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Death Poems About Future

Future death poems and poems about death for Future. Read and share these heartfelt Future death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Future Poems.

Poem Details | by Stefan Hillyman |
Categories: beautiful, celebration, death, future, hip hop, words,

Kartoon Knuckles

Draped and locked like a curtain in Guantanamo
I use my words to peel scalps like Geronimo
Just like a teen girl my mouth has a heavy flow
If arousal luminesces then I'll make you glow

They're calling me a villain cuz I steal girls like Bowser
Wowzer, think I just filled my trousers
Though unlike the lizard I don't lose them to Italians
Cuz after one night girls confuse me for a stallion

Heart of obsidian inlaid with gold
A tongue of adamantium that stays so cold
My life is a story that's never been told
And I'm hoping that the credits roll before I get old

Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: change, death, family, future, heart, heaven, hello,

Linda-Marie, my sweet family

Forever my BFF

Your heart
Your smiles
You cared, when others wouldn't 

You are one of a kind,
No one here will ever come close, to the beauty from your heart
Linda my bff, I miss you, and I wish you were here
You made this place a better place
You made this place shine

One day my friend, I will see you and again, 
In a place, where you are the Angel
Welcoming me' for a second time, 
Holding the door to another home, as you did here on the soup.

I love you my BFF Linda-Marie.


Poem Details | by Kim Merryman |
Categories: death, future, home, loss, war,

Welcome Home

W eeping fills the hangar as his casket is brought out,
E mbraced by Old Glory's colors, a fitting soldier's shroud.
L oved one's hearts are shattered, future hopes, dreams are crushed;
C omrades in arms salute him, adding a bittersweet touch.
O verwhelming grief consumes those left behind,
M eaningless words, platitudes spoken to be kind.
E arnest tales of bravery told of him who died.

H eavy with emotion, a nation shares regrets,
O ffering condolences to those who won't forget.
M any a brave soldier has been welcomed home this way.
E nding future ventures, they've come home to stay.

Entered in Susan Burch's Little Viewed Jewels contest.

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: angst, death, death of a friend, fish, future, jealousy, life,

Amidst ruined scatter, I demise

In ruined scatter witnessing the greys into black Why has it come to this as us humans finally lack Through my eyes bloodied looking down on such Crossed I've become in frenzied scarred mode As to I I'm in awe as to the I that fuses Centurions from Legions brave, showing confuse To my left to my right seeing said damnest like I In wondering their theirs as to their paraded Mirrored like I that they require I be masqueraded The tolling bell has spoken as I enter my demise As I hang above paradise seeing cawing crows fly Images of my existence, forever, eternally why

Poem Details | by Chantelle Anne Cooke |
Categories: angel, death, future, moon, poetry, stars,

Afterlife Atlas

The Angel of Death atones 
While our mortality bemoans 
Alas we gasp, galloping to the unknowns
For we were made of slippery bones 
Now in afterlife we acquire new life loans
May we glitter as moon glade gemstones 
Floating as star flowers in universal zones 
With twinkling talking forever tones
Our regal romantic soul rhinestones 
Speak duality of diamond dialogue silicones
There on earth our poetry carved in our stones 
Here in Heavenly harmony microphones 

January 26th 2019

Poem Details | by Paul Warren |
Categories: death, future, riddle,

The Dark Woman's Warning

When I close my eyes it’s there again
A nightmare that could only offend
The dark woman stands with her hooded eyes
Draped across her face in her disguise

And she points at the word written on the stone
In blood with large letters so it be well known
I gaze across in the torchlight to make it out
As I wonder if the writing was a warning tout

But as the words became to me quite clear
I cringed back at what it said in my fear
For it said something that stabbed me in my head
“Your fight is over for you are now dead.”

© Paul Warren Poetry

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: fate, fear, future, grief, love, time,


Behind my smile if only you knew
How very deeply I love you
And the life we’ve made our own
I haven’t the courage to go on alone

Sure for your benefit I put on airs
And act strong through my layers
I try to deal as best I may
And keep my inside tears at bay

I may stand here and look stoic
But my feelings are less heroic
I mask the vulnerability inside
So you won’t see the fear I hide

Published in my mini photo/anthology ~THE POWER OF TWO~ 2020

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Submitted on August 26, 2019, for contest IF ONLY YOU KNEW sponsored by SILENT ONE  -  RANKED 3RD

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: dark, death, emotions, future,

A World Gone Dark

is comatose
tubes hooked up
on life support
words float
above you
they do not sink in
there is no registration desk
for the likes of them
on your own now
a world gone dark

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: addiction, adventure, allusion, anger, art, child, childhood, children, community, corruption, crazy, dark, death, deep, depression, desire, evil, fantasy, fear, freedom, future, gothic, grave, grief, imagination, lust, murder, pain, pollution, poverty, power, sad love, science, society, spiritual, spoken word, visionary,

The Future Starts Here

The innocence is transfusing
and overturning 
the goat skin drums
children of the mills,
children of the junkyard,
and savaging
and we keep filling them with
mercury, nitrate, espestice, baby bombs
blasted out of their shaved heads
and foraging

Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: absence, angst, beauty, care, change, confusion, courage, dark, death, death of a friend, december, dedication, depression, desire, devotion, dream, friendship, future, heart, heartbroken, vanity,

Rest in Peace, Dear Friend

Flowers wilt
Dead carcasses are buried
Loved ones mourn

Rest in peace,
Your life on earth is no more…
Farewell, friend

Poem Details | by D.A Hopkins |
Categories: abuse, age, anger, betrayal, bible, blessing, child, child abuse, childhood, dark, emotions, evil, faith, fear, feelings, for her, freedom, future, girl, growing up, hope, how i feel, innocence, inspiration, me, meaningful, memory, pain, power, religious, sad, scary, society, sorrow, strength, sympathy,

A child's plea

Dirty rotten scum to take the life of an innocent one torn away from my childhood but not yet thrown into adulthood you've given me a life of pain certain to only knowing, that never again, will the days be the same but I have found my new freedom here, within these mighty walls known as Gods kingdom

Poem Details | by Danielle Wise Baxter |
Categories: future, goodbye, happiness, inspirational, irony, leaving, metaphor, relationship, romance, stars, success, symbolism, sympathy, thank you, wisdom,

Heavenly Nevermore

The sun has learned
to nevermore interfere 

with the moon 
and its stars

To give it a whole world
because the sun

doesn't need to stand in the way,
when it has free reign 
of the entire universe.

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, love, wife, future,


       I see Her image
She wipes the tears from my eyes
"Welcome Home, My LOVE"

"Welcome Home My LOVE"
The sonnet of Lenore's voice
Singing in my ears

Singing in my ears
For the eons of ALWAYS
Dissapating Tears

Dissapating Tears
I had cried throughout my youth
Dried Forevermore

Dried Forevermore
The oceans of my sorrow
My future begins

My future begins
Through the Pearly Gate,I walk
  I see Her Image

Poem Details | by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: adventure, birth, class, community, future, garden, image,


Batu Tulug near the bridge
In the small village people fish
In the river they cross the bridge
The white stone hill a heritage
There are coffins of the old dead
At the peak they are buried

I love you peace. Let’ sail together. Layag Sug!
16 October 2014, Peak Hut Batu Tulug
Heritage Museum. Salam Jumaat.

Poem Details | by Malcolm Brooks |
Categories: adventure, black african american, death, future, judgement, poetry, success,

Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death

I stay up through the nights.
Will I get to eat tonight
Will I see the day I turn 21
One-Day I will feel the pain of a gun.
Will I die young

Am I asking too many questions?
Does everything happen for a reason?
Is everything I go through one of Gods lessons
Will I go to Heaven

I stay up through the nights.
Will I reach new heights
Lord tell me everything will be alright.
Now I think I want to be in love with the lights.
I don’t want to fall to a Price.
Lord tell me everything will be alright.

I stay up through the night.
My eyes are getting heavy.
Am I ready to sleep
Because Sleep Could be Deadly

Poem Details | by Surajit Dahal |
Categories: absence, best friend, betrayal, boyfriend, emotions, feelings, first love, for her, for him, forgiveness, friendship, future, girl, girlfriend, goodbye, grief, growing up, happiness, how i feel, i love you, inspiration, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, lost love, love, miss you, missing, missing you, mystery, nostalgia, passion, relationship, romance, romantic, rose, sad, sad love, sympathy, thank you, tribute, trust, wife,

When I grow old

I will grow old
I tremble in the cold
None to care
I have nothing to fear...

But my love is alive
Though I strive
Beautiful roses to pluck
Yet I am stuck..

I grow old with wrinkle
Yet I will kinker
You will always remain in my mind
This is how you will find...

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: angst, anxiety, change, death, future, how i feel, identity,

That's Life

torn, twisted lies he thinking, blinking, sinking I one looks up, declines .

Poem Details | by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: abuse, america, analogy, anxiety, bereavement, betrayal, business, corruption, courage, depression, future, humanity, hurt, imagery, philosophy, political, sad, sorrow,

Our Oligarchy

designed elections
a corporate personhood
money is free speech

Poem Details | by Lee Brownlee |
Categories: death, eulogy, future, goodbye,

No Flowers, Please

Send me no flowers, 
Cry me no tears,
Just send me your love,
To last the years.

Love everlasting,
Remembering and embracing,
Love speaks all languages
Love has no limitations.

Send me no flowers,
They will only die,
Send me your everlasting love,
Love forever be mine.

Time has no boundaries
Life is too short,
Our stay on this earth,
Depends on our ability to hold on.

Poem Details | by Eternal Victor |
Categories: adventure, angel, anger, bible, business, change, creation, culture, death, dedication, dream, education, fear, freedom, future, god, grave, life, magic, memorial day, miracle, mystery, nature, patriotic, peace, people, places, poems, pride, relationship, soldier, spiritual, success, suicide, symbolism, truth, war,

4 - Messenger from the Dead

Alas there is no more confusion,
finally found my last conclusion.
Expect me as if Jesus will return,
from a ghost to a realm of concern.

Your dreams are portals like doors,
welcoming spirits into hasten wars.
Leaving the thoughts without trust,
keeping your fears in much disgust.

And though you sought no consequence,
deeds that confirm a wicked malevolence.
Awaiting in your nightmare of screams,
enjoy what is left amongst your dreams.

Poem Details | by Ann Rich |
Categories: allegory, analogy, betrayal, care, dedication, emotions, faith, feelings, future, grief, growth, hope, inspiration, inspirational, introspection, journey, loneliness, missing you, moving on, nostalgia, parody, poems, poetess, poetry, poets, psychological, relationship, satire, senses, spiritual, stress, symbolism, time, trust, truth, uplifting, visionary, wisdom, world,

Still Standing

Where were you when my world fell apart?
The Sun darkened and the Moon just fled.
All had been done and all had been said.
And ripped to shreds was my beating heart.

Even the Seas began to part.
And the Mountain tops spread.
I lay there completely dead.
Even the Stars I could not chart.

If only you knew,
If only you were there,
If only you had a clue!
If only life had been fair!

I’d turn the clocks back,
Still standing dead in my track!

Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: america, angst, bereavement, culture, future, introspection, today,

The Modern Age, Oh So Strange

 Ice in the Moon, Water on Mars, What's Next?


 Come on Over it's Been a Long Time!

Text tone

 Wanna Go to the Park?

No sound

 Who Gives Hugs Anymore


 You Always Wanted a Big House

Each room
A tomb

 Flowers For Little Ole Me?

My box
Loves phlox

 Will the Real Ghost Please Stand Up


Poem Details | by Bryant OHara |
Categories: computer, conflict, death, future, science fiction, violence, war,

The Drone's Retort

If I'm to be the neck
you fit inside a noose,
then spin me up a soul.

When you can define it -
and find it -
you let me know.

Until then, Mother-Father
fix your own malfunctions.

This universe
is your slaughterhouse.

I just work here.

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: absence, daughter, death, dream, future, loss, senses, star, student, success, work, write,

In Her Teen

We know her future could be bright
If not for death that snatched her dream
She was the queen among her mates
The few she left here said it all

If not for death that snatched her dream
While on earth she nurtured the best
The few she left here said it all
A jewel worth many to pens

While on earth she nurtured the best
She was the queen of her mates
The few she left here said it all
We know her future could be bright

Poem Details | by Christopher Meyer |
Categories: addiction, baby, conflict, death, future, horror, mother daughter,

Toy Soldiers

Send em to war
Send they love
Send they worries
Send they hearts
Send them away to never come back

Families left behind
Little lilly misses her father
She has a dream
Daddy's pushin a swing

Ma? When does daddy come home?
The curtain closes
Daddys gone baby girl
How could this be?

Ma stop crying
Daddys gone
Daddys gone

Ma, who is going to teach me....
Come on lilly, the birds are singin
Daddy was a toy soldier
Whats a toy soldier ma?

In time baby girl, in time