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Death Poems About Fairy

Fairy death poems and poems about death for Fairy. Read and share these heartfelt Fairy death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Fairy Poems.

Poem Details | by Kolawole Owoigbe |
Categories: adventure, africa, black african american, class, color, community, education, emotions, evil, fairy, good night, goodbye, hope, identity, image, imagery, imagination, inspirational, irony, memory, mystery, poetry, political, poverty, remember, repetition, sad, satire, sympathy,

Boat Of Poverty

Why this boat?
Could it be boat of destitution?
Conveying Epidemics, Hunger, Rags,
Malnutrition and Illiteracy.

Descend from me!
Banish from my world!
You cursed word!
You that called education a"Privilege"!
Patrimony of ghetto!

W.H.O called you "Lion of Africa",
U N called you "Agenda ".
Predicament to black,
Livelihood to white.

Harking to conviction,
Capsize and rise no more.
For "Black Rose" to smile again
On the land of plenty.

Poem Details | by Frank Polgar |
Categories: dark, death, loss,

Fractured Fairy Tale

unscramble the egg
Humpty Dumpty should have lived
puzzle master failed

Poem Details | by Kunal Rathod |
Categories: fairy, girl, loneliness, lost love, miss you, sympathy,

Wish We Could Be More Than Just-Friends

She's dancing in first place
Watching her makes my heart race

I love the way she sway
Even bellerina would buy a ticket 
And watch her all day !

She's movin like a wind
Oh girl! I cant help
You've already put me in 

For her its love in the air,
"His love" is the only thing she'ld care.
Finally she found the love of her life

Thankin me as if I was her love-story author 
"No dear !! Some r just born for each other"

Sayin this...
I left keeping my head high and feet on ground,
A glass of wine is all I want with her face in background.
The only thing I want to spell
With a magic wand in my hand
"Wish we would be more tha  just friends"...

Poem Details | by Victoria Georgieva |
Categories: angel, beauty, bereavement, fairy, faith, sleep, winter,


Hardly any human soul can be found outside,
only lonely footsteps on the ground this time.
The cold has fallen down
upon the sleepy snuggled town.
From the quiet sky
snowflakes are waving hi.
Serenity has come at last,
not asking about anyone's past.
It is just the joy of the white night,
it is just the peace of the houses' lights.


Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: allusion, beauty, childhood, death, dream, fairy, fantasy,

Lirazel's ear

Her hair
windy willows
flowing feverishly
a shuddering child at her feet
loves dreams

Poem Details | by Kara McLain |
Categories: death, fantasy, loss, , Lullaby,

Not a Freakin' Fairy Village: OK It's a Fairy Village

With down flying all around,
It all would seem very aster-like to an outsider.
But he was flaunting the sered spirit
To the querulous darkness screaming.
The locust melancholy lullaby
Brings the gention and goldenrod to bed.
While the sedges come to live.
Sprung from the rainfall of my life.

Poem Details | by Michael MacCallum |
Categories: dark, death, evil, fairy, fantasy, fear, horror,


This situation is most *****,
my lawn gnome has moved ever near.
He started over by the mere
and travelled now to my lawn’s clear.
I got him as a souvenir,
now he’s become a mutineer.
Close enough now to see his sneer,
and to notice he holds a spear.
I want to flee but to my fear,
around the house more gnomes appear.
His intent is now rather clear,
my fate seems to be quite severe.
I will try to sell my life dear.

Poem Details | by Sourabh Singh |
Categories: bereavement, fairy, heartbreak, kiss, missing you, pain, relationship,



It accompanies always 
They say
A pinch of pains
With love
It also dismays as
We don’t seek remedy
For this heart- wrench

It encloses heavenly feelings
No where found other than
From within lips,
Like drops of tears rolling out
On cheeks shut in
The refracting sun within

I wanted to perch
Velvety wings of butterflies
On my words
Under their shadowy guise
They could convey
The misery of mankind

Poem Details | by Olumuyiwa Onaf |
Categories: adventure, birth, conflict, fairy, grave, judgement,

Human Disese now We deceased

Wish I were this 
Or perhaps that 
But when I get those 
The dose never enough 
To kill the passion off 
For I still drive forth 
In my wish and want  

Poem Details | by A Yorkshire Poet |
Categories: bird, cry, death, emotions, heartbroken, loss, lost love,

Just another tooth fairy lie

You said they didn't feel, you said they didn't love?
You said they didn't care, you said they couldn't think?

Just another tooth fairy lie!

You lied, you lied, you lied............

I watched the blackbird cry, I watched the blackbird scream
I saw in his eyes that his pain was all so real
His partner laying dead on the green field
He nudged her lying there, he wouldn't leave
I saw the blackbird cry and what I saw was real.

Poem Details | by Mick Talbot |
Categories: cry, fairy, grief,


ITS FINE TO CRY AND GRIEVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ my tale of fairies please believe. many a day i meditate, sat crossed legged or often prostrate, and fairies come, my woes relieve. casting fun spells they preconceive. they know how to restore my mind, back to where it should be, they're kind. told me its fine, to cry, and grieve. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Poem Details | by Sonnet Mondal World Poet |
Categories: depression, devotion, life, lost love, love, nature, song-sympathy,

Oh Golden Fairy

The day I saw you first.
Gave me an eternal and perpetual thrist;
The beauty that through your eyes flow-
With it even the most modest nature glows.

Your soft lips as if they seem,
Rare to be found like a unique gleam;
Your talks that are soft spoken-
With it even the sleeping mountains waken.

Like a soft rose's jerk, your sighs-
Like truth's triumph over lies;
How many days have passed since -
Whence your view did my body rinse.

Let once again your sight cheer myself with feelings new-
From the bottomless heart of mine Oh! My fairy "I love you".      

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: bereavement, childhood, fairy, girl, longing, love, sad love,

Gwraig Annwn

'Twixt the trees of Maes-y-Deri
Flies a winsome little fairy
Searching for the happy sounds
Which once filled the Griffiths' grounds

Winter, springtime, summer, fall
She flies above the grasses tall
Sprinkling teardrops where she flew
To mark her paths with morning dew

She flies alone throughout the years
And never stops to dry her tears
Lest she should miss upon the hill
Her long lost playmate, Little Jill

Poem Details | by Invincible Pen |
Categories: fairy, fear, grief,


Cheers to my end

Spare me my fears
They lay too many
Spare me my lust
I care to ease them

Tear down my woes
They lay me down painlessly
Tear off my doubt
They pierce me painlessly

Gear me up for my fate
I seek less the rate
They make me in the air, my mate
Boundless without gate

The Bare me you see;
 The dear me she loves
No fear to hide
What the world crave to see

I shall wear courage
To wear off my fears
My life is not for rent
Now my cloak of shame I rent


Poem Details | by Emenaha Godwin Holiday |
Categories: age, blue, crush, dark, fairy, grief, silence,

Blind Gate

The silent one,the lonely age
Broad trees tied with fibrefill 

When it's dawn,I wake in rage
To watch you pass by the landfill
Where I bury my sleep
But you didn't see my lost face

The afternoon sun burns my coolness 
You pass freely,when am dead
To nature's gift of sadness
The weaklings, may now lead

It's not your dress
Nor the fiberfill for 
Amidst the clouds and cress
Who will I fall for?

When your love is blind
I'll be standing by the gate
Where you don't find 
Me,when it's too late.

Poem Details | by Okonkwo Ifeanyichukwu |
Categories: death of a friend, depression, fairy, farewell, fear, funeral, goodbye,


Death is when you
Are alive in the shadow
Death is when you can
Sit and sing with your ancestors

Poem Details | by Sam Mayhue |
Categories: death,

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, 
I died.
And there was no resurrectionl
I died as people do everyday.
They burned my body as
such things happen.
And I wish I could say
that you never forgot me
you left my side of the mattress 
hallowed. But you didn't
and such things happen. 
But if I were flesh once more,
I would embrace you
and shed all the tears you didn't. 
But the problem, you see, 
is that I'm flesh no longer.

Poem Details | by Marcella Raven Poynter |
Categories: death, dream, hope,

I sent my wish on fairy wings

I sent my wish on fairy wings
Dashing through the night
It streaked across the moonlit sky
Its wake a trail of light

I sent my wish on fairy wings
To dance on summer's breeze
Flitting through the dewy vines
Caught in tall pine trees

I sent my wish on fairy wings
My face as pale as death
A whispered hope for peaceful rest
Delivered with last breath

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: fairy, sad,

No Survivors the Night the Faeries Died

Prophetically sorrowful
A nightmare of a dream
247 passengers inside
No survivors
Broken Wings of a 747
One sad night

Powerfully Invasive
The night the faeries died
Assault rifles issued to the brownies
Who decimated their broken wings
Taking their powers, and then taking them hostage
Sad faeries, hostage wives

Poem Details | by Lasaad Tayeb |
Categories: 10th grade, allusion, analogy, bereavement, fairy, symbolism,

Because of who

You must be perplexed.

To locate research issues.

No more to be said.

Envy is to shot your foot.

Since your neighbor is limping.