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Death Poems About Crown Of Sonnets

Crown Of Sonnets death poems and poems about death for Crown Of Sonnets. Read and share these heartfelt Crown Of Sonnets death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Crown Of Sonnets Poems.

Poem Details | by Laura Leiser |
Categories: bird, dark, death,

Black Caw Crow

Black caw crow flies overhead 
black caw crow cries sounds of dread
birds shiver in covert trees
mice skitter, scatter and flee. 

Watercolor skies abound 
mournful clouds cling to the ground
critters hide ‘neath fans of leaves
silent refuge from the siege. 

Lazy slugs and snails alight
peaking black crow’s appetite
swooping down without a sound
black crow strikes as raindrops pound. 

Black caw crow flies overhead 
black caw crow cries sounds of dread.   

Written on 3/10/2020 

Poem Details | by Brenda Victoria Northeast |
Categories: allegory, death, nature,

The patient crow

I am trying to learn Haiku form - is this haiku?

Crow patiently waits 

Poised on a dry brittle twig

Death is not silent

© Brenda V Northeast   23rd Jan. 2012

Poem Details | by Sizo Hlophe |
Categories: bereavement, betrayal, bird, crush, heart, how i feel, i love you,


Why has the love gone in shreds,
A mayhem curse. 

Invited birds of the night on my pad,
A wild man's pet.

She flaunts her feathers in his sleep, 
A sacred spell on damning dreams.

Tucks her wings and flaunts her wig.
She would soon weep as she feeds,
On every piece till he bleeds
Disregard his celebrated medallion pads.

Poem Details | by Karena Brown |
Categories: animals, death, forgiveness, life, love, pets, sad,

John Crow

It hovers around
waiting in the air
perfect time to land
to salvage
Keen sense of smell
I can't detect
but I know where
it wants to go
The night a friend
to an enemy
snuffed him away
an innocent
the owner regains
soil becomes the keeper
of the body
 the the heart
It flies away
 the sweet fragrance gone.

Poem Details | by Billy TheKidster |
Categories: animal, death, nature,

Crow Funeral

A dead crow lies in the open street.
Other crows gather around it and in surrounding trees.
There's no cawing, no sounds at all, as each crow individually
visits the dead crow, then returns back to observe from the trees.
The crows surrounding their dead companion in its immediate vicinity
and all the other crows gathered in the surrounding trees
all observe one last time their current departed deceased,
and all of this is done dead silently,
then after a few more moments of silence suddenly
they all in unison silently fly off and leave.
I've witnessed "crow funerals" first hand many times personally,
and every single experience I've had can only be described as eerie.

Poem Details | by Nick Ruffolo |
Categories: addiction, death, mental illness,

The Crow

Echoes in the deepened distance,
Still the voices chatter.
Taken by the wind you were,
And stood the moonlight shattered.
Forever the cold night's blessed call,
And dreams were but forgotten.
I could not find your empty eyes,
So still you lie begotten.

The shadows all but mark the end,
And in the dark it settles.
Murmuring now away from you,
A dance through midnight meadows.
Whispers now are all but black,
And our innocence stands fleeting.
The crow has come to seize the day,
And still we are but dreaming...

Poem Details | by Fritz Purdum |
Categories: death

The Crow

The crow perch upon the death tree
Listens for the night wind whispering
Names of expired souls
In the glow of moonlight
He wings toward Heaven
Grasping spirits fleeing life
Gather in his claws
He returns to deaths arms
And for a seed of corn
He releases the dead
At daybreak he caws
Than rest his feathers
On his favorite bare branch