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Death Poems About Farm

Farm death poems and poems about death for Farm. Read and share these heartfelt Farm death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Farm Poems.

Poem Details | by Diane Lefebvre |
Categories: bird, farm, grief, humorous, thanksgiving,

A Tale Of Two Turkeys

Poor Thomas Turkey,
Alone in his pen.
Sits solemn and scared,
For they 'did in' his hen.
They took her off Sunday,
Then snuffed out her life.
And now he's alone,
Cause they've eaten his wife.
Thanksgiving now over,
He preens with relief.
He can muster a gobble,
Along with his grief.
He pecks round his pen,
For some 'scratch' sprinkled there.
Grows quite happy again,
Not remotely aware . . 
That Christmas is coming
For family and friend,
And for Christmas, at dinner;
They'll eat turkey again.

© 2015 Diane Lefebvre

Poem Details | by tom mcmurray |
Categories: philosophy,

death of a farm 5/7/5 haiku

broken barn in wind under rusted weathervane death song squeaks all day

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: death, life,

The Farm of Life

When my work is done on this farm
I hope to have sown decent seeds 
That sprouted more good than harm
And yielded more flowers than weeds

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: animals, death, funny, imagination, life, nature

On The Southern Alligator Farm

Down south on the small alligator farm
Alligators grown to size to alarm
All the workers there too scared
Of young gators as they aired
Parachuted food to keep them from harm

(Inspired by Carolyn's picture but not entry.)

Poem Details | by Gautam Shankar Banerjee |
Categories: anxiety, bereavement, blue, day, family, farm, loss,


The rains did not come today
to drive the blues away
the soil is parched and cracked
the tractor is idle and parked
He has to feed the cattle
his forehead is marked by wrinkles
there is no money to feed
His family member's needs
The clouds appear and move on
floating aimlessly in the sun
the scorching rays evaporate
water body, dyke and lake
The weather forecasters give reasons
there will be a rainy monsoon season
will they be wrong again, as it is like
driving him to end his life?

Poem Details | by Stephe Watson |
Categories: death, death of a friend, farm, horse,

Empty Stall, Quiet Barn, Starless Night, Buried Horse

I'm here tonight
to stand in the ache.
The ache of hollow,
the empty of the not 
simply empty; rather,
the empty of the
recently full.

The silent ache of
missingness, of quiet.
Before the ghosts have
risen, before the
memorial stones are 
set.  Before the cards arrive.
Before the flowers
are vased to wilt.

I'm here tonight
to stand in the ache.
Of what so recently had
Of who was.

I'm here tonight
to stand and weep
and shudder.  I'm here
tonight because
are not.

Poem Details | by verlecia fields |
Categories: death,

To Farm A Sea

there once was a man who farm-a-sea
he was the king of all he give his seed
but there was no trust between us
because he was just a devil in
a winterized coat giving with a
power of degree to do harm
and no one will see... 

aka: lyricvixen
                               To Farm A Sea

there once was a man who farm-a-sea
he was the king of all he give his seed (pills)
but there was no trust between us
because he was just a devil in
a winterized coat 
giving with a power of degree 
to do harm
and no one will (could) see... 

aka: lyricvixen

(fixed? 5-5-2017 fri) 

Poem Details | by Thomas Kourkoulis |
Categories: death, farm, funny, humorous,

A Vermonters Demise

Four cord of wood
Sat down

Poem Details | by verlecia fields |
Categories: black african american, death,

To Farm A Sea Two

have you ever been in a battle
you could not winn (win)
where unruly Professor woman and Professor men
could murder you without
no one seeing there sin
to think there will be no trace
just your body laying on cold
none bending steely space
and your heart has quiver its last race
and your life has met its fate
and your doctored body
has fallen out of life's every running race
and those who are to blame
are protected
and will never even receive blame
for in winter white a coat of death
blinds us all...
and makes you dance
in the falling undeserving snowflakes of
its promises to do no harm... 

aka: lyricvixen

Poem Details | by Stephe Watson |
Categories: death, death of a friend, farm, horse,

And the Rest is Restful Restless

And the Rest is...Restful/Restless


At last, he sleeps
beneath the stars and,
for once, beneath the grass.


at last, she sleeps
beneath the stars and
for once, above her horse.


One sleeps peacefully
one, fitfully.
One free,
one free of free.


Both sleep.


One rises,
one sleeps

a mother,
her horse.

One dreams of tomorrow.
One dreams of yesterdays.

Poem Details | by Ira Babbles |
Categories: death, god, health, humanity, imagery, religion, sick,

Human Farm

Like the dog sick in the streak of His sultry sun,
Like the cow mad in the muck of His molten moon,
Like the pig hung by the heels in the heat of His hollow hills,
Like the goat feral in the face of His foul fields,
Plan my funeral
for I, too, am vulnerable to a state of decay—
Sowing His seeds of misery in the pit of my belly,
cultivating blight within
Breeding plague inside me already,
watching as fresh rot sprouts before Him

Omnipotent is He, but so is He wicked
to make men mortal—
His power is sickness;
We are children of the grave, we must accept,
feeble beings of His neglect,
and when He commands for us to pay respect,
we live to die, we mustn’t forget

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: animal, betrayal, bird, cat, death, farm, murder,

The Kitten and the Baby Chick

"Give me a ride across the barnyard," said the baby chick. The baby kitten said, "If I do that, you may peck my brains out." "I promise I won't peck your brains out," said the baby chick. So the kitten gave the baby chick a ride across the barnyard, and the baby chick pecked the kitten's brains out. As the kitten was dying, she asked, "Why did you do that? You promised you wouldn't peck my brains out." "After all," said the baby chick, "I am a baby chick."

Poem Details | by tikar osuru |
Categories: art, bible, christian, death, easter, farm, religious,


Bouquets of eastern starlings, raving. 
Reaching out, fledgling saving,
The garden sloth of heaven's hues    
Living in a bath of saffron dews.

Darkend the plough that snails follow
With troughs behind it tumbling hollow;
And up the steepend crag it crowns,
Margined off by aphid sundowns.

Violent garden of solar grapes,
some day we will barrel your shapes,
And your gentle filligree reigns retake-
Still cold before the Heavens's gate.

After death, mother's wake,
Finds her hatchling in the lake,
In the mud its last breath take.
Let these sail-white bones 
Forever sate
Mother earth's gentle wheat.

Poem Details | by Robert Velves |
Categories: angst, bereavement, child, cry, emo, farm, i miss you,

So I Think Of You

Like, in some kind of masochistic way,
I think of you, knowing fully well
Your thoughts shall crush my heart
In thousand pieces.

I think of you.

Knowing fully well
That each one of us
In this world
Falls asleep without any assurance
Of waking up again.

So I think of you.

Aug 3, 2017