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Death Poems About Golf

Golf death poems and poems about death for Golf. Read and share these heartfelt Golf death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Golf Poems.

Poem Details | by Thvia Shetley |
Categories: funeral, funny, sports,

A golf limerick

While a man was golfing in Fife
a funeral cortege was arife,

       his head bowed in prayer
       at this somber affair

to pay last respects to his wife!

Poem Details | by Madrigal Franch |
Categories: fish, football, funeral, girl, golf, good night, goodbye,

I Lost You That Day

I lost you that day 
when it was 

And drops 
of your face 

r o l l e d away.

Poem Details | by Charles Coon |
Categories: celebration, conflict, courage, golf, inspirational, political, remembrance day,

The Funeral

The Funeral

Juxtaposed we find
metaphorical possibilities
on the 'oft heard word
in  recent discourse..

The funereal gathering
marked with precision
and heartening oratory
celebrated a life representing
a centered consensus..
claiming a greatness
past and present..
but with darkness lapping
in places too close..

The golf outing
with creditable swing
stands circumferential 
representing "deplorables" who
find the center not their own..
yet..a clubbing of truth
and a rough savaging
of human interchange
seem as arousal..

Arousal for rejection of
both sides of this
Are we witnessing the 
birthing of what is "Great"
all anew...?

Poem Details | by Peter Iversen |
Categories: death, golf,

Game over

golfer cheats on score
exclusive country club course
Reaper carries clubs

Poem Details | by Joseph Szalinski |
Categories: 8th grade, animal, anxiety, death, golf, howl, night,

Coyote Call

        Both Zane and I
            stood, rigid with terror,
        in a desolate area
                of the old golf course.

            My dad, 
                Who was emitting a
        siren song for the
            same rabid beasts that
                            killed my rabbit,
                reveled in the moment’s hilarity.