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Death Poems About Grandson

Grandson death poems and poems about death for Grandson. Read and share these heartfelt Grandson death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Grandson Poems.

Poem Details | by Regina Elliott |
Categories: bereavement, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, husband, i miss you, tribute,

Appalachian Homecoming

You were born here,
Blue Ridge foothills, spirits of Cherokee in
Appalachia's olden heart and veins,
Scots-Irish influence of beloved bluegrass,
moonshine of the drinking kind,
your grandmother's white farmhouse,
she fried okra better than anyone,
grew an acre of tobacco,
and loved the Lord.

Your childhood wasn't blessed,
you had to leave in your youth,
to another southern state of beauty,
where we met, we wed, weren't wealthy,
yet, our daughter is our glory,
son-in-law, and grandchildren gifts
she gave us,
we returned to your birthplace
years ago, 
then you passed, not quite elderly,
Appalachian homecoming,
as banjos and dulcimers play softly.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, grandfather, grandson, love, sick,


He loved his grandpa with all his heart
All the hugs in the world
Could not heal him
How we dreaded the time when
Memories would be all that’s left

Submitted on September 8, 2019, for contest SOMETIMES LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH sponsored by SILENT ONE  -  RANKED 3RD

Poem Details | by Al Parry |
Categories: anniversary, baby, baptism, beauty, bereavement, best friend, birthday, boyfriend, bridal shower, brother, caregiving, celebration, child, childhood, farewell, feelings, first love, children, for him, kids, freedom, friendship, funeral, girlfriend, giving, goodbye, graduation, grandchild, granddaughter, grandmother, grandparents, grandson, happiness, happy, health, heartbroken, hope, identity, inspiration, jesus,


Teenage Girls clad in the latest fashions,
Do it whenever they meet,
Grown men aren't afraid to show some passion,
When their team's comeback is complete,
They can say hello, they can say goodbye,
And anything inbetween,
If you open your arms and crack a smile,
There is nothing that a hug cannot mean.

Poem Details | by Fariq Yusoff |
Categories: absence, death,

Love Always, Your Grandson

His limbs misplaced.
His presence weak.
His actions laced.
His sweat reeks.

Inevitably trapped.
Careless existence.
Leaking, dabbed.
Inherent resistance.


Delayed Exit.
Troubling loves.
Features placid.
Destination above.

His inside crumble.
Just within reach.
His outside humbled.
Welcoming immortal sleep.

Dear Grandpa,
I bid you farewell.
You’ve been strong, I saw!
Its been intolerable, I can tell.
You have been missed in our hearts.
Still learning the lessons you teach.
Our love will hold and never part.
Your spirit always near, always within reach.

17th April 2015

Poem Details | by Marsha Miller |
Categories: absence, addiction, death, freedom, goodbye, grandson, heaven,

You're Safe Beloved Grandson

The Angels came and took you
away that day,
During your ongoing battle 'gainst
the Devil's sway.
I still mourn each day over my
loss of you
And the hell that Satan put you
Our Lord in Heaven, aware of
your continuing fight,
Said "Not this child" and with
all of his might
He saved you from the Evil One
and carried you safely home.

Poem Details | by Curtis Moorman |
Categories: abuse, bereavement, betrayal, faith, forgiveness, granddaughter, grandson,



I have two grandchildren whom I've not seen
In a period nearing three years
I look at their pictures every day
And it reduces me to tears

Their mother and father flatly refuse 
Any contact with them at all
Since the untimely death of my wife
Not even a card or a call

No explanation has been given
I simply do not know why
Life hardly seems worth living
And every day, I cry

But the God that I serve has stated
Forgive them seventy times seven
So this I've done as He has said
And we'll be reunited in Heaven

14 October 2017
1:55 a.m.

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: death, grandmother, grandson, grief, mom, remember, sad,



How do you grieve the loss of a loved one?
How can you possibly be expected to carry on?
How do you cope when a loved one is hurting?
How do you cope with the loss of your Mom?

You remember the good times you spent together;
You remember the times you laughed and cried.
You remember your loved one always, forever;
You forget the fact your loved one has died.

They wouldn’t want to see you sad;
They would want to see you laugh.
They wouldn’t want you to suffer in silence;
Remember their love, for it is the best you will ever have.

So goodbye Nan,
Goodbye Mom,
Goodbye Friend,
Goodbye my loved one.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: death, dedication, grandfather, grandson, grief, mom, son,

Mom hated Wednesdays

Mom hated Wednesdays but I don't remember why.
Sadly, it was on a Wednesday when she died.
My Granddad also died on a Wednesday and that was very sad.
My Grandmother bragged because she was going to receive $10,000 because of his death and that made me mad.

Me, Mom and Granddad were all Leos, we were born in August and July.
It hurt me when Granddad passed away and when my poor mom died.
It's been painful since Mom passed away.
It's a fact that she hated Wednesdays.

(Dedicated to Agnes and Burley Johnson who passed away on March 6, 2013 and August 3, 1994.)

Poem Details | by Muhammad Shanazar |
Categories: death, sad, war, Grandson,

A Cry From Kabul

(Written During The American Attacks On Afghanistan From The Arabian Sea) 

O! The heartless callous warriors, 
The children of the crowning age, 
You do not see the havoc, 
For you stand at the distant spot, 
More than two thousand miles away, 
Planning against the weaponless; 
But your lacerating missiles and shells, 
Miss not the targets, 
They hail down on us smashing, 
Blowing up the houses, 
And thatched cottages with their contents, 
Let, allow me bury, put in the ground, 
My infant grandson that lay motionless, 
In the cradle, all shredded, torn up, 
Still gripping tight in his hand, 
A baby doll with blue eyes and rosy cheeks, 
Sprinkled with blood too.

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: allah, america, anger, emotions, eulogy, fate, grandson,

Scales to Measure

Scales to Measure

We are not all equal. 
Some can dance on a wire...
above the crowd, 
Some can swim...
all the way to China. 
While others,
make food that feeds...
many every day, 
or take the hearts...
from some, 
to place in others. 

How can we be equal?
There are history buffs, 
and clown puffs. 
There are mistakes, 
and errors, 
and right answers. 

The only truth that is,
without fiction;
God knows all. 
Every name and every face. 
Every one, in every place. 
You can not walk away, 
you can not hide, 
it is just the reality 
and our abundance of pride, 
that keep us guessing, 
at the poundage of
our worth. 

Poem Details | by Virginia Gelok |
Categories: anxiety, death, grandson, memorial, sorrow, suicide,

Gone Till We Join You

M is for the young Man you became.
A is for the Ambition you gained.
S is for the Son we love.
O is for all the Occasions we shared.
N is for Never being able to hug you again.

What was in your head that we could not see?
You were becoming all we knew you could be.
We were so proud of your great outlook.
But why Dear Mason take the route you took?

One thing for sure our dear young man.
We promise we'll hug you as soon as we can.
We all miss you but we must endure,
Till the day we meet you, that's for sure !

In memory of my Grandson who passed away suddenly
 on his 21st. birthday this past September.

Poem Details | by Florence McMillian |
Categories: birthday, family, grandmother, grandson, grave, happiness, love,


GRANDSON-IN-LAW This wish is filled with lots of fun For my grandson-in-law Andrew He will turn 37 in the year of 2021 And will carry a few memories too He married my granddaughter Becoming my grandson-in-law He is a loving husband and father Now he even calls me grandma I’m glad to have him in our family Sending many blessings his way For him to be more than happy As he enjoys this special birthday Love, Grandma Flo