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Death Poems About Grieving

Grieving death poems and poems about death for Grieving. Read and share these heartfelt Grieving death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Grieving Poems.

Poem Details | by jack horne |
Categories: death,

A Grieving Widow

Her husband ran across a road;
The bus was speeding, so I’m told,
And squashed him flat.

She wished she had the heart to cry,
His ashes in her mouth and eye;
She only spat.

For Susan’s The Blues tail rhyme contest

Poem Details | by Cynthia Buhain-Baello |
Categories: bereavement, hope, inspirational,

Prayer For a Grieving Wife

There is a Pain that none can heal
Except with the touch Your grace,
Though I can't fathom what she feels
I pray that she may see Your face

And seeing, find there awesome peace
The comfort You alone can give
Ease her grief, LORD, let it cease-
Let her heart, Your Light receive.

For her loss, bless her Your Presence
With the truth men are not infinite
Hold her now in her love's absence
For with You, life's Hope she meets!

All rights reserved~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~01.27.14

Poem Details | by Viv Wigley |
Categories: absence, bereavement,

Still grieving

Three months since you passed
escaping your long shadow
will be quite a walk

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: grief, life, loneliness, tree,

Grieving Tree

The log-men cut down all signs of the trees But the one that exists in the center The expressive white snow on all the leaves Carries awe about them in the weather Glowing in the sun, the tree surely grieves As those trees were his sisters and brothers Powerful this lone tree sees the beauty Of what used to be, but is now empty
Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by Lee Ramage |
Categories: death, sympathy, journey,


“a journey we do not ask to take, 
but one that occurs with death”

Gone is your physical embodiment of life,

Remembering memories of our time together,

Inability to comprehend you’re not here,

Exploring my feelings, feeling your soul,

Very difficult journey to a new reality

Is not a problem to be fixed but an experience to live through.

Not forgotten but-

Gone forever

Written by Lee Ramage
September 7, 2011
For Constance LaFrance’s Contest
“Write it Deep and Dramatic, Please”
Won 6th Place

Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: age, allegory, death, death of a friend, loss, love, missing you,

On Grieving

Need I dwell
Where the last
Dream fell
And live such
Pain indefinitely?

Nay! To your
Fastidious guilt;

Castor oil
While denying

Think not
That I love less
For cutting short
My grieving—
When care
I more
Than self
So wear a
Smiley Face
Thus ease
The parting
Of a blameless

Poem Details | by Victoria Schmidt |
Categories: christmas, death, grief,

The Grieving

The Grieving 

A frenzy, a chaos of
celebration all around.
Togetherness and ritual imposed while 
inside of me a splintering

No respite, no escape from 
faces eager to connect 
to share, to love.
Grief is a mongrel here;
an agony of burden on 
the righteous shoulders of joy

I can only run, crying out,
in frantic search of

This tree, this breeze that
gives me permission 
gives me space 
to breathe 
to be

Its tapestry of lace against 
a grey ocean of sky 
shrouds me from expectation,
from judgement,
defending my right 
to grieve 
to peace

At Christmas

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: grief, sad,


in stark contrast to pastoral silence-
prolonged convulsive sobbing
of a distraught widow
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Contest: Writing Challenge 4 Placed 3rd Sponsor: Dear Heart © 20th March 2019

Poem Details | by Justin Robbins |
Categories: death, depression, lost love, recovery from..., sad


Wisdom scorns while destiny forgets
The truth of reality suddenly hits.
Smacks you in the face brings you to your knees
Suddenly everything begins to freeze
Time flows by yet everything stands still
All your memories inside become unreal
Visions flash before your eyes
Tears of blood fall as your soul cries
Everything floats away but the pain always stays
Depression maddening for days and days
Inside you hurt you hurt so damn much
And all you wish for…that last touch

Poem Details | by Carol Deason |
Categories: bereavement, grief, loss, missing you, sad,



I am inconsolable
I need answers
I hear music
I see rain 
I want peace
I am grieving

I pretend happiness
I feel grief
I touch flowers
I worry about the afterlife
I cry out in loneliness
I am grieving

I try to help others
I long to find hope
I watch the sunset
I smile at your name
I cry for your loss
I am grieving

Poem Details | by Thaomi Pham |
Categories: grandparents, grave, grief, longing, lost love, love,

Times of Grieving

I kneel before her.
Met her when I turned age six.
May her poor soul rest.

Poem Details | by Gerald Greene |
Categories: anniversary, child, death, grief, loneliness, lonely, loss,


Tomorrow looms like no other,
each year no less than before,

bringing back pain of separation.
Doctors could not explain,

my body never complained,
until that day when the pregnancy ended.

No ritual brought closure.
No support came from those knowing not what to say.
My husband seemed confused.

Tomorrow I alone will grieve,
loving the child I never knew.

An empty bedroom with closed door—
the only monument.

Partially decorated, undusted,
preserving vestiges of hope.

My husband will leave in the morning,
his daily routine unbroken.

Strangers will live in our house
until the season passes.

Poem Details | by Andrew John |
Categories: absence, grief,


Strange how a grief
can sometimes arrive,
with stealth,
elusive at the time
of bereavement, but catching up
only later, sometimes years.

Do you ever muse
on what is not there,
wonder why
it's eluded you till now?
Was he less of value then?
Has he gained importance since?

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, grief,

A Grieving Child

The child who has lost a grandparent
Wants to spend all of her time with the surviving ones.
Watching them sleep, checking their breathing.
Fearful of the next step. 

The child who has lost a parent
Does not want to waste time
She is afraid the other parent will disappear
If she comes to school; so she clings and cries.

The child who has lost a sibling
Now knows children are destructible, and killable.
He feels guilty at recess, choosing not to play
Because his brother no longer can.

The child who survives death
Of a loved one
Often loses 
Herself or

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: grief, longing, pain, solitude,


in a bubble
of solitude

posted on September 20,2018

Poem Details | by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: death, loss, love, sad,


Her hanging coat now adorns the hallway
The umbrella, pink, left within the stand
The rooms, now dark, windows hardly opened
As she had left me… lonely is this man

She had been ailing, weaker she had gotten
The doctor gave her six months at most to live
It wasn’t enough, her body gave up quickly
So now I live so deep within… I grieve

The rains of yesterday seem to be eternal
So, yes, I’ll keep her coat just where it stays
One day, maybe one day, I’ll go to see her
For now, I live in loneliness… and pray

I pray that God holds you to his side
To justify the many tears I’ve cried