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Death Poems About Earth Day

Earth Day death poems and poems about death for Earth Day. Read and share these heartfelt Earth Day death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Earth Day Poems.

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: christmas, dream, earth day, easter, education, england, environment, eulogy, farewell,


sand burns on the skin but you
find relief nearby

Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
Categories: autumn, day, death, earth, earth day, fire, forgiveness, giving, grave, history, horror, places, pollution, river, sky, social, space, tree, water, wind,

Why all this Destructions

Why all this Destructions? – Zamreen Zarook

God created this whole universe for the mankind,
He gave everything lavishly, thinking that we might be kind,
Even though people are able, they seems to be blind,
Whereas people failed to mind.

The sky which was created for the man started to scream and cry,
Since good morals and ethics were decry,
The fire started to do the mimicry,
As the water lands cannot bear, it came to man with a battle cry.

Land couldn't hold and it started to gorge,
Fresh air merged with chemicals and started to urge,
Whatever created for the man have started to over charged,
Stop evil and let the merits be enlarged.

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: death, earth, earth day, environment, mountains,

Mountain Top Removal Mining

Black Wasteland Blitzkrieg hills Broken promises Death!

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: death, earth day, food, future, goodbye, image, obituary,

bon appetite

I am 
quiet and peaceful

by the earth 
woods and sky

seeing feeling 
tasting smelling 

fat insects 
are crawling 
up and down 
my body

bon appetite

Poem Details | by Shihabudheen Kumbidi |
Categories: earth day, flower, funeral, garden, green, life, nature,


The Silent white grave,
Muted chirrups of sparrows
Fallen petals of Green dreams
Just put your ear very close
Hear the last melodies 
Sung by a cuckoo.
Gaze at the White surface
See the last steps of grassy dances!
Just Smell it,
Feel the last blooming of a jasmine!
A forest is sleeping inside a paper.

You are strange Creature!
Same as a human, 
Writing poems about forests,
trees, worms, rivers, and leaves.
Pretending not to see
That you are writing on a white grave!
Killing the word “Sincerity”
Burying the corpse of a forest!

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: allah, confusion, death, earth day, god, mystery, political, time,

Drifting In the Hale-Bopp

The puzzle comes apart deep in the sky;
calls nothing that is concrete to the mind;
as far as we can tell and meets the eye
the reason for the tail's not ours to find.

We stand confused, and only guess at why
the wonder of it all has stilled our voice
did David Korish ever really die?
and is it all worked out, with little choice?

Mount Carmel but a coming of an age
the catostrophic ending of mistake,
what hope is there to ever quell the rage
appeassing what is wrong, for honors sake?

      Is there a sign that's ever flown the sky
       or is it just a dream where-in we die?
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Poem Details | by Anthony Parker |
Categories: analogy, anxiety, day, death, deep, earth day, emotions,


"I see the world in vivid Illustrations 
Sometimes a moment of death can 
Bring the brightest interpretation
Currently patient 
Forever waiting for the day I'll die in vain
Nothing but a victim that gained his density of pain
I endure certain qualities that probably has hell's people stalking me 
In reality I'm a ghost
that walks around this place with lost of hope"  

Poem Details | by richard nnoli |
Categories: africa, bereavement, cheer up, dedication, earth day, people,

transform yourself

Before you can 
Transform the world
     First by yourself
Transform yourself 

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: earth, earth day, environment, natural disasters, nature, poetry, pollution,


Starburst from a mid-night sky,
jettisons dreams from the sky-web.

Imagination's flight can be terror
for those who would cloud sky with plutonium-rot.

Grandmother Spider's tears
soak Earth's belly with toxic rains;
her sky-web glistens with crystal tears.

If not for the trees belching grayed-out oxygen;
no life could survive.

Tree branches wipe Grandmother's eyes;
each night fewer crystals adorn sky-web.

Grandmother's tears, plummet through acid skies
to a "Nuked" womb...
a ball of micro waved...uterine...dust.

Poem Details | by Leo Mbalamana |
Categories: death, deep, depression, devotion, dream, earth day, emotions,


The journey is tough 
And I had enough 
This life is rough 
I’ve been going through too much stuff
I want to open up my fist
Take a blade and cut my wrist 
Sit outside and bleed in the mist 
Or just take a rope
Tie a noose around my neck with no hope 
I can no longer cope 
My faith in life is false 
I can’t feel my pulse 
I’m about to collapse 

Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: earth day, eulogy, eve, family, fantasy,


I always wore clogs with solid socks when a boy
bought a pair today, not made of wood and leather
but of some plastic stuff. I have tried them on
walked up and down in the living room into the yard
I do not think I will use them often.
They are a clumsy looking pair and had nothing to
offer but sore heels and the childhood is distant as ever
I put them in the outhouse a nice home for mice,
spiders and other mysterious things that lurk in there.
The clogs were made in Germany, and it surprises me 
how the Germanic people can make products 
then here in low paid Portugal. 
I think the reason is that Portugal has too many 
Overpaid bosses and never mind the Indians 

Poem Details | by malcolm dyer |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, betrayal, earth day, grief, inspiration,

Still in Need

From the ticking and the chiming of my heart
To the clicking and rhyming of my thoughts
I am a free man today 
A slave to yesterday
A wanted man tomorrow
For all I want they have 
And for all they want I have
Save for the time I saved the world
This time I won't be so generous
For all they need is dangerous
 And all that I have is still in need

Poem Details | by Paul Clements |
Categories: abuse, care, conflict, corruption, death, earth day, green,

Dark green domains

As we clear cut out Forest 
and lay waste to the trees 
we unleash our demise 
like a revenging disease 
so be ye good stewards 
to the dark green domains
or it's regrowth will Feast 
on your rotting remains.

Poem Details | by Michelo Mweetwa |
Categories: death, desire, drug, earth, earth day, emotions, encouraging,

Love to survive

Love to survive

A virus
There’s a virus
Roaming among us
It is lurking around us
Our hands cannot guard us
Our loved ones can’t hug us
Love is all we have as our protector
A love for a brother, a mother and stranger 
A love that suppressed our fears and puts aside desires 
The pain of isolation should shine with protection for one another
Every minute of sacrificed companionship annihilates the invisible danger 
The only thing we need to survive and live is love and in turn we shall live to love each other

Poem Details | by Marley Marlibu |
Categories: america, change, death, earth day, evil, feelings, future,

The Abyss

                "The Abyss " 

I am asking myself, What's going on? Like what happened with Marvin Gaye.

For the first time in this high tide, we all fear the unknown, yet we know. I know, you know and they know that something is in the air, thus we all catching a cold! 

Conscience fighting consensus, 
Healers to Dealers, 
Mirros to Readers ' digest. 
It's all occurring at lightning' s speed like fermented grapes to the to the mind of a bitter heart, please put the bottle down and soberly count the winds blowing on the surface...

Poem Details | by Craig Pinches |
Categories: death, earth, earth day, sky,

When I Die

When I die bury me in the sky
So I can look out over the earth far and wide

When I die bury me in the sky
So I can see if there is life on mars as I'm passing by

When I die bury me in the sky
So I can shine like a star, it's my time

Oh when I die bury me in the sky
For reasons that are personal

You don't need to know why
Bury me in the sky when I die

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: death, earth day, journey, life,

on a cold stone

in the beginning, 
one strives for a long impressive resume.
in the end , it comes down to 
a name, two dates and a few words 
on a cold stone.