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Death Poems About Flying

Flying death poems and poems about death for Flying. Read and share these heartfelt Flying death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Flying Poems.

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: allegory, death, dream, flying, freedom, insect,


In solitude I dream tonight
And watch a moth in fevered flight.

It’s drawn toward my quaint porch light
And flies consumed with all its might.

Through open window I can see
Its desperation shared with me;

How freedom in this world is light—
And we as souls are drawn to fight.

Though freedom’s light may cause our death,
It’s worth the risk with every breath.

I understand the moth’s sad plight
When drawn to the glorious light.

Though it knows not of human trust,
It buzzes on because it must!

© Connie Marcum Wong

Poem Details | by Gabriela Fleury |
Categories: adventure, angst, death, sea,

Wrath of the Flying Dutchman

  Among the cries of lonesome gull
  A crude cross-slash, grinning skull

  Below the tattered crimson sail
  Those that did weather the fiercest gale
  Noblemen fearfully bow
  Seamen kneel before its prow

  Quiver before the pirate`s might
  A vision of ivory, dark as night
  We slowly conquer waves of teal
  All eyes follow the steady keel

  The ebony ship, its purpose grim
  The treasure hoard hidden within
  Like a glittering blade, swift and sure
  Cursed to never dock at shore

  Remembered in forgotten lore
  Not even the bravest Mortal knave
  Shall escape the wrath of the grave
  So we sail forever-more

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: cry, death, first love, flying, heart, love, mother,

Two Hearts as Old Friends What Might Have Been

Two friends they thought it would never end,

They just wanted their love to blend,

Friends and lovers what can you say?

Your words take my breath away.


Their life was in each other’s heart.

How would they ever know it was a dart,

 A dart that would kill their love.

Just like a dying dove.


There was no more love flying,

Just more and more crying,

Now we are apart,

Like we were from the start,


Now we cry for each the other,

Like we did when we needed our mother.

picture #1

Poem Details | by john beharry |
Categories: baby, bird, butterfly, cat, death, flying, insect, mother, nature, sad, sorrow,

Haiku 5 - mournful cries, way of nature, flight into eternity

mournful cries fill the air
mother bird calling for its baby
eaten by the cat

mantis catches butterfly
I am sad: yet, that is 
the way of nature

loud feathered thud
- flight into eternity
deceptive glass pane

Poem Details | by Jagdish Pal |
Categories: betrayal, break up, death, destiny, flying, love, metaphor,

The Bird

Following the stupefying sensation of my heart
I take a long and high flight
With the wings of self-deception.
Having some kind of foolhardiness,
I fly in search of green fields
Leaving behind the dreary desert
To sing sweet songs of life.
The warnings of my Prudence,
To stay with my other mates, go unheeded.
The green fields once
Where I yearn to reach
Turn into the burning flames
With deadly smoke
That chokes my throat
And darkens my vision.
And  I, no more able to fly,
Fall into the lap of disillusionment.
Wings are fully burnt
And burnt I am from within.
Sobbing at the impulsiveness-my Achilles’ heel-
With a sigh, waiting for the last breath,
I close my eyes.

Poem Details | by nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex |
Categories: computer, death, flying, technology, travel,



Here is the new revolutionary airliner for the world; it’s a flying dream, so advanced.
Full of electronic gadgets and toys doing all the work, just program the computer, sit back and enjoy the flight.

You’re a computer technician six miles above the earth. Beware, though, if something goes wrong, you will die as the computer is always right, a mere man is wrong.
It looks like man has become redundant from the cockpit in the name of progress.

I think this is not the way to do it; progress isn’t always right – not when 500 people die on a lonely hillside due to some stupid glitch in the system.

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: beauty, death, flying, light, love, pain, symbolism,

Wingless Angel

                                 Wingless Angel 

Earliest morning, twilight blend
          Near the horizon silver pretend.

Breeze is gentle, weather delight 
          Happy together, wishful and bright

Who else is here ready to fly?
          need and greed reason to cry.

Lonely, I am, driven by pain;
          nowhere to go, nothing to gain.

Where is this place, an orbiting ball?
	  Maybe a prison, with no doors and wall.

I wish to fly, higher than sky.
          Without any wing, I would rather die.


Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: bird, body, death, flying, horror, tree, weather,

Carrion Watchers

Through the mists they land Carried by darkened wings, spread Sensing, they await Suspended death in decay Inhumanities now shared .

Poem Details | by Jan Terry |
Categories: bird, death, flying, nature,

Flying Feathers

Eagle swooping down
Feathers floating to the earth-
Two birds become one

July 12, 2015

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: dark, death, flying, hello, image, psychological, spiritual,

Haiku Wind

         Haiku Wind

To the ground a dive

Hawk, Squirrel struggle soar down

Sky ground merge…. end there

Poem Details | by Anindya Mohan Tagore |
Categories: bird, death, flying, hope, voyage,

Wings of cranes

On the wings of cranes
Hope travels - in search of warmth ;
And Departed Soul

(C) Anindya Mohan Tagore (Bobby)

Poem Details | by Sima Mittal |
Categories: abuse, america, death, flying, pride,

Feelings of the American Flag

My Stars were my pride
I was always ready for the ride
Hoisted in the clear sky
I flew freely and high!

But now, I lay in unwanted ashes
Burnt by many, those bodily fleshes
Alas, all my stars now feel like scars!
Alas, all my stars now feel like scars!

Poem Details | by red barchettadrive |
Categories: age, birth, death, flying, insect, life,


the life of a fly
twenty four hours to be
not a bee, a fly

Poem Details | by Miche Ulman |
Categories: absence, addiction, birth, change, confusion, dark, death, eulogy, fear, flying, horror, leaving, life, longing, magic, mystery, mythology, pain, self, senses, suicide, voyage,

Charon's obol

In the shadow, behind the tree, 
on the meadow, bend your knee,
down the valley, up the stream, flat bedrock,
hear me scream, bellow the heavens, toward hell,
dark tunnel, wishing well; fellow traveler listen well,
no chance given, could you tell, 
on a knife-edge, head or tail?

Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: animals, food, imagination, life, nature, places, space, sympathy,

Flying Frog

From the lily pond
Green frog jumps with eyes on meal
Web legs extending

Poem Details | by SANGITA CHOUDHARY |
Categories: bird, care, death, fear, flying, food, freedom, happiness, pain, sick, sky,


main hu ek aajad pakshi ki trah
udti hu khule aasman me
jise n koi chinta, kisi ke shikar karne ki
udati rahu puri jindagi, aajad pakshi ki trah
koi n rakhe mujhe bandhi bna kar 
udati rahu, udati rahu, aajad pakshi ki trah
khane ke liye bhatku idhar -udhar
n mile mujhe khane ke liye
bhukhe pet hi so jau
kitne bhi kasht mile, has kar sah lu unhe
koi phark n pade, ab kisi kasht ka
aadat hi ho gayi ab hume
main hu ek aajad pakshi ki trah
udati hu khule aasman me

Poem Details | by Richard Colon |
Categories: america, beauty, celebration, death, flying, hello, hope,

Me' Fury

Me’ Fury

Me’ fury, ensue, inasmuch of the bullies; my halo es leaning, me’ grimace is beaming, my hand on the hilt, mahound be at awe, es me’ duty

Sheathe the’ inedible reach, lid thy albinism duress, your forehead me’ claymore to rest, snipe fell manual take topheth, down to the cove shall descend 

Coffer, tricely  Mankind, pending another one come, donion debar de devil, Lord with the wade, or bis mein Woden o hoard 

Poem Details | by Serge Belinsky |
Categories: beauty, england, feelings, flower, flying, sad love, sympathy,

Flowers, the ending

 Slightly snowy Bouquet of red roses,

 Glowing and shimmering with all color shades of light purple Egypt lilies,

 On the forgotten Gods on Earth and in space always ,

 Accidentally noticed but then later banned by the Queen of All Snows ,

 All steering on it with unrelenting attention intently and carefully , 
 marveling at its beauty,

 Reflected as in a mirror in miriards of the gloomest color shades in the clouds ,
 Evaporates in the endless void of space distances ....

 Neverending story
 The End

Poem Details | by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: death, flying, travel,

No Assembly Required

Faintly falling in failing flight-
En route to crash in Death's Delight!
(To be blown apart, 'tis a better start)
Than to travel back and make things right

Poem Details | by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: children, death, halloween, heart, moon,

Flying Witches

Our searching eyes, and how they spy,
Hunting children from the sky
Our hungry hearts, for blood doth cry!
To quench our throats long parched and dry
O'er many Moons have read our runes
Cursed our Foes to meet their doom
Killed the swine atop our brooms-
And sent the youth to early tombs


**Halloween contest entry also for Skat
(Is it considered bad form to enter the same poem for the same theme?)

Poem Details | by Thomas King |
Categories: angel, beauty, celebration, death, flying, freedom, symbolism,

An Angels Maiden Flight

This day is alive
With wondrous sound
Call’s of god’s creations
On the air is abound

Filling my ears
With its beautiful sound
My spirit takes flight
And soon leaves the ground

A tear in my eye
As I breathe it all in
Life’s wonderful magic
Fills my heart once again

I soar through the clouds
On summers soft breeze
Flying high overtop
The tallest of trees

Free of the falseness
Of mortal man’s goals
That later consumes
Their tired lost souls

I no longer am burdened
And have not a care
For now that I fly
Through heavens pure air

Poem Details | by Gabe V. |
Categories: bird, death, flying, halloween,

The messenger

Raven, flying through the night
bringer of everlasting rest
against his word you must not fight

Works for the one who takes the light
the one who knows what time is best
raven, flying through the night

For although his words may bite
to you he flew from his nest
against his word you must not fight

Through his master's strong might
he can speak to the smallest pest
raven, flying through the night

His master sends him to the site
and though you think I jest
against his word you must not fight

While I sit here, this I write
he is perched on my shoulder cawing with zest
raven, flying through the night
against his word I must not fight

Poem Details | by Ezra cook |
Categories: death

Flying High

So high flying high
My spirit leaves this world to…
To find a way home

Poem Details | by Dominic Wiebersch |
Categories: death, earth, flying, grief, soldier, veterans day, violence,


A Cognitive Dissonance

We love the blossoms beauty 
We ask only for the beauty to grow.
Yet we war and destroy the blossoms
More surely than the snow.

We war and claim to love the earth
We war and poison the dirt
That produces the withered blossom
That produces the wilted blossom

We listen to the music to lighten our hearts
Then we go to war and destroy our ears
So we can n o longer hear the music start
Wee war forever and ever for years

Dominic James Wiebersch.

Poem Details | by Yours Truly |
Categories: death, dream, emotions, flying, horror, sleep, suicide,

Nightmare of a Pilot

Gazing with a distant soft saddened stare,
Locked in a zone and I'm staring out there. 

Trampling emotions are mangling my soul.
A pilot flying solo with no self control. 

Headfirst - a nose dive in progress.
Thinking twice - a complex process. 

Falling aimlessly constant flashbacks in mind. 
Gusting wind rushing my eyes forcing them blind. 

Gravity's strong pull is more than my own.
No turning back, a decision full blown. 

Ground zero near, it's closing in fast.
Seconds from death, my breath at its' last. 

I'm screaming so loud I wake myself up. 
A nightmare repeated, my mind is shook up. 

- Yours Truly