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Death Poems About Heron

Heron death poems and poems about death for Heron. Read and share these heartfelt Heron death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Heron Poems.

Poem Details | by DM Babbit |
Categories: bird, fish, water,

The Great Blue Heron - Epitaph for Fish

She's here again,
 nearly three feet tall
 wing span just as wide.
She arrives every day at eleven fifteen
 landing silent on the roof shed
 then glides to the ground.
She walks around the pond
 then steps up on the stones
 for a closer view.
She eyes the water staring steadily,
 that long neck and equally long feet
 find no fish swimming here.
She was here in winter
 and again in early spring
 now nothing left to eat.
She lingers for a moment
 realizing she's come too frequently
 and the pond is now devoid of life.

Poem Details | by Michael Higginbotham |
Categories: death, father, father,

The Heron

for  my Father

My father is as noiseless as the bird,
Transfixed upon his pirouetting bob,
To angle fish his self-appointed job,
He speaks with silence. It is his every word.

Mirror to him, voiceless and unstirred,
The heron stiffens, ready to make hob
Among the flitting silver swimming mob.
Beaking his prey, he leaves the water blurred.

He rises like a spirit from the lake
to seek his nest, crowning a cypress tree,
At the utmost reach of my pursuing eyes.
Dad passed today. Contented with his take,
his creel pegged out, my father sought his quay
Eternal, at a height I can't surmise.