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Death Poems About Enclosed Rhyme

Enclosed Rhyme death poems and poems about death for Enclosed Rhyme. Read and share these heartfelt Enclosed Rhyme death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Enclosed Rhyme Poems.

Poem Details | by nicole gagnon |
Categories: childhood, death, friendship, life, loss, people, sad,

I Remember

I remember the day
I heard you died,
I remember just how hard 
that I cried.

My heart ached more
then I felt it could be,
Just by knowing you 
were not here with me.

Even though you have
gone away,
The memories of you 
are here to stay.

You were like a
sibling should be,
Now you are a guardian
angel to me.

Poem Details | by jessica holland |
Categories: confusion, death, depression, family, life, loss, heart, heart,

Falling apart

I'm fulling apart my heart is full of smoke I swear I dont joke
my heart is beating full confusion and I have no solution because
I'm falling apart inside I feel like I'm dieing inside because
of all the lieing my mind and heart are racen Im tracen my step 
because am falling apart

Poem Details | by Melissa Ross |
Categories: death, devotion, inspirational, life, loss, visionary, heart, heart,

Turning from God

Exuberant with an abundance of new youth,
A heart so fresh, so full of light,
Grows dark and begins to write,
It sees through the lies it knows the truth.

Its soul loves God; with him it confides, breaks bread,
The soul keeps its heart and continues to pray,
Until the day the heart converted the soul to grey,
Pain unfolded, for the human they held, was now dead.

Poem Details | by Regina McIntosh |
Categories: death, devotion, family, sorrow, surreal,

My Truckdriver

Driving at night, with the window down
Air in my hair, hands on the wheel
Him driving by me, there to reveal
His face clearly visible in the middle of town

Passing by him, I was startled and yearning
Wishing for the chance to say hello to him
He was my uncle and I felt it all on a whim
Even though I hoped, his head wasn’t turning

How could I be seeing him tonight,
Without a doubt his image in the window
Reminding me why I was stuck in limbo
Him the truckdriver – mostly out of sight.

He had given me so much of his heart
Pieces I still carried and pulled out often
Yet I had seen him there, lying inside a coffin
Tonight, I was haunted by the love he did impart

Poem Details | by Jessica Alvero |
Categories: conflict, death of a friend, deep, depression, goodbye, heartbreak, judgement,

No Longer a Writer

Then one day, everything stopped
She no longer cared for things
Her vitality just dropped,
She no longer spread her wings. 

Detaching herself from poems
Hundreds left unedited
Papers filled with dooms
The writer's dream forfeited. 

Gone is her ultimate dream, 
Gone are visions she wager
She once battled- made a name
Now vanished into thin air.

Her pen no longer bleeding, 
Her thoughts no longer written
People were left wondering
Why she is no longer seen.

Her fave coffee turned so cold
Her fave books dusty, unread
Her stories remain untold
She finally succumbed- dead.

Poem Details | by Asma Memon |
Categories: abuse, anger, death, deep, wisdom, youth,

And they went

They went in the lap of dreams
Blood! Blood! everywhere..
Cries are so loud; mourn itself is grieving 
Mothers are quiet; longing and holding their bellies 
 Blood! Blood! everywhere..
Humanity is dead; humans are dead
Flowers are dull; colors are fading
Blood! Blood! everywhere..
Stop this war; we demand peace 
You think its for the sake of religion?
Blood! Blood! everywhere..
Denunciate yourself; ask where you stand
You! yourself is a victim ferociousness
 Blood! Blood! everywhere..
And they went.. Innocence is brutality slayed
Blood! Blood! everywhere..

Poem Details | by Rebecca Huxley |
Categories: absence, grief, longing, love hurts, mother daughter, prison,

Home Alone

Are you coming home?
Home to me, 
Home to where you said you would be. 
Are you coming home? 
Home to me, 
Home is the place where you left me. 
Are you coming home? 
Home to me, 
Home is the place where you said we’d both be free. 

Are you coming home? 
Home to me, 
Home to where you said you would be. 
Are you coming home? 
Home to me, 
Home is the place where you said we’d both be free. 
Are you coming home? 
Home to me, 
Home is the place where you left me.

Poem Details | by Lakisa Battie |
Categories: sympathy, sorry, sad, nature, mystery, lost love, loss, life, funeral, family, depression, death, confusionemotions,

Loosing It

  < Early morning,

   Its rainy and dark,

   Quit dull,

   Cloudy and gray,

   Emotions flowing not,

   So dim and sadden,

   Stuck in a zone,

   Feeling all alone,

   Suddenly blacken,

   Now dressed in lace,

   And black satin,

   Emotions flowing all over,

   Yet still lost,

   Dazed and amazed,

   Felt crushed pancake flatten......>

Poem Details | by Joel Thornton |
Categories: abuse, child, childhood, grave, parents, sick, violence,



Why am I so flippant yet complacent?

Hypocritical Martyr

Torture chamber – secret sub-basement

Bomb shelter        Pedophile aquarium

Abducted children raped half-dead

Migraines and Menstruating

Horrible highway ambiance

Static from a radio unaware

Of our new piece of world, our breath of new air

Almost caught so only kill their daughters instead

A farm for inbred rapists and prepubescence

Shattered psyche of victims to share

Till they pile into a mass grave dead.

And the blood from evil hands now to rinse.

Resent this road leading to nowhere.

Poem Details | by Benjamin David |
Categories: confusion, dark, death, farewell, goodbye, loss, lost love, sorrow,


Those smiles bloomed, blossomed fawned
As tears now wander
Upon hearts squander
Love's grave has securely, purely, spawned 

We kissed aflutter and danced in shimmer
And my hands apprised
But now glanced disguised
For the shadows glare dolour and dimmer

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: death, nature, old, old,

Visit Me In September -enclosed rhyme-

If you come to visit, come in the month of September
I'll be there near the old maple tree down the lane
Come sit with me before the start of this years rain
Sit for awhile and the days of our lives remember

Bring a book of your words and quietly read to me
While the golden leaves of this year start to drift
Put your hand on my stone and I'll give you this gift
To find peace in my place near the old maple tree

The seasons come and go, a measure of our time
I remember the light of September caught in your hair
The delights of  each harvest that were ours to share
I rest here beneath my tree, no more hills to climb.....


Poem Details | by Piyush Kaushal |
Categories: angst, art, death, funeral, loss, prejudice,

The Ultimatum

The colloquial era of distorted sights
The enigma of thoughts and prejudiced plights
Betraying silence with elevated subterfuge

The sun, the moon, the stars, and the sky
Panorama of an entity and a soliloquy

The Ultimatum

The night that shines through,
The day withering alibis
The petals of nascent emotions
The wrecked laughs and the intellect cries

The hallucinations of cerebellum intensifies
The sodomized senses, the actuarial lenses
Calculate the mystery of plundering breath

The denial of existence
And the existence of departed
The annals of history take a frontier thy

When you feel death
Resurgence cramps in
Carrying away the cold and dry….

Poem Details | by Hani Gholami |
Categories: break up, depression, divorce, freedom, grief,

Dark Room

I thought she was the light in a dark room.

She had me circling the bright fumes

but I did not know.

She was the dark room.

Poem Details | by Lenin Lives |
Categories: grief,


Last morning
All was right
This night
All are mourning

Poem Details | by PRISCILLA willis |
Categories: adventure, confusion, space, time,

Spirited Death

Sooth my withered soul, 
Rush in waters bitter pill
pump my blood till it's too full to fill;
Briefly lust warmed my tattered heart...
Covered bones disguised in robes
of colored gems and displaced art;
Wash away the cold dead air
of a clowns bold stare...
Standing naked 
In the white glare of a staged nightmare..
As almond eyes sigh a cry to deadened skies;
Bow my head in sightless sound on storied grounds
retreating from the lie my spirit hasn't .. just..yet..died .

Poem Details | by Dominic Amezimi |
Categories: grief,


I am used to these ones not being there
Acquainted with truth; that they don’t care
Your weakest efforts to bring me to mind
Are all your strongly willed alibis
On stranger’s tide, one part of my life
They run, then hide, whilst I surf the tides
Alone at sea, my flesh has failed me
Along with it, all humanity
I am used to these ones not being there
An austere life, which is never fair
Nicely deceitful, truly callous
Slighting, painful, proudly ominous
In oceans deep, down in the oozes
The tears; I weep, and all the bruises.

Poem Details | by Vernette Hutcherson |
Categories: death, life, son,


"Too late", the doctor said
"God's will has been done
I can do no more for your son"
Still can't believe he's dead

Poem Details | by jessica warren |
Categories: confusion, death, hope,

this is it

Played into this, was anything ever felt that meant.
Betrayed since beginning, layed in ur tracks is how it went.
Spending these moments, were never spent, its meaningless.
Backwords, background, let's pretend, ill give u what u wish.
Pretending to be played, let's forget, I didn't c her much suspense.
Think I'm in the wrong wasn't. It, not guilty, no defense.
Victory, already spent, unowned, thought u knew, fine priint.
Contract broken, hope u was hopin, hope its quenched.
Gave you all of it, left me twisted but I had sense.
Thought u had it all not my all, not my all, this is it.

Poem Details | by Benjamin David |
Categories: angst, beautiful, beauty, confusion, dark, flower, grief, hope, lonely, loss, love,

A Profundis

Oh this summer if I were you                                   
Tulips fluttered in the breeze that knew 
And kisses trickle from dawning's dew
Into spring blossoms white and blue

A tear drop's trail in tame to throe
Wings candle flickers 
Love's pollen pickers 
As petal pondered in weed to woe

Poem Details | by Brittany Reynolds |
Categories: art, death, nature, sea,

The Stars Die

Fifty-thousand stars died last night.
Painting a beautiful picture,
(with an absurd haunting allure)
on an abandoned sandy site.

Swept up in a sharp, vicious storm,
celestial corpses to be found,
their lives absorbed into the ground.
Genocide given an art form. 

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: adventure, faith, fear, grief, inspirational, memory, pain, recovery from..., thanksgiving, night, night,

My sinister fits

Out of many days of my disturbed life
This year twenty thirteen is a blessing
I have ever seen -a satisfied wish.
I am now free from often fits for life.

In the previous years, I have prayed from
The ruding consciousness and wield disease.
Morning to night fever; morning and night fit:
A half of my age in the midst of storm.  

If it is headache, I would say 'normal',
But it is abrupt migraine. When it strikes,
It can make the patient seems like a liar
Before those that know when he is normal.

This migraine is not the usual fair ache,
It's one outlandish momentary freeze-
Freezing brain, closing sight and freezing quill.
'Unorthodox! Isn't it?' was my ache. 


Poem Details | by Jewels Chavira |
Categories: death, depression, funeral, life, loss, lost love, sad, teen, day, day,

The day I die

The day I die I’ll be free
Free from pain
Free from hate
Free from a broken heart

The day I die I’ll find peace
Peace from my mind
Peace from my soul
Peace from emotions

The day I die I’ll find answers
Answers of life
Answers of death
Answers of pain

The day I die I will laugh
Laugh at my mistakes
Laugh at my falls
Laugh at myself

The day I die I’ll remember
Remember my family
Remember my first love
Remember my friends

Poem Details | by Dan Lasher |
Categories: death, imagination, introspection, life, nostalgia, passion

Slide Show

A slide show in my mind
Doing time with memories

Everything that has made me has a slide

The good, the bad, the insanely mad
The gained, the lost
All embossed

The pain, the rain
The sun, the fun

Left alone to watch the show
Where it will go, I just don't know

When the show is done
All slides complete
Only then can I rest my feet

Poem Details | by D.E.T Sol |
Categories: august, bereavement, faith, inspiration, inspirational, nice,



You stick your nose in my business 
So, you can listen to my weakness 
Am I surprise that you used my weakness 

No, not really 
Cuz I feel pity
Cuz you thought 
That what you heard
Was a good word

To listen
You tellin' me you're a cold hearted 
Good, let's get it started 
Cuz a cold hearted 
Doesn't fall in love

Listen you wanna be a cold hearted 
That's what you wanna be
I got a weakness 

Yeah, I struggle 
With my troubles

Poem Details | by Brittany Reynolds |
Categories: death, faith, fantasy, holiday, night, halloween, night,

Forgotten Samhain

Let’s celebrate the thinnest of the veil!
Reunite with long lost family and friends
and take one last chance to make our amends,
on the night the worlds’ barrier is frail.

But when is this magic night to occur?
Some say it’s during Scorpio’s Full Moon
or the sun’s post allows us to commune. 
Others claim Halloween causes the blur.

If we could ask the first ones that observed,
they would surely tell us the correct night
to build the bond fires and keep them alight.
How do we ask when the veil is conserved?