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Death Poems About Ghazal

Ghazal death poems and poems about death for Ghazal. Read and share these heartfelt Ghazal death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Ghazal Poems.

Poem Details | by Pin Dew |
Categories: death, emotions, goodbye, irony, me, pain, sorrow,

When I'm No More

A play ends just, a wretched play, that I’m no more.
And you yourself, with vex, dismay, that I’m no more?

Bleeding grass, burning air, woods ashen, and you weeping,
It’s a bit too convenient, nay, that I’m no more?

The letter with the rhymeless elegy-- it’s soaked,
I hardly muse now, what you’ll say, that I’m no more!

Stranded and shifting, quite like light on water, Dew,
Reflection mine, why do you stay, when I’m no more?

-Pin Dew (02/05/2017)

Note: Experimental Ghazal- The lines are in Iambic Hexameter. Usually, English Ghazals follow Syllabic Prosody, but here I am using Accentual-Syllabic Prosody.

Poem Details | by mazhar butt |
Categories: angst, death, life, loneliness, sad, sorrow, urdu,

Khud jee loon ga khud mar loon ga-Will live by myself Die by Myself


Do hee to kaam hein kar loon ga
Khud jee loon ga khud mar loon ga

Jab yaad tumhari aa ay gee
Chup chup ke aahein bhar loon ga

Qatl e wafa gar tu ne kia
Ilzaam mein apne sur loon ga

Ik aakhree khwahish he meri
Ab zindoan mein na ghar loon ga

Rishte naate sab hein jhootay
Kia mein in se mil kar loon ga
kia khabar thee Bagh se apne
Zehr bharay  samar loon ga

Tanha is dunya mein aa ya
 Tanha manzil sur kar loon ga

Poem Details | by mazhar butt |
Categories: blessing, death, emotions, sad, satire, urdu, wisdom,

Dua Kion Nahi Laitay--why don't you take my blessings

Garmi mein pighalne se to behtar he meri jaa'n
jab yaad meri aa ay naha kion nhi laitay

Tum lakh dafa roothay tumhein hum ne manaya
roothay hein aaj hum to mana kion nhi laitay

dukh teri muhabbat mein sahe roy bhi aksar
khud hanstay ho per hum ko hansa kion nhi laitay

tum ne to muhabbat mein dikhae the sabz baagh
gobhi  ka  phool warna  uga  kion nhi laitay

hum ko na bulao magar hum se na kaho ye
hum bazm raqeeboan se saja kion nhi laitey

Kion hum se ulajhte ho  sataatay ho ay MazHur
Uth JaO ge dunya se dua kion nahi laitay 

Poem Details | by mazhar butt |
Categories: angst, betrayal, corruption, grief, irony, me, satire,

Ghar ka Bhaidee -A Snake in the Grass

Rozan e diwaar mein na der me tha
mera dushman mere apne ghar me tha.

Mar ke bhi hum to nibhayen ge wafa
Bus yehi sauda samaya sur me tha.

Ye sila mehmaanoan ne mujh ko diya
woh the qaabiz  ghar pe aur baher mein tha

Apne hee baazu na jab apne rehay
Apne hee mein khauf mein tha der mein tha

Woh hunar jo kar gaya unko amar
meer o ghalib me bhi tha Mazhur me tha.

Poem Details | by mazhar butt |
Categories: bereavement, death, grave, grief, urdu,

Jab teri qabr se guzarta hoon

Woh chale bhi gaye to kia hua
Mein unhein roz yaad karta hoon

Dil mein rehta he bus khayal unka
Un hee kee dhun mein jeeta marta hoon

Kon hoon mein? samajh na paya kabhi
Khoj mein kion Khuda kee
rehta hoon?

Loag kuch aur hee samajhte hein
Soach per unki aahein bharta hoon.

Sochta hoon ke mein bhi mar jata
Jab teri qabr se guzarta hoon

Teri ruswaee ka he khauf
Warna mein kab kisi se darta hoon?

Poem Details | by taetha pacion |
Categories: deathurdu, me, me,

life soon to end, death soon to come

Death is indeed what I seek
Say to all, an end to troubles
Is here to soon

No minute shall pass
Hearing mouths utter falsehood
Harts barring blackness
All to have

Not I to be once more
Walking onto poisonous traps
Hurting me on the way
Life gives me this offer

When death comes
I shall not hear cries
Nor pain will I feel
I shall no longer wait 

No more will I walk in life
I refuse to take another breath
For life is to me no more
It gives to me no more

Poem Details | by Pushpa Palanchoke |
Categories: longing, love,

If death was the only truth

If death was the only truth-
I wouldn't have lived for years,
and my ears would not have come across all
these melodies.
My eyes wouldn't have wept for the beauty of aurora- 
the skin should not be touched by his touch- 
the tongue should not be spelling these prayers- 
if death was the only truth!!

Poem Details | by Aron Jacob |
Categories: angst, death, introspection, life, recovery from...urdu, prayer,

Ghazal to Find a Reason

Force of mortal and faceless reason
A dark light finds no fate to reason.

Of cancerous nights, an uprooted slumber
Manic red luster of livid white reason.

No justice refined for the everyman's token
The cavalry's engine, the hum of blind reason.

For heavenly voices a desperate chorus
Numb as in prayer to beseech yet a reason.

One summer's bright flower reborn in a shadow
Calls off the late reaper, a wind of sage reason.

Poem Details | by Aron Jacob |
Categories: allegory, death, introspection, life, nature, philosophy, time, travelurdu, life,

Ghazal at New Dawn

To once transcend and yet remain here
A life, what was, some wind hath lain here.

A fortress sinks by fate and blood
What glory, tell, made life adorned here?

Supple trace of ill containment
So forced from death but to be chained here.

Lilac crumbs mark travels homeward
Or a path unseen to life beyond here.

How I, a rose on nested silk
Make peace at last to travel on here.

Poem Details | by Shadaab Mumtaz |
Categories: allusion, bereavement, change, childhood, depression, farewell, solitude,


It's a world of trials and happiness, altogether
A cruel moment of sin & forgiveness, altogether

A story set in a lightless world and sombre patches
A beautiful man has been sold for less, altogether

Never was the night seen in the  day till now.
A gloom seems to shine with finesse, altogether.

I hoped against hope that this day would be mine
I survived for a moment of brazenness, altogether

You were my friend and guide, 'Mumtaz'
How did it all become such a mess, altogether?

Poem Details | by davontay harris |
Categories: allusion, body, courage, dark, daughter, death, deep,

will you die

Who will be there for you when you cry? Who will be there
for you when you get lonely? Will you die?

The ground falls beneath you, the sky falls upon you, 
nature rumbles uncontrollably, will you die?

You get scared and lose your mind you become numb 
to all the blind, can’t see time when it goes by, will you die?
The world is dark no pretty lights, walks until it shines
it’s a long distance, will you die?

Open mouth closed mind, speaks shiberish
words as sweet as Liquorice, nobody listen will you die?

Poem Details | by Peter Rangus |
Categories: death, dream, love,

Dreaming of Ghazals

The world goes on rumbling it's way, I'm dreaming,
The flowers are wilting each day, I'm dreaming,
I'm dreaming of looking again in your face,
Some kids all day long tend to play, I'm dreaming,
A fisherman sails from his bay, I'm dreaming,
I'm dreaming to meet you in heavenly place,
Carthusian monks need to pray, I'm dreaming,
Young soldiers do scarcely obey, I'm dreaming,
I'm dreaming so time would not my love efface,
I'm wind that is dancing ballet, I'm dreaming,
You're dead as a rock that I weigh, I'm dreaming.

Poem Details | by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: death,

A Speculative Concept

When life is coming to an end, my friend,
you learn to treasure this godsend, my friend.

When death has come, you count every second
and every moment you can spend, my friend.

The ruthless death takes all that you hold dear:
your ladylove and your best friend, my friend,

your dog, your money, your unpaid invoices
and, surely, you but let's pretend, my friend,

that death is just a speculative concept
that we have yet to comprehend, my friend.

Poem Details | by Muhammad Shanazar |
Categories: depression, inspirational, passion, satire, urdu, heart, heart,

O! Death Stop

When indelible memories of the past,
Torment my heart and mind; I write.

When mist floats in front of the eyes,
The light comes from behind; I write.

When the men of the callous world,
Compel me to be confined; I write.

When my heart weeps wailing upon
The wise being led by the blind; I write.

When in self schemed distribution I see
The deserving limping behind; I write.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, angst, anxiety, death, faith, feelings, how i feel,

Oh, Death

Oh death, you set my mind askew so much, for I don’t know why I fear you, so much. Life seems awful short when existence ends, I wish our years here weren't so few, so much. I used to pretend paradise would come, but I hoped and prayed it was true; so much. Though I don't believe in life after death, I'd like to meet the God I knew, so much. Oh death, although you're inevitable, I hate this whole hullabaloo, so much. (Ghazal) 04,23,2019 Writing Challenge 2- April 2019- Its All About 10 - Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Dear Heart

Poem Details | by Sristrikarta Vaibahv vilas |
Categories: anger, art, death, i am, relationship, romantic,

Naraz hoon Mai tumse

Naraz hoon Mai tumsey 

Dil jalta hai bin suney tumhari
 awaz jism rota hai dindtey 
tumhara badan khsboo dhendey
 apni manzil piglata Mai moom 
ki trah jo chahey tumhari muskan 
waqt na Katey judai Mai gussa 
chadey naak pey karoch padey
 saans pey ruk gaya jo agar Mai 
tho maut thaam legi mera haat 
warna naraz hoon Mai tumsey jo
 na di ek jaam apney hoto ka maut
 bhi bula rhi hai muje karkey madhosh 
apney jaal Mai doond rha hu
 ghadi apni narazgi ka jo 
naraz hoon Mai tumsey 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

Poem Details | by Sristrikarta Vaibahv vilas |
Categories: death, desire,

Din ho ya raat

Din ho ya raat 

Din ho ya raat meri jaan hai bekarar payas 
lagi jasey bhooka hoon Mai sham 
Raam naam ka kaya satay 
Mai tho zinda bhi ek laash 
Bus jaalta rhata hoon paney apni 
asti Janey kou nahi dubata 
Mai leykar ganga jaal kou Mai 
Sochu kaya hai sach murdey ki
 awaz na ho par meri saans ki awaz 
Janey kaab rukey khah kar din ho ya
 raat raam nam satay hai kshboo baan
 jana mhehka deyna mera badan rona
 nahi bus pukar leyna mera naam kouki
 ram naam satay hai ghadi door nahi 
Janey ansu Mai meri assti ka kaya ho
 din ho ya raat milna pheli mulakat.. 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

Poem Details | by Sristrikarta Vaibahv vilas |
Categories: art, grave, patriotic,

dobatey ko tinka shara

 Dobatey ko tinka shara 

Mai barbad hua es isqu Mai 
Teyrana tho aata nahi tha tinka 
Bhi ley duba unkey khayalo Mai 

a long breath 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

Poem Details | by Sristrikarta Vaibahv vilas |
Categories: death, deep,

Sula do

Chin li hasi meri neend par 
bhi phara hai uska ankey kaya 
band hogi maut par bhi naam hai tera 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri