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Death Poems About Butterfly

Butterfly death poems and poems about death for Butterfly. Read and share these heartfelt Butterfly death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Butterfly Poems.

Poem Details | by W.A. CHOLT |
Categories: death, life, nature,


How insignificant 
Is the life of a fly
Crushed against the window 
We think nothing of it
It's merely  a common house fly 
An irritating pest that deserves to die
Yet to itself 
Its life is just as important 
As that of you and I.

              W.A CHOLT. Copyright Fergal O Reilly. 2020


Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: death, life,

The Quick Use Of A Fly Flap

The fly On a bowl's rim Fresh banana nut bread Aroma floats as a fly dies Sweet Death

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: age, death,

Where Bullets Fly

bullets are flying
and people dying
without a reason why
as bloody bodies lie
so much rage
any age
some may say tougher gun laws
others will say laws bring flaws
this blood bath has to stop
life on Earth not a flop
God may be the answer
just ask a minister
this isn't the wild west
when they had so much less

Poem Details | by Michelle Artiaga |
Categories: death

Fly Away

Sitting here all alone,
My silent thoughts speak your name.
Closing my eyes, to see your face,
The song remains the same.

You left us all alone,
without even saying goodbye.
Said you had to spread your wings,
And now you've learned to fly.

Night time falls again,
As tender breezes flow.
Silently I hear momma cryin
Doesn't want anyone to know....

We all miss you.

You left us all alone, without even saying goodbye.
Said you had to spread your wings
And now you've learned to fly...

Fly away........Daddy, Fly Away.


Poem Details | by Roman Chebukin |
Categories: adventure, art, boyfriend, christian, death, love, me,

Lets Fly Away

I spread my wings to fly away,
I spread my wings not to die today. 
My soul is being torn open now,
My soul will break free and not come down. 

Noise and music fill my ears to a point of over flow,
it run's through my veins and pores out so slow. 
It runs so wild and free,
not knowing where it wants to be. 

So let me fly for Christs sake, all i want to be is free,
you hold me down long enough and you'll see that I'm a monster like you never seen.

Poem Details | by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: death, fantasy,

Dragon fly

An unearthed dominion
hell itself exposed barren
here life has no opinion
death boldly the only option

riding the unicorn stallion 
aiming his enchanted horn
man’s only hope and only weapon
galloping like a dart on a midair collision

a forbidden union
into a sky scotched crimson
of unleashed evil demons
a god in his own right in the heavens

aiming fire with ruthless precision
knights and braves fallen in his creation
death from another in a fireworks explosion
rebirth into a double dragon

Poem Details | by Harold Hunt sr |
Categories: america, death, flying, heaven, hero,

A flag that does not fly

A flag that does not fly.
They place a flag up on his casket.
One to honor his life he gave to his country.
It will not fly today on a building.
Only in the hearts of those he left behind.
Stars and stripes an American flag.
Give to his family to honor him.
 with the stars up facing heaven 
As he is called to another place to serve a higher power.
May we bless those that left and those that will
For this flag will only fly for them.

Poem Details | by Jerrell Jones |
Categories: death,

The Fly

Once a fly about to die
Lit on some poor musician's masterpiece
And so did cease
As a "D",
Blessing a major key.
That was an act of note!

All jokes aside, the way he died
Was grandiose--
(And not as he chose.)
How oft we gloat 
To the empty air;
We float and fall
Not half so fair.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: death, funny, life, nature,

Death Of A Fly

There is a fly in this house
It can buzz and shout
Flies so fast can't swat nor douse

Buzz around my freshly made coffee
Buzz buzz fast as a wink
Buzz buzz over by the sink

Buzz, swirl over my coffee
Land on the edge softie
Can't stand this fly nope

Go get the fly swatter
Got to get rid of this bugger
Flap, flap right in my freshly made coffee

(Rhyme sort of)

Poem Details | by Chelsea Stufleben |
Categories: death, time, time,

I Wish That I Could Fly

its time to say goodbye to you,
Theres no way that ill make it through.
i think its time to learn to fly,
i think its time to say goodbye,
im climbing to the very top,
looking down a 100 foot drop.
i wish so bad that i could fly,
fly so high, for once ill try.
learn to spread my wings and soar,
i know i can, i know for sure.
Soaring high beyond the birds,
this feeling cant be put in words
but now its time to hit the ground,
lost the dream, it cant be found
so now tim gone and i am dead,
im sorry youll never understand.

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: absence, blessing, celebration, death, destiny, encouraging, goodbye,

Mounting Up Wings I Shall Fly-

Help me Lord I'm crying
I'm sorry for the things I done
Help me Lord I've fallen
Please pick me up now
Mounting up wings I shall fly

Help me Lord I'm dying
You've forgiven me from my sins
Grace you've granted me
Yet forgiven me no denying
Mounting up wings I shall fly

Help me Lord God in my present tense
Help me in my common sense
Help me devour my wrong choice placements
Mounting up wings I shall fly

Keep me God alive
So that I may fly
At my judgement time
When I leave my body behind
Instantly on the day I die 
Mounting up wings I shall fly

Poem Details | by Melinda Masters |
Categories: angel, death, heaven,


Today we bow our head to pray
On this dark and dreary day
An angel got his wings today
Fly my angel fly

Your smile did once shine so bright
But now you forever sleep tonight
Guided by the heavens light
Fly my angel fly

The darkness soon will turn to shine
Your soul soars beyond the great divine
We will meet again sometime
Fly my angel fly

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, bereavement, environment, faith, inspirational, metaphor,



The horizon is under me
The clouds blow by my eyes
My face feels the atmosphere
Winds a steering
As I fly by

Spirits soars 
There it goes
My soul roars leaves my body
My true self embellous
Fly's toward heaven

As I fly by
I say goodbye
But you can't hear me oh my
Just because I'm to high up
All that's left you can see is my body

Father God with open arms
Waits for me he whispers welcome home my daughter my son
Jesus is on God right side angels surround them
Loved one stop those tears I'm not dead
I've risen on a death flight risin as I fly by

written by James Edward Lee Sr.2018

Poem Details | by Elijah Johnson |
Categories: fun, humor,

sympathy for a fly

i sympathize with a fly
that landed on my 
blueberry pie, i give out
a cry! and spill all my
chai, though perhaps
he was hungrier
than i

Poem Details | by Maridean Willimson |
Categories: angst, death, depression, fear, funeral, loss, lost love, sad,

The Higher We Fly

Bubbles flying,
oh so high,
soaring higher,
til they die,
rainbows and sunshine,
fooling everyone,
like a mirage,
we believed,
we'd go as high,
like two diamonds,
in the sky,
now we're lying,
on the ground,
from my lips,
there is no sound,
like the bubbles,
love's a lie,
it lifts you up,
right before you die...

Poem Details | by Adam Piper |
Categories: death, introspection, life,

Given To Fly

Given to fly
But will these wings 
Carry me home

My head is above ground
But only for a moment
I'm given to fly
As long as I don't get too close
To the sun

Just as Icarus plunged into the sea
So have I
But an untimely death
I have yet to meet

Poem Details | by Frederick Espiritu |
Categories: death, life, religion,

The Dove Is Not Ready To Fly

The dove is not ready yet to fly
Not ready yet for goodbye
Many dreams must to fulfill
Have shown not his best skill

The dove is not ready yet to fly
Oh please! Not today, not tonight
Must freed what his life embraced
The hellish art made must be erased

The dove is not ready yet to fly
At this time he will not reach the sky
Hadn't yet shared the delicious bread
The new wisdom fathom hasn't spread

The dove is not ready yet to fly
Tears are flowing into his eyes
The dove is not ready to take wing
From his body, from his skin


Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: angst, death, places

Order of the Fly

He, Beelzebub, Hierarchy high, one of The dark seven princes

Poem Details | by Suraj Singh |
Categories: bereavement, break up, confusion, courage, leaving, lost, love hurts,

Let Me Fly

You left me that day
You might have a reason that day
Let me know the reason today
This happens with me every time
I don't think of you anytime
Perhaps we meet another day 
And now let me fly, fly away.

Poem Details | by Pradipta Roy Choudhury |
Categories: angel, bible, cancer, death, farewell, obituary,

Fly away my little Angel

Little angel, 
you have got your wings to fly, 
fly far away beyond the sky,
where your spirit may soar high,  
into the light beyond human bondage.

Poem Details | by melissa knepp |
Categories: death,

Fly Away

Soar above the clouds
Above all the trees
And be one with the wind
Fly away 
To a better place
With no more pain 
Keep on spreading your wings
Until you find that peace
Fly away
Up and beyond with the angels
Make heaven your home
Where you can be free
And never feel any hurt anymore
Fly, fly away 
To your home in the clouds
Where it is easy to find you
Anytime I need to, I can just look up
Fly away, and be set free forever

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: death, life

Doves Fly

Doves fly
Where the steps rise free
To carry us earthly souls

These are the steps
To natures heavens we go
When the air in our lungs
Will in us no longer flow

From these steps we climb
From emerald green fields
And join all past earthly souls
From earths giving yields

These steps of our tomorrows
Take us over azure seas
It's from this deep blue horizon
That we came to be where we be

The day we take that step
And depart with our earthly soul
All that we leave behind
The doves have fulfilled their role

Poem Details | by Abdul Malik |
Categories: death,

Time to Fly

Why did these bedeviled bats fly right into the windows
splattering their blood on the shards of glass strewn all 
over the floor; What drove them to their gruesome death?
These nocturnal creatures who navigate a labyrinth of caves skillfully;
Alas, if only these broken windows can tell the tale!
Why? I just know not why sleep now comes early
Shutters my eyes down, locks the doors of my mind
and sets my heartbeats amiss leaving my soul almost comatose;
I lie in your hands O death, pray be kind,
Fly away my shuddering breath, set this weary wayfarer free.

~"10 lines 10 words, Free Verse 1 contest
   Theme: Death 
   Sponsor: Lu loo

Poem Details | by cynthia gissendanner |
Categories: death, friendship, loss, mother, sad, me, world, heart, day, heart, me,

Fly over me

Fly over me when you see me fall
run to my side when your name you
hear me call. Not to much to ask for 
the sympathy of your hand not to much
to ask for your arms to help me stand
you cared so much for a  world you
left behind but i cant seem to smile  
at a world so unkind you said you would 
never leave me an those words i took 
to heart but as the days grow long an 
my heart grows cold i can see we will 
always be apart
one day for sure we will be together
in a world so perfect we can promise 
until that day i hope you can see that
you are the angel i need to fly over me

Poem Details | by emma dye |
Categories: adventure, death, faith, fantasy, love, peace,

If I could Fly

If I could Fly
I would be high up in the sky
If I could Fly
I would be high above the trees
Feeling the breeze
A breeze that would put my mind at ease.

If I could soar
I would have pain no more

If I could fly
I would live forevermore
Only if I could Fly.