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Death Poems About Epyllion

Epyllion death poems and poems about death for Epyllion. Read and share these heartfelt Epyllion death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Epyllion Poems.

Poem Details | by Andreanna Escamilla |
Categories: death, fantasy, grave, imagery, mythology,

Reanimation Damnation

Quiet is the night, laid blight amid this infernal necropolis Loosely mantled soil, smother marrow of perished veneration Yet windows still aflame, a dormant witness to troth thirst Cold and stiff, until a shift, unearthed

Poem Details | by Tony LaFargenson |
Categories: business, confusion, death,

Pie Day Celebration

Pie... makes Tony high.
Pie... makes Tony cry.
Pie... makes Tony die.


Poem Details | by Dean Drinkel |
Categories: angst, art, death, history, lost love, mystery, seasons,

Wild Vanilla

Cerberus bleeds through copper  tablets.
The red skinned angel spews the truth
Of ages.  Of wood: we sing hollow
Hosannas:  too many fragments 
Of light – flutter past the eyelids.

I wait.  Impatiently – push stones
Through needle eyes.  Honey 
Combed monsters breath deep. Mimic
Lies told by cloaked creatures living
On shadow time.

The flesh forever green.  Pillars of fire
Illuminate infinity.  Here comes the 
(dis)believer of the free word. Those
that stain us – rule.  Hypocrisy of the 
one that deigned himself God.

Later, the fly awakens.  Time to leave,
The dream has finally run out.

Poem Details | by NWANDO OBIANYOR |
Categories: death, love, on writing and words,

Dead To Tears

In the cycling molecules of my mind
Till fate's fingers got us bind
I filter whether you have crossed your kind
Woven with the airs I find
In the cycling molecules of your mind
Hoping you won't stab me behind
So our travel be indivisible as wind
Though the creator captures us from mankind
Let this journey like sun and sky be bind
From years to years
In the cycling molecules of our mind
Dead to tears.