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Death Poems About Coyote

Coyote death poems and poems about death for Coyote. Read and share these heartfelt Coyote death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Coyote Poems.

Poem Details | by Lola Maria King |
Categories: animals, death, devotion, loss, lost love, love, pets, me,

Lament to Lone Coyote

This pain in my heart is out of control,
for life without you has deeply wounded my soul.

Bitter-sweet memories flood my weary brain,
as this heartache and grief drive me insane.

Your part in my life, a blessing I treasure;
and love for my Coyote is far beyond measure.

You are at peace and suffer no pain.
This, alone, be my comfort to keep me half sane.

Poem Details | by Remi Stan |
Categories: dark, death, hate,

Wily Coyote

A wild beast looking for game
Slowly stalking his prey
for the best possible angle
to exact all of its might 
to end that soul 
in the most horrific of ways
And then,
It gladly puts a stamp on her day.

A wild beast looking for game,
Forgives but never forgets,
Its first chance is to make the jungle respect,
That it is he that is Lion King,
And will never stop roaming
until its mouth is salivating
from the fresh flesh from her neck.

A wild beast looking for game,
Even though it can smile and be playful,
Just know nothing is the same.

Poem Details | by Joseph Szalinski |
Categories: 8th grade, animal, anxiety, death, golf, howl, night,

Coyote Call

        Both Zane and I
            stood, rigid with terror,
        in a desolate area
                of the old golf course.

            My dad, 
                Who was emitting a
        siren song for the
            same rabid beasts that
                            killed my rabbit,
                reveled in the moment’s hilarity.

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal, death, spiritual,

The Coyote Man

Coyotes are not seen often
By humans
For they sense us and skedaddle

But after our mother passed
I saw a coyote in my yard
Bigger than I had ever imagined one

She had wandered almost up to my house
Which was unusual but spiritually telling
For my father had been known as the coyote man

I took this as a sign that Mom had arrived in heaven okay
A reassurance, which oddly comforted me in some way.
I called my sister

Have you ever seen a coyote? I asked
She said that she had only seen one in her life, the day before.
It ran out in front of her as she was driving to our parents home town.

Enough said