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Death Poems About Dove

Dove death poems and poems about death for Dove. Read and share these heartfelt Dove death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Dove Poems.

Poem Details | by Laith Seher |
Categories: death, funeral,

A Dove

A Dove
We said :What are  all those  feathers ?
When  we walked  for  the funeral of the kid . 
His father raised  his hand ,
 picked up a feather
 and  cried :This is the word "a dove"
He learned  to say since two days. 
we forget to take it out of his mouth .

The poem by :Maithem Radhi (Iraqi Poet )
Translated by : Laith Seher

Poem Details | by Brenda Rose |
Categories: bereavement, bird, christmas, emotions, friendship, love, symbolism,

The Magical Dove

This Christmas I have something
That’s magical for you and me
I so want to share it with you
So open this box and you will see.

There’s two turtle doves inside
Now please place one in your hand
And I will take the other
To help you understand.

You keep one and so will I
And best friends we’ll always be
No matter how far you go away
Hold the dove and you’ll see me.

And if you’re lonely and in need
Just send it back to me
Alone you will not be for long
Because that’s where I will be.

So now you know the story
How they tenderly hold our love
I’m talking about the magic
Of the magical turtle dove!

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: death, imagination, religion

Winter Is Over My Dove

Here lies Sara
Poetry she did savor
Song of Solomon
Her favorite verse
This love story uncommon
In this she would immerse
"Come away my love"
For winter is over my dove

Poem Details | by Carolyn Sears |
Categories: death, faith, sad,

The Feather Of A White Dove

I clung to your embrace
As your last breathe fled
Into the heavens bliss

Upon the feather of a white

Oh gently did the feather
Through the wind
Descending into the heavens

I think the heavens cried that

For the clouds just rumble as
The tears started to pour

I thought I seen a beautiful white

Just perched upon your shoulder
As I clung to your embrace

Your last breathe silently fled
Upon the feather of the white dove

Oh gently did the feather sail

As the clouds began to rumble
And the tears overflowed

As you descended so gracefully
Into the heavens bliss

On the feather of a white dove

Poem Details | by MC MC |
Categories: depression, lost love, nostalgia, sad, sympathy

My Pilot Dove

My Pilot Dove

Where is my Pilot Dove?
He went to his hanger;
I can not find him
this brings me anger
He flew away; took our love?
not here with me; He flies above.

McCuen Copyright October 2008

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: death, faith, hope, life, love, peace, sad, uplifting,

A Dove

In the corner she whimpers So softly she cries some tears Tenderly a dove does come Sending her pure grace Through darkness she completed Made it through a harsh mission Suffered pain so all may love From a dove she saw She gave everything she had She poured love to all creatures She released the dove at last So she might find death
Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by Frederick Espiritu |
Categories: death, life, religion,

The Dove Is Not Ready To Fly

The dove is not ready yet to fly
Not ready yet for goodbye
Many dreams must to fulfill
Have shown not his best skill

The dove is not ready yet to fly
Oh please! Not today, not tonight
Must freed what his life embraced
The hellish art made must be erased

The dove is not ready yet to fly
At this time he will not reach the sky
Hadn't yet shared the delicious bread
The new wisdom fathom hasn't spread

The dove is not ready yet to fly
Tears are flowing into his eyes
The dove is not ready to take wing
From his body, from his skin


Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: cry, death, god, love, peace, rainbow, soldier,

Peace Dove

Bombs fly
Soldiers die
Pols lie
Apple pie
~ Moms cry

Young men torn
Widows mourn
Hair shorn...

Sun will shine
Life's fine
Rainbow's sign

Peace Dove
High Above

God is Love

          May 15, 2019
Entry: 'Charlieku' New Form contest
     Sponsor: Charles Messina

Poem Details | by Senait Mohammed |
Categories: black african american, confusion, death, history, life, peace, time,

Losing Memory Of My Dove

Freshman (HS) Project: J.F.Kennedy

Yesterday, I walked upon that floor,
I have not seen anything but rich and poor.
I help the black fight against segregation,
I just don't get all this discrimination.
I question this day, "Why do we all have to pay?"
I shake my fan's hand,
Being a president is one, but I don't demand.
My wife beside me,
I wave to all, can't they see?
Only thing I hear and witness,
Is darkness.
Tears flow off my face,
The feeling, I was in space.
God must be calling me,
Better leave and be free.
Tying to say "Good-Bye My Love,"
Losing Memory of My Dove.

Poem Details | by Raven Tones |
Categories: absence, death, dedication, spiritual,

Silver Dove

Silver ashes in my hand

Sprinkle you softly in the land

Knew you not as long as wished

Somber sleep for you to earth from the dish

Pray your soul may find the peace in mind

For you deserve to find what you left in mine

You left behind so many joys and memory

I place the final drop of what you are made of

I think of you sweetly and place it gently

Watch as it's carried off by a dove

I whisper my thanks for the years of unconditional love

Watching you fly off with the white bird above

Poem Details | by Arlene Smith |
Categories: autumn, death, hate, heaven, love, peace, war,

Oh Hopeful Dove

An olive branch,
true and narrow;
honed into the perfect arrow.
Pierce thy side, oh hopeful dove;
hate, once again has out bid love.
In crimson pool, thy breath to cease;
this world, sweet dove, shall ne'er know peace.
But now thine soul has been set free,
where love and peace abound for thee.

Poem Details | by andrea ashton |
Categories: death, life, loss, peace, war,

black dove

black dove wont bring messages of peace
but leaves nightmares for you to keep
flits her wings, begins to fly
watches as the others die

black dove brings messages of death
count to ten and hold your breath
brings sorrow into worldly lives
and watches as the others die

steel beak and black wings
knows only of one thing to bring
doesnt know the word survive
while she watches as the others die

comes tragically, yet makes no sound
stills the wind and breaks the ground
forgotten what it means to cry
as she leaves the others while they die

Poem Details | by Melissa Ross |
Categories: animals, nature, sympathy, time, visionary,

An Ode to the White Dove

Never shall I spot a more precious dove
It’s pure feathers express innocent love.

Wings of unspoken exquisiteness flutter with speed
This divine creature will one day fall to human greed.