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Death Poems About Conflict

Conflict death poems and poems about death for Conflict. Read and share these heartfelt Conflict death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Conflict Poems.

Poem Details | by Deb Adams |
Categories: angst, conflict, environment, grief, pain, pollution, senses,

What Is That Taste In My Mouth

No warning.

The taste spread swiftly
around the room.

Eyes scour.
They pinpoint the doom.

A little old lady
Who's big on perfume.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: conflict, dark, grief, irony, people, perspective,


just looking
for opportunities
to misinterpret
and distort
every word

looking for a reason
any excuse
to be miserable
as if there isn’t
enough grief
in the world already

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Posted on June 2, 2019

Poem Details | by Jacob Reinhardt |
Categories: abuse, age, art, business, career, change, class, color, computer, conflict, death, depression, devotion, flower, green, happiness, introspection, irony, jobs, language, loneliness, lonely, longing, metaphor, nature, pain, philosophy, political, poverty, self, simile, slavery, social, society, spiritual, stress, technology, time, today, together, truth, urban, visionary, wisdom, work, world,

The Color Missing

The Color Missing
Red, black, and blue are the colors of our work pens. Red is the color of the blood we spill on other people’s mistakes.  Blue is the color of the songs we sing on tax forms or pay stubs- every page has a secret melody. Black is the color of the streets we fear most. Black is the color of our signature of approval. Black is the color of our death.

‘But what about the Green pens?’ I ask. They say ‘the ink is too hard to see.’

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: animal, change, conflict, courage, death, freedom, sad,

How Fast it Dries

the jaguar's tear
slides off his single whisker
clouds do sigh

three offspring
dragged into the river's teeth
one remains

they both stretch
the moment of sorrow lost
life leaps on

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: career, conflict, death, loss, patriotic, war, work,

Tanka 3

silently I lie awaiting I await thee a wry smirk greets me sighted precision confirms sporadic crimson now speaks

Poem Details | by Miggy Lomeli |
Categories: conflict, dark, death, emo, emotions, sick, suicide,


I cut to see if I feel how it's like being human,
I cut to see the pain relinquish inside,
I cut for all the memories that remain to drain down in the sewage
What symbols life runs with death in that rusty pipe.

A slash here and a slash there,
What happened in the past?
A slash here and there,
Soon the memories don't last.

Scissors, knives, razors and sharp edges
keeps a bloody smile, no more weep.
Slice and dice, trim more than the hedges
And I don't care if I go to deep.

One scar closer to a never ending dream,
I don't care if I go to deep.

Poem Details | by Tom Quigley |
Categories: conflict, death, family, grief,

A Lament For My Uncle, As His Day Approaches

Steel resolution, made a thousand times
To reach across black rift between closed hearts
Carefully constructed, a thousand lines
Rose incantation, enchanted restart

Dim hourglass of the blind excuse dancer
Clings desperately to its final grains
Dark wolf’s mouth slavers, he smells your cancer
Speak now, or forever we keep these pains

Knock on your door, thunderous echoes fade
Younger guilt and fear restrain me no more
Resolve not weakened, steady hand not stayed
Blade drains poison, flowing blood you ignore

One thing stands clear at your onrushing end:
It takes just one to break, but two to mend.



Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: character, christian, conflict, confusion, depression, emotions, faith, family, feelings, god, grief, heartbroken, hope, how i feel, jesus, life, lonely, recovery from, relationship, religion, religious, spiritual,

Lord, I've Been Hurting

Lord., I've Been Hurting!

This one thing I am
 most certain…
Lately I’ve been really hurtin’.

I trying to do right, but it 
turns out “wrong.”
Where, in life,
do I really belong?

So many people
 pass me by.
Sometimes, someone
may say;  “hi!”

I don’t know if this message is
 getting across?
I feel so confused and 
completely lost.

A message of “help” has my
 prayer and plea…
For God to reach out to me!

He reached down and
made me whole!
HIS love and compassion
 filled my soul!

Spending time with Jesus
 is time well spent!
It was for you and me that 
Jesus was sent!

By Jim Pemberton

Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: conflict, death, violence, war,

The Agony Of War

Barbarous reason rejoices and draws strength dispensing death. Its celebration comes with cold effigies of blood soaked, ravaged, masked graves of silence, leaving any subsequent regret within the heart of the stonecutter. The suffocating privacy of each muddy sepulcher calls out its loss-but who will listen through the rumble of the caissons roar? Fear has no time to mourn. Only after the flame leaves its postscript are the cries of the Widow heard- then wars agony entreats the soul...

Poem Details | by David O'Haolin Whalen |
Categories: bereavement, conflict, feelings, introspection, life,

Prison Of Memories

The past always returns to haunt us Old debts demand to be paid The very best hand Of many a man Stays un known And remains unplayed Some men wish to be In alliance with Angels But alas, e’en more opt To owe a debt of allegiance To the dark… And deep within those sad souls Lie haunted black holes Absent of light Not e’en a scintilla nor spark They yearn to return To a world once spurned… But once the die is cast The past holds fast And Fate and Karma decrees… For lack of their wisdom They be trapped in a prison A prison made of …memories…

Poem Details | by Johanna Hartnett |
Categories: beautiful, conflict, dark, death, evil, humanity, love,

Angel Loves The Devil

Leaning in a whisper brings red to her cheeks

Wings fluttering at his touch

Hot as fire against cool as clouds

A tempting death

Blushing never felt so good

His kiss starting a new fire

A fire from hell

Standing beside the angel

His jaw bone breaks her innocence

He is beautiful

A fallen angel

Poem Details | by stephen pennell |
Categories: conflict, grief, hate,

Leave the hate behind

Don’t judge me by the colour of my skin or the name of my god .
They don’t not define me, or give you rights to say if I live or die.
They are set in stone an accident of birth.
One of gods little gifts to  human kind. 
Patriotism and religion, cause so many to die 
For the sake of a flag or a deity of old. 
Heart ache and tears is all you create
And more of the same when  nations retaliate. 
Let go of your bias free your heart of the hate 
Bombing children at concerts , oh what a waste 
You should have Grown some compassion, some love of mankind.
Leave the hate behind.

Poem Details | by jonas jones |
Categories: conflict, courage, grief, growth, strength,

Reality Drops

Reality drops
Like a stubbed Toe 
Uncontrollably and sometimes close to a
Devastating fear of permanent failure
By thought
By course
By ability
Until we accept
Until we accept
And grin for the favor
Of the full torture of
Nature’s Reality
Again, and again...

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: beautiful, birth, conflict, courage, creation, death, grave,

Sing On

We have heard it said before
That the soul beats on 
Long after the heart has tired in its mortal labor

Where will our songs go
After the grave has subdued its cries?

Angered, silent ghosts will drop a glass
And never hear it's shatter...
How much more to them than broken glass,
Will you matter?

Remember this before your first exit:

There will always be those that will hear the music,
Beyond your days of breath
Only special ears in tuned with the earth,
And its universe he and she will see in all its shamelessness

Sing on!
Sing on to those you know will hear
Let never your soul be mute
Long after those special ears, tongue, flesh, and eyes
Close to rot

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: break up, chocolate, christian, conflict, confusion, death of a friend, depression,

Unwanted Things

Unwanted Things.

A car wreck.
A kid, unexpected.
An absent father to be.
A cheater that brought you, 
a sudden health risk. 
A divorce.

Car troubles.
Work issues.
Financial burdens. 
Bad health, 
that effects you, 
those you love.

These are a few, 
of my un-favorite
There is no song, 
about these, 
by Julie…
although I read her story, 
and she
had a hard life

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: allusion, conflict, death, health, introspection, philosophy, psychological,

But For Now

It’s surreal, that in-between where, life stares down death. One minute you’re facing eternity; the next the realization that you’re not in control. In that reality, life seems insignificant, like dust escaping in the winds to another time. Yes, surreal transformation only it’s reality, yanking you back to mortality. Still, you know one day it’ll change its mind.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: conflict, cry, death, drug, parents, teen,

Too Quick, Too Soon

You're fat
Yelled at


Sad sighs
Soft cries

Left home
To roam

The streets
Not sweet

Too quick
Turned tricks

Too soon
Was ruined

On dope
No hope

In jail
No bail

Died young

Poem Details | by armstrong anyakem |
Categories: child, conflict, death, philosophy, wisdom, youth,


my father told me once
life, my boy, is give and take
—never forget! and he was still

promptly my teenage mind
set to work and i reasoned:
what mean philosophy
to give and to
expect in return. what about
philanthropy? is charity
what will Socrates think?
clearly the old man’s logic
was flawed. . .

thirty years later here i stand
in the churchyard, a grown man
having scaled the slippery wall
of life and met with many a fall
my unclean feet paused here at last
beside a grave i’ve seen before
to right a wrong i did in the past
just that and nothing more
just that and nothing more

Poem Details | by Jessica Alvero |
Categories: conflict, death of a friend, deep, depression, goodbye, heartbreak, judgement,

No Longer a Writer

Then one day, everything stopped
She no longer cared for things
Her vitality just dropped,
She no longer spread her wings. 

Detaching herself from poems
Hundreds left unedited
Papers filled with dooms
The writer's dream forfeited. 

Gone is her ultimate dream, 
Gone are visions she wager
She once battled- made a name
Now vanished into thin air.

Her pen no longer bleeding, 
Her thoughts no longer written
People were left wondering
Why she is no longer seen.

Her fave coffee turned so cold
Her fave books dusty, unread
Her stories remain untold
She finally succumbed- dead.

Poem Details | by Mike Gentile |
Categories: anger, conflict, grief, pain, peace, sad, violence,

Is This America

Instead of amber waves of grain
        We witness somber waves of pain
Our beautiful for spacious skies 
         Are filled with angry, hurtful cries

While purple mountain majesties
                  Look down on civil travesty 
No brotherhood from sea to sea
    When hate still shines on you, on me

Can this America sustain
While blood now seeds the fruited plain
Can we not overcome this shame
         When we are clearly all the same

Poem Details | by shadab shaikh |
Categories: addiction, age, anger, conflict, confusion, dark, death, depression, desire, emotions, for her, grief, heart, heartbroken, hero, hindi, how i feel, howl, jealousy, leaving, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, lost love, love, miss you, missing, missing you, moon, moving on, natural disasters, nostalgia, pain, poems, sad, sad love, sin, sorrow, sorry, spoken word, stress, suicide, trust, truth, words, writing,

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

Poem Details | by brittney lopez |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, age, allegory, america, angel, angst, animal, anniversary, april, art, august, autumn, baby, baptism, baseball, basketball, beach, beautiful, beauty, bereavement, best friend, betrayal, bible, bird, birth, birthday, black african american, body, books, boyfriend, car, celebration, childhood, children, city, class, computer, conflict, dad, emotions,

This is me

My knees were the things that 
kept me up and my skin is my 
cutting board my eyes are the 
rain clouds to the fire running 
down my arms and my heart is 
the fire place that keeps me 
burning so calm

Poem Details | by suze suze |
Categories: conflict, grief, immigration,

immigration crisis

now years later,
walking down those rubble and dirt,
which creak in agony,
i am reminded of that innocent face,
which once washed cold ashore,
on a bloody dreadful day,
when the world stood still.

Poem Details | by Trent Turney |
Categories: conflict, death, hurt, political, rainforest, war,

A warm jungle

Through the warm jungle you can hear every cry.
Crackling gunfire trickles in the echoes; 
Why this place fell and crumbled, no one knows why.
There they all fall in place like a domino.

Welcome to the jungle, filled with death and ill. 
A jungle of fear, a few dare to challenge. 
A smoke, a radio, anything to kill;
At times, there were fires that went unchallenged. 

The smell of sulfur roams through this jungle air.
A surplus supply of shell rounds in the jeep. 
Bugs, trash, dirty clothes, all I see everywhere.
The monumental hill is too big and steep. 

Men were lost, but never forgotten prayers.
Some make it home; some make there way up the stairs.

Poem Details | by Vera Duggan |
Categories: age, conflict, courage, death, soldier, war,

Anzac Day

It's Anzac Day today
Or lads were sent away
To fight a war
And what the hell for
Because they had to pay