflowers beneath the butterfly weeds you pondered through my heart as you often do!
1st place - contest; 'Completely your choice' This poem is a tribute to a special friend.

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: baseball, beach, bereavement, birthday, black african american, boat, business, butterfly, car, change,


Romantic, close
A subject of sweetest softness
Cats can be loved too

Poem Details | by john beharry |
Categories: baby, bird, butterfly, cat, death, flying, insect, mother, nature, sad, sorrow,

Haiku 5 - mournful cries, way of nature, flight into eternity

mournful cries fill the air
mother bird calling for its baby
eaten by the cat

mantis catches butterfly
I am sad: yet, that is 
the way of nature

loud feathered thud
- flight into eternity
deceptive glass pane

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: butterfly, dark, death, gothic,

Opera of the Raven

I fly 
Blood flows like a river below
I dance 
Scattered bones
I dance
Crows feast on dead souls
I dance
The moon becomes full
The night becomes a stage
The curtain drops
I sing
Capella from the chapel of the stars
Andante so they all die a slow painful death
Inert bodies pile under the stage
I fly away

Poem Details | by Faye Gibson |
Categories: age, butterfly, death, faith, grandmother,

In Memory

She lay upon her bed of pain;
the chrysalis grew dull and gray;
the colors which we knew as her
were fading fast, so fast, away;
but, underneath the fragile clay,
we saw new colors burning through
of soul triumphant in its flight
approaching Glory's avenue.
It seemed we heard her spirit groan,
her frail flesh tremble beneath the weight
of wings fast-pulsing with new life
and yearning for the Infinite.

She's free! Her dewy wings soft-dried
by hovering angel's gentle breath
have lifted once, now twice they stir
and find the air: can this be death?

© 1987, Faye Lanham Gibson

Poem Details | by Marianne Vincent |
Categories: beauty, butterfly, cheer up, children, courage, death of a friend, water,

White Glove

Your Majesty

Waving a white glove
Watching red barge on the River
Easing the Thames
Skipper's dream for ever
As You are up to the top
In Pageant Canaletto scene
Bridging London and Venice
People's Joy and Hope for the future
Ringing the 8 bells on the Belfrey
Announcing worldly water Storms
That will open the doors still ajar
From St.Paul's Cathedral to Big Ben
No mercy nor sympathy for the evil
Greeting the iconic landmarks
From the London-Paris Eye
Like a Mermaid One
among the Trinity Five Hundreds
on behalf of all
Outside the Towers of London
Saluted and respected

Drops of rain to wash some away
Along the banks of our rivers
in steady progress

Poem Details | by Darlene Smith |
Categories: butterfly, children, death, holocaust, jewish, war, prejudice,

Children Of The Holocaust

Children Of The Holocaust

There are butterflies in heaven;
With numbers tattooed on their arm.
Dancing in the gentle breeze;
Free from Hitler’s death farm.

Little Jewish children;
Who knew their lives would end;
Carved butterflies in Auschwitz;
Predicting their spirits would transcend.

What could butterflies have ever done;
To deserve such a cruel fate?
For Nazi soldiers to kill them;
Out of prejudice and hate.

Such suffering for any child;
Oh how my heart cries!
For the smallest victims of holocaust;
And beautiful butterflies.

Darlene Doll Smith 

Poem Details | by Sam Ruby |
Categories: adventure, angel, angst, art, beautiful, black african american, business, butterfly, caregiving, christian, confusion, courage, dedication, devotion, dream, faith, family, fear, freedom, funny, grief, growing up, happiness, happy, history, hope, inspirational, life, lonely, love, philosophy, spiritual, visionary, world, love, money,


If its money I got its money ill keep. If its money I have its money ill weep. If its love that I give its love ill receive. For I am but no one who just see's beneath. Some say your only as strong as you feel, but how could we a place that's so unreal. People are hearing but..not really hearing. Why is the world so blind. I keep on screaming and screaming and screaming for things to be revolutionized. I am just a small song in a world full of cries, laughter, tears and french-fries.

Poem Details | by Betty Bolden |
Categories: adventure, autumn, baptism, beautiful, beauty, butterfly, christian, courage, death, spiritual, spring, uplifting, woman, day,

As I rise this day

As I rise this day,

thoughts of you go through my mind.

I thank you for another day,

I pray I can do things your way.

The winter is in full bloom Lord,

the chill in the air today is cutting

through the trees,

The branches are crisp and the sky is cloudy,

I pray the day is warmed by your touch,

Lord,I love you so much.

The day is beginning now,

help me to live a life today

that glorifys thy name.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

Poem Details | by JEAN MURRAY |
Categories: beautiful, bereavement, butterfly,


A kaleidoscope of butterflies 
greets my eyes,
on entering this paradise.
Specially built to give joy
to each little girl and boy.
Who never see them now.

As a child I remember well,
there were loads of them
in the glens and dells.
A sure sign of summer.
Along with buzzing bees.
Birds singing in the trees.

Mankind has messed it up.
Their habitat kaput.
With overuse of weedkillers,
and random hedge cutting.
I, for one will be returning
to Butterfly Land this morning.

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: allusion, appreciation, bereavement, butterfly, sunset, tribute,

Lord of The Ring

In the clouds today
Rallying blue alphabets
Muhammad Ali
Kolkata, June 5, 2016

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: bird, butterfly, death, horror, people,

haiku 9: shootings

     haiku 9: shootings

the birds were chirping---
butterflies played in the air;
then there was gunfire.

Poem Details | by Cameron Hartley |
Categories: bird, butterfly, death, life, old, symbolism,


Home is where the butterfly goes;
Somewhere no one may ever know.

Home is where the sparrow flies;
A nest in softest shadows hides.

Home is where an old man can die
In peace.

Poem Details | by Mel Brake |
Categories: dream, funeral, insect, joy, leaving, lost love,

Golden Butterfly

Life is like
a twinkling of an eye

Sure is the flight
of a butterfly

With 20 strokes
of its wings

three scores and ten days

only 8 happy moments

its life comes to an end

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: beautiful, butterfly, death, goodbye, music, sad,


Life - a mere whisper in eternity
    Bitter taste tonight of melancholy
        Dew on rose petals leaving me thirsty
            For nostalgic notes of music folly
                And tender dreams under Christmas holly

When feelings run as deep - love does not die
    ‘Tis no more than a momentary goodbye
        As love for you flutters in afterlife
            On beautiful wings of a butterfly
                In the mystical garden of your life

Submitted on May 16, 2018, for contest DEATH: LOVE DOES NOT DIE sponsored by BROKEN WINGS  -  RANKED 6TH

Poem Details | by Ory Rose |
Categories: butterfly, death, loss, september, sister, sunshine,

You Are My Sunshine

She is the rustling of the leaves upon the trees
She is the buzzing of the bees

She is the reflection in your tear
She is the whisper of the wind that brushes against your ear

She is a sunflower growing tall from the ground
That is her name upon the grave mound

She is a butterfly, swaying around the flowers
She is the one who brings the April showers

For she is always near, she is what you hear. 
My sisters memory is very dear.

Find a Cure
Pulmonary arterial hypertension 

For my sister Kaysha Dendinger
Sept 15, 1992 - July 21, 2018

Poem Details | by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen |
Categories: butterfly, change, grief, humorous,


 B U T T E R   F L I E S!
  -Dharga Nagar Safa

Butter flies up and up,

Like Butterflies,

The cost of Butter flies up and up,

Like Butterflies,

Beyond reach!

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: butterfly, death, depression, loss, morning, poetess, winter,

dead butterflies, a tanka

winter, the poet
sad affections disordered
mourns in the morning
dead butterflies slaughtered by
the blunt blades of butterknives

© Gail Foster 18th November 2016 

Poem Details | by Kay Li Su |
Categories: animal, beauty, butterfly, death, life, nature, spiritual,

Life in the Forest

A butterfly alights from a dewed rose
As fog begins to lift beyond the trees
What mysteries does this new day propose
Once sun and sky shine lively through the leaves?

An open cottage door within the wood
Sways lightly in the whistling wind at dawn
The house where once a lonely mother stood
Now is home to a doe and her young fawn

The forest is alive with sights and souls
The past and present to this day align
Where weariness of cities takes no tolls
To peacefully repose and then resign

The wilderness is there in every breath
And nature brings its life to even death

Poem Details | by Betty Harp Butler |
Categories: butterfly, death, life,


Like the butterfly emerges
From the dark cocoon to light,
We through Death- the passageway,
Burst forth to another Life.

Poem Details | by Bj Fard |
Categories: adventure, age, beach, birth, butterfly, care, celebration, death, death of a friend, devotion, faith,

Home By Dawn

My battery fully charged the week is brand new all the lost loved ones are telling me thank you for bringing them to life in my memory yesterday now I am ready to win in any way and nothing can hold me back from my dreams people are staring in utter disbelief they think the devil has contracted my life little do they know I took the path to the right and now I am reaping the rewards in my struggle so much so that now I've reduced my enemies to rubble and now I am standing on the power of my own alive in the jungle of my mind, my kingdom, I'm home to see the new dawn and for all those now gone I will always remember you and your spirit will live on.

Poem Details | by Cyn Sadler |
Categories: butterfly, death, feelings, heaven, inspiration, sister, tribute,

My Butterfly Whispers

Butterfly whispers as the cool rains settles upon me..

There is a serenity within my heart, that speaks of love by a winters fire.
A luminous light will see me through, in all the memories I have of you.

Words of comfort envelope my soul, with a lingering kiss from the heavens aglow.You're the gentle touch who carries my pains, You're my illustrious feelings, my singing in the rains.

And if we should seek in times afar, I know I shall find you among the stars.
For you are the butterfly who whispers my name; who has given my life a beautiful dream..~Copyright 2010~Cyn Sadler

Poem Details | by Gary Smith |
Categories: butterfly, death,

Weeping For Butterflies

I stood and stared at vivid things
Yellows, white, and neon blues,
From tiny ones, with tiny wings
To graceful giants, in lustrous hues.

There were dandies garbed in polka dots
Others bore alluring eyes,
Some wore shimmering silver spots
As mother nature donned disguise.

Yet for those butterflies I wept,
Their wondrous ruses to no avail,
For in glass cases they are kept,
Collected, killed, and then impaled.

Entry for 'Impaled' poetry contest
Sponsored by Anthony Slausin.
22/7/2019. Placed 1st.

Poem Details | by Beth Watkins |
Categories: fantasy, friendship, happiness, hope, imagination, sympathy

Butterfly Dreaming

" I dreamt, I was a butterfly, or was I a butterfly dreaming..."

Lit wings
Awed, I reach out to her, 

Diamond drops cascade down.

Pale shimmering.
Somehow she cannot see
Her wings.

I lift her chin.
"With such wings, you can fly!"
I try.

She wipes her tears.
Downcast wings start to

Enrapturing in her
Found Wings.

Beth Watkins
Daydreams and dreams and dreams Poetry Contest