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Death Poems About Epic

Epic death poems and poems about death for Epic. Read and share these heartfelt Epic death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Epic Poems.

Poem Details | by Nancy Jones |
Categories: death, life, love,

Who Knows what Love is

that's all

Poem Details | by joyce wolayo |
Categories: baby, blessing, hyperbole, pain, relationship, self, sympathy,

Just Not Yet

Womb starts bulging oh no
Like a balloon you look on
As it bursts into life

Splintering my weak nerves on no
Pressing my nervous muscles oh no
Melting my bones oh no I say

Oh no, just not yet for this
Oh no, just not yet honey
Children are a gift from God!

Poem Details | by Stephen Barry |
Categories: america, courage, eulogy, loss, ocean, voyage,

The Sinking of El Faro

To long for poetry soup,  cut and paste follow like , page 9.

Poem Details | by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: death, freedom, patriotic,

Come By the Sword, Die By The Sword

the blood of soldiers shout for justice.
the battle field tells story of defeat.
come by the sword,die by the sword.
bears million of widows and orphaned soul.

tragic memories of wounded hands.
rebels and soldiers cursed as one.
fight for beliefs and motherland.
mislead the future of beloved ones.

light of sun rays shines bright in morn.
forsaken land of Sheol had abandoned.
blood in their hands washed off by tears.
flesh of cadavers buried in dreams.

the King of kings will stand up alone.
the sword of justice will save His throne.
no other leaders will stand up above.
devil's sword will be home of white dove.

Poem Details | by stephanie harter |
Categories: death,

Finale Or Not


Poem Details | by Ronald D. Write |
Categories: corruption, desire, faith, first love, grief, miracle,

The Golden Shoe

The Golden Shoe

It derailed me on arrival, there was the golden shoe
A warrior who lapsed a portal, the prophecy was true

His name began to roar, who ran of rapid speed 
And from another world, its told that he would free

He rushed inside my heart, he told me we were lovers 
He’s to save me from the king,  the prophet of thy runner

He’s lost his mother in the one, and found her in thee other
The Golden Shoe has come, they’re yelling in the gutters

A man who has no fear, if scriptures tell it right
Thy man who wears thy shoe, will strike its golden light

Poem Details | by Roman Chebukin |
Categories: daughter, death, depression, family, father, husband, sad, little sister,

Late Night New

Sitting in a chair and watching a movie I get a phone call,
She's dead, my little sister tells me, and I drop the ball.
you are really gone, I can't believe how this can happen,
You didn't have to go, I wish I could of dropped in. 

Hearing and seeing all the tears that are being poured out for you is very sad,
This day will be remembered in yours and you two little angels forever and that's not bad. 
Not being able to see you any more will be hard but ill think of something to occupy my self,
But till than tho, shine bright for our God and save me a crown a big shelf.

Dedication to: Alina Bukhanstova and her two little angels. 

PS: R.I.P, you will be missed.

Poem Details | by Yannette James |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, me, solitude, sunset, symbolism, sympathy,


Laughter Laughter laughter
u don't understand .
its a giggle 
its a laugh 

Poem Details | by Tunaldo Naldo |
Categories: beauty,


Not always there in person but always by my side
you put things straight and make sure they are right
you help me out asking for nothing in return
When i stand alone without a helping hand
all hope is gone and am left in the sand
you didnt leave my side
instead you waved my banner still
Am out of sight but never out of your mind
so caring,very funny and mild
with you i have everything
You are always there whenever am in need
Yes you are a true friend indeed.

Poem Details | by Marcin Malek |
Categories: anniversary, courage, death, easter, history,


And if I come
I'll bring the dew
Blended with  cruor
Of our veins

And if I reach your hand
I’ll become the tugboat
Of dignity and pride
Preserved with countless lives

Then... If I fall
I'll be the victor (anyway)
By sacrifice of blood
I'll bring the Happy Easter

To those 
Beneath the coat
Of diminishing faith  
a note 

against the rhapsody of hate


Poem Details | by richard nnoli |
Categories: africa, bereavement, courage, desire, growing up, metaphor,

When is the time

         When is the time 
When is the time for unity
I feel may be not too sooner 
Not Until we place love above all
Known as God

When is the time for peace 
I feel may be not yet now 
As it is 
our ignorance is like 
A wall in between the space 
Of our joy from love 

When is the time for joy 
Not until all human are 
Equal as one in love.

When is the time for love
I wish as I write
The time is now
For until then 
The world will finally 
Find here on earth the long
Awaited heaven.

Poem Details | by reyhan yucebay |
Categories: death, family, history, hope, peace,

With all good well wish for all

With all good well wishes 
Bright young man  
The youngest child in family
Fly its soul to whole world
His peace his laughter his thoughts
God it is fair taking lives of children
We fail yet monsters kill our children
How overcome to genetic disorder
How overcome to weapons kill our children
Hope in science and  families return  their weapons

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: analogy, cat, courage, death, dedication, deep, dream, drink, fishing, integrity, ireland, irony, joy, light, lonely, love, motivation, muse, myth, woman,

The story

In a story it will unveil,

in courage it will feel,

on the days when you're out on the wheels-
do not look back at the heels,

and don't knock twice when you've got two doors to peel,

focus in,
and you might white out the right steal...

"Hello Artimus! Aren't you that brat that hangs out at the sailing reels?
Don't you do that cat that likes ferns who 'unlike any mother' never gets to be like the guys in turn... with the wheels..?"

Poem Details | by Miche Ulman |
Categories: absence, adventure, betrayal, body, books, change, character, conflict, confusion, courage, creation, culture, dark, death, dream, evil, farewell, freedom, history, imagination, inspiration, life, magic, mirror, murder, mystery, mythology, philosophy, poetry, self, senses, sin, society, symbolism, travel, visionary, wisdom,


hello my friend, stranger walk by,
borrow a moment, spare me your lie,
through pen of the narrow and mist of an eye,
below absolute zero, someone will die;
sentence to rambler, apple hereby,
flute of the meadow, mandrake will cry,
in front of the riddler second might try,
get out of here mortal,
exit near by-e.

angry as he strike out his pen,
get out of here demon, get out of this den,
in thousands of years how long has it been,
when scriptures wear sandals;
on meadow you land, many bear seasons,
stakes shall bend, lantern still burning,
your letter is send.

Poem Details | by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: death, life,

An open grave

When Kingdom comes
Our hearts shall be brave
And when hell breaks loose
I shall be an open grave

I was born on the tip of a sword
Through the mouth of the deepest cave
Time tried to kill my last word
Compassion gave me the love I deserve

When castle walls mark our beginning and end
Honour was the only meaningful thing left to save
The enemy of my enemy shall become my shield
Prepared to meet the master I serve 

I gave the King, and only him, dominion over death
The Knights in the killing fields blowing a trumpet
And all our sins forgiven, gave life her final breath
To enter a new age of open roads on a red carpet

Poem Details | by richard nnoli |
Categories: africa, bereavement, change, freedom,

Our mind set

Our mind set 
Self knowledge is rare 
Among us 
So insecure drives the weak insane 

Who is wise don't let fear in 
For change he see as part of life 
So his mind set stays at ease 

Inner self power is rare 
Among our knowledge today 
How come it be so 
Is either we don't value nature 
Or we forbid spirituality 
All of the above 
Before we Change any thing 
Before we can change the world 
We oath first to change ourself 
On this note comes 
A positive change to life 
Again from
Our mind set 

Poem Details | by Madelin Barton |
Categories: death of a friend, introspection,


She was beautiful
Everyone said so
In her reflection 
A luminous glow
Long strands of ebony, her hair
Raven eyes with a gentle stare 
Many secrets yet to unfold
Her world, fading fast
But with death grip she grabs
Like holding shards of broken glass
With unprotected hands... 

Heart broken...
Eyes empty and cold
Is all they choose to see, but
Underneath that facade 
Hides a wounded little girl
Yearning for love that she may never know
If by chance you meet her, be kind
Please tell her an old friend says "Hello"

Poem Details | by cari vodicka |
Categories: allegory, angst, art, caregiving, death, dedication, depression, devotion, education, faith, family, fantasy, forgiveness, friendship, funeral, growing up, happiness,

im sick of it

im sick of it
sitting and waiting while people are hating
im invinsable 
i wanna change things 
be a woman that insnt a cleche 
im original 
i wanna be writen 
in books in history 
saying she did some thing 
im dissapointed in humanity
just walking around in complete insanity
so blissfully unaware 
of anothers humanity
how SAD 
you walk into me 
us humans 
are surrounded in stupidity
just CARE!!

if not Im flying to SATURN !! TAKE CARE !!

Poem Details | by Alley Pink |
Categories: angel, animal, appreciation, beauty, bird, blue, death,

Little miss Unicorn

Little miss Unicorn,
Where will you be?	
In days, weeks, months on end,
Little miss Unicorn,
Just fly away, away with the wave,
Of the fabric of time and space,
Be aware.

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: eulogy, grave, hero, longing,


EPIC SIGHTING    (Picture 1).

Castle on a crag,
Climbing there a total drag,
Snowy wintry blasts,
Heroes bred to last,
Tales of battles long,
Entranced the throng,
Gathered around their kings,
Enemies circling in rings,
Dark impending skies,
Queen's lovelorn sighs,
Epic sightings brave,
Maidens aloft did wave,
Foe retreat now to caves,
Valiant warriors to their graves,
Their women, alone, age,
From Gothic history, a page,
Saga written by this mage,

Time's backward glance to flag,
A glimpse of a castle on a crag. 

Poem Details | by Darren Rankins |
Categories: christian, me, me,

The Day I Died

The Day I Died 

Don’t look at me as if I were dead, 
just think of me resting in bed.

Now cover me with eternal life 
and place my favorite flowers upon my head, 
and if the night shall pass 
and you miss holding my heart in your hand,
just make a wish upon the nearest star
and there I’ll stand.

Now take all my worldly possessions 
and give them to the needy
because my riches now lie with God.

Now sing me a love song as I walk down this lonely road, and please don’t worry because 
my Lord waits with opened arms.

Poem Details | by Austin Ohler |
Categories: death, fear, life,

In Death, We Rise Again

Live to die
Die to rise again
Rise again to conquer
Conquer the world
In death only you will learn
The secrets of living
Nothing matters but The Power
The Power will guide you to greatness
This greatness could bring Peace or Destruction
I chose Destruction
Destruction to rule
Rule Heaven, Hell, Earth, and even Purgatory
I'am the most powerful being

Poem Details | by richard nnoli |
Categories: africa, bereavement, courage, environment, power, racism,


my worth 
am a human being
yes am a human being 

i have a soul 
i have a heart 
i have a vain 
i have a red blood 
i breath the air 
i feel 

am a human being 
yes am a human being 
i love, i hate 
i struggle, i live 
i see, i think 
i fear, am brave 
am humble, am  pround 

am a human being 
yes am a human being 

am privileged to be human 
for if i worth nothing to humanity 
from the eyes of men 
at worst nature is 
my worth


Poem Details | by richard nnoli |
Categories: absence, africa, confusion, emotions, fear, holocaust,

Worst death dieing in silence

     Worst death dieing in silent
Once shot to death 
Is far better than a
Multiple death

Fear kills you every times 
It kills you slowly 
Like a cancer

Fear makes you settle for 
The worst as it deprive you
From the real you 

Too many trouble in the world 
In between the root 
You will always find fear

Once shot to death 
Is far better than a 
Multiple death

Is better live life with yourself
Than help with fear 
Always building the gangs dreams

Is better obedient to your soul 
Than serve as a fool till death! 

For living with fear is like 
The worst death dieing  in silent 

Poem Details | by Frederick Lokko |
Categories: death,

a walk to remember

When i walk the plank I stare at the sharks But allow me to be frank When i look up all is dark My hands tied to my back And a duck tape wrapped on my mouth With my eyes full of doubt And my mind blanc like monte I smile in my heart As I hit the water  I plunge to my death. But with my faith I wake in HIS bosom