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Death Poems About Community

Community death poems and poems about death for Community. Read and share these heartfelt Community death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Community Poems.

Poem Details | by Patricia L Graham |
Categories: abuse, community, death, discrimination, murder, political, social,

Outlaw Racism

Racism kills
Outlaw racism
Racism deprives
Outlaw racism
Racism deceives
Outlaw racism
Racism steals
Outlaw racism
Racism manipulates
Outlaw racism
Racism distorts
Outlaw racism

Racism ultimately denies someone else's rights and entire existence
Outlaw racism

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: addiction, adventure, allusion, anger, art, child, childhood, children, community, corruption, crazy, dark, death, deep, depression, desire, evil, fantasy, fear, freedom, future, gothic, grave, grief, imagination, lust, murder, pain, pollution, poverty, power, sad love, science, society, spiritual, spoken word, visionary,

The Future Starts Here

The innocence is transfusing
and overturning 
the goat skin drums
children of the mills,
children of the junkyard,
and savaging
and we keep filling them with
mercury, nitrate, espestice, baby bombs
blasted out of their shaved heads
and foraging

Poem Details | by Dominique Jon Apple Webb |
Categories: community, friendship, political, power, social, sympathy, world,

Unity and Oneness

Oneness is silent,
Sweet and with sent,
And unity never ultimately shouts,
But in coalition mounts.

Unity can be found in a group or just the two of you,
In a community's graffiti artists with a rue,
In a school’s parents circle demanding more childcare,
Or in a company’s union who about pay care.

Oneness can be defined by stating,
That you are another person dating,
Romantically, politically or just socially,
By fashion, voice or class, or economically.

All people are one,
And one matters to everyone,
And we have unity with others,
When we come along side our brothers.

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman |
Categories: community, death, military,

Black Hawk Down

that night -
that foggy
night when the Black Hawk
crashed into the murky Santa 
Rosa Sound.  Vigils were held on the beach, candle light
casting an eerie glow through the fog as people prayed for survivors - but there
                                                                                                  were none.                                             

For Rob Carmack's Fibonacci contest.
(This happened on 3/10/15 near where I live. 7 marines and 4 National Guardsmen
lost their lives in a training mission.)

Poem Details | by Suyash Saxena |
Categories: absence, adventure, best friend, bible, boyfriend, brother, child, childhood, community, conflict, dedication, depression, dream, eulogy, faith, farewell, fear, feelings, first love, grandchild, granddaughter, grandfather, grief, heartbroken, image, inspiration, inspirational, leaving, life, light, loneliness, lost, missing, missing you, mother, sad, sad love,

Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephen’s college

Poem Details | by Jen Franks |
Categories: beauty, celebration, city, community, courage, culture, devotion, freedom, grave, identity, inspiration, inspirational, life, memory, nature, patriotic, people, political, power, september, symbolism, tribute, urban, veterans day, war, wisdom,

United Nations Plaza

Temperature dip
urban leaves turned
Autumn, sniffing around
for a place to settle
no Farmer's Market
in San Francisco today.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: community, death, pride, soldier,


triskele* at half mast full military honours no birdsong is heard Jan Allison 17th July 2015 Country – Isle of Man (* pronounced tris –kel 2 syllables) 5,7,5 SYLLABLES CHECKED The triskele symbol (as found on the Manx flag) is very characteristic of the three interlocked and conjoined spirals found in Celtic art throughout Celtic north western Europe Contest:- You Country’s Flag - Skat

Poem Details | by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: adventure, birth, class, community, future, garden, image,


Batu Tulug near the bridge
In the small village people fish
In the river they cross the bridge
The white stone hill a heritage
There are coffins of the old dead
At the peak they are buried

I love you peace. Let’ sail together. Layag Sug!
16 October 2014, Peak Hut Batu Tulug
Heritage Museum. Salam Jumaat.

Poem Details | by Kolawole Owoigbe |
Categories: adventure, africa, black african american, class, color, community, education, emotions, evil, fairy, good night, goodbye, hope, identity, image, imagery, imagination, inspirational, irony, memory, mystery, poetry, political, poverty, remember, repetition, sad, satire, sympathy,

Boat Of Poverty

Why this boat?
Could it be boat of destitution?
Conveying Epidemics, Hunger, Rags,
Malnutrition and Illiteracy.

Descend from me!
Banish from my world!
You cursed word!
You that called education a"Privilege"!
Patrimony of ghetto!

W.H.O called you "Lion of Africa",
U N called you "Agenda ".
Predicament to black,
Livelihood to white.

Harking to conviction,
Capsize and rise no more.
For "Black Rose" to smile again
On the land of plenty.

Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
Categories: addiction, age, allah, anger, change, community, cry, dedication, fear, feelings, fire, god, grave, happiness, happy, heart, heaven, how i feel, inspiration, inspirational, life, me, nice, pain, sad, sin, student, teen, teenage, thank you, today, truth, uplifting, wisdom, words, world, youth,

My Sins

My Sins – Zamreen Zarook

Oh God you are so gracious,
Am a guy who have done since in capacious,
At times I have being as a carnivorous,
But it charged ages to identify as dangerous.

Since are being committed behind the screen,
Even it started at my thirteen,
Mirrors used to say that I am evergreen,
Whereas my since were always unseen.

In enormous number I have executed,
But for every count, high privacy was aborted,
Simply because of your blessings we are bracketed,
If not, we are already being quoted.

Oh God, I understood your kindness,
Here after I won’t commit since in others absence,
However much chances I get to access,
I will always have heaven as my address.

Poem Details | by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen |
Categories: abuse, community, corruption, evil, grief,


India is waiting,
At Mumbai's red lights,
No green!

Poem Details | by Nick Evans |
Categories: community, death, international, life, social, war, world,

Save The World

Have we lost control
All hell follow through
Taking it to the edge
Slaves to ride

Can't do much more
Crying for the world
War and terror
Freedom risked on wager

Weary and tired
Lonely and bruised
Not yet defeated
But are we determined

Join together
Swallow your pride
Make the right choices
Things can last longer

The world, bitter and twisted
Speeding to an end
Try to hold on mother
But it's all slipping away

Your hearts are empty
Mine is full
Too many guns
Feeling exposed

See what's happening
No good news
It's all black
Open your eyes

What about it 
We need it 
United together
Come join and save the world

By Nick Evans

Poem Details | by The Situation |
Categories: baseball, bereavement, community,


My heart has been in Boston
all week long
I shed some tears for Boston
while sitting in my home
I saw the people of Bosten
there filled with just pride
Though far away from Boston
I was right there by there side
God has blessed Boston
with justice and less fears
But for those still injured in Boston  
we still whisper our prayers
We love our brother Boston
and with him always share
the burdens still left for freedom
that were given birth there.

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: absence, community, death of a friend, imagery, moving on, nature, world,


Where salt air, sand and soil meet;
                    A breeze of seasons sung a day.

Life grows to pass beneath your feet;
                    Still under grass we sleep to stay.

Poem Details | by Shadow Unknown |
Categories: age, betrayal, bullying, childhood, community, death, depression,


Why does this world love to torture me?
What did i do to deserve this?
This thing i call love,
This thing has been crushing me since the beginning, 
It, just really loves to make me feel alone.
Was i cursed for this fate?
Or is this world just that devious?
I must have done something to deserve this emptiness inside.
To deserve this thought of lonesome,
I guess this is the life i was meant to live.
I guess i will just have to keep fighting,
Alone in this world is all i am,
Alone is all i can be,
I will not give up anymore.

- ShadowUnknown

Poem Details | by ATYA TASNEEM |
Categories: community, confusion, creation, death, judgement,


                                               The world is a place of illusion,
An illusion which mortals would never comprehend
This is a place of vision, of submission
Of something they would never understand 


Life is drama, 
Without any rehearsals
Without any comma
Or any refusals 


Love is another thing 
Another common fling


And deatth                    
 No words
It always pours 
Never rains….

Poem Details | by Edward Johannes |
Categories: celebrity, community, death, england, fear, murder,

English Countryside Carnage

English Countryside Carnage

There is a genteel place called Midsomer,
But living there can be a real bummer.
For the inhabitants wait in dread
That they be among the murdered dead.

Poem Details | by Lidija Vresk |
Categories: abuse, betrayal, bullying, community, conflict, confusion, corruption, creation, cry, death, depression, earth, environment, feelings, funeral, future, goodbye, grief, growth, hate, how i feel, innocence, judgement, leaving, loneliness, lonely, loss, mystery, pain,

To Fade out

Rows of thousands buried underneath me.
I can feel them, 
their hands reaching out to me.
their bodies beaten with cracked skulls
damaged to no end,
all these things, 

..neglected attention..
..lacking of communication.. disposition..

all these things in this world.
shows their fight for life.

If I could feel death,
it would be faded.
Now I'm starting to see their position.
Because I've learned how to disappear completely.
This is where I end and you begin,
To fade out, again.

Poem Details | by Gorlum Gorlum |
Categories: body, community, death, funny, green,

Maintaining your Composure

Don’t let your neighbours decompose
Make sure they are well
Or else they go green and blot
And also start to smell
Once you detect an awful stench 
Don’t wait for garbage day 
It won’t get better, only worse
Take measures right away
Request welfare check at once
We’d rather cut them fresh
Putrefaction will advance
And bugs will feast on flesh..
Just keep this image in your mind
Believe me, it’s that gross
Be a responsible adult
Don’t let them decompose

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: change, community, confusion, death of a friend, forgiveness, grief, life, lonely, moon,

Believe It or Not

Believe it or not

He swore by the day he sighted the earth
This step he took 
Was not aimed at piercing anyone
But to show his appreciation
At exactly the time (or on time)

Had he known the blessed wouldn't be pleased
With this gesture
He would have 
Hands down
And waved for naught

'What are my mistakes'
He asked
Cos his heart is mixed

This mind is now full with mix feelings

The memory of strange letters that gloomed at his eyes

Believe it or not
He had never wish for anything

If nothing will make him live a simple life
And meet his Creator in good shape
Then he will be satisfied with that hope
Than a hope of something 
Where he wishes for nothing


Poem Details | by Al Parry |
Categories: abuse, anger, angst, bereavement, betrayal, change, city, community, corruption, cry, culture, dark,


There survives a burg, strangled by,

A fume as thick as thieves,

Where soaring glass stalagmites screen,

The adroit aggrieved.

Skyscrapers and broad avenues,

Where vast trains shunt and squall,

Where soaring glass stalagmites screen,

The vestige’s caterwaul.

Where night tide is perennial,

The gargoyles chill and ward,

Aged curves and finials resist,

Thick gnarling walls contort.

Poem Details | by KENG CHUAN SENG |
Categories: community, eulogy, heartbreak,

1Malaysia The Utopia

1Malaysia The Utopia

The ruling government proposed the concept of 1Malaysia...
A conceptual utopia of the country we call this land Malaysia...
An utopia that we, the racial and religious minorties,  dream for desperately....
Hoping for the 1Malaysia dream that the government once sought to sell....
But by its many missteps and activities, it now dug and buried well and deep...
Leaving only the nons clamouring for an Utopia that cannot be...
What a initial nice sell from the government of the day...
Such an unattainable dreamdream to live in harmonious ways....
Until and unless May9, Polling Day, brings about change in unexpected ways......

Poem Details | by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: angst, community, death, devotion, emotions,

Ebola and the death of home

I did'nt know what to expect as a volunteer nurse, being used to,"hello Mr Smith just let me take your blood pressure," or " here's your dentures, " then.... busy with  a thousand things.

but ebola caught me with my pants down, you know, the death, the death and the plastic clothes...the one hundred and thirty -two souls never to eat corn or make love or kiss the baby on the only putrifying bundles of lawyer-meat, buried quickly, buried deep, fugitives from the great heat.

and when I got home they thought I was a leper... sans heart,sans emotion, sans country.

Poem Details | by MARGO SINGALIESE |
Categories: community, death, encouraging, inspirational,


We who watched,
We who survived,
We 300 at the Hoboken triage at 11:00 A.M.
only to meet 3 survivors.
We who lost 8 in our building,
58 in our town,
and thousands across the river.
We who could never imagine such terror so near.
We who were happy that our deceased parents 
were not there to see the nightmare
of the reality.
We who watched the empty spaces in shocked grief.
We who still quickly look to the sky as an engine roars.
We who mourn,
We who remember,
We who live in the infinite wisdom that
We will always rise.

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: bereavement, community, seasons, storm, strength, trust, wind,


Strong winds hovers the land..
Rooftop, leaves are flying...
Heavy soulful rains abound...
Thunder and lighting visibly surrounds..

Each one is rushing for shelter..
Running and risking in the highways..
Vehicles are somewhere already stranded..
Screams of persons asking unanimously audible...

washout after the turbulent storm..
Catastrophic surroundings adorns..
As mother nature tries to forewarn..
Avalanche a lucid visible turn..

by: olive_eloi
"there is no storm too dark, God can not calm it..."