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Death Poems About Environment

Environment death poems and poems about death for Environment. Read and share these heartfelt Environment death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Environment Poems.

Poem Details | by Maureen McGreavy |
Categories: death, environment, me,

Graceful Exit

                               no more footprint   I am flying now


The Last Line Poetry Contest
Silent One

Poem Details | by Deb Adams |
Categories: angst, conflict, environment, grief, pain, pollution, senses,

What Is That Taste In My Mouth

No warning.

The taste spread swiftly
around the room.

Eyes scour.
They pinpoint the doom.

A little old lady
Who's big on perfume.

Poem Details | by Amaris Muriel Thomas |
Categories: allegory, animal, beauty, betrayal, christian, corruption, creation, environment, grief, murder, nature, tiger, tree, tribute,

The tigress' mark

She prowls the night
with clenched jaw and pride,
nothing able to smite
her remorseless stride.

The ominous reflection of moon 
shines forth from devouring eyes
of a nocturnal beauty spun on the loom
of the Creator's bid and sighs.

Grace moves her every limb
and she precedes an enraged scream
caused by ruins of a forest now grim
and held alive by all but one stream.

Her claws prophesy of vengeance 
though her heart yearns for reconciliation.
Yet now there would be no leniency 
for a soul's annihilation. 

Now on journeys through lush valleys and ashes
she will embark
until all that remains after furious thrashes
will be the tigress' mark.

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: death,


Flowers and green leaves
Die in hundreds every day
Shortage of coffins
7 May 2017

Poem Details | by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: death, dream, environment,

inanimate thing

At night, a huge creature floats to the surface of the tart ocean to dream into the moonlight, which barely penetrates the sulfur clouds. She sighs, her skin made of stainless steel is luminescent in the dark, her nuclear heart continues to work, but she is empty: the last restless souls have long gone from her body. She floats out of habit: inanimate things can’t dream. What did she dream before?

blue sky verdant strip
of land on the horizon…
she doesn't recall

All About The Environment. Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Richard Lamoureux

Poem Details | by ravi kiran |
Categories: emotions, environment, freedom, grief, moving on,


Passing old memory lanes as the tram journeys towards home,
how in the maze of thoughts do I find some happiness?
Windows will share the tears on a rainy day.

Destroying the old worlds as we fly around the globe,
It was always raining in the new lands,
parts of self left behind in pieces in the thoughts of friends

Finding freedom in bonding with the unknown,
filling empty baskets for the occasions of nostalgia,
Realising only in the riddle of dreams where we truly belong,

Poem Details | by Sunil Sathyendra |
Categories: environment, eulogy, imagery, wisdom, world, writing,

Nobody came

Yesterday the tree died. Many men came and cut it down and laid it on the road. 

They laid the body on the road. 
I went and said a few kind words. The tree had always been good to me. 
In fact it had been good to everyone but nobody came Ma. 

They took the tree's body away, I was not sure if they will burn it away or bury it. I wished it stayed longer with us. 

What happens to trees that die Ma?

(Amma, Ma are synonymous with mother)

Poem Details | by Christine Tansy |
Categories: abuse, addiction, corruption, death of a friend, environment, inspirational, society,

Death By Meth

The cause of his death 
Because he chose to do meth 
He started out with a line 
But it was no longer fine 
He started to smoke in a glass bowl 
He knows hes loosing his soul 
Feeling not one emotion
With the impulse of another notion
He desires to put it on a spoon 
Cooking it not to quick but not to soon 
He places it into the needle sticks it in him arm 
Starting to cause major bodily harm 
Instantly hes enjoying his high 
But doesnt even get to say goodbye 
Death decides its his time to go 
Just a thought...
But maybe he should have said 

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: death, environment, evil, life, nonsense, political, pollution,

I turn off my TV

I sit on my chair and travel the world
I turn off my TV 
And cry

Poem Details | by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, black african american, bridal shower, caregiving, celebrity, childhood, christian, cousin, daughter, death of a friend, devotion, education, environment, father daughter, first love, flower, children, for her, kids, how i feel, little sister, me, mom, mother, native american, nostalgia, people, poets, school, spiritual, student, woman, women, work,

Qualities of Health Engendering Women

They see strengths
Not the limitations
These are people who will make you proud of yourself
They will tell you why you’re special
Trust you to the point you have to answer their expectations
They make you better than you normally are
You can be proud of yourself
They respect you 
For what you’ve done
Where you’ve come from
They see what you’ve experienced something real
Respect you for your courage
They live by their rules
They do not expect you to follow theirs
They are at peace to themselves
They are not proving anything to you
They are good listeners
Sincere in their interest in you
You feel important
They are available for honest
Genuine discussion
Makes you want to share yourself

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: christmas, dream, earth day, easter, education, england, environment, eulogy, farewell,


sand burns on the skin but you
find relief nearby

Poem Details | by Lily Twinkle |
Categories: allusion, animal, death, environment, loss, nature, world,

Temple of Life

Water, gently filling a bamboo to the brim before snapping,
scared deer running in the right direction, to the hunter,
how many young ones are orphaned in this bloody hunting?

Lily, Temple of Life, 5/2/2014
Syllables count:  16 - 14 - 14

Poem Details | by Nicole Alexander |
Categories: children, confusion, dedication, environment, giggle, grief, lonely,

Broken And Torn

 Broken and torn from days long gone
Not from neglect or anything wrong
A family often would sit and communicate
I tried to listen, most times I could relate

I loved that family that crawled on me
Having fun playing games or watch TV
Late into the evening the girls would date
Playing love songs, kissing, feeling great

Rough housing little ones jumped too hard
Finally my legs fell off, from being jarred
They tried to make me work by patching
All those cats hopping on and scratching

Finally, I gave up the ghost and lost the fight
They took me outside and said goodnight
They bought one new; but often would say
I loved the old couch; it was good in it's day

Poem Details | by Mike Bayles |
Categories: bird, environment, grief,

Canary in the Coal Mine

Caged in shadows
the canary breathes
amidst the clutter and din
of coal miners
who toil to extract
from veins underground
fortunes told
with its demise
too late for those who seek
fresh air and light
as families above ground
gather and wait
under a pale sun
for news
they feel in their veins
will come.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beach, beautiful, cheer up, confidence, courage, crush, deep, desire, dream, environment, fantasy, farewell, for her, for him, forgiveness, freedom, happiness, heaven, i love you, inspiration, inspirational, joy, kiss, longing, lost, lost love, love, miracle, missing you, mountains, nature, ocean, philosophy, poems, poetry, psychological, relationship, sea, summer, sympathy, uplifting, water, wind,


the salty wind blowing from far, far away
read me a poem today
whose lines I've heard before,
bur where and when,
I couldn't tell:

"the shortest road is the one 
that you know, 
 the longest road is the one 
that you love"

soaked in deep thoughts,
I sat there for hours and hours
my eyes shut, lips dry
waiting for further clues
until, as a sudden,
the 'longest way' part rang a bell

I got off the chair,
opened my arms wide towards the ocean
hugged and kissed the wind,
the almightiest messenger of them all,
for making me feel again 
so well. 

Poem Details | by D.W. Rodgers |
Categories: bereavement, environment, fantasy, history,

History, Reality, Fantasy

Waters so thick with codfish,
the Basques caught them in handbaskets. 
A river turned red as
salmon returned from the ocean.
Tropical seas teeming with billfish
and beaches thick with turtles
inspiring tales by Hemingway and Grey.

Waters without oxygen and 
jellyfish so thick, you can collect them 
with handbaskets, if you have good gloves.
A red tide runs up the coast
poisoning our oysters.
The ocean's covered by plastic scum 
while reefs sink as corals bleach 
in an overheated acid sea.

My fantasy, that history
may someday be reality.

Poem Details | by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: creation, encouraging, environment, fantasy, feelings, life, love,

I am alone on the Island of Death

I am alone on the island of death
Around the bodies of hundreds 
Natural disasters happened a little earlier 
All dead
My enemies, allies, relatives
Some of the most intimate

I am on mass of ruins
Loud noise...Moaning...Unbroken silent in a trice
I am just at the end
There are no tears in my eyes, no fear in chest
I am speechless

I am in the midst of so much death, destruction
Creation is alive
It's my responsibility to rotate the wheel again
Just me.


Poem Details | by Marilyn Williams |
Categories: bird, creation, death, environment, fear, hope, love,

A Raven Twice Removed

This large dark creature fluffs its wings at me, causing fear and shame. However, I have done nothing wrong to it. Yet, it snares at me in pain. I am afraid, but I call to it and it comes close, but not near for fear. Why is this creature afraid, or is it just the Human trade. I call, it comes, I show by my outstretched hands, then gently touches my hands and pecks. Then, flies away a greeting we have made known, no more to be afraid. The Raven twice removed to come back another day.

Poem Details | by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: death, environment, holocaust, home, horror, war, world,

After the Mushroom Clouds Have Gone

being in this tin womb, dark and safe,
that's the thing; inside the dark corners 
and air-lock doors, it's a floating life 

toothpaste and pureed stew float by;
still, here's not to dwell on the minutiae
and other small things

and the silent solar-wind powers on, 
while below, the earth, the sea, the clouds, 
the blue and green, the tempered purple hues,
tinge brown

and if from the land you peer up here, 
from where the earth is dying, you'll see
me sigh, through flocks of hope, 
and notice that I'm crying

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: death, earth, earth day, environment, mountains,

Mountain Top Removal Mining

Black Wasteland Blitzkrieg hills Broken promises Death!

Poem Details | by Alrio MIller |
Categories: bullying, care, change, courage, dark, dedication, depression, desire, discrimination, dream, environment, feelings, future, grief, growing up, inspiration, inspirational, judgement, pain, passion, poems, poetry, psychological, uplifting, visionary,

Parasitic Life Form

It‘s alive!
A life form 
Thriving on hatred
Reaped from societies
Greatest blunder 
Like lighting
Follows thunder  
We are following our ancestors 
Reproducing civilization   
Disregard the fact
That we are all human
our blood is red
I smirk when I’m contented 
And shed tears when I’m poignant
We are all equal
cease  this schism 
And trounce racism

Poem Details | by Tom Arnone |
Categories: death, environment, green, life, nature, science, truth,

Ying Yang Evolution

Where life does flourish,
In the heat of the jungle,
Death always follows --
Raising souls from the nether;
Reborn in starry ether.

Poem Details | by Edward Johannes |
Categories: creation, death, earth, environment, humanity, judgement, nature, nostalgia, planet, world,

World Assimilators

World Assimilators

More and more to our suburban sprawl
Proliferating roads with rush hour crawl.
Crush of humanity completely unfurled
Replacing an irretrievable natural world
Along with farm lands never more tilled
Buried by progress that’s never fulfilled.
Identical houses lined up in many plots
On biologically sterilized landscape lots.
Residers never happy with their  things,
Joneses always having the  latest  bling.
We look in wrong quarters for  invaders
Thinking foreign, possibly alien  raiders,
Imaging assimilation coming from  afar,
Blind to how much like the Borg we are.

Poem Details | by Muzahidul Reza |
Categories: abuse, environment, grief, pollution, war, wind, world,

Sonnet 2 The Sun's Turning Pale Is A Threat In Fact

The sun's turning pale is a threat, in fact
That directly affects solar system
The climate has already been much changed
With known-unknown, acute poisonous fume; 
Role played by man is a serious fun,
Earth has already been dark for their wrong
Because randomly goes their dreadful gun,
Nuclear bombs fell all in destructive ring; 
But, the earth's sky is yet clearly seen blue
Having been the immense background of all
Therefore, that is certainly a strong clue
They should undertake timely to handle;
So that, here the great way may be paved for
Saving earth with radiation free air.

Poem Details | by PK RAI |
Categories: education, environment, grief, imagery, metaphor,

The last sparrow

I am the last sparrow
To foretell tomorrow
Losing lives of sorrow
I foresee that tomorrow.

I am the last sparrow
As an Egyptian pharaoh
Lifespan getting narrow
I foresee that tomorrow.

I am the last sparrow
As a drying bone marrow
Like the shooting blind arrow
I foresee that tomorrow.