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Death Poems About Hero

Hero death poems and poems about death for Hero. Read and share these heartfelt Hero death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Hero Poems.

Poem Details | by Bobby Snyder III |
Categories: dad, death, farewell, hero, sad, soldier, war,

A Lost Soldier

He wrapped his arms around me 
Never wanting to let go 
I gently whispered in his ear 
Daddy, when you coming home? 

He said I'm off to battle today 
To heal the wounded soldiers cries. 
I don't know when or if I'll be back 
The tears began to flood my eyes. 

As father walked away 
His smile, it did gleam. 
His final words to me 
Became but a nightmare within a dream. 

The bomb rang out 
Through the desert air. 
When the dust did settle 
They found father there. 

The soldiers stood at attention 
They saluted their brother goodbye, 
And the eagle spread its wings 
As a true American soldier, had died.

Poem Details | by Loch David Crane |
Categories: america, death, funeral, heaven, hero, obituary,

Patriot Guard funeral Escort

Patriot Guard funeral Escort
Loch David Crane
August, 2008

Today is sunny: with three dozen bikes,
some decorated cars,  a pair of trikes,
two dozen Marines: all of the family
and toddlers to set their Daddy free
into the Great Beyond beyond the sky
where loved ones send their veterans who die.
Below our feet the stones give way to grass
where they are neatly trimmed; and as we pass
the names of strangers stare into the air
and we look back, wondering who lies there.
I won't step on a grave--I'll walk around
so not to insult those within the ground.
	We ride at funerals honoring those vets,
	brave men and women we have never met.

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, courage, war,

My Daddy Died a Hero Death

My legion whom I doth love well
Our future battle might be hell.
Fierce hostile enemy our foe
We’ll not fill our hearts full of woe.
Let’s not stumble, falter or sigh.
When we hear the Scott’s battle cry.
Let’s uplift each other with grace.
Show we are here to win the race.
Whatever happens on this day,
You want your sons to always say,
My daddy died a hero’s death.
Insanely brave ‘til his last breath.
Now please know what you always knew.
Forever I’ll be proud of you.

Written 9-9-2020
Warrior Sonnet Poetry Contest 
Sponsor: John Lawless 

Poem Details | by shadab shaikh |
Categories: addiction, age, anger, conflict, confusion, dark, death, depression, desire, emotions, for her, grief, heart, heartbroken, hero, hindi, how i feel, howl, jealousy, leaving, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, lost love, love, miss you, missing, missing you, moon, moving on, natural disasters, nostalgia, pain, poems, sad, sad love, sin, sorrow, sorry, spoken word, stress, suicide, trust, truth, words, writing,

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

Poem Details | by Anusha Dharmasena |
Categories: abuse, grief, hero, high school, how i feel, murder, soldier,

Be all that you can be

Sun and sand and beach
Life has some lessons for me
Be all  you can be!

Sad conversations
May healing come to you soon
And children be safe!

For all you have done
And wherever you may be
May you rest in peace!

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: bereavement, courage, death, freedom, hero, war,

Freedom - Tongue Twister

~Freedom~ (Tongue Twister) Fifteen fabulous flapping flags for freedom flew Fifty fine folks for freedom fought far Flying fifteen fabulous flapping flags Fifty fine folks facing freedom fearlessly fought. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2005 January,12,2015

Poem Details | by Trisha Sugarek |
Categories: autumn, death, farewell, hero, war,

Samurai Song, Haiku

delicate blossom
rests in the still gnarled hand
bruised petals weep tears

weary eyes open
tiny cuts, the body bleeds
peace still years away

sun rise breaks the hill
heralds another battle
draw your sword and charge

Trisha Sugarek, 2011
From The World of Haiku

Poem Details | by Loch David Crane |
Categories: america, death, funeral, hero, obituary,

Bike to Work day: escorting the funeral of Marine Albrak Omar

Bike to Work day:  escorting the funeral of Marine Albrak Omar
Loch David Crane
Patriot Guard Riders
September 2009

No more classes now that I've been fired!
Patriotism is my job: I’m retired.
The Patriot Guard rides almost every day
to bring a flapping flag line on display.
We ride to work with combustion and chrome
to bring the bodies of our brave troops home.
In a strange twist for love of our country
This Arab Albrak was a volunteer
who gave America his youthful years
to make Iraqui people finally free.
He gave his life:  I give my afternoon
remembering our heroes at high noon.
	Packed in ice, he came home to his Mom;
	his body was prepared by an Imam. 

Poem Details | by Dominique Jon Apple Webb |
Categories: courage, death, hero, history, memory, remember, world war ii,

Ellsworth Wallace Haynes

This poem has been removed for publishing on Amazon in WW II in Poetry: Veterans Stories in Poetry, including my late father's who was a Spitfire pilot in the Nigeria Squadron. As it says at the end, "For free speech". 

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: bereavement, death, hero, mother, son, war, world war ii,

Favorite Movie - Poetry Contest

such atrocities subtract us humans irrespective of but then comes along, common sense approach decisions made find him alive, send this boy home mothers grieving combat found bridged safely firmly held Ryan freedom saved .

Poem Details | by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: eulogy, hero, patriotic,

Passion to die

His passion to die for his nation
made death to flee in disarray

Poem Details | by Shelby Wheeler |
Categories: courage, death, destiny, hero, life, light, war,

War and Sacrifice

Death is upon us,
the stars are falling,
smoke is rising,
but we shall rise,
united as we scream,
this declaration of war,
and a voice shall soon ask,
'Will you become the sacrifice,
to protect this world?'
Doubt shall fill hearts,
pain shall sound in the air,
blood will flood the earth,
and my answer shall be yes.

Poem Details | by Dominique Jon Apple Webb |
Categories: bereavement, character, courage, cry, dad, death, deep, children, freedom, grandparents, grief, heart, heartbreak, hero, history, horror, humanity, light, loss, peace, political, psychological, remember, remembrance day, rights, soldier, strength, success, truth, uplifting, voice, war, work, world, world war i, world war ii,

My Life for Yours

(about the two wars)

I gave my life for you, 
My grit was your prosperity, 
So that you could do. 

I swallowed at the task, 
Girded myself bravely, 
Prepared to have a mask. 

When self-awareness engulfed, 
And loneliness overcame, 
Determination was loved. 

I fought a man every time, 
I faced the thwarting enemy, 
No easy game of mine. 

I strove to either succeed,
Or to sacrifice my everything, 
But the opposition to impede. 

I thought of family and you, 
Freedom and liberty, 
And the rightness of the two. 

Poem Details | by Johnny Martinez |
Categories: america, courage, death, dedication, freedom, heartbreak, hero, memorial day, soldier, tribute, veterans day, war,

A Gift of Freedom

Upon the deadly battlefield
Where honor's won and death is sealed
Brave soldiers stand their ground
Where all that counts, can there be found
Disciplined soldiers, fearless men
Never again to rise and fight again; 
They willingly gave their lives
Tis’ there blood’s megre sacrifice!
From the cries of fallen soldiers, bleedin’
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

Poem Details | by rahul gade |
Categories: courage, hero, racism,

Death of a Scholar- Rohith Vemula

At age of 26, Rohith Vemula
Died, cold murdered, homicide
Left his legacy of fight
Against atrocious tide
Of mislaid humanity

Death too wonders,
What killed him tender?
Injustice if condemned,
I too would have delayed
Avoided brazen condolences

Perpetrators of this heinous act
Unfazed by a scholars death
Like Vultures on corpse
Alas! they don’t realize
His thoughts will survive eternity

Transcending all forms of inequality
 In the sea of inhumanity
Guiding light for many
"Rohith" a new star is born, for world to see 
And salute its immortality


Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: death, hero, humor, loss, poetry, sports, tribute,

On the death of Mohammed Ali, three clerihews

The man was a legend.  

So farewell, Cassius Clay, Ali
You knocked out a bit of poetry
That butterfly one sure packed a sting
And well done on the boxing thing

Mohammed, man, you’re counted out
You gave the boxing thing a shout
Wrote rhyme to make a grown man cry
And dodged the draft like a butterfly

Ali, you’ve packed your final punch
Man, you took boxing out to lunch
Men say that you are God today
Who made Mohammed out of Clay

© Gail Foster

Poem Details | by TAMMY REAMS |
Categories: courage, death, devotion, grief, hero, pain, strength,

Golden Eagle 'Of War'

       On the wings of a mighty power holding the weight of our nation as one
       the eagle flies above and beyond the clouds while calling our hero's home

       While watching from the highest tree she will sit so she can see from afar
       a nest of destruction of worlds of war and gore that has left her heart with a scar

       The fledgling of her wings are lost one by one as a soldier cries and dies
       but she will continue her swooping and diving catching each soul in her wings
       with her head held high a tear unseen to the heavens she will fly.

   Contest Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton 'Golden Eagle'

Poem Details | by Michelle Born |
Categories: cancer, courage, cry, death, emotions, goodbye, i miss you,

My Sister Our Hero

Time has passed and it has been six years

The day we lost you we were all in tears,

You my sister was a fighter

Never letting the disease grip you tighter,

For seven years you had determination

God took you to heaven without explanation,

So then we all realized you were our hero

To be in heaven and your pain is now zero.

Written By: Unique Poetry 10-23-15

Written about my sister Cheryl whom lost her battle with Breast Cancer on 3-20-2009...she was only 53 years old....Miss you sis....

Poem Details | by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: eulogy, funeral, hero,


Hero of the Twentieth Century lies here
His dreams by his side lie

Poem Details | by Katie Christian |
Categories: death, feelings, grandfather, hero, loss, love,

My Grandfather Mr Robin Hood

He was there 
When no one else was,
And he held me when I cried. 
He acted as the Robin Hood
That watched over my life. 
He laughed with me when I was happy,
And made me laugh when I was sad.
He was the best thing that I ever had.
My grandfather, Mr.Robin Hood shall I say,
Was something very rare,
And now he's way up there,
Acting as the  Robin Hood
Of my life.

Poem Details | by justus clark |
Categories: 12th grade, death of a friend, dog, i miss you, memory,

Ode to My Hero

You are my dog until the day I die 

Black nose always sniffing
Pink tongue always licking
Blue eye always shifting
Brown paws always kicking

Purple collar always tagging along
Following behind me with your little brown paws
I love you so much Hero you just don’t know
A lick to the face, a bark of hello 

The day you passed on my heart did break
A special place in my soul, you will never be replaced

Always there for me, listening to my every thought
Your comfort, you being there, is what I sought
I love you so much Hero, you will never know
A blue eye, a brown eye linked to my soul

Poem Details | by michelle wantland |
Categories: america, blessing, death, dedication, deep, freedom, hero,

Forgotten Soldiers

Small  sorrows cover the forgotten land
sorrows that never reached the hearts of many people.
ones left to die with each soul, left to die without a word.
we know not their storys but their pain;
Each marked with differnet battles,
torn at differnet edges. They cannot be saved,
we will always try, but still will they fight.
We cannot take back their pains, but we can
remember the unremembered. These people
do have names, courage and freedom.

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: eulogy, grave, hero, longing,


EPIC SIGHTING    (Picture 1).

Castle on a crag,
Climbing there a total drag,
Snowy wintry blasts,
Heroes bred to last,
Tales of battles long,
Entranced the throng,
Gathered around their kings,
Enemies circling in rings,
Dark impending skies,
Queen's lovelorn sighs,
Epic sightings brave,
Maidens aloft did wave,
Foe retreat now to caves,
Valiant warriors to their graves,
Their women, alone, age,
From Gothic history, a page,
Saga written by this mage,

Time's backward glance to flag,
A glimpse of a castle on a crag. 

Poem Details | by Ashley Last |
Categories: freedom, people, sympathy, hero,


in a story heroes always win
have you ever wondered if they had a sin

before the hero he was a man
being heroic was not his plan

in the right place at the right time
a man struck down in his prime

to serve for others not himself
to be poor instead of in wealth

the hero wins but at a price
to find out then roll the dice

and his fate will be revealed
yet its not his power to wield

for all heroes have a role 
complete the task, or lose your soul

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: art, death, eulogy, hero, inspiration, music,

truly odd, a bowie thing

something strange to earth was sent
dropped some art then simply went
now lonely spiders left on mars
watch red shoes dance on dusty stars
and walls of televisions sing
sweet things about the rebel king
the lad insane, the skinny duke
androgynous inspired fluke
flight of peacock, coloured flash
funkin’ funky ash to ash
china diamond, cold as god
genuinely, truly odd

by gail