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Death Poems About Gender

Gender death poems and poems about death for Gender. Read and share these heartfelt Gender death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Gender Poems.

Poem Details | by Jaquay Atkins |
Categories: deep, feelings, gender, poets, prayer, religion, write, writing,


Open your mind sir
Hear the crying voices 
Sympathize more often

Poem Details | by chipepo lwele |
Categories: grief, gender, violence,


Gender Based Violence [GBV]
There is more suffering
Hide not rape, child defilement, spouse battering__
Mental torture and verbal abuse
You must seek peace, love,forgiveness and justice
Then you will be drawn away from cruelty
No need for deadly tit-for-tat attacks:
Legistrators need to strenghen laws
No need for immunity from prosecution
Investigators must examine gathered evidence
Perpetraitors should face the wrath of the judiciary
Why not stop gender based violence?

chipepo lwele
Dedicated to Gender Based Violence Activists

Poem Details | by Apolo Amai |
Categories: angel, boyfriend, change, character, courage, cry, gender, grief, hope, youth,

Frozen Petal

There you go
Making me fear the person I am
Trying to put me down
My bond to you is stronger than I thought
I love and hate you
Not for the unforgivable things you’ve done
But for putting me in that position
Where believing in myself
Is so far out of context
That I hate who I am so completely
For me to get better I need you more than ever
To just be who your supposed to be to the person who I am

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: angel, christian, confusion, crush, dark, gender, lost, symbolism, sympathy, time,


Become daily,
breathe the railings...

Force the failing,
make them start mailing…

Spin around sailing-
land on a railing,

dig deep into a gale of peace,

be scared to hate on police,

rank and file and rotate the beast,

run around town and stare at things-

make jewelry and appreciate a kiss,

hail in giant leaps,
and possess this.

Poem Details | by Samuel Lee |
Categories: death, funeral, gender, men, sorrow, war, women,

Funeral Rites

He asked her why they allow it,
How they could be subordinate to a woman.

“They would never take you seriously.” 

She smiled and turned her face,
Moved her stare toward the sea.

“The women bury the dead
The men simply make all the bodies.”

After a while,
The violence catches up to you.

After a while,
There are no more men.

Only bodies.  

Poem Details | by Matthew Williams |
Categories: angst, anxiety, change, death of a friend, deep, gender, life,

Parlor room

Everybody wants to be 
Some body
Somebody wants to know someone
Someone doesn't know anybody
Every body is some body
Pleasantly I am me

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: confidence, engagement, gender, gothic, green, grief, hair, hello, integrity, life, pain, red, silence, solitude, sorry, sun, surreal, tree, youth,

Any takers

This expert excursion...

sweet sweet soliloquy?

Checking every bucket box,

chiming like strife to be?

Frank Zappa may have had his platter eaten- 

Joseph Gobbles his Dotton feelie' wheels,

but made the park his whole weighted keel?

When you wouldn't leave the stuffy car to pray for a deal?

How can the forcery stars not end up real?

Poem Details | by Nipoorva SHARMA |
Categories: boy, break up, change, cry, death, freedom, heartbreak,

Emotions get gender

Yes, I got hurted when she left,
But I didn't  cry,
I punched on walls,
I hurted my whole body ,
I locked myself in a room,
But I didn't cry.
I rushed out of my home,
Drove my car the fastest,
Was near to die,
But I didn't cry.
I stopped contacting people,
I forgot my smile ,
My inner soul was suffering  alot,
But I didn't cry.
Why I  didn't  cry?
Why couldn't I shared my feelings?
Why  I made myself weak?
An answer came " society  don't even spare emotions, you are a boy so you can't cry "

Poem Details | by APOORVA RAI |
Categories: for her, future, gender, grave, grief,

Story of my Death

I found that i exist the day
When my mom called dad n smiled in a beautiful way ?
I was feeling like a precious pearl.. 
When d doctor said that i m a girl..
I thought that my mother would be praised
But instead.. she was disgraced
Everyone thought i was a curse
I was unhappy n was feeling disgust.
My existence was then no longer. 
But i handled the pain because i was stronger..
Now... i m killed
It was their mistake, why i m billed?

Poem Details | by Dylan Ravenclaw |
Categories: angst, dark, death, gender, suicide,

Gender Dysphoria

The person you are inside,
Your real self, your personality,
Is not who you look like on the outside
You are not show in reality
Body and mind are not one,
Two different things apart
You are now done
With being split in part
Between what is shown
And what is you really
The body you think you own
And the one inside, you finally
Decide to break the cycle of thinking
And end it with you last blinking

Written on February 17, 2020