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Death Poems About Fathers Day

Fathers Day death poems and poems about death for Fathers Day. Read and share these heartfelt Fathers Day death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Fathers Day Poems.

Poem Details | by William Hernandez |
Categories: addiction, death, deep, family, fathers day, goodbye, sad,


I’ll sleep when I die
Sleep when I die
Go out like Dad
Couldn’t speak when he died
The look in his eyes
Like a newborn
Wishing for words
All the mistakes
Hindsight really is
So was the price
Of that glassine
Every ounce of hope
In a swift rush to the brain
Green light went flat
There was no more

Poem Details | by lucy needham |
Categories: dad, death, father daughter, fathers day,

Nearly Fathers Day

Fathers day stuff everywhere, makes me think of you,
The only man i ever known, who's words were purely true,
You are my one true hero, my king, my everything,
and when i close my eyes, you're here, and i can hear you sing.

I know that you are safe now, way up in the sky,
and though i cannot see you, i know you're with me when i cry,
and when it all just gets to much, when i want to shout,
i remember what you told me, and then i write it out.

I hope that you will know, that i only write for you,
i promised i would never stop, until my world is through,
so i will dedicate, every single thing i write,
i will write it in your name, in dedication to your life.

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: death, dedication, father, imagination, inspirational, people, visionary, day, fathers day, old, day, old,

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too { Tanka }

                                                  father's day is near
                                           what to buy for dear old dad
                                              cologne tools or clothes
                                           maybe will just suprise him
                                            with a nice father's day cake

Tho Dear Old Dad is gone
He Loved Suprises For Father's Day

Happy  Father's Day 
To All Poetry Soup Dads

RIP Daddy   { 1925-1981}

Poem Details | by Warner Baxter |
Categories: bereavement, fathers day, heaven, inspirational, lost love, tribute,

Every Day is Father's Day part 2

~*~ In the Living Years nobody’s perfect we are who we are there’s no one reason or no perfect rhyme divided by difference in a generation of time You see things your way and I see things another I see the dreams and wishes of a Father and Mother, and I’ll do my best to erase all your doubts and fears I’m glad I got to tell you ~ “In the living years” ~~**~~
is inspired by the song “In the living years” by Mike & The Mechanics 1988

Poem Details | by Michelle Born |
Categories: absence, anger, dad, father, fathers day, grief, heart,

Fathers Day

Another Fathers Day and your not here

What I would do to have you near,

Time has gone by and time has stood still

The fourth Fathers day and it doesn't seem real,

That you are in heaven and not with us

We go through this day without a fuss,

In my heart I feel so empty

I never knew I could feel so angry,

Happy Fathers day daddy I won't shed a tear

Until again this time next year.

Written By: Unique Poetry......6-19-2016.....In memory of my DAD....

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: anxiety, class, fathers day, green, grief, i miss you, identity, senses, summer,


Sterilize the enterprise...

Pro-rate your eloquence,

state sorrowfully,
then engage-
every page,

wondrous rapturous,
bashful captures,

slanty' cases and raging races...

Be hotter than road modern!

Beget the racers in the Stallium!

I am raving the major,

they take away the meed and complacent-

I am the smasher and head Caser! 

Take me to the ancient hollow that was never endangered!

Poem Details | by Sara Ajemyan |
Categories: birth, body, creation, death, dedication, family, fathers day,

A Tender Heart

A tenderness only he can explain,
Fluid like the rivers that filled his heart.

A free spirit, yet family played a constant role. 

Kicking back while the rays playfully washed away worry.

Living in the moment, he never took tomorrow for granted.

Through rain or shine, he will be remembered daily. 

Father, we miss you greatly, this is not an end, but a new beginning.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: boy, death, father son, fathers day, growing up, heartbroken, loneliness,


Young boy, somewhat aloof
Growing up an orphan
Feeling alone and lost
Different always so
From all your little friends

Age one, lost your father 
Hardly knew any different
Had to figure things out
On your own at all times
Wishing he would be near
To teach you right from wrong
Having a model, more
Than a still photo mute
Silent and steely eyes
That had no words for you

Wishing for memories
Of times spent together
Discussions or even
Remembering his voice

Fathers’ Day being just
Another empty day

AP: 2nd place 2020

Posted January 5, 2018

Poem Details | by D William L |
Categories: dad, death, farewell, father, fathers day, grave, missing you,

no title

In fruitless tradition, 
to kneel at the redingote of memory, 
in this garden of loss and souls, 
an insoluble desire to court heartache. 
To renew a dark corner of the heart, 
like a half burned candle that we labor to reignite,
through the bitter ephemeral winds of time. 
But only illuminate that which will never be again.

Poem Details | by Ejire Michael |
Categories: bereavement, care, earth, family, father, father son, fathers day,

Oh Father

Oh Father!
A man full of fun and laughter.
Endowed with magnanimous heart
As big as the earth.

Your blazing words
Left indelible impression on my memory.
You aren't a hero known by the world,
But a legend that live in my memory.

Oh Father!
The best memory I nurture,
Is the gift of thy presence,
That graces with vivacious effervescence.

The smile on my face 
Is a reflection of your contagious smile
Forever will i cherish that special smile,
And that warm embrace.

Dedicated to the dearest one, Ejire I.A.

Poem Details | by Katherine Braithwaite |
Categories: absence, death, fathers day, god,

Golden clouds of fire

Alone in  my small room ,end-state despair
I wondered what to do ,go here or where?
I tried the doctor and the priest  and then
Knew there was no answer from   a man

I saw in my mind’s eye a  tunnel black
To which I was dead heading on my track
Abject and broken by a lover’s death
By his own hand, he tested out God’s wrath

Then I was  held by  golden  clouds of fire
I felt the  kindest love , the Lord’s desire
The tears ran down my cheeks in one great gush,
Acknowledging acceptance without wrath

And so I  turned  to life and to my work
Pain and torment shall not make me shirk