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Death Poems About Dog

Dog death poems and poems about death for Dog. Read and share these heartfelt Dog death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Dog Poems.

Poem Details | by Chris Hagy |
Categories: death of a friend, dog, encouraging,

Remnants of Roxanne

Remnants of you Roxanne
Drape over my memory like a warm blanket

I can still see you there just over my shoulder
Your smiling eyes and toothy grin beaming up at me

I still feel your warmth in the rays of the sun
And I still hear your voice in the winds that blow across this land
This land... your home
Will forever feel the presence of your shadow watching over...
Watching over us all

And though I am sad to be parted from you my friend
I am reassured to know...
That now there'll be someone to watch over me wherever I go

- for Roxie, my faithful wonderful friend

Poem Details | by Lindsay Laurie |
Categories: death, dog,

River Gazing

A crazy world has lost it’s solitude;
the comfort in a crowd is where it’s great,
and all those childhood values once pursued,
appear to have succumbed to modern trait.

Befriend a dog, and you have won a mate,
they’ll comfort you through life, and you through there’s,
and for you the crowds of comfort have to wait,
as you cement a bond that no one shares.

But the ravages of time, and death almost due,
no turning back the clock, or magic hand
can unite us in a world that we both knew;
now it’s river walks alone along the sand.

What I should see is water flowing by,
but it’s images of Tom, that catch my eye.

Poem Details | by Luann Pfost |
Categories: bereavement, dog, grief, loss, love,

farewell to my dog

silence when i open the door
silence when i close it again
no one to make a noisy fuss
no one to welcome me in
no one barks at the mailman
no one brings the little ball
no one chomps the squeaky toy 
but love still comes to memories call

Poem Details | by John Wilkinson |
Categories: bereavement, dog,

I miss my dog

If you'd known it would hurt me, you wouldn't have done it
There's no way you'd want me to cry,
You wouldn't just leave, like a bolt from the blue,
without even saying Good-bye.
You knew that I loved you, you knew that I cared
You knew I would always be true
But now you are gone and I'm feeling quite scared
and I really don't know what to do.
I'll love you forever, I'll miss you for longer
you'll always be here in my heart
But time's a great healer and soon I'll be stronger
instead of just falling apart.

Poem Details | by Diane M Quinlan |
Categories: cat, death, dog, flower, nature, rain,

Dead-Drunk Begonia

 cat, death, dog, flower, nature, rain,

It rained cats and dogs
My begonia bit the dust!
Dead-drunk begonia!

Poem Details | by Diane M Quinlan |
Categories: cat, death, dog, drink, flower, rain, water,


 cat, death, dog, drink, flower, rain, water,

My begonias died today
They sucked up all their water
It rained cats and dogs!

Poem Details | by Thomas Durham III |
Categories: death, death of a friend, dog, eulogy,

The Pug of Purest Gold

A Pug’s your pal for always, 
Through cloudy days or fine; 
She’ll lie stretched out beside you, 
And curly tail untwine. 
Perhaps your world’s gone haywire, 
And things seem far from fair; 
To her it matters little, 
So long as you are there. 
This chubby bundle’s waiting 
In Failure or success, 
And from her warmth of welcome, 
Great wealth you can possess. 
She’s one of life’s great treasures, 
Whose value is untold, 
For every Pug is minted, 
From the fine and purest gold. 

Dedicated to My fav pugs Mack and Sweetheart who were taken too soon

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: death of a friend, dog,

Mighty Heart Of A Golden Retriever

Almost two weeks since I closed your weary eyes, some say dogs don’t go to Heaven, but I’m a believer- Deep in my heart I’d have to say that phrase never applies, when you’ve lost the mighty heart of a Golden Retriever. October 28, 2016

Poem Details | by Mary Susan Vaughn |
Categories: animal, best friend, death of a friend, dog, love, poems,

Sit By My Side

Sit by my side and lick my toes, 
Or stick your nose in my lap. 
There never could be time for woe 
Not even time to nap. 
Your tail wags fast and furious, 
And you hop about with joy. 
Looking up at me and smiling, 
Like a kid with a new toy. 
I love you like you’re family, 
and look forward to each day. 
A love so unconditional, 
There’s always time to play. 
Our time together may be cut short, 
For life sometimes is not fair. 
But you will always have my heart, 
Devotion, Time, and Care. 
-       Mary Susan Vaughn

Poem Details | by Craig Glenister |
Categories: death, dog, pets,


Straggy sad dog
left all alone,
head on her paws
sleeping on stone.

Skin and bare bone,
her life undone,
eyes dimly see,
rain is to come.

Death softly cries
"Oh little one,
come here to me,
I am the sun"

Her tail wags once
her heart's last leap,
This little puppy,
slips into sleep.

Wakes in your arms
holding her dear,
A dream she had,
distant past clear.

She could be yours
She could be mine
One never knows
Until it's time.

Poem Details | by Kumaran Santhana |
Categories: death, dog, feelings,

Man's Best Friend

They bark, they whine, they growl, they howl,
different in nature with a wonderful soul.
Very much a man's best friend, 
the best they could be even with unlike gene-strand.

They bark, they whine, they growl, they howl,
proudly guarding the owner even when the weather is cold.
Resting under their feet and more like perfectly shielded,
eagerly and patiently waiting to get rewarded.

They bark, they whine, they growl, they howl,
greatly appreciating the simple food given in a bowl.
A man's best friend in every kind of way,
till the last breath they could stay.

They bark, they whine, they growl, they howl...

-kumaran santhana-

Poem Details | by Zachary Putman |
Categories: absence, animal, death, dog, murder, people, pets,

Murder in June

Fangs, bloody and red
Tires, barren of tread
Fire, rising above
Heart, devoid of love
Skies, cloudy and grey
Price, too high to pay
Time, now has run out
Mind, filled now with doubt
Eyes, blinded by drinking
Brain, no longer thinking
Blood, staining the ground
Noise, then not a sound
Life, taken too soon
Warmth, gone now in June
Dead, left on the road
Man, a life taken now owed

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: animals, funeral, funny,

Jealous dog

Henrietta just a pet chicken
Loves attention and holding
torments the jealous dog by tapping on the door
Plays dead like a duck once tooo often
Doggie thinks KFC....yum
Henrietta taking a dirt nap under a pine tree.

tears and sorrow!!

Poem Details | by Cody Blake |
Categories: animal, appreciation, death,

An ode to the dog on the side of the road

Oh how it struck me so..
the dog on the side of the road..

You have all been enslaved by self gain and judgement...
Why waste time?
What is sane?
and Who's to blame?
Oh how It struck me so!
The dog on the side of the road..

Look into those eyes...the feeling to know everything dies...
So sad that we only insist on the pursuits of our own...
Might as well let this world burn,
humanity will never discern....
Oh how It stuck me so...
The dog on the side of the road...

Poem Details | by Julian Scutts |
Categories: bereavement, dog, star,

To Lady and the Dog Star

They said a funny Latin word,
they said that you were dead,
yet merrily you wagged your tail
when I took you to the vet.
You were not kind to chickens,
as well the neighbors know,
or come to that, to ducks and geese,
and yet I loved you so.
Oh, to recall the bygone days
we roamed and roved together,
sometimes when snow lay all about,
sometimes o'er hills of  heather.
Our walkies to the liquor store,
our excursions to the bar,
and all those times you led me home
when I couldn't use the car.
At night, I swear, an angel
looms in the purple sky,
and on a gently twinkling leash
you, Lady, lead  on high.

Poem Details | by Jerrell Jones |
Categories: funny,

My Dog Died

In spite of my planning, my worry and my labor,
My wife skipped town with my next door neighbor;
And my girlfriend left with a slick city dude;
And my truck broke down; and my landlord sued--

  And my dog died.
  Yeah, my dog died.
  I'm gonna drink myself silly and it won't take long
  'Till I'm the local hero
In a country fried song.

I got not future said the 5 buck gypsy;
And my boss fired me for showing up tipsy;
And I swallowed my teeth in a barroom brawl;
And my good for nothing friends won't come by or call--

  And my dog died.
  Yeah, my dog died.
  I'm gonna drink myself silly and it won't take long
  'Till I become immortal
In a country fried song.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: animals, death, life, loss

Missing One Dog

Where did the dogness(soul) go?
Nowhere subtract one dog
Memories remain
Bad dreams whimpering
Restless sleep~"Rocky, wake up."
Asleep rest in peace

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: anti bullying, art, christian, dog, funeral,

Socrates and his Ouzo

There was a man named Freddie
he'd beat is wife ever steady
a self centered drunk
he was a scum and a skunk
the judge made sure his cell was ready

Poem Details | by Edward Hill |
Categories: death of a friend, dog, friendship, boy,

A Boy And His Best Friend

A boy and best friend named Killer,
Together they shall grow.   
When one is very ill,
The other surely knows!

Faithful to one another,
They played games and also liked to run.
Though one was so much faster,
Together they still had fun.
Faithful and oh so loyal,
He was Johnny's good best friend.
They protected one another,
Until Killer's bitter end! 

Edward F. Hill

Poem Details | by Lukas Ficklin |
Categories: animal, death, dog, farewell, grief, miss you, sorrow,

Heaven awaits a good boy

Heartbeats thumping in rapid unison 
   Chest hard pressed in his final resting place
      The scent of sterile death whelms the toxin
         Igniting the ducts in a scarce headspace
            A drop on his tongue with a salty trace
               Glitters in the blinding fluorescent ray
                  Each dense breath trickles unused time away
                     As tears of ire inspire his golden coat
                        One last moment to share our yesterday
                           And with that fourteen years have gone afloat


Poem Details | by Ashleigh Johnson |
Categories: angel, dark, death, dream, friendship, funeral, loss, pain, heart, dog, voice, dog, heart, me, voice,

Dead Girl

Whose voice is that i think i know
Her voice is soft like the soft winds blow.
She skips with glee as she grows near.
Her skin is pale, as white as snow.

My dog beside me, finds it *****
To see her now after a year
Between two trees down by the lake.
The time she died was just last year.

My dog beside me starts to shake
To see this trick is a mistake
The tears that fall as i start to weep
Of deepest sorrows, my heart it aches

The feeling of grief it cuts me deep
But she will stay in my heart to keep
And as i cried i fell asleep
And as i cried I fell asleep

Poem Details | by Justin Time |
Categories: absence, animal, death, dog, heartbreak, heartbroken, hurt,

Best Friend

My best friend is a puppy 
Who loves to be with me
He’s always giving kisses 
While he's sitting on my knee

I love to take him Golfing 
And watch him have such fun
As walking down the fairway
He’s always on the run

You get home in the evening 
To see him jump for joy
His little tail a wagging
He brings to you his toy

Then life shows its true colors
It stabs you with a dart
It takes away your pride and joy 
And kills your happy heart

Oh it’s not right to steal you Joy
To take away your boy
And leave you all the Grief and pain 
And happiness destroyed 

Poem Details | by Bethany Nikolassy |
Categories: death, dog,

The Visit

I visited you today,
At that place where you lay.
I placed flowers and a picture of you and me at your cold headstone.
As I was leaving, the wind picked up,
Throwing my hair in my tear-filled eyes,
That soon streamed down my face,
I tried to t hold them back,
Soon gave up on that.

I am not who I used to be,
I died along time ago, when you had to pass,
With one lingering question.....
Where is the "good" in this "goodbye?" 

I visited you today,
And cried, fighting the tears back.
Trying to figure what good comes from goodbye....

Poem Details | by Billy TheKidster |
Categories: animals, death, pets,

Eulogy For A Dog

She asked so little of us. Some food, water and shelter, but what she most desired in life was our presence, our attention , affection and love, and in return she gave all of us her undying devotion, unquestionable loyalty, and unconditional love. She will be dearly missed now that she is gone from this earthly place, but she will be forever loved and cherished in our hearts and memories. Rest Peacefully Tasha * * 03/16/2011 * *

Poem Details | by Thomas Durham III |
Categories: cry, dark, death of a friend, dog,

Life Sucks

Once a year, I shed a tear
For the ones I have lost
You will never understand the cost
I say to myself “why am I so lost?”
For this year I have shed more tears than I ever have, 
My dog has left the earth and passed, 
My life is truly aghast
But enough of the past, 
I’m here for the future, 
My life is trashed
For my time has passed, 
I need to restart, 
So have a heart
And help my heart
I have too much on my heart 
I cannot stand it, please make my life easier
and remove my tears