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Death Poems About Didactic

Didactic death poems and poems about death for Didactic. Read and share these heartfelt Didactic death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Didactic Poems.

Poem Details | by Andrea M Christian |
Categories: death, devotion, faith, husband, life, loss, lost love, love, nature, passion, peace, romance, uplifting, wife,

Speak of thee

                                        He is above us in the clouds 
                                run through the fields and speak of thee
                                              He will grow roses

                                       I will be the stem of the roses 
                                       for I shall never leave your soil

                                     You will be the tree I grow beneath 
                                             and he will be our rain.

Poem Details | by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: absence, adventure, body, death, introspection, wisdom,


Into oblivion every soul drifts,
Unaware of the world beyond.
Friends and foes forgotten...
Wealth and poverty left behind.
All facades of real substance.   

   Living it all,some say
But only one life all have.
Sow and reap others say
We all indebted to life.

   Search for knowledge and wisdom ceases....
True wisdom lies with those gone beyond,
These are the grateful dead who knows vanity uopn vanity they say begets vanity.

  Beauty for ashes,one loses all;for a time we exist,in another we exit
For the grateful were us.

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: death, life, roses are red,

Right to Life

Maybe, Jesus would have 
thought «Roses are red, violets are 
blue», if He 
had not been crucified

Or maybe, He would not had
asked «Father, forgive them for they don’t 
know what they’re doing!», if He
had not been betrayed

Maybe, many would have
lived much longer, if man with sane mind 
had not been obsessed 
with war, war, and more war

Or maybe, I would have 
grown «As lovely as a tree», if death
had never been mine 

for I, a blooming word, had a goal 
not to live life like sperm only minutes 
to an hour after being libidinously
ejaculated outside from one's sacredness

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: absence, change, death, image, mystery, silly, wisdom,

Death - The Final Pleasure

     Death - The Final Pleasure

I’ve never liked mysteries
Including death
When I die it will be all over
No more suspense for me
No!  This is not a suicide note 
Or poem with an unhappy ending
Nothing so dramatic or mundane as that
When death comes it will be the final pleasure
No more no less
You can guess the rest

Poem Details | by Gerald Nforche |
Categories: depression, funeral, loss, nostalgiaflower, flower,


the skies are broken
and the winds ravage mad
bringing famine clad
which stir awake our ecosystem to cry

weeping tears-falling hot-
and the ecosystem destroyed clean-
clings to its last strength
while malicious man continue the strangle:

come with that cup of water
for my flower shivers cold in thirst
bring it and let me water it
else it shall fail and
                      no flower shall my lover gain

Poem Details | by Bhanu Siva Krishna |
Categories: anger, conflict, death, depression, destiny, dream, how i feel,

Its too Early to PRITE WOETRY

"A poet is a sapient of notions,
And a serpent wrapped up in miracles.
They release poems as saccharine poison.
And success in every session". 
I heard but it’s not true for me.

God “where to go in these malevolent ways?
What to really achieve before my death finales?
Where to live in this immoral place?
Why should I survive on this Immortal maze?
When would I die in these ill-advised days?”

Poem Details | by Gerald Nforche |
Categories: allegory, confusion, death, religion,

Blow Thy Trumpets Angels

Blow thy trumpets Angels
And welcome Earthers a-wild,
Coming humbled, casting jewels
Beating hearts-awake is the tide.
Blow thy trumpet angels 
And welcome the weeping faces
Afraid to behold the Lamb
Whose Garment they'd rend to bits-

Till it bled. Welcome thy brothers,
Sinners from the East,
Usurers in God's home for feast:
Blow, blow! And watch the serpent rejoice.

And his furnace shall burn a-wild,
While Christ shall weep for the lost-
I shall march towards my destiny while
Angels blow their trumpets close.

Poem Details | by Vanezia Lockridge |
Categories: moving on,

If I died tomorrow

If I died  tomorrow will the whole world be filled with tears and sorrow?

Will my family grieve? Will my family cry? Or would they be mad that I didn't say goodbye?

Would they rejoice for I have moved on to a life that is much better than before?

Would they know that I wouldn't love anything more?

If i died tomorrow I really don't know but if I died tomorrow I hope this shows.

Poem Details | by Angelo Pierre louis |
Categories: black african american, corruption, death, horror,

Rule And Never Conquer

Don't fall off of that iron horse!

They'll devour their king.

What song will you sing when the pendulum swings?

Every tyrant should fear the pendulum's swing.

It'll rain backwards and tears will fall back into their eyes.

They'll remember your treachery, they'll bury you alive.

They'll howl as the moon shines on your demise.

What song will you sing when they devour their king?

Every tyrant should fear the pendulum's swing.

June 22, 2016

Poem Details | by maya chaar |
Categories: courage, freedom, grief, happiness, inspirational, life, recovery from..., sorrow, dance, memory, dance, memory,

Stone in your shoe

There’s a stone in your shoe! 
You smile but half smile,
You walk, but feel pain. 
You try to dance, but can’t!
You try to sing, but stammer! 
You try to shake it out, 
But that tiny little stone remains.
A never ending reminder 
That you will never dance with all you heart, 
Or laugh with all you soul, 
Or sing without your stammer. 
You will never relax in conversation 
‘Til you choose to physically remove that stone!
When then and only then...
Could you dance with all your heart, 
Laugh with all your soul, 
And sing without your stammer. 
With only the distant memory of your discomforting pain. 
Only an uncomfortable memory 
From which you can finally find your present peace and comfort.

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: business, candy, cry, dark, death, philosophy, religion,

Lollipops And Death

     Lollipops And Death

Death is the final currency
It pays for nothing
Shadows God, lurking in the dark
Takes the last tear
Takes the last drop
Devils and demons hate humanity
Pain and void is their choice for us
Death is the final currency dished out
Takes the soul to nowhere friendly
It gives no lollipops
Only a tombstone and cold hard box
With dirt on top

Poem Details | by Chukwuemeka Anyikwa |
Categories: courage, grief, life,

Pen on Paper

"With a pen, nothing is 
Impossible on paper.
With a pen, the bested is best on 
With a pen, tell a tale to be a tale 
on paper.
With a pen, write to be written on 
A good pen on good paper is 

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: absence, adventure, death, education, fun, silly, wisdom,

Not Doing The Dishes

       Not Doing The Dishes

When you die you become less active
Can't play in traffic any more
Doing chores is so impossible
Forget about dating, bathing, taking out the trash

Fear of disease when deceased has passed
Talking to strangers no longer matters in oblivion
Living is less strenuous when dead
Please close the cover on the casket
I can't do it; that's for sure

If you do death, do it once
There is no fun in repetition
You can't catch fish with a loaded gun
Some one else will have to do the dishes 

Poem Details | by Lukasz Walterowicz |
Categories: angst, confusion, death, depression, faith, funeral, inspirational, life, loss, lost love, love, nostalgia, people, philosophy, romance, sad, visionary, day,

Second Thoughts

Why we always look away
From what our eyes desire to see?

Then we think
‘I should have…’

We look back
And we can’t see

It walked away -
We let it be

Why it always walks away
When we want to give a try?

We look back every day
And we pray for one last stand

Then we think back in regret
‘Why i hadn’t…’
Each time we cry

One day we will forget-
The day when we die

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: change, dark, death, identity, life, light, truth,

Life Of Candle

                    Life Of Candle
For hours, fire on the candle, dances down the counter 
Wick burns lower into ash
Vaporized, combusted, lashing out at life
Grows shorter, balanced, waxed into oblivion
Transforms as molten puddles on the floor
Flame fills in the shadows corners of the room
Flickers against the solid dark
What was once white, is dimmed
Goes out in a flash in candles style and form
Almost exactly as when it started
Smoke gives no warning of the passing
Immeasurably born it fades away 
Into the shadows grave

Poem Details | by AJAYI RASHEED |
Categories: death, encouraging, environment, leaving, life, light, wisdom,











Poem Details | by OJOBO EMMANUEL |
Categories: death, life,


Life has ever and always be a stage
How to conquer it, is always a maze
But we all don’t always have a say
All we do is just play

Who direct we don’t know
Whether good or bad, who run the show?
Your intuition I guess wants to blow
Your time I tell it’s what you sow

At the end of your show what is seen?
Remember do not let it be
Because you have to be remembered
When you die and your curtain is closed

Poem Details | by NWANDO OBIANYOR |
Categories: adventure, death, education, happiness, hope, life, philosophy,

Facts Of Life

Life is an adventure
The more you live the more you understand.
Life is a teacher
The more we live the more we learn.
Life is a rolling ball.
Life is more expensive than man himself.
Life is like an everyday tax.
Life is important,life is wonderful.
Life is an interesting ,
But dangerous game.
Life is ev'rything needed for man.
Life is the most expensive gift given to us
By God.
It shouldn't be defiled
All in the name of materialism.
Lets join hands and make this world
A better place,
By living life to the fullest.

Poem Details | by Brandee Augustus |
Categories: allegory, bereavement, depression, encouraging, god, introspection, spiritual,

Finding God

Hiding yourself, yet not really blocking
the pain inside, the screaming and mocking.
You think it's a secret; but it's clear to see
you're crumbling inside like a dying tree.

Thoughts from the past are screaming at you;
telling you lies and compliments are few.
You try to hide pain with that crooked smile;
but, I know I haven't seen your true grin in awhile.

However, I know that you have true joy inside.
It's hidden in your heart where His true love abides.
God and the love of your family is the real deal you see.
So stop letting your spirit crumble like a dying tree.

Poem Details | by Dayana Dikanbayeva |
Categories: angst, death, imagination, loss, mystery, war

Blood Undead

The waterfall on my skin reflects my pulse
Its cold and its a broken glass of ice
Against all chains of cells texture on my skin
Ripped the sounds out of my throat
Ripped the veins out of my channels
Throw me down the salt ocean
My blood will turn it into an ocean full of spiders
Dead spiders crawling up your guts
Slipping down your throat
Eating, dissolving, your liver, kidney, heart
I will fall down from the black sky
On you arms, with all my veins out
Blood still flowing from my heart
My blood running undead
Blood undead...

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: death, life, people, social, war,

War: How I Must Live Or Die

I wish…
that war happening around us
would end soon. I feel 

awful when I think 
of people dying 
or, when I see  innocent souls 
have been shot. I feel 

awful when someone
chooses you, to wear a bomb
as I was. Our world,
so small and not 
perfect, yet still, we can make 
a difference that I chose to live 
my life. I own it 

and no one has the right 
to rule how I must live or die; no one 
can take my life, except my Creator.


Poem Details | by emeka offor |
Categories: body, death, funeral, wisdom,

The Ghost of Today

The man or woman you met yesterday
Is different from the ghost you met today
The difference lies in the transition
From one state to the other

Poem Details | by Matthew Anish |
Categories: bereavement, courage, fear,

Songs of Peace and Joy

     After the terrorists 
struck again 
    We must gather 
our wits together
   Take strength after 
the mourning 
We cannot let the 
     murderers win 
by giving in to despair
   We must forge ahead 
with our plans
 and sing songs of peace and joy 
Let our courage 
    guide us 
  and defeat the shadows 
which the killers have left 
   Songs of peace and joy 
will revive our spirits 
There are good people in the world 

Poem Details | by David Smith |
Categories: abuse, allusion, anxiety, art, beautiful, bereavement, betrayal,

All is fair in Love and advertsising

Daily I watch as you use our heartfelt emotions
To sell your products.

You play on our guilt,
Our fears give you a lot of scope,
And our sense of joy you belittle.

Our anger you use to get attention,
You even use our children to give us warm fuzzy's.
Laughter you stage to perfection. 

Our sense of fair play you have found a way to use, 
All for the sake of your product.

What care you that day by day we value our emotions as less real
And more like some party trick.
Because the product is the thing.

Love I am sure would be long dead but for us still holding our poets dear
And their words still fresh and pure.

Poem Details | by Arnold Mutugi |
Categories: allegory, sad, sympathy,

Differed Dreams

The flames flickered and licked
We-men, women and infants
They licked up potential 
They licked up dreams
They licked up futures
They innocently licked up hopes

Fires cremated failures and frustrations
Like bulldozers they overhauled and mauled little pockets
Of joys and tears of ghetto residents

Here, they smoked potential
Here, they smoked greatness
Here, they smoked innocence

Things that we'd never known, or will ever ever know!