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Death Poems About Cousin

Cousin death poems and poems about death for Cousin. Read and share these heartfelt Cousin death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Cousin Poems.

Poem Details | by Eleanor Sweet |
Categories: death, i love you, cousin,

R.I.P. Drew

R.I.P to the big cuz drew… Never did I think I would ever loose you…. Not this early in life…. I would do anything 
to have you in my sight…. Them guys that did that stuff just aint right…. I mean they had me up crying…. They 
had to be lying…. Its too soon for you to be up in the sky flying… I look to clouds up above… Wishing I can give 
you one more hug… Push and shove… Never let you go… Cause I love you cousin just had to let you no….

Poem Details | by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, black african american, bridal shower, caregiving, celebrity, childhood, christian, cousin, daughter, death of a friend, devotion, education, environment, father daughter, first love, flower, children, for her, kids, how i feel, little sister, me, mom, mother, native american, nostalgia, people, poets, school, spiritual, student, woman, women, work,

Qualities of Health Engendering Women

They see strengths
Not the limitations
These are people who will make you proud of yourself
They will tell you why you’re special
Trust you to the point you have to answer their expectations
They make you better than you normally are
You can be proud of yourself
They respect you 
For what you’ve done
Where you’ve come from
They see what you’ve experienced something real
Respect you for your courage
They live by their rules
They do not expect you to follow theirs
They are at peace to themselves
They are not proving anything to you
They are good listeners
Sincere in their interest in you
You feel important
They are available for honest
Genuine discussion
Makes you want to share yourself

Poem Details | by brittney lopez |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, allah, allegory, angel, anger, angst, april, art, august, baseball, basketball, best friend, birthday, books, cousin, culture, dad, death, depression, desire, dream, drink, education, emo, eulogy, faith,


They say the sun shines on the skin of a goddess her hair dark filled with flowers and her skin of silk,
When you see her don't let her go she will treat u like a god and run her silk hands against the ruffness of your skin she will show u the right way to enlightenment her eyes golden brown so deep you can get lost she can see right through you and know the depth of your soul she will speak words so smooth softer then the wind 
Skin so smooth the sun follows her every move.

Poem Details | by Rosemarie Rowley |
Categories: allegory, angst, anxiety, bereavement, blue, cousin,



Not proof against the pricks disdained
By the broad impact of petty phil-
Osophy, but sundered when our passions rained
Over our heads, when wish invaded will,

I am part neighbour in this shire of doubt,
That keeps me tenant on the promised crowd
Which you waggishly say will never rout
The insane longing to impact with loud

Music the harmony of sense.  Yet I fear
The submerged faculty of my wavering power
Is grief to you, a crutch for every tear,
That springs between us, to endower

Your raving optimist’s cry that you’re a help,
To such as me, a miserable poor whelp.

Poem Details | by Malcolm Brooks |
Categories: adventure, black african american, death, future, judgement, poetry, success,

Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death

I stay up through the nights.
Will I get to eat tonight
Will I see the day I turn 21
One-Day I will feel the pain of a gun.
Will I die young

Am I asking too many questions?
Does everything happen for a reason?
Is everything I go through one of Gods lessons
Will I go to Heaven

I stay up through the nights.
Will I reach new heights
Lord tell me everything will be alright.
Now I think I want to be in love with the lights.
I don’t want to fall to a Price.
Lord tell me everything will be alright.

I stay up through the night.
My eyes are getting heavy.
Am I ready to sleep
Because Sleep Could be Deadly

Poem Details | by Kingsley Awoh |
Categories: death, cousin,


I saw him resting his laurels among dust
With dry gin conquering his stenches
A company of skulls screaming
Eerie sounds move through the trees
A hooded noise screaming behind
But I tell the stone to be still
Watching the wind and, 
One the ghost came forth
Like a monument I stood among ancients shapes
As the landlord beckon on me, to come forth
I said no, am only but a tenant
He said come live with me without rent

Awoh Kingsley
September 1st, 2012
Dedicated to a cousin who was buried on September 1st, 2012

Poem Details | by Patricia Garcia- Howard-Bramble |
Categories: absence, cousin, death, family, farewell, friend, funeral,

Tribute to Kenrick Garcia

Today I heard you pass
Those words RIP 
Broke my heart
There was nothing much I could have said,
Except rest in peace my dear friend.

I wish, I could have held your hand
I would have liked to say farewell
But I could not get to you in time
So with these words I write 
Farewell my loving friend.

Poem Details | by Jali the Bard |
Categories: betrayal, cousin, death, family, friendship, funeral, heartbroken,

Don't Come to My Funeral

Don't come to my funeral
To see me once I die
If you never gave me tenderness
Or comfort when I cried

Don't come to my funeral 
To wail and sob for me
If you never spared the time
To share a cup of tea

Don't come to my funeral
To brag about my life
If you were not around to help
To quell my pain and strife

Don't come to my funeral 
To mourn about my fate
If you did not remember me
Until it was too late

Don't come to my funeral;
I do NOT want you there
If you would never even tried 
To show me that you cared. 

Poem Details | by tearal harris |
Categories: death, family, loss,

A Poem For my cousin Jason Funeral

thinking back on all the days me and Jason used to play he was never mean and 
never hurtful he was always kind and gentle i still don't know why he desided to 
go away since he did we all kneel and pray that we'll see him again some day.

Poem Details | by John Trainer |
Categories: abuse, anger, bullying, cousin, death, sorrow,


Pugnacious mind of mine
Seeks an end to this winter fog
Your ramblings, on and on
I close the shutters, for spring is not in sight

Pig manure emasculates the air
Not a farm in sight
Your ramblings, on and on
I find solace in the bedroom closet

I hear the car door slam
The front door slam
Your ramblings, on and on
I chamber the round then nothing but stars

Poem Details | by Katherine Braithwaite |
Categories: absence, abuse, betrayal, character, cousin, emotions, lost love,

In such captive grief

How like a prison is my cubicle
How wary is  my body on this chair.
How still my heart and yet how truly fickle.
How fast it flies to you who are not here.

How elegant your letters and your thoughts
How gentle was your touch upon my throat.
And yet you killed  my words and all I brought...
You were no lover but a randy goat.

As in this mental jail I'm  neatly trapped,
I'll use this time to write and  also pray.
Perhaps my mind can extricate a map..
From which I'll plot the route to get away.

The prisons which seem external are inside
Yet in such captive grief some folk have died

Poem Details | by JEAN MURRAY |
Categories: bereavement, cousin, for him,


The hands that
do not reach for me,
are full of tenderness.

The eyes that
look deep into me,
find what has been hidden.

The lips that
cannot touch mine,
speak kind words.

The memory of
that special day,
always will stay.

The potential for
what could have been,
forbidden though it seems.

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: cousin, death, funeral, murder,

Nobody Blackmails Me

My cousin said that he had proof that I killed my wife.
He said if I didn't give him a million, he'd ruin my life.
I knew that he would go to the Cops, I positively had no doubt.
A million bucks is a lot to pay, it was cheaper to take him out.
I hired a hitman and a couple of days ago, he got plugged.
People are attending his funeral and his grave has been dug.
I'm a bad man and there was something he couldn't see.
It's very stupid and unhealthy to blackmail me.

(This is a fictional poem)

Poem Details | by Rainbow Promise |
Categories: appreciation, bereavement, character, conflict, cousin, emotions,


S~erene and calm in spirit,
I~nterested in others, giving a helping hand always.
M~odest in ways, conservative yet loving and kind.
O~nly God knows, why mind and spirit reacted to the 
     controlling limitations of others, since childhood.
N~ow even like the East Wind's gales still talked about,
     comparing those angry gales to the mindset of Victims,
     chosen and sought out by them.
E~arning a "well done" by and by, for good things pioneered,
     adding to Jehovah's Kingdom the strayed and lost sheep!

Poem Details | by cari vodicka |
Categories: angst, death, fantasy, forgiveness, funeral, friend, sad, cousin,


hey fairly girl
why you looking so sad 
i wish ,what you had, i had 
the friends. the art. the life 
why are you so sad 

i looked at you like you were on a pedistal
then i found out that you were troubled 
i tried to help 
when u were well and u were bruised and broked 
but i tried through it all
till u lost youre way
there was nothing left to say

except . im sorry 
from the bottom of my heart 
i wish i had saved you
my fairy cousin , my sister , my friend 
i will allways love you till i see you again
i know youre here 
i know you hear 
my special friend 
shell youre missed to no end 

Poem Details | by Edwin Alluso |
Categories: death,

Death of My Cousin

Death of My Cousin

He suffered for several months
Battling his lung cancer
With slight air to breathe
He keeps on struggling
To enjoy every moments
With his family, friends, and relatives

But life is so short
And now he is ending
But no more grieving
And now in heaven, he is living
His life now returning
To our God the Father from the Beginning

Poem Details | by Anthony O. Mitchell Jr. |
Categories: death, loss, cousin,

My Expiration 2K11

Mine eyes shall come benighted - Sunshine gone; Winded upon final stretch of marathone. Whilom self - A Brother - Cousin - Friend, Writer - Son; An earthly throb dealt its end. Fated finish line - Spirit delighted; Many questions answered when enlighted. O blues come - weep not at a shallow grave, As I'll be heart bound yet - Not in such grave. 'Twas a soul exhausted and it called home; 'Tis that same presence in such a poem.

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: death, loss, sad, cousin, boy,

Like the boy who cried wolf

(This is a fictional poem)

My cousin was always broke.
He'd get free meals at restaurants by pretending to choke.
He did it again and again.
But people eventually stopped believing him and his life came to an end.
One day he ordered dinner and he really did choke.
But everybody thought he was faking and he croaked.
As they buried him, I cried.
But sadly it was his own fault that he died.

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: basketball, class, cousin, divorce, endurance, eve, friendship, grief, longing, love hurts, storm, sweet, wisdom,


I'm offended,


subtle yet encouraged-

there's a place to be,

to go see-
I can and will breathe.

I am here for the crave,
and instantly a brave!

Let's let them speak because we have been drained,

the energy is proof that we stayed.

Poem Details | by Sheer Terror |
Categories: anger, courage, cousin, death, inspiration, mother, mother daughter, poetry, symbolism,


Oh, Mother hear my Roar 

A roar of Thunder 

To stop the rain’s devour 

my flood of tears deprive color

Bouquets fade like the cinders of a fire

Blossoms I grew with my own hands care

Hands that left my beauty so dear

Beauty she resides with the smallest of Stars

A Sliver of diamond shining in the dark 

Under a moon of riots and war

Oh, Mother hear my Roar 

 A roar of thunder 

Terry D'Arcy-Ryan

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: death, family, friendship, thanksgiving, cousin,

Dead on Thanksgiving

(This is a fictional poem)

My cousin ate a big turkey dinner and he was sleepy because of the Triptovan.
We suffered a great tragedy when we lost this man.
While he was driving, he fell asleep at the wheel.
He had a bad crash and he was killed.
They say he died instantly so maybe he wasn't in any pain.
I used to love Thanksgiving but now it will never again be the same.

Poem Details | by Rachel Price |
Categories: death, family, loss, cousin,


We're running late, and we have to leave. "Come on" my mother yells as she's stressing more than I. While in a rush I hit my shin and feel I need to greave. I see my dog wag her tail as I shout "Goodbye." We're getting close almost there. And that's when I hear it as if it's shouting in my ear. And then i realize it's bombs as i think "Why there?" Then it hits me like a rock and i get a sudden fear. Grandma, Grandpa, even cousin Ash, are all gone and are never coming back.

Poem Details | by emmanuel ibu |
Categories: death, loss, sad,

Cousin Isaac

So alive,
So vibrant,you were
Until death embraced you,
Snuffing out your dreams and hopes

It has been two rains
Since your eternal sojourn.
Though I see you as if you were,
In lived memories.

I often ponder where you are.
Can you see us?
Embittered not by your crossing.
For we all have the same course.

Poem Details | by Ryan Harris |
Categories: brother, child, death, grief, life, loss, son,

Son Brother Cousin

Looking looking looking, 

Waiting watching looking,

But you will not be coming, 

My dear...


  Twenty maybe five years, 

Of looking waiting watching, 

But you will not be drying, 

My tears...


  Days through nights comes the daylight, 

Weeks through months pass the years, 

Your voice is that of an angel, 

Who whispers in my ears...


  Looking waiting watching, 

Shadows as they dance, 

Watching waiting wishing,

We could have just one more chance... 

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: animals, death, loss, cat, cousin,

Buster was the best

(This is a true story)

Buster was my cat and he was the best.
He died this morning and I'm depressed.
My cousin gave him to me and I was happy to get him.
He was a loveable cat and I'll never forget him.
I got him in 1996 when he was just a kitten.
When I saw him for the first time, I was smitten.
It was hard to say goodbye.
His death brought tears to my eyes.
He was solid white and he was fat.
Today I lost a truly wonderful cat.